Trump Kim Summit – Hope for a nuclear free Asia

I mentioned this hope from a comment I heard over Channel News Angmoh. So please spare me the eggs for saying something so stupid. But for angmohs and angmohs to, ie bananas, this is a very correct and serious aspiration. When North Korea denuclearized, Asia will be free of nuclear weapons. I know, some of you will be screaming ‘stupidity has no cure’ before finished reading my first sentence.

For the angmohs and angmohs to be, only North Korea has nuclear weapons. They are blind to see that many angmoh countries have nuclear weapons. They did not know that Japan has nuclear weapons. They did not know that the Americans are flooding Asia with nuclear weapons in their colonies like Japan and South Korea and little USAs when their nuclear subs, nuclear armed gunboats and aircraft carriers parked in their docks. They did not want to know that the Americans have hundreds of nuclear weapons in Diego Garcia, in Guam and many of their more than 1,000 military bases all over the world, including Asia.

How would the denuclearization of North Korea make Asia nuclear free? Please don’t ask me, this is just the stupid’s way of looking at their deluded reality. And the whole Trump Kim Summit is about denuclearization, but no one bothers to ask the Americans to denuclearize. And the Americans are going to build more sophisticated and deadly nuclear weapons to add on to their hoards of nuclear weapons. Wait a minute, why no one thinks it is important to ask the Americans to denuclearize as well? Why must North Korea denuclearized and not the Americans or other western countries to denuclearize?

Why is it that the world would be a safer place when North Korea denuclearized while the evil Empire and other western nuclear powers, including Israel and Japan continue to possess many more nuclear weapons than North Korea? Is there anything wrong with this warp view that only the North Korea must denuclearize for the world to be safe from nuclear weapons and wars?

Which country has been threatening to use its nuclear weapons on other countries? Is it not that this country is the most dangerous, even threatening to nuke North Korea first while North Korea is saying that it would only use its nuclear weapons to defend itself from being nuked by this hostile and belligerent country?

What is this madness all about? It is about stupidity, about Asian stupidity. I can’t blame the westerners from having this one sided view that it is all right for them to possess all the nuclear weapons and Asians cannot do so. It is in their interest and their way to control and dominate the world. But for silly Asians to have the same view is preposterous. How stupid can Asians be to be singing the same chorus made up by the western powers? And the best part, they did not know what they are saying or why this is not wrong. To them this is the natural order of things, that the West should have all the nuclear weapons and to rule the world, including ruling the Asians.

This is the same as the American hype about China militarizing their little islands in the South China Sea. For the few batteries of anti aircraft and anti ship missiles, the Americans are painting a picture that this is a threat to the world. Does any of the idiots ever asked how many nuclear tipped missiles the Americans have stored in the silos in Diego Garcia and Guam islands, in Okinawa and other American naval bases in the western Pacific Ocean?

Why no one is jumping up and down when the Americans are militarizing the whole world, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean? An American aircraft carrier would have hundreds of times of weapons more than all the weapons in the Chinese islands in South China Sea. When the Americans sail these highly armed floating islands in South China Sea, filled with nuclear weapons, no one is complaining about militarization. Even a destroyer or frigate would have as much destructive power as the weapons in the Chinese islands. But no one is making any noise about the Americans militarizing the South China Sea, not the stupid Asians, not the angmohs to be. The Americans can militarise anywhere, everywhere, it is acceptable, the norm. They strut around with nuclear weapons hanging on their necks threatening everyone to accept them as the hegemon.
Can there be a nuclear free Asia or a nuclear free world?

Stupidity has no cure.


Virgo 49 said...

The So Called "FREE" or so called "Democratic" World is brainwashed that COMMIE countries are Evils.

Anything COMMIE is evil and bad as propragted in the South Korean everyday talks and dramas.

Little do they know that the Dictators of the so-called Free World and the so called Free Peoples are just if not more evil than the Commies.

See the Elites and the Wealthy Ones who uses their powers and monies to down trodden their own fellow men.

Also many had abandoned their souls to the White Man Hell ju Lah God and thinks they are Heaven Children spiting the Infidels and Devil People who does not believe the sane or same like them.

Anonymous said...

Angmoh tua kee mindset is deep seated. Just like angmoh moh more loving yet the reality is divorced more often.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Kim met President Xi before deciding on a summit meeting with Trump on denuclearisation. Kim must have obtained Chinese guarantee to protect it from any attempt by Uncle Sam to initiate a regime change once North Korea becomes nuclear free. China once helped NK and its peasant army defeated Uncle Sam during the Korean War. The PLA today is much stronger. Uncle Sam can only sabre rattle. An all out war is unthinkable; not with Russia on China's side.

Adam Of Eve said...

Many of the elitist elites have become bananas because they have been educated in the West, eaten too much potatoes, dreamt too much ang moh tau kees, and some of them even purposely went to Western Military Colleges to be indoctrinated and recruited by CIA.

Some become willing stooges of USA or UK in order to safeguard their own present positions and status.

These are all traitors of their own ancestors, races, cultures and heritage. They are what some people called adopted children of convenience. They look towards Whitemen as their God-Fathers.

