Modi to help Singapore’s unemployment problem

Modi’s visit to Singapore brings hope that the problem of unemployment of Singapore’s educated PMET could finally be solved after many ended up as taxi drivers and security guards. Modi is telling the Singaporeans that there are plenty of employment opportunities in India, in start ups, in digital industries with India moving ahead in digitalization, e payments security, smart city management and e commerce. There are a lot of synergies with the Singaporeans having many years of experience working with Indian professionals in Singapore.

Modi is calling for the upgrading of the mutually beneficial CECA to facilitate more Indian professionals to come to work in Singapore and Singapore’s unemployed PMETs to go to India to find employment. This is a win win arrangement that would benefit the Indian professionals and Singapore’s jobless PMETs. With their years of experience in management and the professions, Singapore’s PMETs would have a lot to offer to Indian companies. At the worse, they could offer their years of experience in driving taxis to improve the quality of taxi services in India.

India is helping Singapore to solve its PMET unemployment problem and Singapore in turn is also helping India to solve its unemployed graduates problem. This kind of synergies and complementarity is hard to come by when both countries would stand to benefit.

Singapore should award the highest medal to Modi and vice versa, India should do likewise for helping India by providing jobs to its hundreds of thousands of unemployed graduates. There is a little hitch here. Who should India award this prestigious medal to, Hsien Loong, Chok Tong or George Yeo?

Yes, Singapore and India should form a strategic pact and ‘The two lions should step into the future together.’ What a great idea and great cooperation between one of the largest country in Asia and one of the smallest country in the region.

Singapore should thank Modi and India profusely for helping to solve its unsolvable PMET problem. The poor things in Singapore at last can have an outlet to find jobs in India. India will open its door wide wide just like Singapore to welcome our PMETs.


Anonymous said...


Modi is calling for more Indian Professionals to come to work in Singapore while asking unemployed PMETs here to go to India. At worse to drive taxis in India?

How come they did not think of that? What a dark idea!

Anonymous said...

Just to build toilets in lndia shall make many a sinkie a multi millionaire. Or a trillionaire in Rupees.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Once a politician "self-actualizes", they adopt a "Messiah Complex" in that they hve magicl powers to solve any problem.

WOW! What took this genius so long to arrive at such a unimpressive suggestion? You mean...all this time, the local unemployed PMETS could have hd jobs in India...but the Indians were keeping quiet about it?

Is there a plce in India where Singaporean "foreign talents" can hangout on a Sunday, get drunk, and riot? I mean...we gave the Indians Serangoon Road, we gave the Filipina maids Lucky Plaza and People's Park...would they grant Singaporeans the same "dignity" when we have to leave our families aand work overseas?

Anonymous said...

Matilar, they do. In each city they have the pros house district. That will be the place for sinkies

Anonymous said...

Matilar, they do. In each city they have the pros house district. That will be the place for sinkies

b said...

Anyone who believes he is trying to solve sinkies problem is either stupid or insane or both.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello b,,you really made my day.can't stop laughing at your post.


Anonymous said...

Never trust Black Ants lest u wanna be bitten by them. They r like the Whites men who speaks with fork tongues. What Modi is telling Sinkies Pmet is to go there contribute wat u hv & when the times is up u better f#%& O Lah same as wat u did to theirs in tis red dot island.

Virgo49 said...

If He wants to upgrade and have more Ah Nehs here to work, why can't he simply have more jobs in India that they no need go overseas???

Oh, he meant that Indian ah Nehs have more Scholars with degrees fake or otherwise and sinkies only poorly literate and can only work in India.

Thus fair exchange as our ManPower Ministers and now Mistress both past and present kept harping we must allowed more talents in.

Why not allowed more talents in take over the PAP administration? ??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore encourages its talent to go overseas.
India encourages its talent to go overseas.
So good for both. Win win.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, you mean Unis/Polys/Economics Students Exchange Programme? ?


Anonymous said...

Need to be careful about the black ants. U see how they screwed China then when Kena from trump quickly go back to China again. But then once can not be trusted, hard to accept the friendship. Sama Sama like sg with China. Kena stuck already.

Anonymous said...

