Trump Kim Summit - The day after

Trump-Kim summit sets new 'error' in Singapore's history

This headline appeared in an article in Yahoo News by Nicholas Yong.  Both pictures are from Yahoo News. Hopefully after spending $20m on this Summit, the Americans would now know that Singapore is not  a part of Malaysia.  Vivian needs to explain this to the State Dept officers in his next trip to the US. Obviously he did not tell them that Singapore is an independent city state during his trip to the US last week in preparation for the Summit.

Thankfully they did not write Singapore, China.

And hopefully the Brits, our ex colonial masters, would now know that Sentosa is a smaller island south of Singapore main island and not another name for Singapore. And they should not gasak buta in pasting the names of Shangri La Hotel and St Regis Hotel in Sentosa Island without bothering to check their accuracy. The work ethics of the Brits have degenerated so badly that no one would believe they once owned an empire.

What is happening now is that the armchair critics are out in full force trying to rubbish the meeting and the agreement signed, that there is a lack of details. In a Summit like this when so many things are involved, when nuclear weapons and facilities are involved, they expect all these to be in the document signed. Do they know how complex are the issues and processes of denuclearisation? Is it a one way denuclearisation or the Americans also have to remove all their nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula?

Another silly comment from the critics is that they don't trust the North Koreans, claiming that they have torn away agreements before. Do they know the reasons why the North Koreans were so frustrated that they had to do so? Did they hear what Iran's advice to the North Koreans, 'Do not trust the Americans'?

The silly critics are taking a position that only the North Koreans walked away from agreements and the Americans are honourable and always honoured their agreements. Where did they come from, Mars? Did they read the papers and know that the Americans have been doing exactly what they are accusing the North Koreans of? Paris Climate Change Agreement rings a bell? TPP rings a bell? Nafta and G7 agreements or disagreements ring a bell? 

Have they watched any of the Hollywood production of cowboys killing Red Indians and Red Indians saying white men spoke with fork tongues? And many of these silly critics are Asians who speak and think as if they are white men. I can expect the white men to be wearing coloured lenses and not wanting to see their own faults and flaws and not wanting to admit them, but silly Asians, bananas are doing the same thing.

No wonder Asians would always be ruled by the white men. It is in their blood that white men are superior, like white gods. Ang moh tua kee.


Adam Of Eve said...

Bananas have gone bananas!

Anonymous said...

Rb, nit only Ang moh Tua Kee, the white women have large tits so Asian normally equate the two to be superior human characteristics. Knn what to say.

Anonymous said...

An agreement between 2 men who cannot be trusted n expected to honor agreements. Hahaha...great success...lol.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

History has proven that Uncle Sam cannot be trusted. The American natives learnt of it a little too late at a cost of over 75 million lives. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev also regretted trusting Uncle Sam when he dismantled the USSR in 1991 after introducing glasnost and perestroika. Uncle Sam's treachery is legend. Iran's advice to NK not to trust Uncle Sam is timely. Kim may be carried away and lower his guard just like the late Libya's strongman Gaddafi once did. He paid with his life for trusting the white devils.

Inexcusable Mother of All Errors! said...

The US's ex-Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mikr Pompous Pompei Pompeo Pompom does not know that Singapore is no more part of Malaysia since 1965. This clearly shows that not only the British Empire has become too wishy washy, the US of A has also become brush works.

Can you imagine both the CIA and the Department of State do not know that Singapore is no more part of Malaysia?

This is great Advertisement!

Virgo 49 said...

That's why the last time the What's International Tribiunial Award Pedra Branca to Singapore,they do not really know where is Singapore.

Just hantam only.

North Rock Malaysia, Pedra Branca Singapore and South Ledge you all decide yourselves.

Hey, how about South Prick??

Ang Mohs never studied Geography, only chiak Kopi.

That's why they insist that China don't own the islands near the Mainland.

They don't know where the fark Taiyio Island is.

Only know Hawaii.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I agree with Redbean. The whole bloody thing was entirely THEATRE.