They all become Emperors with no clothes.

Anonymous said...

State Department: U.S. Won’t Pay for North Korea’s Accommodations in Singapore

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert confirmed that the United States will not pay for North Korea's accommodations in Singapore during the summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

The planned meeting between Trump and Kim is slated to take place on June 12.

"I want to be clear about this because this was something that was swirling a lot over the weekend, and I think we've tried to tamp this down: the United States government is not paying for the North Korean delegation to stay. We're not paying for their expenses," Nauert said.

Host Singapore is likely to pick up the tab despite widespread unhappiness among the city state's online netizens.

southernglory1 said...

Most of the English educated Chinese intellectuals have lost their power of independent thinking. Their minds have been pounded and drowned with western propaganda and literature that they unconsciously surrendered their brains to western control. Just talk to any Chinese western educated intellectual be it a lawyer, accountant, doctor, engineer or politician - a minister or MP about world history and politics and you will be exasperated to find out that they are so ignorant of world history and geopolitics and that they are so pro-west and anti-Chinese in their thinking. Just to quote one example, whenever I talk to one of the intellectuals about how the west gang up to attack and rip out China and to dismember China their answer is always, 'that happendin the past ' and 'who asked China to be so weak and corrupted.' They will never condemn the West of their past atrocities and brutal attacks on China.


Anonymous said...

Ng Eng Hen said he will pay out of his Multi-Million Dollars pay. Sorry, I don't think he sai that. I think he wants to make Singapore taxpayers to pay for him and his fellow Millionaire Ministers to swagger in the limelight of this historic event.

I must have gone bonkers to even think for a single moment that these "No-High-Pay-Will-Become-Corrupt" Ministers, who did not even bother to respond to PM Lee's encouragement to donate part of their obscene pay and bonuses to charity some years back, would pick up the bill for Kim Jung-Un's entourage food, lodgings and security.

I think if they were made to pay, they might just died of heart-attack!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 11.12

The PAP Leaders are only GOOD at cutting the citizens backside flesh and put on their faces.

They will kill for one cent.

Virgo 49 said...

Some more the general public are inconvenience by their nonsense.

Flights delayed. Roads jammed. Security nonsense checks on the innocent passer by.

After the hoo ha, ViVi said over spent by 100 millions.


b said...

Just go with the flow. Anti white men will end up comon people suffer not elite suffer. Nothing wrong with white men rule if they provide houses and cars for the common people. Better than non white men rule because they only provide flats and bikes for the common people and huge houses and cars for themselves just like lee you know. Must think practically.

Anonymous said...


U forgot ... S'pore also got nukes.

But ours are based overseas ... coz 2nd strike deterrence.

Why you think 70% of RSAF based overseas?!?!

Anonymous said...

Australian authorities have approved a request from Malaysia to extradite Sirul Azhar Umar, the elite-policeman body-guard of Najib Razak's wife. Sirul was convicted of kidnapping and murder of Mongolian model and translator Altantuya Shaariibuu. He escaped to Australia and was apprehended and detained in an Australian prison.

Najib Razak was implicated in the murder scandal that dogged former prime minister's government down the drain.

Sirul was one of two elite-police bodyguards sentenced to death. He will be back in Malaysia by end of the month of June to face a retrial, as it is highly suspected that Sirul and his co-murderer were carrying out the orders of the highest level in Malaysia at that time.

If Najib Razak or his wife had been involved in this murder in any way, which some people highly suspected they did, then the couple should face the just desserts.

Adam Of Eve said...

@ 1144:

"Why you think 70% of RSAF based overseas?!?!"

Wherever the RSAF based, China knows. Malaysia and Indonesia also know.

Before war starts, those forces based overseas will be neutralised. Paya Lebar Airport will also be saturated like Pearl Harbour.

The 24-hour Air Surveillance can also be neutralized.

The NSF cannot fight because they are led by paper generals, who hide underground, afraid to be killed.

The NSmen will not fight because foreigners are encouraged to come and take away their high-paying lucrative jobs without restraint.

The parents of the NSF and NSmen will not allow their sons to die for HDB flats that will become ZERO VALUE in time to come.

The reality is that there is nothing to fight for. The rich millionaires and billionaires would have already took flight before war starts. The millionaire ministers would have already sent all their families and assets overseas to safe heaven. Most of the key installations would have already been sold to foreigners. And most of the foreigners working in the Little Red Rick would have run far far away. Even the maids and rubbish collectors would have the wisdom to save their own lives.

So, who will fight for the Little Red Rock? Wisdom dictates that it is better to simply surrender, as happened before, and live to live another day!

Anonymous said...

Learn from history.

Our forefathers fought for independence from the British, what do we get now as a result?

1. A hollow-brick 99 years leasehold hdb flat that expires with zero value,

2. A job market saturated with all sorts of hungry, cunning, slimy, dirty, confidence-tricksters and fake talents with fake degrees and fake resumes to complete with our graduates from brain-washing polytechics and non-progressive mediocre universities;

3. A transport system that breaks down every other day;

4. A cabinet of ministers that demands for ever-increasing obscene pays and bonuses;

5. A government that is too costly to sustain;

6. A country where democracy is non-existent

7. A place where new laws keep coming out to control, restrict, limit, stifle and obstruct initiative, innovation and creativity.

