Malaysian work ethics to be like Japan

The statestimesreview posted this:

Speaking at the media conference in Tokyo on Sunday (Jun 10), Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that he will lead Malaysia’s transformation to be like Japan. Calling for Malaysians to adopt Japanese working ethics, the newly-elected Prime Minister said Malaysia need to adopt a similar value system to produce quality work:

“It’s about acquiring also the Japanese work ethics, the Japanese sense of shame whenever they fail to deliver what they have promised to deliver… When I first came to Japan in 1961 – a country destroyed by war – I watched the Japanese people work and work very hard to rebuild their country, and sure enough the result was that Japan very quickly became one of the biggest economies in the world. From a defeated country, a destroyed country, Japan was able to rebuild itself at a fast rate and effectively. I found that why the Japanese succeeded in rebuilding their country was due to their work ethics, their value system. If you have the wrong way of working, if you are not hardworking and you don’t take pride in your work, you will fail. Japanese took pride in making high quality products that were able to compete successfully with those produced by other countries. But in Malaysia we don’t have this value system, we don’t feel ashamed if we come up with sloppy products which are of poor quality … whether what you do is good or not does not seem to matter.”

Mahathir should ask himself, how could Malaysia be like Japan, how could the work ethics be changed when success comes so easy. Just demand for a 30% share of anything, from ownership to profits without having to work or to contribute anything of value? Where is the motivation to work when all it needs to do is ask, demand and will be given?

The Malaysians that have work ethics similar to the Japanese have left or are in Singapore. A whole new generation of bumiputra Malaysians has been brought up with an entitlement mentality started by Mahathir himself. How is Mahathir going to remove this and make Malaysia a competitive society based on merit, hard work and contribution, not based on race? To do so he would need to go back to year zero, the year he became PM of Malaysia. Mahathir needs to erase everything from his old drawing board and start anew. 

Would those who have had it so good, without having to work, allow this to happen? Where is the incentive to work when there is no need to work to become millionaires and billionaires?


Anonymous said...

When all the non bumi companies left Malaysia, there would be no more companies for them to ask and take. Those non bumi companies they have taken are falling apart.

Malaysia would be left with workers that don't have the Japanese work ethics.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Dr M now wants his people to become workaholics like the Nipponese. Malaysia does not have a homogeneous society like Nippon. Its bumiputra policy discriminates and favours the Malays. With handouts given generously, there is no motivation to work hard. Dr M needs to launch a cultural revolution if he really wants to galvanise his people to be more Nipponese-like. Easier said than done.

Anonymous said...


sg govt is very very very smart.......

no need to work so very hard producing cars.......

just a piece of paper.......$90,000.00 at its peak.....in the pockets.......

so......work so very hard for what.......

follow the very very very smart sg govt......

anyway.....happy loooooooong weekend to all.........


Anonymous said...

Talk cock only lah. Malayu mana boleh kerja kwat kwat? Work one day, rest three days. Even a the customs two to three persons work one person's job in front of public eyes. Someone can miss out stamping onevor two passports deliberately. Wait another 1000000 years lah. Send all bumis to Japan from 7 years old onwards for schooling and trsining. Like that may bevin 20years time can have some semblance of Ninja Turtle fighting spirit and Geisha's work ethics! Hahahahaha ....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

After Najib Razak son-of Tengku Abdul was thrown out of office as a liar and thief, I was going "long Malaysia", i.e. Malaysia Boleh? Damn right, Malaysia Boleh!

Now, not so much.

Dr M is the poster child for the tired old bromide "A leopard never changes its spots"

If he was really serious about adopting a "model" to adopt to make his cuntry less of a shithole (i.e. how to get rich), he could have looked:

1. To Singapore---love us or hate us, we did it.

2. China---love them or hate them, they did it (cos they learned from us), and now they are doig it their style and despite all the problems they have, and are going to have they're getting richer

The problem with allowing emotions to influence decisions over what THE DATA IS SCREAMING AT YOU, will always be a problem, and lead ultimately to failure.

Whilst CULTURE is important, getting rich as a cuntry is basically a scaled-up version of incrementing wealth as an individual...but with significant advantages like the division of labour, access to debt capital, and a plethora of diverse markets all interconnected and interdependent.

Certain practices are present in THE CULTURE under scrutiny, but they are ultimately not due to RACE, but UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES...such as thrift, hardwork, education, produce more than you spend, produce stuff people need, keep the peace but defend yourself, law and order...and so on.

The idea of "be like Japan" especially to a primarily entitled ethnic Malay audience is just fucking MENTAL, and it is obvious Dr M is not a data ot a maths guy. He's a politician with hidden and open agendas....but he is also 90, and definitely not an original thinker.

