Shangri La Dialogue - America's Military Forum for War

China has been accumulating trillions of reserves over the last 3 decades from international trades. The Americans are spending trillions of their reserves in the same period in conducting wars and destabilizing nations to maintain it dominance as the American Empire.

While the Americans are spending its trillions in conducting wars, in building weapons of wars, weapons of mass destruction and in selling arms, China is doing the reverse. China is ploughing its wealth into infrastructure developments in China and around the world, in manufacturing and in trades. While the Americans are trying to use and military might to maintain its grips and controls over its allies and enemies, provoking, threatening and intimidating countries with their military might, China is offering a helping hand to help countries to rebuild their infrastructure and to facilitate trades.

From Central Asia to the Indian Ocean, from Latin America, Africa to the Pacific Ocean, China has been spending its money for peaceful purposes to help these countries in their infrastructure and economic development. China is building ports in the Pacific Ocean, in Hamtambota, Sri Lanka, in Mauritius, in Malaysia, in Pakistan, in Greece, in Portugal and in Europe, to link all these countries under the Belt and Road Initiative. On land, the Central Asian landlock countries are linked to Europe and Africa with land transport hubs.

As a result, the economies of these countries are given a boost by the Chinese investments. Many of these countries were out of the way of traditional trade routes or been sidelined under the old trade routes. With the openings provided by the BRI, these countries are now in the centre of new trade routes and economic development. Despite all the negativities, threats and pressure from the Americans, the Chinese offer of development versus the American’s alternative of wars and buying weapons is an offer they cannot refuse. Some of these ports were leased to China on a 99 years lease, an arrangement that many nationalistic govts would refuse to sign away. This is in contrast to the Americans and the Europeans that came to conquer and to seize these countries as their colonies some for imperpetuity, without paying a cent. Countries leasing their ports to China must have seen the benefits from such contracts to their countries to say no.

The Chinese plan is very simple. Pour in the money for economic development and trade. Bring or divert economic activities to these countries and their ports. It is easy to build ports and road leading to nowhere like the Aussies claimed and trying to discredit and derail the Chinese BRI. China did not build these ports for nothing. Ports exist and thrive only when the ships are calling. The ships would only call when there are reasons to come. A good example is the Changi Airport. World travelers would come to Changi to visit the Jewel shopping centre? Not sure why they would visit the Tuas super port. The Chinese ships would skip Tuas when the Malaysian ports are ready. All Chinese ships would transit to all the ports they built in the BRI plan. A great example is the revival of the port in Greece and in Pakistan and soon Hamtambota.

Money speaks, when money is used wisely to benefit all parties. The govts of countries participating in the Chinese BRI could see all the benefits in the project. No gun was used to point at the head of these leaders unlike the days of western colonialism and imperialism. The respective govts could see what were good for their countries to jump on the bandwagon of growth and economic development, to prosper their countries in peaceful development instead of wars and living in fear of wars. No need to buy more weapons from the evil Empire.

Money is for food and the well being of their people, not for war machine to conduct wars. Wise govts would use their money wisely, not to buy guns.

The attitude and aggressiveness of the Americans are clearly evident in the Shangri La Dialogue. The American's plan is very simple, create tension, create fear by branding some countries as hostile and then offer them military treaties to protect them from the red herrings. Then continue to offer to sell weapons and war machine. If this does not work, raise the spectre of terrorism, support terrorists and used them to conduct terrorist acts in the countries, and then offer to fight the terrorists just like in the Phillippines and in Iraq and Syria. Send in the terrorists to terrorise the country and people and march in as the soldiers of God. They have been 'helping' the Phillippines to fight terrorism but the problem would not go away. Why? They have sent in terrorists into Syria and pretended to be fighting them to no end. Only when Russians moved in that the terrorists are defeated.

Now the Americans are trying to start another war zone in the South China Sea by sending in their warships to threaten and intimidate China. The evil Americans are playing with fire. China is not a pushover. The sad part is that the Asean countries would be dragged into this turmoil by this evil Empire and everything would be history.

