The Americans and Japanese have decided that US bases must remained in Korea

What was the main reason for the stationing of American troops in South Korea? No prizes for correct answer. There was a war between North and South Korea. Though there is a truce, technically both sides are still at war and American troops are needed because the useless South Koreans could not defend themselves against the North Koreans. So they needed the Americans to back them up just in case they got they got themselves chased all the way to Pusan again. Never believe that the South Koreans could defend themselves against the North. If they could, then there will be no need for the American presence.

With the changing of time and leadership, the North Koreans are willing to talk about peace and peaceful reunification of the two Koreas. If they do and agree to peace and both Koreans establish friendly relations and taking steps to reunify the two people, why is there a need to have the continuing presence of American bases in the Korean Peninsula?

The Japanese are hyping about the threats of China and Russia when in reality it was the Japanese that invaded China and Russia in the Second World War. The threat to peace in north east Asia is from the Japanese, not China or Russia. The Japanese have a lot of reasons to want the American troops to remain in Korea. If the Americans were to move out, the only American colony left in Asia would be Japan. As a proud people, they would not want to be seen as the only country that is still colonized by the Americans. They would want the Koreans to be dragged into the same sorry state of affair.

Also, militarily, if there is a conflict between the US and China or Russia, the first military targets would be the American bases in Korea instead of Japan. When all the American bases are in Japan, Japan would be the first to be hit while the Koreas would be safe from any attacks and becoming a war zone.

As for the Americans, the bases are there as part of the American Empire, to contain China and Russia and also to keep Korea as a colony. And this is exactly the reason why they are deciding that the bases must stay without having to consult the Koreans. To the Americans, the Koreans are just subjects of the American Empire and the Americans are the overlord that decides what and where they want to put their military bases. A colony has no right to object, no speaking right on such matters.

Both the Americans and Japanese would like the Koreans to continue to be an American colony and the first line of defence of the American Empire. Sorry Koreans, even if you are united as a single Korea, you will still remain as an American colony and the American troops would be there to take charge and control of your country.


Virgo49 said...

The Japs been goading and stirring shits at the side line behaving like Masters of the Koreans People poking fires and cajoling the Big Bully USA to brow beat the Two Koreas.

Behaving like Masters to slaves what they should obey them.

Hope Kim send a Big Present to wipe them out of the Earth.

SSO said...

The Americans must be driven out of Korea like what had happened in the American-Vietnam Wars.

Anonymous said...

Yankees go home.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The Nipponese have a blood debt to pay. They inflicted untold misery and cruelty on the Chinese and the Koreans. The greedy Nipponese even attacked Russia and Australia. Without Uncle Sam's protection, it will be the Nipponese turn to provide comfort women to the Chinese, the Koreans, the Russians and the Australians. Even Singapore will have a share as 50000 Singaporeans were slaughtered by the Nipponese during the Sook Ching Massacre.

Anonymous said...

If u visit Seoul near the us bases, u still see Korean women offering themselves to the GI. Very sorry state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

The two Koreans militaries need to stand down and they will eventually. Only when united they can chiong their GDP and only then there is a chance to overtake their rival Japan with their combined resources.

Foreign troops presence would be questioned by the electorate in the south and be decided by the united Korea on the fate of American foreign troops on the peninsula.

Anonymous said...

The Imperial US troops are the same as the Imperial Japanese troops. Both make use of the women in the countries they occupied / deployed as COMFORT Women. Both are wild animals without human decency.

Anonymous said...

The Japs would definitely like to see American military both troops and radar surveillance system as near to China as possible. Being a key US ally Japan have to be sharing intelligence with the US military including the live signal collected by radar for the high altitude anti missile defence operated by US in south Korea against supposedly north Korea missiles

Anonymous said...

Basically US is trying to dictates the terms to the Koreans like it is my troops I decide where I want to deploy them so contrary to so called 'sovereign equality '

Anonymous said...