Here's what most people don't know: the "outcome" was already decided and agreed upon beforehand. These are the the dynamics played out in the "back channels of the back channels".

Now both leaders return home as "heros". Trump---who a quiet minority like myself believe that he ran to "get back"> (take revenge) on Obama who mocked him in front of an audience of VIPs, and then broadcast to the world.

The Donald is well-known for striking back at people who cross him. He has publicly said this, and Melania has reminded people, in case they forget.

But seriously folks, if you are Singaporean of a certain age you will understand this WARNING very well as well as know that the person forewarning you means every word they say. 🤣

Trump is a master at using the classical media, as well as new media (social media) to sell his brand....which is himself. To those people who are Netflix subscribers, Confidence Man is a great narrative of this unique individual. Trump has used the media his entire life to GREAT effect. I highly recommend a look.

He might be hopeless at differentiating between Singapore and Telok Kepala Butoh in bum-fuck Malaysia somewhere, but he is a VIRTUOSO when it comes to using the massive power of narrative and influence of the media. Plus he does and says stuff no one else would dream of...like making a FAT-JOKE about himself and Kim (look at Kim's face after the interpreter translates Trump...PRICELESS 😂🤣 ).

I will say young Kim will be learning from this old master prick. Every leader or top-dog-alpha "pack leader" has a larger than normal ego, otherwise they wouldn't be able to do what they do, and fight (brutally and ruthlessly) to the top. Kim inherited his position, no doubt he was groomed. But Trump grew up rich in New York...which means "big deal...lot's of people are rich in New York..you still have to not only prove yourself, but SURVIVE every attempt to demolish you".

As I predicted, Kim was impressed by Singapore, and he's taking home some "good ideas" of how we do things, and beat other more established cuntries. Like I and many of my associates say: "Singapore is THE BEST RUN communist cuntry in all of world history".

Vivian was busy taking selfies. That's ok, he's still young. However...PM Lee earned his astronomical pay by carrying 2 sets of balls---Trump's and Kim's. He has shown that he is up to the task and so when development opportunities open up in the DPRK, Temasek and the GIC will be there as "good friends of Kim". Rest assured, boys and girls, your CPF will be working very hard to build infrastructure in a "needy" cuntry. 😂 I'm sure SingTel will want to run the phone and internet in N Korea. Maybe Comfort Delgro can do the taxi service...I don't know, leave it to The Elite Investors to play with OPM (Other People's Money....i.e. taxpayers) That is only phase 1. Phase 2 is the eventual reunification of North and South. More opportunity for Temasek and GIC.

As usual, 20 million dollars later, Singapore rocks and as always, impressive to the whole fucking world!

You complain for what lah?

Anonymous said...

The fact that people don't know who, what, where the fuck sinkieland is means that we can be destroyed by nuclear missiles & the world won't feel anything.

This "complete denuclearization" agreement is the 20th such agreement signed by NK in the last 40 years ... grandfather, father, and now the son.

A LOT of people were winners in this $50M wayang kulit show:

Trump & Kim for self-promotion, self-aggrandizement, strengthening of position among rivals back home (especially for Kim - he will find it easier now to execute more rivals).

The NK delegation --- all expenses paid trip to a tourist Disneyland; 1st time eating Macs/KFC & $400 Michelin dinners & also buying toys and stationery for their children that they can't even buy from China.

Reporters & journalists clocking business-class expenses and $50K-$100K performance bonuses / promotion for covering the "summit of the century".

PAPies -- they're going to award themselves the full 12 months bonus for excellent job performance.

The many PAPpy-licking & PAPpy-voting business cronies that benefitted from the circus show in town.

There's 1 big group MISSING --- Oh yeah, the sinkies .... you get slapped with the $50M bill. LOOZERS!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1114

50 mil? I thought it was 20...anyway, what's 20/30 mil difference. Peanuts lah, we are Singapore, we don't count peanuts. 😝 Please talk in billions and trillions...not "small change" for kopitiam lah.

As I frequently tell myself whenever things happen due to human action and interaction: CUI BONO?, "who benefits", aka "Follow the money".