India PM Modi's main objective here is to Pay Homage to the then Father of India - Mahandas Karamchand Gandhi. Some 70years ago Gandhi's urn was brought in from India, his urn was immersed in Clifford Pier water & some of Gandhi ashes release to the Clifford Pier waters. Modi is here to unveil a Plague to mark this event Lah & nothing else except the Sinkieland PM wanna signed some MOU & a review CECA with Modi, Sinkieland took this opportunity to do bziness with India. Tommolo is the repeat of this symbolic event & Modi will be at the pier for the opening. Modi is here for paying respect to Gandhi & nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Indian newspaper Tabla wrote: Title 'Thousands paid tribute to Gandhi' ...continue:
"On the night of March 15 1948, a Malayan Airways Plane landed at Kallang Airport not far from the present day Sports Hub. In it was an urn carrying some of the ashes of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, whose assassination in New Delhi on January 30 that year shocked the world. Those ashes would later be immersed in the waters off Clifford Pier, an event most people in Spore today are UNWARE of. To commemorate this historic event held 70 years ago, Indian PM Narendra Modhi will unveil a plaque at Fullerton Bay Hotel at Clifford Pier tomorrow ( June 2, 10am)..." ..by V.K.S Kumar

Wise Citizens Beget Caring Garbermen said...

Singapore Garbermen are so caring. Just like father and mother care for their children. Most, if not all, parents want their children to get overseas scholarships so that they can go overseas (to Batam also can) to study. If cannot get overseas scholarships, can get a job overseas also not bad at all. Better than staying back in Singapore all their life time - born, eat, sleep, work, play, shit, screw all the time in Singapore. Just like frogs in the well.

So, see, Singapore Garbermen really, trully, goodness to heaven, care for Singaporeans.

If you are good, you can get a job in any country of your liking. If you are not good, even within the frogs' well you also cannot find a mosquito to eat.

So, you want to be a frog in the well? Or you want yo be a Global Citizen? The choice is yours. Choose wisely in thr next Genetal's Erection.

Virgo 49 said...

Clifford Pier?? My God. When I was a Shipping Asst with my boarding officer at Clifford Pier, waiting to board a vessel,two gangs of Indian and Pakistani sailors who happened to disembarked at the same time from two different vessels berthed at Roads fought at Clifford Pier.

That's was during the India And Pakistan Conflict. Ashes in CP.

Wow, Still commonwealth kawan kawan and Sinkies land to worship India.

What's happening to this mad mad World??

Virgo49 said...

Own country abundant jobs as painstakingly created by all Singaporeans throughout the years and given away to foreigners and asked own Singaporeans to go overseas and look for jobs.

Like Cruel Parents with abundance food to give to others and let the children starve.

What's caring parents? ??


Don't be a stray dog abandoned by your caregivers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With the upgrading of CECA and strategic relationship with India, Singapore is safe even if cold shouldered by China. Singapore can ride on the Indian locomotive of growth and grow into the 21st Century. With India's military strength, Singapore can also hold joint military exercise with India in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. India is a very powerful military power.

Singaporeans can sell their HDB flats and with the money moved to India to live like Maharajahs, provided India really honours its obligation to welcome Singaporeans going to invest and stay in India. Just a word of caution, don't lose the national reserves investing in India.

With India's backing, Singapore can once again punch above its weight. India also building a belt and road with Japan with all roads leading to India and Japan. Singapore this time got good opportunity to be a major partner in this India Japan belt and road as the 3rd party of three partners in this scheme to rival China's BRI.

Heng ah, huat ah.

Virgo 49 said...

Singapore can punch,oops!!! above her weight.


Anonymous said...

Build toilets & clear shit in India: supply is plentiful, Looong & GLCs should go big in shit n sewerage businesses, Jinx should bet big & prove she can at last get it right & smell like a rose, i mean smell like shit.

Anonymous said...

Modi must be daft or insane to offer good jobs to Singaporeans in his country when his own citizens have to come here to find work. Or maybe he is a saint. Holier than Mother Theresa.

Anonymous said...

Michael was once black but later he became white. Ah Looni Looong and his Man-wife the Famous Jinx should learn from Michael Jackson by painting themselves black. Or at least paint their tongues black, as clear indicator of licking somebody's black ass!

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 12.06

Tongues or TonGues already black lah.

Here,already sucked up to so many ministers in proportion to the Racial Percentage in Sink island.

He is more longer in charge lah.Only Pee Ayam of Portfolios to entertain others.

Sending condolences and congratulations.

Virgo 49 said...

This Moody Guy can bulls hits what's innovations and advanced businesses sciences that they have.

Nation of Rapists and Cheaters.

Once, a Korean ship broker from one renown Korean Shipping Company which I happened to know him went to India to fix a vessel for Charter.

Thinking he had at last found a suitable vessel for his Chartered Cargo.

Went to a prestigious Office and tried to fix the Charter Agreement. First meeting not successful as they are damn at stubborn neogitaors.