The Shangri La Dialogue is a platform for the evil Americans to promote their war plans and incite countries to go to war. The Americans have nothing good to offer to the world except wars and war machine and weapons of mass destruction.


Anonymous said...

The Americans are just shit stirrers. Everywhere they go they try to start a war, instil fear, threats of terrorism.....There is no war in Asia for quite some time since the Americans lost the Korean War and the Vietnam War. There is peace in Asia.

The Americans are desperate to start another war in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Rb, I agreed but there are so many countries joined in the USA Organised naval exercise that excluded Russia and China. So Knn what else to say

Anonymous said...

It's the PAP which forcibly dragged Sinkies into the alliance of India and US against China . . .

Anonymous said...

China says its People's Liberation Army has the ability to destroy any source of attack by the US that threatens to strike a Chinese island, including destroying American supportive maritime platforms and military bases. That would include US military assets in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The agenda of the US is to start wars that will destroy countries to create turmoil, so that these countries cannot progress other than trying to pick up the pieces. Divide and rule is their basic intention.

And after the destruction, what do the West do? They will go in on the pretext of helping, but is actually taking control over the oil etc, build bases, sell more weapons. Oh yes they give aid, by making use of the IMF and World Bank to offer aid that is tied to chains that ultimately amounts to controlling the country's economy and dictating terms, which makes that country a virtual vassal of the West.

You see how arrogant those Americans are, demanding that China dismantle those bases in the South China Sea. What about asking the US to dismantle their more than a thousand military bases all around the world?

The grand idea is not to allow others to expand their military capabilities that will challenge them, so that they can continue to lord over the whole world. Small countries have to submit to their whims, (however, I do not foresee that N Korea will eventually submit), but the world is changing. Russia may have lost the cold war when the US was rich and prosperous. China was dead poor at that time, so was never a player on a global scale.

Now it is a different world. China has the financial power, and Russia is no more a pushover, while the US is a bankrupt country living on the generosity of borrowed money from the rest of the world.

A global conflict will ignite a nuclear war. There will be no winners and ends with the extinction of life on earth. Like the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Chairman Mao called Uncle Sam a paper tiger. Its roar is loud but it is actually toothless. After being defeated in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Uncle Sam tried bullying smaller countries in Africa and the Middle East to showcase its prowess. It is bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria despite squandering trillions of dollars and sending thousands of its men to die in trying to relive glory since WW2. The Chinese will never forget that the PAP government allowed Uncle Sam to beat its war drums during the Shangri La Dialogue. In China's eyes, PM Lee is in cahoot with Uncle Sam. China will make Singapore pay for its leaders' foolishness.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately all sinkies have to pay the price. Most of my friends kids and my kids working overseas, we discourage them coming back as sinkie land has not much future in jobs, salary level except high cost society.

Virgo49 said...

Now live on CNA Live Diagloue.

All the Ang Mohs ganged together to blast China.

Farking hypocrites. China to choke the SCS??

The Hen now talking.Only from Thailand, one brave guard asked whether France and UK will disband their Nuclears.

No replies from them but rambling nonsense.

Virgo49 said...


From Thailand one brave GUY.


Virgo49 said...

Interesting Read:

http://statetimes review.com/2018/06/01/Singaporegovernment -call-up-for questioning-by-malaysia-over-1mdb


Anonymous said...

PAP is not different from USA. Only difference is the size.

Every other things such as bullying the small, threatening the weak, deceiving the gullible, and paying cursory lip-service to help the poor, are the same. Only a matter of scale is the variation.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.39. After this Scandal, PAP may be no more. The Tsunami of Malaysia may Hits Sinkieland:-

From the StateTimes Review:-

For Singapore's role in money laundering of Malaysia's 1MDB state funds, 9 high-ranking Singapore officials were called up for questioning in Putrajaya yesterday morning (May 31). Representatives of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore Attorney-General Chambers and Commercial Affairs Department were told to provide assistance by Malaysia's newly-elected government under direct orders of PM Mahathir Mohamad.

When questioned by media reporters what "assistance" Singapore is providing,the Singapore police spokesperson declined to comment further.The Singapore meeting yesterday came a week after Malaysia's meeting with the US's FBI and Department of Justice, which had earlier singled out Singapore as one of the chief culprits in stealing Malaysia's billions.

