What Kim Jong Un must not learn from Singapore

Yahoo News reported that North Korea has produced a film about the Kim Trump Summit and also how impressed Kim was of Singapore and wanted to learn from Singapore. "But this film lavished praise on prosperous, capitalist Singapore, lauding the "clean, beautiful and advanced" nation and suggesting it had lessons to offer.
"Our comrade supreme leader said he is eager to learn the excellent knowledge and experiences in various fields from your country," the state media presenter cited Kim as telling Singapore officials."

Indeed any developing country's leaders would be impressed with the infrastructure of Singapore and its development and wanted to learn from Singapore. Only those that are impossible to teach or already chose not to learn from Singapore would stubbornly refused to learn from Singapore. But before any country plunged blindly into the mind trap of learning from Singapore, they must be very clear what they want to learn, the good stuff and not the bad stuff.

Among the things that Kim must not from Singapore are the things that China also refused to learn from Singapore. Perhaps it would be better for Kim to have a chat with Xi Jinping first and learn what he should not learn from Singapore.

I would suggest the following things that Kim should avoid with a ten foot pole.
1. Do not pay their govt officials out of this world salaries to become instant millionaires. North Korea has no fear of any govt official becoming corrupt even if corruption is in the blood, They have effectively killed this notion among North Korean officials without the need to pay them crazily.
2. Do not dip into the people's life savings.
3. Do not blindly enhance the asset value of properties. This is a vicious cycle that can only lead to eventual self destruct. In other words, do not allow property prices to runaway uncontrolled.
4. Do not bring in foreigners excessively to take over the country and jobs of the Korean people.
5.Please add on....

Kim must also remember not to lose his country to foreigners or give up his country to foreigners when foreigners become Koreans with Korean citizenship and take over his country.


Anonymous said...

"If you want to be rich do not be a govt official or public servant. If you want to be rich n yet be a govt official go to a cuntry in Nanyang".

Anonymous said...

Learning from a country who makes a mockery of public service.

Anonymous said...

"Do not increase the population until there's shortage of water for all, and the people have to drink re-cycled urine."

Anonymous said...

Do not tell the peasant youth not to study for a degree as there'e no jobs available for them (as the PAP elite cannot create jobs for them and there's 2.5 million foreigners hanging around) and they cannot eat their degrees, presenting a hopeless future for the nation's youth.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Kim must not judge a book by its cover. All that glitter in Singapore is not gold. Kim must never learn from the PAP how to bamboozle the citizens into believing that an Indian can become a Malay, GST helps the poor and GRC ensures minority representation. Kim will become a conman if he emulates the dirty tricks of the PAP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore has a lot of good ideas for nations to improve the commonwealth and invidual wealth/upward mobility of its peoples.

Now have a look at China, India, Thailand, Japan, and Korea itself...these cuntries and their peoples have been in their respective lands for THOUSANDS of years.

They have endured all matter of hardship: war,occupation, civil wars, famine, depressions, civil unrest and political upheaval, famines, floods and natural disasters....and yet, here they are peaceful, prosperous and growing.

Modern Singapore is just over 50 years old under the "PAP Formula". People go fucking nuts and think just because Singapore shines in human and economic history, that our Elites have definitely "solved the mystery" of how to get a cuntry rich....something luminaries from Adam Smith, to JS Mill, to Marx and John Maynard Keynes wrote incessantly about.

So we have probably 2 generations of "Wah Shiok!"...I leave out the pioneers because their lives...not very shiok in the beginning.

One thing the PAP left out in their manifesto for "progress" is the idea of FUN. Look at those old, ROBUST cuntries like India, China, Thailand, Korea, Japan....all those motherfuckers have got rich culture (ours sucks dead donky cock) and they have FUN in their cultures that have roots going back to antiquity.

Part of Singapore's formula was to make everyone think alike and conform to the edicts laid down by The Supreme Elite Authority. Why not? When you succeed in turning The People into Automatons, it just makes everything easier! Just tobe sure, take measures and countermeasures against any kind of dissent, and voila: Absolute Control....much better than the Kim's N Korea, because the world hates the Kim's, but they love us.

It is as if GEORGE ORWELL made the blueprint in a novel, and the PAP took it to be a Manual for Political Control; "Machiavelli for modern Asia", "Nazi Ideas For Perankans", and so on.

So what Kim can do is have a paradigm shift: maintain the control and linage of Inherited Rule, but now BUILD A BRAND just like we did, and everything will be just fine.

I disagree with Redbean: To be a successful politician, you have to pursue your own Self Interest with a vengence. Nothing should weaken your resolve.

You don't have to give a flying shit about the people. Your objective should be to apply absolute control on themand everything else you can get your hands on. No matter what you do, The People will HATE YOU, so fuck them...do your own thing. No one ever says "Of course you can trust him...he's honest because he's a politician." No one has said that, no one is or ever will say that....😝

....so fuck it...do a better job than Najib...Don't get caught.😂

Adam Of Eve said...

Kim Jong-Un, very simple, if you want to learn from Singapore, all you have to do is to read three books:

1. Animal Farm by George Orwell.
2. 1984 by George Orwell.
3. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.

Don't have to send your people to Singapore to learn. Waste of time and money.

Singapore has adopted all the ideas in those three books because Singapore leaders are good at learning from books.

Just look at the number of academic paper generals Singapore has and you will get the drift.

There are no new ideas to learn.

Anonymous said...

KLLBCCB! CPF Board wants to increase Medishield Life's PREMIUM again!

Fxxking Bastxxd! Fxxking heartless blood suckers!

