The gangsters descended from the mountains

After several decades of living off the people by their bullying threats and instilling fear in the people, the gangsters have grown very rich, and very fat, with all the money to enjoy all the good things in life. They have been splashing their ill gotten wealth to benefit themselves and their fellow gangsters and runners. Some even went on gambling spree around the world, visiting all the casinos and hoping to make quick bucks to make themselves richer.

For  a long time, they have been telling lies to the people that all is well while all the time robbing the people of their wealth. They demanded a big share of the people's income as protection money, demanded a share of their properties or else they would come down from the mountain to take more. The sheeple, oops, people, acquiesce and give the gangsters what they want to make them happy, civil and rich. And the gangsters continue to live in their high mountain resorts, with all the land and space and free mountain air. Occasionally they would walk with the people acting like their overlords, as respectable and rich gentry but really wolves in sheepskin.

Lately there is a change in the air. The gangsters seemed to be a bit confuses but still behaving like gangsters. They are demanding more from the people. Crossing the bridges would have to pay higher toll fees. Using the water from the mountain streams also got to pay more. Everything has to pay more. Perhaps the gangsters want to live better, greed is unsatiable and has no limits. Perhaps they have squandered all the money stolen from the people. Perhaps they have lost a lot of money in the casinos. They look quite desperate for money.

There is also a change in style. They are willing to descend from the high mountain to talk to the people. They want to know how the people feel about them, about what they are doing. They are showing that they are really caring and protecting the people.

But they forgot that in all aspects they are still the gangsters. They forgot that they have robbed the people of their wealth, telling the people that if they don't give them some wealth, they would resort to robbing. They forgot that they have been steling the wealth of the people and continuing to steal from the people everyday with increasing amount.

They want to hear from the people that they are still doing well, and well like by the people, that the people still trust them and that their heavy handed approach to demand more protection money is going down well with the people. They want to know that the people are happy with all the new demands for more money.

The people are trembling in fear. Not giving more to the gangsters is not an option. Telling the gangsters their grievances is also not an option as the gangsters would not listen. The only hope for the people is to talk to the gods and hoping that lightning would strike at the gangsters. In the meantime the people just pretend that everything is fine, and put on a smiling face.

The fear of the gangster is in the air. The empty promises of the gangsters are still in the air.

The gangsters would not see the wrongs and harm they have done to the people that they have robbed and beaten into fearing them, becoming hapless sheep. Gangsters will always be gangsters.


Virgo 49 said...

The time has come for WU SONG and the MERRY BAND of Bros of the Singapore Water Margin to kill and exterminate the Robbers from the Pay And Pay Party.

Who be the Wu Song or Cher Mak Wu?? leading the Merry Band of Bros from the Water Margin??

Even Sinking Land What's Hi Flux also kena flushed into the drains.

May Heaven have mercy on the Sinkies

Anonymous said...

Rb, how come what u wrote sounded very familiar leh. Which country are u referring to? Better don't say otherwise Kena sue

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Every time the bandits descended from the mountain to borrow more grains, 70% of the villagers trembled in fear and offered no resistance . 30% of the villagers decided to seek protection by hiring 6 warriors; one from Hougang and 5 from Aljunied. Alas the 6 warriors were no match for the bandits. The villagers are now debating whether to hire more warriors or surrender completely to the bandits. The villagers saw their neighbours in the north unite and destroy the bandits after 60 years of being robbed mercilessly. It has inspired the southern villagers and the bandits may get a hostile reception in their next raid if they can recruit more warriors.

Anonymous said...

If a Sinkie started work at 22 and retires at 55, after 33 years of work with every month contributing around 40% of his income to CPF (employee's plus employer's), he should be able to retire comfortably for the next 33 years till age 88.

Why is it not so?

Anonymous said...