Anonymous said...

There is no way back for mankind other than annihilation of the human race.

Denuclearisation is never going to be a reality. Total destruction is the new reality.

And the sad truth is, no one, no country can stop it. We can argue and bargain about it. It will still end with a big bang.

Anonymous said...

Critics of Najib have alleged that Sirul and Azilah Hadri were scapegoats in the killing of the Mongolian woman (who was pregnant with the child of some high official) to absolve the involvement of their masters who ordered the killing.

Virgo 49 said...

Sin Pools before WC Tote has bettings for Dotard-Kim Summit.

1) Talks less than 5 mins walk out

2),Above half hour

3) One hour.

4) Big fight between both of them

5) Dotard boo koook,

6) Kim lost front teeth

6) Moderator Hen boo koo and lost all teeth

Place your bets please

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

My bet on number 6. Got 2 chances of hitting the jackpot. Results on June 12.

Mat Salah said...

Betting on 1. Then both go casino to let off steam.

Virgo 49 said...

Number 6 pays S$1.00 to S$10.00

Lai ah, put monies take monies.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Payout so little. Like that I better reconsider.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Missy, missy S$1.00 to S$10.00= 100 = 1000.00

Why to find this type of dividend??

But, must be boo koo and lost all teeth.

If one tooth standing, no payout.

Unless you go and slap him hard to lose the balance tooth.

Just like the CareShield.

NO walk, no pai sai, no urine, cannot eat.

One payout only and they go to heaven.

Lai, lai place your bets, place your bets.


Anonymous said...

Trump-Kim summit outcome hard to predict. I bet on World Cup.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

I was expecting payout to be like ministers' salaries. Million $$$$$$$$. Maybe I will re-reconsider.

Anonymous said...

kim is the korean version of neo
in matrix.

Anonymous said...

Government of Singapore Investment Corp. suffered a loss of about 59 billion Singapore dollars (US$41.60 billion) in the fiscal year ended March 31, making it one of the worst years for the sovereign wealth fund since it was started in 1981, people familiar with the situation said Tuesday.

GIC's portfolio is currently assessed as around S$265 billion after drops in equity investments and property valuations.

GIC, which doesn't disclose the value of its portfolio or amounts of yearly gains or losses, said in its annual report that its portfolio lost more than 20% in value in the latest fiscal year.

That means GIC lost at least $53 billion of CPF members' savings!

Anonymous said...

U.S. Says Its Supercomputer Leaps Ahead of Chinese Rival, But Its Glory Likely Short-Lived

The U.S. Department of Energy is debuting a supercomputer from International Business Machines Corp. Friday that it says is the world's fastest and leapfrogs a Chinese machine that has held the top spot for the last two years.

The new supercomputer, dubbed Summit and housed at the agency's Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, can perform 200,000 trillion calculations a second, according to IBM -- 200 petaflops in industry parlance.

That reported performance is nearly twice as fast at its peak speed as Sunway TaihuLight, a giant machine based in Wuxi, China, near Shanghai, that for the last two years has been the world's fastest supercomputer.

Summit's potential perch at the top of the fastest supercomputer list may be short-lived.

Chinese engineers are currently working on a machine capable of performing more than 1 million trillion calculations a second, or exaflops, which is seen as the next major milestone in supercomputing.

Anonymous said...

What about Temasek Holdings? How many $billions lost? Can get any report anywhere?

Anonymous said...

According to a Straits Times' report in July last year:

"Volatile stock markets took their toll on Singapore investment firm Temasek Holdings' portfolio value which shrank for the first time since the global financial crisis.

Its net portfolio value fell to S$242 billion for the financial year ended March 31, down from S$266 billion a year ago.

Its one-year total shareholder return came in at a negative 9.02 per cent, reflecting share price declines of its listed investments, the firm said on Thursday (July 7) in its annual review."

As last year's losses amounted to 9.02% of total of $266 billiion (prior to 2010 it was more than $300 billion), that means Temasek Holdings has lost $25 billion of taxpayers' money and CPF members' savings in 2017.

What about from April 2017 to March 2018? There is still no official report published. Speculation put the losses to be the worst in the history of Sovereign Wealth Funds Investments. What does it mean? How true is it? No one knows. Members of Parliament must ask the Finance Minister to account to the Public

The People must not be kept in the dark any longer.

Anonymous said...

Angmoh naked woman at smrt no charge, no fine. Sinkie taxi driver in house naked kena fined over $2k...Angmoh not only tua kee but tau nee. Garment got no respect for its people, but respect ang moh nee who dont respect herself. What type of garment?

Anonymous said...

Now States Times in overdrive propaganda for the stupid summit costing sinkies taxpayers tens of millions n inconvenience n risks for some goondus ego which other leaders are laughing n taking adavantage of. Host our talks n you still pay for it...how goondu can you get? N still want to boast about it...hahaha.