Money is the ultimate incentive which DRIVES most human behaviour in one of only 2 ways: fear of losing money, fear of missing out in making money. It is all FEAR. Greed is simply an expression of fear---i.e. you don't want to allow the opportunity to go to someone else. You must take it, ALL of it.

So CUI BONO in yesterday's summit? Make a list. Plenty plenty.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Jim Rogers (old rich white guy, lives in Singapore) "I would like to invest in N Korea" "There's always a hidden agenda"

FOLLOW THE MONEY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqhU4zggLMA

Anonymous said...

/// 50 mil? I thought it was 20 ///

With VB as running dog running the show you gotta increase the budget, just in case.

Virgo49 said...

Right Bro, just a EYE doctor.PAP just needs minority candidate so boh hay hee ai hoo.

Now hay more expensive than hee.

He not only short sighted but also failed Maths miserably.

Anonymous said...

/// Hopefully after spending $20m on this Summit, ... /// redbean

How you know it's really $20 million?

After the final audit, maybe it's only $2 million.
Or $200 million.

How do you really know before the final audit is completed?

Adam Of Eve said...
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Adam Of Eve said...

Whenever the school boy with a girl's name Vivian is in-charge of expenditure, she-he will increase it five to six times. Youth Olympics already showed all Sinkies how "capable" (ability to spend taxpayers' money without conscience and restraint) this Balakrishna is. That's why he squandered his medical degree and medical practice, depriving others of a place in the Medical Faculty. Sama sama as the Yellow Mother Hen who keep increasing the defence budget to buy military toys and gadgets for his paper generals to play.

LHL said $20 million. The actual sum is actually $100 million or more. $20 million is from PMO budget. Other Ministries' budgets and state organizations' expenditure also involved:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Propaganda (Comms)
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of National Development
Admin Service
Singapore Armed Forces
Civil Defence.
Temasek Holdings
Changi Airport
Singapore Mint
People's Association

Anonymous said...

An agreement between two men who never stick to agreements is the mother of all jokes.

Sure, everybody is saying that Trump should not be meeting Dictator Kim because he killed so many people. And that he even killed his own brother. Americans even killed their own Presidents. The Clintons killed many people and yet Hillary almost became President. These people must be blind not to know that the Americans and its allies killed more innocent people in Iraq and Vietnam and massacred the Red Indians in their own country of USA.

Before the summit, most Western commentators were saying that Trump is going to play Kim like a violin or something like that. It really turned out the other way round and they now have to swallow their own words.

If the agreement works, which I doubt, because no time frame was mentioned, and it will therefore take a long long time to work out the details. The US is really not serious about peace. They have been working for peace since the Korean War ended, and nothing came out of it after so long. The only conclusion was that more meetings and negotiations will be needed and here is where Kim is the master manipulator.

Trump is being played around by Kim, but then some people believe his main dream is to get the Nobel Peace Prize, which I am sure his poodles will be shouting for it.

Adam Of Eve said...

I forgot to add:

Sentosa Development Corporation
Jurong Town Corporation
Government Investment Corporation
Singapore Sports Association
Certain Town Councils involved
And certain private business organizations which were elbowed to contribute, such as those given huge projects' contracts,

Mat Salah said...

Nobody thought that Trump and Kim would meet for a summt until the unexpected happened. For the sake of world peace, both parties must be trusted to honour their words and try to achieve a breakthrough. The North and the South Korean people can be united just like the North and the South Vietnamese or the East and West Germans.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether world peace will come about just because the two Koreas unite.

World peace is just a pipe dream, when countries are all the time boasting about what kind of new weapons they have created, who has the biggest aircraft carriers and submarines and how many they have, who has the best fighter aircraft etc etc.

How to define world peace? How to define justice?

Anonymous said...

Smart Nation.
Why not Singapore use video conferencing to host a virtual meeting between Kim and Trump?

Do you think it will be cheaper?

Anonymous said...


Where is CCS?

Totally not involved?

How can he not involved?