According to the US Department of Justice and independent news media Sarawak Report, 8 banks in Singapore were involved processing hundreds of millions believed to be the siphoned US$3.5 billion funds from 1MDB. Among the 8 banks include 3 state-owned banks: DBS, Standard Chartered and UOB.

As the state-owned companies are accountable to Temasek Holdings, whose CEO is Ho Ching, and the Ministry of Finance, the Singapore government is highly suspected to have had assisted Najib Razak steal Malaysia's state funds. http://statestimesreview.com

Anonymous said...

All the years the WP was on the receiving end of the PAP's high handed bullying and treatment. Politicians have been known to have been sued and lost their pants. The wheel of Karma is turning around.

Now they are getting a taste of their own bitter medicine on many fronts. The cancellation of the HSR, the threat by Mahathir of the building of an island near PB, the suspected involvement in the !MDB corruption case.

The recent bribery case involving Keppel and now !MDB cast a deep shadow over the claims that Sinkieland is clean and transparent in its dealings. What else is yet unknown? What other problems that are of 'secret national interest' that people are not supposed to know, but are talking about involving our sovereign wealth fund and CPF monies.

Anonymous said...

The Keppel bribery corruption has stretched over a long period of 13 years. Lee Hsien Loong took over as PM 14 years ago. Ho Ching also took over Temasek Holdings (the principal of Keppel) 19 years ago. That means the hanky panky has started during Lee Hsien Loong' watch.

What else detrimental to Singapore and Singaporeans have or are happening during Lee Hsien Loong's watch?

1. Tweaking the Constition to pit in place an Indian-Muslim to occupy the seat of the Reserved Presidency (Purportedly meant for a Malay).

2. Manipulated the definition of a Malay in order to qualify an Indian by Birth and by Identity as a Malay.

3. Run the country into debts for the first time in Singapore's history since independence.

4. Extending the age of withdrawal for CPF members' retirement.

5. Forcing CPF members to buy compulsory insurance schemes that are out to make huge profits out of the members' savings.

6. Reckless building of mega projects such as the Tuas Mega Port and Changi Airport Terminal Five and the Jewel, without proper budgets planned out, without proper fundings and without limits of expenditure.

7. Huge losses by Temasek Holdings and GIC.

8. Appointed personal lawyer and long-time friend as the Attorney General.

9. Making personal assistants and Personal Secretary to become Ministers.

10. Refused to honour the Last Will of the Late Lee Kuan Yew by making use of a secret Ministerial Committee to circumvent legal requirements that have to be dealt with in a proper court of law.

11. Careless and desperate increase of taxes and introduction of new taxes.

13. Reckless increase of water pricing by 30% suddenly for no good reasons.

14. Rampantly and intensively amended many laws and introduced several new laws to curb, restrict, stiffle and obstruct freedom of expression, of movement, of assembly and of organising.

15. Many more .....

Anonymous said...

15. Recklesd and senseless import of millions of foreign trash to depress wagws.

16. Unrestrained import of foreign "talents", mostly faked, to deprive and obstruct Singaporeans from getting good and higher grade jobs.

17. Amended the gambling law to make gambling legal so as to open two casinos to attract people to indulge in gambling away their wages, savings, famies and lives.

18. Allowing foreigners to open taxi companies that operated against the intetests of Singaporeans.

19. Shambolic handling by the Police of the Little India's Riot.

20. Allowing the most-wanted criminal, Mas Selamat Kastari to escape twice.

21. Setting up a $2 company to buy million-dollars accounting software from Town Councils for a song and then rent it back to the same Town Councils to make easy-money monthly profits. And thereby deprived Workers' Party of using the software for the residents of Aljunied Town Council.

22. Making use of the Parliament as a personal court to defend, judge and find Ownself not guilty of the allegations of abuse and misuse of power by own siblings.

23. Many many more ....

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.55pm
probably could add in :

24)appointing Paper Generals in controlling aSsMrt resulting in breakdowns upon breakdowns. And repeatedly appoint yet again another Paper General to repeat the vicious cycle ( isn't Long Ah insane? Or no talents in his list??)

