Malaysia, an excellent case study of a fatuous leader

Malaysia makes an excellent case study of a fatuous leader and a corrupt govt for all to see and to study. It is a living example of history being made in real time and all history buff and living beans should treasure this privilege to live, read and bear witness to it. This is a rare event that a fatuous leader and a corrupt govt were brought down at its peak in the abuse of power and corruption. This is not a historical event compiled by historians after every was over. It is fresh from the oven and still unfolding.

A few months before the event, a few weeks and a few days before the downfall, none of them see it coming and were intoxicating themselves with all the power, attention and stuffing money into their pockets. The wife was spending the easy money like no tomorrow and no need to account for it. Neither would they know that fortune would turn overnight and they could become criminals and being prosecuted and the likelihood that all the ill gotten gains would be taken away from them. Never would the cronies, eunuchs and fellow thieves believe that they were doing anything wrong. And the beast that was the hatchet man has gone into hiding, running away from the very law that used to protect him while he abused the law of the corrupt govt. threaten to kill the innocent.

All the years, the fatuous leader thought he was brilliant, clever and untouchable, without a clue that he was a walking idiot. And his fellow thieves did not think they were stealing the people's money and enriching themselves undeservingly. They thought they had all the power to protect themselves and their wrongdoings, their abuses of power and the stealing of the nation's and public wealth.

A good example of how silly the situation was is best described by Lim Kit Siang in an article in Yahoo News.

" “But as Khairy has now admitted, there was not even a bleat from anyone of the 730-odd Umno/BN candidates about the evil and monstrosity of the 1MDB scandal.
“Najib believed that he could get away from full accounting for the 1MDB scandal in the 14th general election, by obfuscating and virtually censoring detailed examination and debate of what the US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions had described as ‘kleptocracy at its worst’,” Lim said in a statement.
Umno leaders had staunchly defended former president Datuk Seri Najib Razak over the corruption scandal, including repeatedly backing his assertion that a RM2.6 billion deposit in his personal account was a “donation” from an unnamed Arab royal."

Notice the word, they don't even bleat a word and staunchly defended the fatuous leader over corruption scandals? And they all looked so innocent by looking the other way.  No corruption. And the fatuous leader believed he could get away from full accounting by...obfuscating and virtually censoring examination and debate.

Now they are jumping ship. They knew that they were doing all the wrong things but pretended nothing of the sort for as long as they could hang on to power. When the power was taken from them, they could see their nakedness and there was nothing to hide anymore. They knew it is game over.

We all live to see how it happened and how it is going to end.


Anonymous said...

Look no further in Sinkieland the fatuous Leeder is none other than the present Lee Ah Long, even when after Dotard-Rock Man summit these 2 leaders will avoid Ah Long as if he is a pauper or leper as cancerous cells can be contentious.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Malaysia and Singapore actually is with the electorate.

The 69.9% is damn @#&*!)&*^ !!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Malaysians voted with their brains in their GE14. The alarm bells were ringing but Najib and his gang of thieves ignored them. His government was out of touch with reality. Dr Mahathir will spend his next 2 years wringing out the truth from UMNO crooks. A disconnected government received a backlash from voters. The PAP government is probably shaken by events in the north. The 4G leaders will not dare to take peasants for granted.

Anonymous said...

PAP and its fat cats will hold on to power at ALL COSTS.

The desparate spat of enacting new laws to protect their power and tweaking the Constitution in order to put in place a 20-year subservient obedient servant-subordinate as Puppet President, are too obvious and glaring for the whole world to see, with the daring so bold and arrogant that not an iota of finese was exercised to at least make it not so glaringly crudely rudely obscenely obviously politically motivated for the purpose of hiding something very seriously wrong.

The saying goes: Two wrongs do not make one right is so true.

When the kingpin falls, all other pins will fall like ten-pins in the bowling alley. That's why, similar to Najib's sycophants and cronies, they are trying their very best to protect the kingpin from falling. Even in cyberspace, one can easily spot the concerted effort that will be put up by "hired inputters" to saturated or counter-attack any negative truth being exposed or highlighted publicly.

However, no matter what, man's plan can never win God's plan. When the time is riped, the tsunami will be so strong, swift and sudden that not even the collective efforts of all the evil forces can stop it from wiping and cleansing the mud and swamp, and all hideous creatures that serenaded within.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Those who joined the party early would enjoy the party. Those who joined late would be made to foot the bill when the party is over.