Very very siong leh!

Adam Of Eve said...

The only time when there was world peace was before the stone age.

Once human beans know how to make weapons out of stone and metal, they started killing one another.

Since then, the term peace was only for temporary spell, depending on the greed in the human heart.

So, whoever thinks and talks of world peace must be someone who has never lived in this world or someone who is very naive or intentionally trying to con others.

The only way to restore world peace is to destroy the human species.

As long as there is a group of human beans wanting to take advantage of another group of human beans, wanting to dominate and control others, wanting to become rich and powerful at the expense of others, there will be no world peace.

The world today, with the tens of thousands of nuclear warheads deployed everywhere by the USA, UK, France, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Israel, Japan and Korea (not just North Korea, South Korea also has Nuclear Weapons provided by the USA), is heading surely, definitely, unavoidably towards total destruction!

Until and unless ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS are dismantled, neutralized and destroyed, there will be NO WORLD PEACE! There will only be WORLD ANNIHILATION!

Please wake up, if you are still fast asleep.

Anonymous said...

The signing of the 2 powerful leaders yesterday will it make this planet Earth at peace & harmony? Think it's very sceptical & most probably things r likely to about turn again. Everything in this world Can Change & Will Change - that's for sure! Only question is whether it will change it to be worse or better nobody knows. From time immemorial till present, humans species existed & reign this Mother Earth with War ( from economy to disunity & greed ), its becomes like human nature of existence to survive is to control, fight, competitive, defense & destroy due to war & its a vicious cycle to own demise & extinction. Humans migration to other planet like Mars or other Stars system might be a reality in the future as Murphy law & other Destruction law or Enthropy becoming in action & the law of cause n effect & impermanence comes into effect resulting in the end of a kalpa period & restart of another species evolution & existence, the Dharma wheel cycle of suffering keeps rolling endless who else can really escape from this tantric hall of fire is thru wisdom & faith or other natural forces or supernatural pananoma effect..

PAPIGS 81 (Politically Apathetic Post Independence Generation Sinkies 81) said...

//Obviously he did not tell them that Singapore is an independent city state during his trip to the US last week in preparation for the Summit.//


Q said...

On the same day that the peace process in Singapore was being set in motion by the Kim-Trump Summit at Capella Hotel, the three-year-old civil war of proxy (Saudi Arabia backed by the US vs Iran) in Yemen has just escalated, with the Saudis capturing the coastal city of Hudaydah, a vital location where supplies to the besieged forces of the Shia Muslims enters.

Syria's .five-year-old civil war of proxy (USA vs Russia) though looks like ending, but is now also escalating, with Israel entering into the war, with the backing of Donald Trump.

So, how to have world peace? Who is talking peace in the East but fighting wars in the West? What type of Mexican cigars has Donald Trump been smoking? Why are so many people smoking cigars with him?

Stupidity reality cannot cure!

STATE TOP DIPLOMAT? OMG!!! HISTORIC SUMMIT begets a "HISTORIC GAFFE"? Went out of the way to host but M. "POMPOUS" still "insult" host country's sovereignty?? Gd "LUCK" to DPRK!!! said...

@Inexcusable Mother of All Errors!June 13, 2018 9:19 am
//The US's ex-Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mikr Pompous Pompei Pompeo Pompom does not know that Singapore is no more part of Malaysia since 1965. This clearly shows that not only the British Empire has become too wishy washy, the US of A has also become brush works.

Can you imagine both the CIA and the Department of State do not know that Singapore is no more part of Malaysia?//


Dotard said in a meetup can size up counterpart sincerity to deal or not but through one event, many can tell it is safer to trust a hungry lion? said...

@ 11.42pm
//So, how to have world peace? Who is talking peace in the East but fighting wars in the West? What type of Mexican cigars has Donald Trump been smoking? Why are so many people smoking cigars with him?//

This dotard straight face (without blinking eye) told the media during press conference he dun mind fly all the way to red dot bc he care for the 28 million koreans residing in seoul (bordering the dmz)

He thinks pple all over are 3-yo dafts?