25) Transfer non-performing Paper General to other GIC or stats board even though the performance was mediocre, from a NoBoLee to SomePuiHouse, from retrenched to re-hire of foreigners & yet performance still mediocrity.

26) Signing of all kinds of IOU or MoU or treaties to benefits the rich & wealthy elites to bring in more cheap labour to exploit & leaving the local citizens in a lurch with many unemployed or underemployed, even foreigners to replaced locals citizens r common in many sectors like banks, manufacturing, IT, finance etc.

27) Many elderly coffin monies or CeePuiFxx r suck dry & got to work till their last breath, lack of care & retirement for these senior elderly some can't take the stress & result in committing suicide by jumping down from the flat, some elderly resort to stealing to survive while some with no house of their own living as ad vagabond..

Anonymous said...

Very good. Please add on to the list.

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang bros, Sinkies real tolerant.

Long list of misdeamours and all still steady pon pee Pee.

Other countries scared to think what the masses will do.

Sinkies real discipline or they scared Pee Pee.

SSO said...
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SSO said...

The Meteoric Rise Of A Falling Star

Once upon a time, there used to be a group of committed, nationalistic leaders who really cared for their tiny country and their small population of 1.5 million citizens.

With sheer determination and forward planning, together with a motivated and united citizenry, they forged a First World Nation from a Third World standard of living, in just one generation.

Alas! As fate was a cruel bitch, a group of cunning foxes grew up in the midst of their concrete jungle. These cunning foxes made their way to the pinnacle of the Pyramid Club. Led by a tall, wooden-like, deceptive scoundrel who promised the citizens the world, these self-glorifying, self-enriching cunning foxes quietly, secretly devoured the souls of their top civil serpents and replaced their hearts with gold. The rot started!

As the collective luck of the citizens ran out and as their collective will became weakened, there arose a skimpy, slinky, slimy white wolf, with albino genes. This white wolf managed to passed as a meek, innocent, amicably approachable "God's Gift To Mankind". The citizenry was sold. They took the baits, lines, hooks and sinkers!

The slimy white wolf took over total control within a few years of the Old Cunning Fox's dethronement. Of course, with the help of his own equally if not more slimy father wolf.

A decade past. The lives of the citizens instead of improving, became pathetically deprived, suppressed, oppressed, their standard of living dropped because wages dropped and cost of living went up, inflation also went up without respite, and their sqeaky voice almost totally silenced. Even the earlier generations' lions dared not to roar too loudly or frequently. Only a handful of them is left to squeak once a while, just to attract a bit of egoistic self-centred attention to themselves.

Numerous draconian laws were decreed and the Constitution is as good as a piece of toilet paper. The stage of Tyranny has been cast in solid steel foundation. Nothing can shake it from now on.......

Only a miracle can save the unsavable!

SSO said...

Even miracles cannot save the Sinkies. They are too stupid and too stubborn to help themselves.

God only helps those who help themselves!

Anonymous said...

So the European countries like UK France Italy are sending their warships all the way to south China seas to protect south east Asia countries .

They are so nice without them there is no freedom of navigation what!

Virgo49 said...

Latest Headlines

USA wanted China to change their Structural Economy.

China must obey and do as they are told??

Change what's Structural Econmony to suit the Americans? ?

COME OFF IT. They are a Sovereign Independent Nation and the Amrricunts think they are the Masters of the Universe.

Did China CHOKE the SCS?? Did they harassed the Free Shipping Community? ?

The farking whites are the bullies who wanted to show their combined strength to harass others.

They have already been a HAS BEEN.


Anonymous said...

Spent money on others n themselves like flowing water n collect money on locals like no tommorrow. Bloody summit has zero upside n enormous downside. One of these 2 actors get stomachache or killed the whole cuntry will be in enormous trouble. Dotard n others knew they are dealing with Goodus Sing after the $17bln tribute with a slap qualcomm. Eat sinkies, volunteer to be eaten by others....seow bo? Seow seow! Stupidity n big ego has no cure.