Japan is a heavily indebted nation. The only reasons they are still around is that they have a huge industrial base, there's no food shortages, and they have a shitloaad of savings...but their DEBT to GDP is over 200%! In history most cuntrees collapse at around the mid-100s.

Dr M could have done a much better job by telling his fans "we are going to create a Malaysian identity...a 'brand'".

By trying to copy anotheer culture is (akin to) a tacit admission that your own culture, race aand gene pool SUCKS DEAD DONKEY BALLS

Dr M just sabo'ed every Malaysian's sense of nationl identity. Good job, motherfucker! 😂🤣

Virgo49 said...

If Mahatahir wants the Mats to have the Japanese work ethics, then he have first followed the Pay And Pay Sinkieland work ethics.

In Sinkieland, the Pay And Pay made sure the populace worked like donkeys just to survive.

THEY made sure you just have half FULL. The Poor will feel not full and the middle class will feel just half FULL. The Majority less privileges unlike their Mats.

No one owes you a living as since drummed by the First Great Leader. The neighbour next door might steal your ricebowls. So be wary and suspicious even your next of Kins.

That's spur them on their hides and many have to slot real hard to be one upmanship on the others. That's why when you see a Sinkie simile at you, quick quick go and buy the Sweep or TOTO.

When they have achieved the Sinkies Kia Soo, Kia see and Kia their own fellow men then they can proceed to the Japanese Work Ethics.

The Mats been the Bumis must be spur on their hides to fight for a Sinkie mentality work ethics like the Sinkie majority.

The Minorities, like Sinkieland minorities must be accorded special leg up privelleges.Like the Reserved President etc.

This way, they can have the opportunity to have the Japanese work ethics.

b said...

Work like japs will end up having extremely low birth rate so that the country will be taken over by foreigners very soon. He is senile. Should try to look at full picture.

Adam Of Eve said...

Basically, the Japanese society is a model of the robotic minions under the leadership of The Despicable, the animated cartoon series to entertain kids and adult-children.

Dr M wants Malaysians to be Minions, work stupidly like robots!

Anonymous said...

SIA threatens to call police to arrest passengers after delay on faulty aircraft causes passengers to become sick


Do you think this also sounds like what happens here in post-LKY Singapore?
Who is the pilot of post-LKY Singapore?

“Singapore Airlines took no responsibility and the captain issued a basic verbal apology over the PA system. To some passengers they handed out universal adapters (!!??!!) as a token of I’m not sure what. We take premium airlines because we have faith in their services and that our journey will be nothing less than comfortable. Singapore Airlines went out of its way to make the experience horrifying for us."

“The pilot kept announcing that they we are about to fly “soon” but nothing happened. Three times the ground police came to our aircraft to understand the problem and did nothing about it despite people crying for help. It seemed like they were just called in to distract us. Later, when the pilot announced they were ready to go, the airconditioning had still not started. Everyone was nervous."

“When we confronted the cabin crew, they had no answers, rudely shut us up, threatened to call the cops to arrest us, and said “we are in the same situation as you are, don’t ask us, we don’t know anything”.”

“The airline didn’t let anybody go. We were being treated like prisoners, being asked to sit in our seats and wear our seatbelts. They told us if we were going to offload ourselves then we wouldn’t be allowed back in and they would put us on another plane which was two days later and they wouldn’t compensate us for any of it.”

Anonymous said...

The one who started all the 'Bumiputra first' nonsense is up to his old tricks again. That was the proverbial straw that broke the work ethics of the Bumis and they needed clutches up to today.

He is also talking about starting a new entity to make cars in Malaysia. Is he just letting off 'test balloons', learning from Ah Loong? Having been snookered by the Japs once, without any technology transfer, he is at it again. Is he really smart or the voters are daft like Sinkies?

Is he asking the Bumis to work hard or the Chinese and Indians? As far as I know, the latter two races have been working as hard as the Japs during his stint as PM and that of all his successors, but with most of the benefits accruing or having to share with the Bumis. The Bumis did not have to work hard, and after years of easy life handouts, how can we expect them to work hard again? And after decades of enjoying the fruits of other's hard labour, is he going to teach them to work hard? How many more years can he last to finish the job?

Many think that he has changed. I think nothing is further from the truth. He is just bidding his time in office to help his son rise up the political ladder.

And he made one telling remark days ago that as long as the people wants him, he wants to stay in office. So, the original two years promise is all wayang. The wily old fox is at last showing his tail.

Anwar better beware, with the racial politics again rearing its ugly head to haunt the Chinese and Indians. He went out of his way to assure the Malays that their rights will still be protected. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Anwar may not be the next PM despite all the deal making.

Anonymous said...

"The Malaysians that have work ethics similar to the Japanese have left or are in Singapore. "

Eh ... the SMRT tunnel flooding ....