So without telling them that he intend to go back and renegotiate once more time, he went back to the same Office.

To his Horror, the Sign Board of the Company is different.

When he asked the neighboring office, they told him that this Building is an Office for lease renting can be even just for a day.

Wasted all his efforts and time and expenses to go there.

But, in a way they are cunning but dumb enough. If I were them, I would agree to a favourable term with him.Then I would demanded an deposit, possibly cash and scooted off with it.

To HELL with the Charter Party Agreement.

YoBOSaybo- everything also Bo.

Hope Kim not like him.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean youth should not study for a university degree as Khaw Boon Wan strongly advised, and let their unemployed India brothers and sisters graduates come to Singapore under the auspicious of the PAP to take up graduate jobs.

Virgo 49 said...

This KBW aka Arumugan is from Matland. Thinks lots of Black ink blood.

Now he threatened to take legal action against Mahathair for scrapping the HSR.


Najib in first placw should not ask Singapore to join.Just one stop only and beneficial to us. SHOULD built from Johore Up.


Anonymous said...

How much is India willing to pay to buy up this island? Everything is up for sale.

Anonymous said...

When Moodi and Looni meet to discuss this and that for Indighosts and Sinkies, who do you think will get the upper hands?

Answer: The Black Ants!

Right! You so clever.

Anonymous said...

One anon mentioned about Singapore suing India if India fails to abide by the agreements signed. All I know is India suing other parties and countries, not the other way. India has several cases in the courts against Singapore institutions.

In was threatening to sue Singapore on CECA because Singapore is tightening up a bit on letting unemployed Indians to work in Singapore. Now which seow kia would dare to go and sign more agreements with India especially to upgrade the CECA to let in more Indians to take the jobs from Singaporeans?

Which seow kia would think Singaporeans would rush to India to work to earn rupees that is practically worthless in Singapore unless you bring them in in gunny sacks?

Yes, stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Jm Chow
This Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) is utterly, absolutely NO GOOD for Singapore.

The CECA is used by Indians to migrate FREELY to Singapore. This CECA allow Cheap Indian workers.... to steal our good jobs. This CECA caused many of our managers, supervisors and professionals to be fired and until now tens of thousands are still unemployed.

Time to close the loopholes in the CECA... or just teminate this horrible agreement...to save our good jobs, to prevent overpopulation and to stop the wages being DEPRESSED (by cheap Indian workers)

The CECA must be amended quickly (to close the loopholes)... now .... the latest before the next Geneal Election.

Above comment posted in CNA online.

Anonymous said...

The Ripped-Off CECA and the Immoral Gambling Casinos were the BRAIN-CHILDREN of President Scholar George Yeo Yeo of Aljunied GRC knock-out fame!

George Yeo Yeo, a so-called by self to be "Christian" God-fearing man, forgot that he had to fear the People. He must have thought that by Fearing God was good enough to secure him the Millionaires' Pay of a Foreigner Minister (yes, I spelt correctly, not our Foreign Minister but the Foreigners' Minister, especially for India).

Anonymous said...

Modi coming here probably wants to ask for more openings for his thousands of unemployed highly qualified graduates of well known universities is more bad news for our hard press PMETs still struggling to pass the private car hire licence tests. Maybe, like the streets of New York or London, these foreign talents from India can also be cab drivers

Anonymous said...

Please, you trust them to drive your wife and daughters around in their taxis?

Anonymous said...

The country is being led by an idiot who only thinks of self-glory and self-enriching. Not a single iota of thought has been put as priority for his people, especially the unemployed, under-employed and structural unemployable seniors.

This trend of policy-decision has in these two recent years reached its zenith of ruthlessness and total disrespect.

Something must give. Must be shakened. Something must take place. Must bound to break. What is it?


Restrained Patience of the Middle Ground Voters - the 20%.

Anonymous said...

Many seniors are not complaining because they could cash out from their properties to live quite comfortably by downgrading. But nothing left to pass down to their children. For those that could not downgrade, just too bad.

With a life expectancy of 80 or 90 years, and with medical cost that could wipe out every cent in their savings, many who retired at 60 would have to think of their expenses for the next 20 or 30 years. This is no joke with high cost of living in the most expensive city in the world, without an income and worse, some with dependents to look after, themselves, their parents and children with special needs.

Anonymous said...

I saw many local IT engineers were fully replaced after department was lead by indian bosses within a few year,most of locals are self resigned since no career future, example a manager hired his cousin as team lead who only has basic it knowledge, but he lead a team to support Unix for DBS before.