Singapore sinking deeper into the Villain’s Hole

Singapore pats its own back for hosting the premier Show of the Hustler and the Kid in Sentosa and with pride telling the world that it is a friend to everyone and is neutral in the game of geopolitics. How far is this from the truth?

It does not take much for Singapore to lose its head and compromises itself willingly with a little flattery. Singapore seems oblivious to its role in antagonizing China in the South China Sea last year and in a way has resumed this role all over again. The evil American Empire has been provoking, agitating and challenging China at its door step. It has recruited two more diehard ex colonial powers to do its bidding to beat war drums in China’s courtyard by sailing their warships in the South China Sea claiming innocent passage and freedom of navigation.

Why is Singapore implicated in these acts of hostility and international gangsterism? Dunno? Sure, when one is intoxicated by a little flattery of self importance, one would forget what one is doing, even conniving with the gangsters to irritate and provoke their enemy, not Singapore’s enemy, and ended making one also an enemy of the targeted country.

The evil Americans have been launching their provocative actions in the South China Sea from their base in Singapore. Now would this make Singapore an accomplice to their hostile acts? The French and the British Navy also made use of the base in Singapore as stopovers, for refueling, resupply, servicing and R&R for their crews while on the way to provoke and challenge China in the South China Sea. Now, would the convenience provided by Singapore make Singapore a willing partner and a gang member in this game of hostility towards China?

What do you think? Does Singapore know that the Americans, Brits and the French were using Singapore as a base for their gangsterism and in challenging China’s sovereignity? Ignorance is no excuse, this is no kid’s stuff. Is Singapore comfortable with being a part of this western gangsterism and aggression against China? How long would it take for Singapore to wake up to know what it is doing, willingly or unwillingly that is hostile to China’s core interest?


Virgo49 said...

Dotard Trump and his entourage is in Town feeling Mighty that the minute stupid Asians always look at them in Awe.

Going thru the website enticing MySingaporenewsblog attracted their attention.

Must be places and interesting news of Singapore the Lion City.

Now known as SinkieLand aka Sinking Land. When they start going thru the articles by a Mr Redbeanand not sure what's Redbean is ask the hotel staff to explain this commodity, they go out of the way to offer to buy them some from the People's Park Centre famous RedBean Soup.

Enjoying the soup and after reading thru the articles, all of them would be choked to their Deaths.

Those who are not choked to death
will squeeze their Balls or bite their Tongues to DEATH.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

PM Lee has gambled on increasing his stature by hosting the Trump-Kim summit. All major MSM worldwide have been focusing on Singapore over the past few days. Taxpayers will have to foot the $20 million bill. The humongous sum is not going to endear PM Lee to Singaporeans. He will be lambasted as a villain rather than a hero. His obsequious demeanour in Trump's presence only confirmed how deep he had fallen into the villain's hole.

Anonymous said...

Lee Sien-tou Loooong is indirectly showing his middle finger to China. While Viviane Balakrishni is in a state of shock after visiting North Korea and realizing that the PAP has been taking the Singaporeans for a loooong ride, a bumpy precariously dangerous ride down the valley of doom.

Anonymous said...

The demise of Sinkieland Ah Long relationship with China will be a lost cause. China will take actions to ensure their security & economy will not be jeopardized. This showed that Sinkieland's trust is no more & any diplomatic relations with China will only be for show only.

Dr Talk Alot said...

From now on, China will.simply brush Singapore aside as a traitor to the Chinese and Asian cultures and civilizations.

The continuous and deliberate, active display of defiance, disrespect, disgust, displeasure and undiplomatic gestures towards China, directly and indirectly, by key figures in the PAP leadership, is a very clear confirmation for China to take necessary counter-measures and precautions for China's own national and global interests.

b said...

I think no one really knows who is behind the communist party of china yet. Maybe they are the demise qing who are really manchurians not han chinese. Who stole china from the KMT? Read the history carefully. Otherwise china may have been a great country many years ago. Many chinese also do not have to die for stupid ideologies difference.

Anonymous said...

b, what nonsense are you talking about? You smoking what? Do you know how corrupt the KMT was then? And that was the reason the Chinese people threw them out of China. You know Chinese history?

Anonymous said...

With VB being in charge of spending on this circus act, don't be surprise if the final bill increased 3X to $60M. Just like for YOG.

As for Singapore getting caught up in the gangsters' turf wars, many Sinkies will willingly let China take over S'pore if China can guarantee good life for all Sinkies for moderate amount of effort e.g. ability for average family to afford a 4-rm flat, raise 2 kids, retire by 55, all on single-income. Lifelong pension & healthcare coverage.

With Singapore being a major fortress for China, the 2 troublemakers M'sia & Indo will also think 10X before doing anything funny with Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

In the old days it was mainly the Brits, French and Germans who ganged up together to force China to let them attempt to colonise the country. They used gunboat diplomacy to introduce the opium trade to China. That was how wicked the whites were.

Today, they are repeating the same thing, with the US prodding them on.

In those days, China was weak from internal strife and was considered easy meat. Still, it was not that easy a piece of meat to swallow for the aggressors, as shown by history.

Today, the aggressors will be making a grave mistake if they think China is like the old days.

Dr Talk Alot said...
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Dr Talk Alot said...

Any country thinking of having a war with China today has to calculate carefully.

For it will no more be a limited war with China alone.

southernglory1 said...

Re b 11:34

Hi! nincompoop. You are a typical idiot and a completely illiterate fool as far as history and intellectual knowledge is concerned. Do not waste space of this intellectual blog with your utter rubbish and expose your totally empty numbskull. Go and read more books on history and especially history of China in which there are tons of books written on it. Don';t disgrace yourself and your parents and the Chinese people with your nutty brain.


Anonymous said...

Re b 11.34

This brainless scum who posts nonsense deserves to be screwed and lambasted.

Anonymous said...

Today, the US has held a ceremony to mark the opening of its new de facto embassy in Taiwan, choosing the date as global attention is focused on the historic Kim-Trump summit in Singapore.

The US$255 million American Institute in Taiwan compound, located in Taipei’s affluent Neihu district, is an embassy in all but name.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:10pm

American treachery. White men spoke in fork tongues.

Anonymous said...

All the time the evil empire talks about wanting peace, but what they are doing is all about provocation directed at China by the opening of an embassy in Taiwan.

They obviously wants Kim to be on their side to be used as a pawn against China. Whether that will happen is left to be seen.

All this time Trump is trying to be cosy with Putin, in the hope of using Russia for the same purpose of alienating China. That is why he is even willing to sacrifice Europe for the bigger prize, which is containing China.

Being friendly with Russia means Nato is under lesser threat. And being friendly with N Korea means they can withdraw their troops from S Korea, which is his pre-election promise coming to fruition. S Korea is being thrown under the bus with US troops withdrawal.

Every piece of the puzzle is fitting in nicely.