Wat RB mention above there is a 99.99% probability that he is referring to the Pay And Pay party of Sinkieland - Once a SyonanTo - Now a Little Red Dot Hotel Island. Its Leegime is ruled by a Dictatators Lee Kong You & Lee Ah Long. The Leegime is so proud to host the forthcoming Dotard-Rocket Man Showdown at a resort island of Sendosa. Its sheeple r of 68.9%dafts Sinkies & the rest r intelligent but spineless keyboard warriors who wud kpkb but lament no alternative party leader like Matland. This tiny island was once ruled by capable talent forefathers pioneers but since their demise the latest gen of leeders messed it up & tell its sheeple to paid up, a modern Animal Farm country retold or a modern Jurrassic World coming into live.

Adam Of Eve said...

How 70% Become Sheep Led By Wolves-in-Sheep-Skin

From 3 years old to 6 years old, the kids go to PAP and NTUC Kindergartens for training as obedient and teacher-fearing kids, following orders and a set pattern of behaviour. They even have to buy and wear standard PAP uniforms and NTUC uniforms. While their parents started to get robbed subtly through paying ever-increasing kindergarten fees started at $70 per moonth to presnt-day $785 per month. Don't forget, from age 4, their parents have been paying CPF Medisave annually, deducted from their CPF savings, by force.

From 7 years old to 12 years old, the children go to the MOE (Ministry of Experiments) centralized-control fixed core curriculum to be moulded into law-abiding, disciplined, authority-fearing "national" citizens. From Primary 4 (10 years old) onwards, they are identified and divided into clusters of best eggs, good eggs, ordinary eggs, bad eggs, rotten eggs. Their future in society is almost set. However, there is still time for some of them to be re-categorized depending on their PSLE results, which will be done away with in a few years time. But it will be replaced with something else.

From 13 to 16/17 years old, the teenagers go the secondary schools divided into Normal (meaning sub-nirmal) Schools, doing a 5-year programme, and Special (meaning not special but normal) Schools, doing a 4-year programmed as in the past, before one Minister if Experiments started experimenting with the Education Non-System System. In these 4 to 5 years, these young, impressionable youth are being trained (not educate), controlled and channelled to become blue-collar workers (polytechics students) and academics (pre-university A-level Junior Colleges students). At the same time, they are being prepared for entry into National Service in the Military, Police and Un-Civil Defence (that killed their comrade a few days beore release from full-time service).

From 17 to 18/19 years old, the teenagers go into the Junior Colleges to do a 2-year curriculum to sit for the A-level Examination, in preparation to become specially selected top-level scholars or ordinary graduates if they can get a place in a University. The majority of these teenagers will be channelled into the Polytechics or ITEs (Institutes of Technical Experimentation), to be trained as the National Workforce catering for the needs of industries and government servants. At the same time, they continue to be trained to become National Servicemen for the boys. The girls are lucky to be exempted from Natiinal Service. But they have to serve The Nation by producing children and raising them, even if they are single parent treated unequally by the government in terms of housing and other social benefits

From 18/19/20 onwards, they enter National Service either in the SAF, the Police Force or the Un-Civil Defence. The bulk of these youths go to serve in the Army, as cheap labour and moulded to become OBEDIENT SOLDIERS. Some will become leaders at middle and top levels. A tiny group of scholarship-holders will become Elites and groomed to hold high positions in the Public or Private Sectors, as obedient servants to The Big Boss.

The story does not end here. The indoctrination and social-engineering continue for the rest of their SHEEPISH LIFE, until they drop dead!

Adam Of Eve said...

Sorry for some typo errors, which I do not have time to correct.

Anonymous said...

QUIZ: Who said this and what is his message?

"Mr Han begins by urging ministers to speak plainly – to use simple language. His column then morphs into a dare to ministers to make sweeping promises.

For example, he wants ministers to assure people that if they had “a full working life in Singapore, in any job… when you retire at 65, you will have enough to live a good and decent life”.

“We will make sure it happens,”

Mr Han urges ministers to say, “don’t worry about the details or how we will do it.”

But plain speaking about adequate retirement would also entail telling people some “hard truths”.

For example, the Central Provident Fund scheme is adequate for most Singaporeans, and Silver Support will help top up for those who did not earn much while working.