He did it so that 28 million lives in seoul will not be in jeopardy? Bluff hu?

Q said...

The Yemeni Civil War In Brief

"For a little more than three years, Yemen has been locked in a seemingly intractable civil war that has killed nearly 10,000 people and pushed millions to the brink of starvation.

The conflict has its roots in the Arab Spring of 2011, when an uprising forced the country's long-time authoritarian president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to hand over power to his deputy, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

The political transition was supposed to bring stability to Yemen, one of the Middle East's poorest nations, but President Hadi struggled to deal with various problems including militant attacks, corruption, food insecurity, and continuing loyalty of many military officers to Saleh.

Fighting began in 2014 when the Houthi Shia Muslim rebel movement took advantage of the new president's weakness and seized control of northern Saada province and neighbouring areas. The Houthis went on to take the capital Sanaa, forcing Mr Hadi into exile abroad.

The conflict escalated dramatically in March 2015, when Saudi Arabia and eight other mostly Sunni Arab states - backed by the US, UK, and France - began air strikes against the Houthis, with the declared aim of restoring Mr Hadi's government.

The Saudi-led coalition feared that continued success of the Houthis would give their rival regional power and Shia-majority state, Iran, a foothold in Yemen, Saudi Arabia's southern neighbour.

Saudi Arabia says Iran is backing the Houthis with weapons and logistical support - a charge Iran denies.

Both sides have since been beset by infighting. The Houthis broke with Saleh and he was killed by Houthi fighters in December 2017. On the anti-Houthi side, militias include separatists seeking independence for south Yemen and factions who oppose the idea.

The stalemate has produced an unrelenting humanitarian crisis, with at least 8.4 million people at risk of starvation and 22.2 million people - 75% of the population - in need of humanitarian assistance, according to the UN. Severe acute malnutrition is threatening the lives of almost 400,000 children under the age of five.

Yemen's health system has collapsed, while the world's largest cholera outbreak has killed thousands.

In June 2018, Saudi-backed government forces began an assault on the key rebel-held port of Hudaydah, the entry point for the vast majority of aid going into Yemen and a lifeline for the starving.

Aid agencies warned the offensive could make Yemen's humanitarian catastrophe much worse."

A Special Report from BBC

Prc and xi dada needs to be beware of this dotard evil objectives and take everything this m. Pompous might say with a pacific ocean load of salt said...

@ 1.09am

Uncles RB & Glory have been blasting the fork tongues all these while and it gave the impression they were biased and an axe to grind.

However, after many accounts from those who had interactions with them and especially after this "malaysia summit" (kena the M. "POMPOUS" virus liao) oops "singapore summit" and US$20 million+++ probably "down the drain" + at least several tens of thousands over worked sinkies at last minutes short notice of about 2 weeks to host the "summit" after earlier cancellation (and so many tens of thousands of sinkies Jun sch holidays plan cancelled in the 11th hour and flight tickets/ hotel bookings $$$ flushed down the toilets and thousands of retail businesses affected, possibly many tens of thousands of regional tourists cancelling their trips to red dots during this period to avoid incovenience), many readers beginning to realise the "messages" uncles rb and glory had beeen trying to spread ALL THESE WHILE about all these evil fork tongues have "profound" hardtruths in them ...?

Dotard said in press conference that DPRK in between s korea and prc so in "envious" position to "rd of proseprity" but hitler also said "poland" in between the third reich and ussr? Could be dotard's freudian slip of the century?

Showed KJU his "heap of metal" after the 1-on-1 and thinks everyboLEE so low level easily conned by typical businessmen cheap triks of trying to impress "potential gullible victims"?


If this dotard win big in Nov, KJU and his 25 million countrymen and women (+ another 50 m in the s.) possibly "could be in peril' (and hopefully dun end up like yemen?)?

May got help KJU and DPRK, gives them ginomous wisdom and NOT walk into a trap that led to the brutal and repeated sodomising of gaddafi (at the OLDIES age of 69) till his death when he was captured by western-backed rebels?