Anonymous said...

It’s a matter of when in Sin city. Nothing is permanent.

Anonymous said...

If they had thought of it, they would not have fallen.

Many leaders of great empires, dynasties, regimes and political parties fall because they thought nothing like that would happen because they are on top of the world.

Marcos never thought he could fall! Suharto never thought he could fall! Hitler never thought he could be defeated! China's gang of four never thought they could fall!

Never say never, because the time is not ripe yet.

Hope Against Hope said...

How long Najib was in power? 10 years as PM but he was also Defence Minister before. And his father and uncle were Prime Ministers before, though both dead. So we can say he came from a family of power-welding people. That means he has witnessed how power can be used to enrich oneself.

Given the corrupted ways of many government officials in the Malaysian Government since independence, from top to bottom, it was smooth sailing for the one with the highest executive power in government to do whatever he wants. Only thing is to cover the tracks well, and put in place ready and willing scapegoats who are totally loyal, won't turn around to save his own skin.

He started to learn from Singapore by enacting new laws to protect himself from accusations but it was a bit too late.

Not only that. He was unfortunate to have Dr Mahathir living so long and still so active, alert and energized. He was also unfortunate to have Anwar's wife's determination to see that her husband is cleared. Therefore, the need to go deeper and wider to unseat the one who put her husband behind bars.

Now, the whole Najib Gang, from the judges to police to ministers, must be purged. All previous policies must be reviewed. All contracts must be restudied. All laws must be relooked. All moneys ill-gotten must be recovered

When will Singaporeans have their turn to celebrate?

Anonymous said...

Dont ever expect a
Malaysia GE14 to ever happens in Singapore.
Even if it does happen, all shits shall be pushed to the Dead and all those Expatriate CEOs who were vacuum cleaners.
Worse comes to Worst, a scape goats shall suck up every culpable guilt and the rest shall be scorch-free.

Anonymous said...

Ah Jib got wrong advice from Ah Long. He tot ah mats sama sama like sinkies, will vote 70% BN. He was wrong. Ah Long and his PAPpy ministers all stay too long in Ivory Tower, all got bad track record in reading other countries & other people wrongly. So far the only thing PAPies get correct is the thing they learnt from Old Fart, that sinkies are dumb dogs who will always vote PAPies after giving them $500 ang paos.

Anonymous said...

Wish you all the best, please stay healthy and live long to enjoy the the coming real time show.

Anonymous said...

Must make an effort to have a glimpse of Trump and Kim. If possible, handshake with them. Better still, have a drink with them. How about it? Is it worth it? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

11.41pm anon, you can do that with the fake one. No chance with the real one lar as u can even get close to 100 m😰😰😰

Virgo 49 said...

Sometimes, I really wonder why these human creatures want to go near and adore their same creatures???

After all, they also the same like you and me, flesh and blood and bones.

Also, they are also have to die like you and me. The only difference is that they are living in Heaven now on Earth and we are in living Hell under them.

When the time came for Judgement, they may in Reverse Role DEAD in HELL and we LIVE in HEAVEN.

So, I don't believe and adore or worship these nuts who may be more evil than the rest of the human species.

Most are worst parasites.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Every time the bandits descended from the mountain to borrow more grains, 70% of the villagers trembled in fear and offered no resistance . 30% of the villagers decided to seek protection by hiring 6 warriors; one from Hougang and 5 from Aljunied. Alas the 6 warriors were no match for the bandits. The villagers are now debating whether to hire more warriors or surrender completely to the bandits. The villagers saw their neighbours in the north unite and destroy the bandits after 60 years of being robbed mercilessly. It has inspired the southern villagers and the bandits may get a hostile reception in their next raid if they can recruit more warriors.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

My Apology. Posted at the wrong thread.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ racists-in-waiting:

This is the time where all those furtive racists should actually step up and vent their spleens. Just vomit out all that hatred... and actually achieve some good. 🤮😡

As in all complex systems, there are many interacting parts---drivers, antagonists, mediators, moderators...etc---but a case could be made that if not for UMNO exerting an unwavering policy of total racial superiority and national dominance, the likelihood of shit like this going down will statistically decrease.

Now, I didn't say "race war". But the thought did occur 🤡