When India and China shake hands, it would shake the world

It was reported that China and India settled a dispute over the flood-prone Brahmaputra river from Tibet to Bangladesh during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting on 9 Jun 18 in a sign of growing cooperation between them. A part from the border disputes caused by the British colonial power, there is really no major issues that would lead to a conflict between the two countries. Historically there had been no such rivalry or war between the two states. They are so different and divided by a natural physical border. Both exist in their own ways without being entangled in each other's affairs. The border dispute is best settled through negotiation as war would never resolve the dispute for eternity peace.
There will be rivalry and competition in the aspiration of the two countries wanting to be major powers and rich economies. These are not necessarily antagonistic as each could grow on its own pace without any reason to go to war. There can be two super powers in Asia with both coexisting peacefully. The days of military conquest of the western powers are over. Only the West still think that military might and conquest and world domination are the way forward. China has proven this wrong as China is a super power without firing a single bullet, without invading and seizing countries to become its colonies.

The Indians must change their mindset of make belief that China is out to conquer India. This shitty idea is unreal but has bugged the Indian psychic for the last few decades. India must rise from its medieval thoughts of greatness and empire building and using wars to settle issues. Once India removes this antiquated thought, it would see a brighter future by cooperating with China and the rest of Asia for economic growth and prosperity. There are so much complementarity between the two countries and both can grow at a much faster pace to achieve greatness together as peaceful nations instead of wasting time and resources on military hardware and war of words.

The SCO provides a new platform for peace loving nation to cooperate to achieve economic growth and well being through trade unlike the western models that keep harping on wars and on buying more weapons of wars. Nations can grow and prosper peacefully without going to wars. Asian was thrown into centuries of wars not because they were fighting each other by conquered by the colonial powers and made to fight each other. Asian countries should learn from this sad history and forge a new path forward where Asians would be united and cooperate to keep Asia free from conflicts incited by the western powers.

When the big countries of Asian shake hands, not just India and China, but Russia, Japan, the Koreas, central Asian and SE Asian countries, they will change the world and bring prosperity to Asia and the rest of the world.

PS. Unfortunately the Indian ego is still ruling the Indian psychic and they have refused to be part of the BRI which means self imposed isolation from the New Silk Road linking Asia and Europe, without India. They would be locked out, left out of the new trade route and dynamics. Down the road India would be blaming China for excluding India from the BRI, not India's fault.


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

India has a problem with Pakistan over Kashmir. Modi refused to join the BRI as a result of sovereignty issue over Kashmir. India is ambivalent. It joins Uncle Sam as a partner of the Indo- Pacific Quad to contain China. At the same time, it wants to be a member of SCO. China would rather trust a cobra than an Indian. Russian-Sino friendship is already creating waves. Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai is now history.

Adam Of Eve said...
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Adam Of Eve said...

If China can trust India, I can trust a viper.

India is playing a double-headed game. Its natural instinct, developed for many centuries, is always to have a hidden surprise to strike at the least expected time and place.

China must not be caught off-guard like before.

Economic success without military might to protect it, is like Kuwaitis' easy-going philosophy that invited Iraq to walk over her with ease and impunity.

Anonymous said...

India and even Russia cannot be trusted. The snake (India) in the eagle's (US) shadow.

Japan, of course, would stab you the moment you turn your back. They bow every time, but not out of respect to you, and like assassins in movies, be careful of their sinister moves.

China must not be caught off guard like the old days when it was divided internally.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, just remember the Inspiring Quotation:

"If you are been cornered by a snake and an Indian, KILL the Indian First"

Never goes wrong.Your chances of Survival is Greater.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China and India need to have a few more scraps with each other. The rivalry goes way back to ancient times. They need to duke it out until they find some sort of "understanding" or "respect".

Both their mindsets are FUCKED, because they both believe too much in this "national pride" nonsense, with irrelevant historical facts. That shit was valid up to 100 years ago. "National Pride" was the stuff you needed to kindle in to a raging fire, then go to war with another cuntry whose peoples also subscribe to this "national pride" rubbish. In 2018 and going forward, throw that history into the garbage bin. Or it will impede progress. The world is more open now, ideas, capital, people...everything flows freely across national borders---which are becoming less significant.

The leaders of cuntries need to lift their game. I am of the persuasion to make it mandatory for anyone over the age of 30 to retire from positions of authority.

Hand the world's governance over to the under-30s. They are the ones who are going to be running it anyway...and many of them are whip-smart...smarter than the "old fogies" who should just fuck-off to a beach somewhere and stop meddling with the planet. The bad "conservative ideas" have no place in today's world.

The Baby Boomers (my generation, currently in-charge of everything) had their role, but they are fucking things up now. One thing they've done is saddled the whole planet (and subsequent generations) with outrageous DEBT. Imagine this: humans not yet born will start their lives INDEBTED. Thank you Baby Boomers. If you look at the debt levels in China and India, oh yeah lots of debt. Both cuntries are productive so maybe they'll be able to pay. However cuntries like the USA and those in the EU are totally fucked. Once again, thank you Boomers.

So yeah, China and India. Both have nukes. Both trying to be "garang". Fight lah. A few times. War is very expensive. War destroys capital. Bring both of them down the economic ladder....let the rest of the world catch up!

Anonymous said...

Instead of conducting military exercises against North Korea, South Korea now conducts military exercises to defend her out-post islands against Japanese occupation.

With the increasing aggressive posture being adopted by Japan, there is no guarantee that Japanese expansionist ambition of invading other countries would not be in the offing.

Anonymous said...

The distant war drums are coming. Pain & suffering will increase dramatically if this madness is not stopped.

Virgo 49 said...

Young Kim is lucky to have a Mentor in Xi. Consulted him on important decisions.

Japan is worry that the Americans might not be putting much pressure on North Korea and the three of North and South and China on friendly terms.

They will try to stir more animosity among them.

June towards July, as fire forecasted by an imminent geomancer,there be a skirmish between the Japanese and China navies.

Dotard Trump will feel the home pressure from his Hawks when China retaliated with more tariffs on USA goods.

He will chok chok Japan to stir some shits with China

Anonymous said...

By refusing to join BRI, India would become like Potong Pasir, no MRT station and thus no development, disconnected with the world.

b said...

Republic india vs Commy china. The winner will be neither of them. Anyway, commy china future is also unstable. OBOR will be another con orchestrated by europa. Flip flops are so common these days.

Anonymous said...

If China can trust India in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation;
Why can't Singaporeans trust and vote the Opposition parties in GE 2020?

You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Look in the mirror and tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

When PAP elite and India shake hands, they break our rice bowls . . .

Anonymous said...

PAP elites no need to shake hands with India already broke our rice bowls.

Understand what the PAP logo stands for? Older generations will be able to tell you. They already know what happens when lightning strikes your rice bowl.

Anonymous said...

Hope another big recession comes soon!

Looking to buy stocks at -60% and -70% discount.

Properties also can, but probably only -30% discount max.

Doubt I can get -50% discount on property like I got during Asian financial crisis ... maybe outside of Sinkieland can still find...

Anonymous said...

Please sell koyok elsewhere. Irritating!

Anonymous said...

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