North Korea - The white lies would not show you these pictures

Real pix of DPRK:


Above two pics were from english.hani and aljazeera. There are more pics of North Korea in the mirror.co.uk link. These are the pictures that the west have refused to show to the world but old pictures of poor and underdeveloped North Korea of the past and lying to the world that North Korea is suffering from abject poverty, famine, food shortages etc etc. The reality is quite stark.

Stop listening to white lies and become slaves of their disinformation. Find your own truth. The above city infrastructure could not be built overnight and did not reassemble any third world poverty stricken cities like in South Asia and South east Asia.


Anonymous said...

Wah! So modern.
Just like Singapore.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The Trump-Kim summit was an eye-opener and North Korea is now seen as a phoenix that rose from the ashes of the Korean War. Western propaganda has always portrayed it as a hermit Republic cut off from mainstream civilisation as a result of repressive authoritarian rule. Many idiots even believed LKY when he said that Kim's father pranced around seeking adulation. Kim has revealed to the world that he rules a modern country armed with nuclear weapons and not a backward starving nation.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, White lies are been lied to soften and empathise to some one or people sufferings so as not to make them feel better in their harsh true sufferings.

In these instances, these are the Black Lies by the Whites or White DEVILS or Kwa Lohs as always spouted by the Cantonese to taint the North Koreans.

These are the Evil Dirty Black Lies as associated by the White Devils with their Black Ants and the alreday spoilt equally rotten black bananas whi believed in them.

Same time, one idiotic rotten banana Pee Ayam with an equally STUPID and daft black brainless black ant Minister who believed that the North Koreans are so pathetic and poor that they used their Taxpayers MONIES to blancha the North Koreans to stay in First Class AccommodationHotels a and have its own citizens pick cardboards for a living.

These Singaporeans sweat their guts out in their younger days and till now still sweating for their survivals and economy do not even have a taste of What's Capella is and these morons can use the sweat and blood monies to have their names in International Honours.

x said...

White people rulers are the best. Although they are not perfect, their people including many migrants live in nice FH houses and have nice cars. Unlike those live in non white rulers countries, live in small LH flats and have no cars. Can go to canada, aus, nz and uk to verify yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are taken for a loong ride,
And fell by the lee-way side.

Anonymous said...

My Friend said it may be photoshop cause they don't even have a newer plane to fly here and need to borrow from China. Some more got no money to pay for hotel leh

Mikospace said...

Just watch this video on Pyongyang City @ DPRK, and form your own conclusions about the "Hermit Kingdom":


The Truth shall set everyone FREE!


Anonymous said...

michael, u need to go there yourself to see for yourself plus take photo or video. But I understand they may not allow you to take photo or video. Plus when u are there u need to be careful like not fold the leaders photo, don't sit on their picture etc. Otherwise it's life hard labour.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Those who looked at North Korea with blinkered eyes were brainwashed by western propaganda. Social media have now debunked western fearmongers. The doubting thomases will now be able to see NK in a different light. It is a beautiful and not a rundown country as the west wants the world to believe. North and South Korea are kins who have been forcefully separated by the Evil Empire. It is time for them to unite.

Investor of Investors said...

I asked for one reason, only one reason, why you recommend investing in North Korea. Instead of replying to my question, you resorted to delete it. Why are you doing this?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if ordinary investors got paid for all those skyscrapers & infrastructure? Or the gold only went to high level cronies & their henchmen?

This is what happened to early investors in frontier & emerging markets including China, Russia, former Soviet republiks, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, African countries.

Early investors mostly kena skinned, scammed & die cock stand.

I rather let guinea pigs test out first. If so good even 10 years can wait. E.g. what for take extreme risk to invest in S'pore in 1960 or China in 1985? 10 years later in 1970 & 1995 can still reap 1000s percent in profits.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

See this cuntry! Must be a paradise! Look at the pictures! So clean! So modern! C'mon let's go and live there! Must be full of rich people! 😳


Please lah. Any bloody fool with a smart phone or even a cheap digital camera can take a few shots and presetnt any cuntry in a favourable or unflattering light.

QUICK! CALL THE UNITED NATIONS, OXFAM, IMF, ...MICHAEL MOORE ...so he can make another bullshit film! 🤣