However, as people live longer, their needs in old age will go up. Then, we will have to work longer, save more while working, or have less to spend in retirement.

Voters in many countries, developed and developing, have learnt through bitter experience what happens when unrealistic election promises are broken. Politicians and journalists who advocate simplistic policies lose credibility, faith in democracy is undermined, and ultimately, voters or their children bear the cost.

The easiest five words to utter in politics are: “I promise you free lunches.” But that’s not plain speech. That’s pandering and populism.”


ISN'T the whole Electoral System based on PANDERING TO POPULISM?

ISN'T hosting the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore based on PANDERING TO POPULISM? Capitalising on limelight attention-seeking popularity as the whole world focus at the Summit at Singapore.

Does the Minister thinks that he can be as unpopular as he could be, and still be respected and elected into office again and again?

Anonymous said...

This is the type of Absolute Arrogance developed over a long period of time staying in cloud 9 on top of the cool luxurious expensive golden ivory tower.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous 9:43 am

Hi! You fucking son of a bitch . What is your hiddden agenda ? You are definitely a treacherous traitor of the people. Once the people identify you as the spy and spokesman of the evil, wicked and inhuman mountain robbers you will definitely be cruelly punished and skinned alive.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jung-Un travelled by Air China has landed at Changi Airport VIP Terminal, and headed towards St Regis Hotel, where he has been speculated to be staying.

Dotard Trump will be likely staying at the Shangrila, as has been President Obama and Bush before.

The two hotels are in close proximity to each other and also near to their respective embassy/consulate.

Kim is expected to meet PM Lee later today/tonight for a round of Ceylon Tea.

Anonymous said...

Former MP Inderjit Singh criticises Press Secretary Lim and asks Singaporeans to speak up


Roy Ngerng spoke up.
What happened to him ah?

Give your feedback with your secret vote in GE 2020.
If you speak up, they will know who you are.

True or not?
You tell me lah

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous 9:43 am

Yes, this scum must be a son of a low grade prostitute. Don't try to hint and insinuate. We know your posting don't mean well. How much are you paid by the highway robbers and the mountain bandits. Just remember no spy or traitor will come to a good end.

Spy Catcher

Anonymous said...


Yes, that's why more & more joining the gangsters. Kids also making a headstart by joining the Young Gangsters Club, a bit like NCC or NPCC.

2nd class gangsters try their luck joining the Paikia Association and hoping for bones from the senior gangsters.

The rest of losers just KPKB in kopitiams or migrate overseas.

Anonymous said...

Very very VIP treatment.

That's what u get when you are a small country but have nuclear weapons !

Gaddafi, Saddam Hussien don't have. So they are dead now.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ fans of "speaking up":

Yes the Roys and Amoses of our fine city state certainly get walloped for their "audacity" to cock a snook at authority.

Which means if you want political change, then you have to speak up to stimulate free thought---individuals arriving at conclusions based on the strength of your persuasion. Only then will the culture begin to shift slowly. Political change results from the shift in the nation's culture.

You have to be willing to accept being hammered by the bullying gangsters. That is what they do: use excessive force to destroy your resolve. Usually they succeed (50+ years proof enough for you? 🤔)... but there will be a "Black Swan event", and the changes will begin.

Then it'll be a fight between the old incumbents closing ranks to protect their monopoly, and the barbarians at the gate laying siege to their authority. Usually, there's lots of entertainment here... real mass killings, social upheaval and total annihilation of a race. Much better than TV or Hollywood 🤣🤩


if you want individual change, then you should concentrate only on minding your own damn fucking business. Generally, speak less. Speak only whatever is necessary to convey SIGNAL. Less noise. Have heavy nose filters in place. Conserve valuable cognitive resources, and physical energy.

To have desirable change: Act more. Action is focused, objective, and measurable in terms of input, output and processes. Then take more action. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

There are many different types of people. Some of them enjoy engaging in politics to satisfy a lust for control.

