Peace in Korea-Far East Far From Certain.

Peace in Korea - Far East is far from certain. It all depends on the whims of the Evil Empire. It is too early and too naive to call Trump's meeting with Kim Jun Un as a "Mission of Peace" . We don't really know the Evil Empire's hidden agenda. From the American historical perspectives it is not very encouraging for no American president and no American government can ever be trusted. This we learn from the native American Indians who like to warn us that 'white men speak with fork tongues',  the Mexicans , the South Americans and the Hawaiians who always have had raw deals from US inspite of peace talks and signing of peace treaties as well as American very hawkish and aggressive behaviour since the end of the Second World War in 1945.

Wrapping up the Korean ordeal is a temporary expedient for the Americans who may be preparing for a darker scenario  on the horizon. The Evil Empire wild talk at the recent Shangrila Dialogue of stepping up provocative actions in the South China Sea and of taking out Chinese defensive facilities in Chinese own sovereign territories are war drums loud and clear and do not bode well for Asia and the Far East and for the whole world.

Are the Americans trying to achieve a temporary respite of peace in Korea in order to create a larger and more vicious conflict in the South China Sea and East China Sea periphery. US defence secretary Matthis said on 2nd June, 2018 at the Shangrila Dialogue " The issue of US withdrawing its troops from South Korea is not on the table." and " US will intensify more actions in the South China Sea." Then its commander of the Pacific 7th Fleet threatened to take out Chinese defence facilities in Chinese sovereign islands. Of course China is prepared to complement whatever actions the Evil Empire may take.

The whole idea of denuclearisation of Korea is to achieve genuine everlasting peace in Korea and the Far East inclusive of South East Asia and the South China Sea region. However if US continues to maintain troops and military bases in South Korea, Japan, Guam, the Marshall Islands, the Philippines and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean inspite of denuclearisation of Norfth Korea and the signing of a peace treaty officially ending the Korean War then there is a breach of trust and thus arousing a suspicion of US hidden agenda of wanting to create hot spots in other parts of the Far East namely the South China Sea and East China Sea. Thus in so far as US continues its provocative actions and words it will lend credence to the suspicion.

China has every right to build defensive installation in her own territories. Any objection by US and its allies is just outrageous interference in China's internal affairs. Instead US should close down and dismantle all its worldwide military bases to show its sincerity in wanting world peace and not for threatening others with aggression and world hegemony.


Monday,11th June,2018


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I can see that you are terrible deal makers ;-)

The outcome will depend ENTIRELY on each party getting what it wants...even though they have to "adjust" their "calls and puts" to achieve a "sale".

Both leaders have FUCKED UP HAIRCUTS. Trump wears a wig. Kim should sack his barber.

Will their heads be any better than their respective hairstyles?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Kim knows Trump is fickle and unpredictable. The latter cancelled the summit meeting and then rescinded his decision. Trump will try to impose his will on North Korea. That will be enough to scupper the peace talks. Kim definitely brought along his peace pipe in agreeing to meet a big bully. Trump can choose to smoke or reject the peace pipe at his own pleasure. Kim can only keep his fingers crossed.

Virgo49 said...

Kim leaving Sinking Land at 1400 hours (2pm) Tuesday.

Morning have talks with the Dotard.

You think just few hours, can settle issues???

He is here just to spite the Dotard.




Thank you Daft Singaporeans for spending so much on us and your foolish hospitality"

Bye bye, my plane is waiting with the escorts from the Chinese Fighters.

Anonymous said...

It is not peace that the US is seeking.

It is to remove the unpredictable nuclear threat from N Korea, which is presently on the side of the Chinese and Russians. China and Russia are quite predictable in their actions and the US knows this, but not N Korea.

Removing N Korea from the equation gives the US more advantage in its bargaining power over China especially. It is never about peace. Far from it.

When and if the N Korean issue is settled, you can be sure the South China Sea issue will escalate.

Anonymous said...

Trump is fickle minded is an understatement. He is a compulsive liar, ignorant and yet act as if he is really knowledgeable. Many things that came out of his mouth, he said it without knowing what he is saying.

That might be excusable for running a business and when you call the shots on everything. But that would be a laughing stock for the whole world when he is the President of the USA and calling the shots which affects the whole world.

Just how did America end up with him as President is unthinkable, but how he did so is truly beyond belief.