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean
KJN (Kim) cannot learn from "Singapore" because it's just a word.
Kim can only learn from people i.e. Singaporeans.

So who is Kim going to learn from?
- PAP?
- WP?
- millionaires?
- HDB flat dwellers?
- "locals" i.e. non-Singaporeans living in Singapore?
- foreign talents working in Singapore?
- Straits Times?

Anonymous said...

Don't have to send your people to Singapore to learn. Waste of time and money.
June 25, 2018 10:38 am

Are the North Koreans paying or are Singaporeans paying?

Virgo49 said...

One thing Kim no need to learn from the Pay And Pay Government.

How to have 70% of living dead zombies who had swore allegiances to the Pay And Pay till their last breaths.

In North Korea we had 100% loyalists.

No need learn from you.

Anonymous said...

Is the appointment of Aussie firm to rejuvenate Orchard Road the right choice?


Do you think it's better for North Korea to learn directly from Australia instead?

Singaporeans got no money to go shopping ... rejuvenate Orchard Road for what?

Do you think it's better to spend money on vagina rejuvenation instead.


Anonymous said...

Trust your own people, your own citizens. Don't ever get a foreigner especially a third world foreigner to head any of your national companies especially the banks, stock exchange, insurance and real estate. As an example our national bank, DBS was founded by Singaporeans with local talent, local capital and all the set ups and systems were organized and hemmed well with excellence and all the business connections both locally and internationally were build up by Singaporeans. But out of the blue they claim Singapore has no talents, no banking talents and so they got a fake foreign talent to be CEO of the bank. Singapore actually has a lot of talents in all fields especially in banking and financial talents.So the top post the CEOs and managing directors in all financial institutions should and must be held by blue Singapore citizens. The local banks are so well set up and organized and every section or department is perfectly taken care off by highly qualified administrators and accountants and good business connections both local and foreign have been built and thus even if the CEO goes on one year leave the bank or banks will function perfectly as per normal. Why is there a need to have a foreigner as a CEO to scam us and be paid by the millions of dollars. There is definitely something wrong if the country cannot trust its own people, its own national talents.

Anonymous said...

5)//please add on..//
Most important is not to learn the culture of ocbc.
Doom case if they are influence by ocbc with Kolian calling themselves as Winston Ha or Sebastian Kim one day.
Pay attention to visitors or those leading delegates to N kolia .
My 2 cents worth to President Kim.

Anonymous said...

"Trust your own people, your own citizens."
June 25, 2018 11:07 am

So do you trust Singaporeans enough to vote Opposition who are also Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

@ Anoymous at June 25, 2018 11:02 am:

Don't have to send your people to Singapore to learn. Waste of time and money.
June 25, 2018 10:38 am

"Are the North Koreans paying or are Singaporeans paying?"

Hahaha that's an excellent question.


It depends on who wants to be the sucker.

If Singaporeans can pay $20 million so willingly, then why not continue to be the sucker again?

Reaps long-term benefits, you know?

Or at least good for publicity world-wide?

b said...

He must learn that capitalism (not extreme capitalism or communism) is the way. Capitalism is the better way to embrace freedom, innovation and productivity. Communism caused many wars in many parts of the world for the past 100 years. He must not believe in KMarx - a german jew who is a cousin of one of the most extreme capitalist company in the world.

a said...

b. Looks like your knowledge of Capitalism and Communism is very shallow. You must hav been deeply influenced by western propaganda. Totally bought bait, hook and sinkers.

So don't try to teach grand mothers to suck eggs.

Anonymous said...

This idiot b is a typical unthinking banana. All the wars were caused by the Americans and the West.

b said...

June 25, 2018 2:04 pm>>
that what commie trying to make you believe. even if all white men no longer around, people will still be fighting. beware of commie infiltrators. they destroyed kmt and turned china into a mayhem.

btw, bananas are very healthy.

Anonymous said...

b stands for bullshit? I am convinced it must be.

Dr No said...

Iran's Rial Hits All-Time Low and Inflation Soars to 147%. This is the best time to invest in Iran for those who think of investing in North Korea. Just leverage on foreign exchange alone, you can make money. By setting up an import and export company you can make even more money. Don't think too long. Opportunity only come once. No?

Anonymous said...

Mr Kim, by your 100% support in the N Korean legislature, do not learn from Singapore to amend the Constitution to consolidate all 9 provinces into 1 super province. or
change the law to restrict the Supreme leader position to a RESERVED supreme leader every 5 years in order that every Korean of every creed, wealth, status has a chance to serve.

Because to your people, you are always their Supreme Leader till kingdom come.

Anonymous said...

Without communist China, Chinamen would still be kicked around and despised by the west. Bananas would also be fucked around by the west. But they will be happy sucking the white's bananas.

Anonymous said...

4.25 pm, no lar. My goal is I wanted the white blondes to suck my banana lar

Papers For Sale said...

One more thing Kim Jong-Un should never learn from Singapore is to make usesless, good-for-show-only, academic scholars as generals to lead the Army, Navy or Air Force. And worst of all is to put them on the pedestal of ministerial position, or top business organizations.

Frankly, paper generals are only good on paper and for writing academic papers.

Anonymous said...

Singapura to Sinkingpore....paper generals lead the way.

Anonymous said...

Based on qualifications they should be home tutors to teach students how to ace their examinations. Thats probably their talents n definitely not wealth creation n business entrepreneurship n innovation.

Anonymous said...

Paper general scholars make lousy investment managers. Track record of buy high sell low well proven.