Those who are self-occupied, and strictly in The Game Of Life for their one and only marvelously selfish individual selves, cushion themselves from the untoward effects of the taxers and regulators aka GANGSTERS from the political/ mercantilist Elite 🤑

Life is just too short to waste on speaking up against people more powerful than you. You might benefit (no guarantee) the society, eventually; but the cost and ongoing opportunity costs are substantial.

Talk Is Cheap, but the cost can be HIGH. 😝

Tick tock... Taxi meter is running lah...

Food For Thought said...

Morale of the story of power is two-fold:

1. Never allow a single person, group of persons, a single poolitical party, or coalition of parties to weld power for too long. How long is too long? According to the US, more than two terms of 4 years each is too long.

2. Never permit a single person, group of persons, a single poolitical party, or coalition of parties to weld too much power. How much is too much power? According to the US, so much power that nobody can check, stop, reverse any of the decisions or policies made by that single person, group of persons, single party or coalition of parties. There should be a tripartite checks and balances, as opposed to a tripartite conspiracy, collution, cooperation and concentration of power.

An ideal would be a five-faceted (pentagon) checks and balance system of government - Legislative, Judiciary, Executive, Financial Affairs and Civil Administration. The Executive should not be allowed to control Finance and the Civil Service. These two should also be separate and independent. And the Elections Department is put under the Judiciary instead of the Executive. In this way the powers of the Executive is restricted and limited.

Another point to note is that the persons holding office in the Executive Branch must not be allowed to sit in the Legislature or any other Branches. no office holder should wear two hats, so to speak.

Yet another point, the spouse or children of any office holder must not be allowed to hold any office in the same term of government.

Anonymous said...

The story of an island continues about a dead father that grossly over-estimated not only his son capability, but also his daughter-in-law who turned out not only incapable yet consistent in buy-high sell-low.

Anonymous said...

Your CPF savings - take note that even though the payout eligibility age is set at 65 years old, you DO NOT get this monthly payout automatically. You must personally inform CPF Board that you want the payout at 65.

If for whatever reasons you did not give any instructions to CPF Board, it will only do the automatically payout when you hit 70 !

Anonymous said...

Freaky System of Cheating in disguise, planned bt super brains who used your money to go overseas ivy league universities to study and instead of coming back to pay back gratitude, these self-glorifying leaches turn around and plan and scheme how to suck more blood out of you. What meritocracy? This is called merciless-tocracy.

Anonymous said...

Air Force One landed at Paya Lebar Airbase. Dotard Trump entourage has been speedily escorted to Shangrila Hotel.

Virgo 49 said...

Willingly spend 20 million just for a few days prestige. All the inconveniences caused to own citizens.

Lily Neo just ask for another hundred or so for the elderly poor, reply from minister.

You want to eat in restaurant, cafe or coffeeshops??

They themselves have XO chain kueh teow and abalone. Hope they chok in their high class food or go for continous operations for their glutoney

Adam Of Eve said...

2000 policemen and police women,

5000 military personnel - army, navy and air force servicemen.

2000 special security guards.

1000 intelligence personal.

500 special body guards and drivers.

500 traffice police and out-rider escorts.

All security, intelligence and surveillance installations and headquarters on high alert and manned round the clock.

Housing 2,500 international reporters.

All the above are unseen and unaccountable costs, in addition to the $20 million tangible costs.

PAPIGS 81 (Politically Apathetic Post Independence Generation Sinkies 81) said...

@ Virgo 49 June 11, 2018 1:26 am
>>> $€£$¥$ Willingly spend 20 million just for a few days prestige. All the inconveniences caused to own citizens. Lily Neo just ask for another hundred or so for the elderly poor, reply from minister. You want to eat in restaurant, cafe or coffeeshops?? They themselves have XO chain kueh teow and abalone. Hope they chok in their high class food or go for continous operations for their glutoney $€£$¥$<<<


PAPIGS 81 said...

@ Anonymous June 10, 2018 10:10 am
//If a Sinkie started work at 22 and retires at 55, after 33 years of work with every month contributing around 40% of his income to CPF (employee's plus employer's), he should be able to retire comfortably for the next 33 years till age 88. Why is it not so?//