The North Korea that the western media would not tell you

This is a picture posted by Vivian Balakrishnan in his facebook. It is no different from the buildings in a developed and well organised country. It is definitely not a third world developing country with slums and poverty everywhere. It is not the often repeated abject poverty country that the western media want the world to believe, deceiving the world to believe. This is a picture of North Korea that you would not see or reported by the western media. The western media would showed you some corners of the countryside or some ancient photos of an impoverished North Korea after the days of carpet bombing and destruction by the evil American Empire. The Americans and the western media have been lying to the world and to all their readers of a North Korea suffering from abject poverty and famine and hungry people dying on the streets.

Vivian would not lie and this is a recent photo taken a few days ago during his visit to North Korea. The buildings cannot be built overnight nor are they a mirage or fabricated from Lego bricks. Listen to what Vivian has to say as reported in Channel News Asia.

In Pyongyang, he witnessed a clean and beautiful city with ongoing construction for modern commercial and residential buildings. He also saw an eye hospital with the latest medical equipment, he told reporters.
“To be frank with you, I come back very impressed,” Dr Balakrishnan said to Singapore media on Saturday in Beijing, where he made a brief stopover after flying from Pyongyang in the morning.

“Frankly, my views have also altered based on what I saw, heard, and (after I had) spoken to people,” he said, sharing his reflections on North Korea. “Clearly, the government has been hard at work all these decades to upgrade their infrastructure."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/i-come-back-very-impressed-vivian-balakrishnan-on-trip-to-north-10413538

It is understandable that his views are changing as he was also being fed with the image of a North Korea provided by the western media that have not set foot on North Korea and with a sinister plot to paint North Korea in the worse possible. Until today you will hear many silly western supposedly scholars still chirping North Korea is suffering from extreme poverty, famine and hardship and hungry people.

“Despite these maximal sanctions, what you have is a society that has continued to invest itself and continuously trying to upgrade people and their skills and the services they provide to their citizens,” Dr Balakrishnan said. “Now, can you imagine if peace finally comes, and North Korea is allowed to open up to the world and gain access to technology, capability, skills and markets."

“I think the sky is the limit for their people," he added.

I hope the unthinking and those that swear by the western media that North Koreans are dying on the streets would open their eyes, remove the blinkers and see the new reality. If you look at the above picture, it would put many Asian and Southeast Asian countries to shame.
Unfortunately the silly bananas would not believe anything contrary to their programmed mind and would continue to insist that Vivian is lying or being shown a false picture of North Korea. What to do, there are people that simply would want to live in the world of make belief created by the western media.

Pyongyang skyline (Vivian Balakrishnan)Pyongyang skyline (Vivian Balakrishnan)


Adam Of Eve said...

North Korea is now a Nuclear Country. Any country that has nuclear capabilities is an Advanced Country in terms of technology and human knowledge.

In addition, North Korea has something the other countries in the world, excepy China, do not have. And that is "Rare Earth". She has the biggest deposits of Rare Earth in the whole world#

Rare Earth comprises 11 elements, some of which are needed for tbe production of stealth aircraft, avionics, rockets, cell phones, and many high tech staff.

What does this mean for North Korea and the World? Think about it for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn you are a absolutely right man!

Anonymous said...

Actually it's not North Korea progressed. It's Singapore being stagnant for the last 30 years under GCT and LHL. Vivian's eyes now opened to the reality of so-called emerging economies already caught up with S'pore, and S'pore is now trying hard to catch up with China in areas such as e-payments . . .

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The North Koreans are resilient and patriotic. Western propaganda paints it as a poor and starving nation under communism while South Korea is prosperous under the patronage of Uncle Sam. In order to protect itself against imperialism, a lot of money is spent on defence. Uncle Sam destroyed 22 cities and killed three million children, women and men during the Korean War. It is to their credit that they have great leaders who rebuilt the nation and made it as a member of the Nuclear Club. Trump meeting Kim is a testimony of how much respect Uncle Sam is paying to a North Korea armed with nuclear weapons. Years of economic sanctions by Uncle Sam has toughen the North Koreans. They are formidable foes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, North Koreans has progressed & many r been misled by the West propaganda. NK has got its own capability to build its own nuclear weapons ( probably with China or Russian assistance), it also prove one thing that the North Koreans r an highly intelligent species of people technologically or scientifically. When peace & sanctions r all gone, the world will see another economic powerhouse in the Korean Peninsula & the Japs wud not wan this to happen as it wud deem a threat to their own security & existence. In fact Sinkieland has a lot to learn from the North Koreans on how to take care of its own people. Vv must be wondering : " ..hey... where r those elderly & poor ppl selling tissues, collecting cardboards, doing cleaning in hawkers/food courts? Hey where r those beggars in the streets? Where r those Pmets driving private hire cars? Where r the coolies? Where r those begging for food in the streets? Where r those news of committing suicides or murders or robbery ? Etc..?" Seriously, Vv must be so sad as he can't find anyone of those in the streets or NK news or websites, Vv must have lament lets go hm & informed boss that we r all wrong bout NK in fact the Nkoreans r ahead of us!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I love Dr VB's photo. It's exctly like the photos people take of Singapore when they visit.

Tourists go "ooo ah wow" when they visit Singapore, and their direct experience is radically different from what the media (western) paints: "Singapore is undemocratic, authoritarian and you can't chew gum nor smoke a joint"

Most of us know the western media is often faulty when reporting on cuntries which don't necessarily follow western culture or history....or even their monochromatic view of the world.

Yet as AWESOME as Singapore is, and proven by "pictorial evidence" and the "direct experience" of visitors, there are a bunch of locals who keep bashing their own cuntry, the socio-political-economic culture and their own fellow citizens
---without the 'help' from western journalists.

Therefore we cn also say with resonable certainty that there are people in N Korea who dislike the status quo too.

Hahaha....If you have to prove how "good" you motherfucking cunt-tree is, it is probably a shithole cuntree.💩💀

DJ Trump, welcome to my awesome cuntry. Please do no build a golf course nor a hotel.😝

Supreme Leader Kim, welcome to my socialist paradise of a cuntree. Please pay attention to how we run things over here. In Singapore we have solved the mystery of success without freedom and democracy. You must pay yourself and your generals lots of money to run the cuntry. Then like "magic", you will one day be as successful as us....maybe. 😂

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust that man with a girl's name.

Telling us that $390 is enough for old handicapped people, and asking them whether they eat at hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant.

From initial $30M budget for YOG, become $330M and then tell us that money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Vivian was responsible for the CPF life compulsory scheme when he was MCYS minister, right ?

Anonymous said...

Vivian next election slogan:" ..hey, vote for me, I will serve u ppl with a cup of coffee or tea? "

Remember that cup of coffee or tea cost u S$20millions, after u elect him in, u will be suck dry by him with all those taxes here & there. But when asked to help the poor he wud asked them to help themselves & be resilient ( u wanna hawker or foodcourt or restaurant or hotel food?), see the hypocrisy in this pay n pay govt is..