Virgo 49 said...

Kim is showing to the World that he is an International Statesman.

Not Hermit the Kermit as people brainwashed to believe by the West.

He is a Peace Loving Man greeted the World Leaders warmly.Also he has the guts to meet the Dotard Trump even his long time Western Allies grew sick of him.

Ah Loong San tried to be too smart and now caught in a blind. Kim shown him to be a Congenial Man and now cannot lick and sing the evil propaganda that North Korea is what's an evil axis as proclaimed by the Evil West.

9am to 2pm. Just about 4 hours and still have to go between interpretators you think can conclude Peace Deals.


Anonymous said...

Joke of the day

What is the Most Expensive Coffee or Tea in the world?

Starbucks? Or some cat coffee or elephant coffee? Highlands tea leaves?...all wrong!

Ans: Its Singapore's coffee or tea ( summit of Trump-Kim coffee or tea costing S$20million!)

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Kim's summit meeting with Trump marked a milestone in the history of both countries. The meeting is a brilliant move by Kim to break out of political isolation and heads into international limelight. 2500 reporters from all over the world are descending upon the Little Red Dot in a feverish attempt to demystify Kim; viewed as a madman by the west who is ever ready to blow up the Earth with his nuclear arsenal.

Kim met Moon in April this year and the Korean people were given a rare glimpse of Kim who came across as smart, rational, charming and charismatic.

Virgo49 said...

Latest from Iran to Kim


They are infamous for breaking all agreements and reneging on their promises like the Agreement in 2015.

Kim is that not stupid, only Loony Loong.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Even before the Summit, many suckers are already being deluded by the American narrative that denuclearisation will lead to lasting peace. This is how hopeless the unthinking are.

Denuclearisation does not lead to lasting peace. On the contrary, denuclearisation leads to a more dangerous situation where the mad men in Washington would think it is safe now to attack North Korea, exactly like what they did to Saddam and Gaddafi.

Please, for umpteen times, the threat to peace is the trigger happy evil Empire with a monopoly of unchallenged nuclear weapons to use with impunity when no one else could hit back. North Korea without nuclear weapons is ripe for an invasion by the evil Empire.

Just look at their provocative acts in the South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

Waste of money summit. 2 men who cannot be trusted. One after G7 agreement within 24 hrs rescinded the agreement n humilated another Head of State, the host. Another is an authoritarian Boy who killed his own uncle. Even the agreed n signed a historic paper, it means nothing. There words is not their bond. Our goondu leaders dont even understand this basic. There cannot be any real agreement between 2 complusive unreliable actors. Waste of tax payers money in the midst of making the city continually the most expensive city in the world with relentless water, gas, etc tax hikes.

Anonymous said...

I think it is laughable that the US is still trying to kid Kim, by saying that if he gets rid of his nuclear weapons, the US can guarantee that he remains in power to rule over N Korea.

Everyone knows that no US President can be trusted with their words. Take for example what Trump did with all the treaties on trade and climate changes to name a few, that previous US Presidents signed, that he got rid off since assuming office. Can you trust such governments?

I think Kim is smart enough to realise that, and in any case his Chinese and Russian backers would have told him so. And the Chinese and Russians have been at the wrong end of the bargain with the US on countless occasions. They should know better.

Dr Talk Alot said...

Pompeii-do, the Hawk of Hawks, said US's position has not changed:

Total irreversible denuclearization of North Korea for US guarantee of North Korea's Security.

North Korea, after so many years of hardship, after prolonged ruthless and merciless sanctions by the US, UN and the World, has finally achieved Nuclear Capabilities, would just give it all up for what?

For the US's changing agreements and commitments like changing underwears type of NO-Guarantee Guarantee?

The Whitemen continues to think Asians are stupid? Easily conned? Easily intimidated?

North Korea already has its own guarantee of security. She also has China and Russia behind her, to protect her.

North Korea does not need the US's guarantee for her security. South Korea does. Japan does. Taiwan does.

The US has nothing to offer North Korea!

Virgo 49 said...

Which so-called Super power country goes round and tell other nations that are smaller and less powerful than them I protect you like our 50 and 60s gangsters???

The farking Americunts does that and have no respects for other countries sovereignty.

Instead of mutual respects, they shown their foxes tails of been aggressive and war mongering country.