Singapore should station 50,000 soldiers there. Collect fees from S Korea. Our NS soldiers damn tok kong ... equivalent to at least 3 ROK NSFs. They can cut down on 150,000 man years of their NS & reservist. Big money to be made. A chao PTE can be paid $3.5K starting pay. 3rd SGT can get $5K easily. And still plenty of money left over for SG govt to collect and distribute as ang pao and rebates.

Anonymous said...

That is why I believe the Trump/Kim summit will only end up with N Korea conceding on some issues. Total denuclearisation will see the end of Kim, despite what Trump said about letting Kim continue his rule. No US President can be trusted on their words.

The summit will likely also pave the way for North and South Korea to come to an agreement for peace, but rest assured the US will insist on having a base in S Korea. The peace agreement and denuclearisation of North Korea will remove the thorn in the side of the evil empire.

But do not bet on peace in East Asia as the evil empire, and it's Japanese accomplice, will stir up more trouble in the South China Sea. This will be another reason why the evil empire will insist on keeping another base in S Korea besides Japan.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> The Americans and Japanese have decided that US bases must remained in Korea <<

What would you think that would change? America is the "world's policeman", and over time has set up many "police stations" around the world.

They're just doing their "job". 😜

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They would not be ruling the world for long. Before you know it it will be game over.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> They would not be ruling the world for long <<

People have been saying this for longer than I can remember. Yes, western civilization might be in decline, but the "game" is far from over.

These "free cuntries" have demonstrated enviable robustness. Other states have failed time and again, but the west---except for 2 devastating world wars---has essentially got wealthier leading the rest of the world to play "catch up". "Catch up" is essentially what China's game is...the national pride and long-range thinking wants it to "catch up" then surpass the west; and they take this objective very seriously, sometimes a bit too seriously that they end up making the same mistakes as the west. Mistake such as vanity, and taking on excessive DEBT. I'm talking here about the nations of peoples, not their states.

Humility is essentially non-existent in China's nouveau riche. And they're neglecting the Annalects of their Ancestors by borrowing way too much money. Their own government is worried. This indebtedness can really fuck them up and unravel decades of progress.

At the end of the day, human beings are predictable when enticed by "incentives". If there is status and wealth to pursue, and the various "triggers" are present in the environment, humans will ACT....you can call it "kiasu", "Kiasi", F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing out) or Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once)...or whatever dumb neologism the popular-culture creates...but it is BIOLOGICAL.

Our fear-centered amygdala and our dopamine reward system, along with the lizard parts of our brain, and the frontal cortex where we "reason ourselves" into taking actions to "reward" our sense of values. Of course materialistic values are the most powerful coming from cultures which have been oppressed and endured POVERTY for most of its history.

So yeah, western civilization with all its faults is going to be around for awhile yet. There are NO SIGNS of imminent collapse. There are lots of theories and predictions, but nothing substantial or worth a note in history has occurred or looks like it is going to occur anytime soon.

China and India are emulating the worse of western cultures traits. Basically it comes down to: freedom without responsibility.

And deep down, I suspect that a significant number of Indians and Chinese want to be WHITE....at least in skin tone.

The amount of SKIN WHITENING PRODUCTS available in the Indian and Chinese markets is EMBARRASSING to Asians who like being Asian.

What the fuck? The fact that a market for "white Asian skin" exists is a sad indictment of the LACK OF TRUE IDENTITY in the cultures of India and China.

It comes to the point where they can be as sucessful as heck, become the largest and richest economies in the history of the world....and still feel "tainted", just because their fucking skin isn't WHITE.

I think they should all put their dreams of "running the world" aside until they've dealt with their own self-inflicted RACE DEMONS in their own minds.

Shame on you. Sad motherfuckers.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 3.25

You are right to say that the Americunts would not Asia in peace for now.

They have to chook chook the many idiots idiotic Asians to kill on their biddings after their playground in the ME has gone into complete disasters.

They have to contain China by hook or crook.

As I had posted months ago, a geomancer predicted that there would be a skirmish between the Japs Navy and the PRC in the very near future.

Dotard Trump after exhausting his talks with Kim and in a desperate mood will chook chook the Lau Abe to draw Xi into a confrontation.