Kim Trump Summit – Love at first sight

In the idyllic setting of a tropical island, with the sun shining brightly, Kim and Trump finally met, like two star crossed lovers. Trump was bowed over by the sincerity of this young leader from North Korea and it was like the proverbial love at first sight. One could easily notice the comfort level of Trump and his liking for Kim. What enemies? They were like long lost brothers coming together for the first time after years of separation.

Kim was scheduled to fly home by 2pm local time after lunch. When the two took a casual stroll in the courtyard of the colonial building of Capella Hotel, beaming after lunch, it was clearly too late to make a dash for the airport. They were in no hurry. Their expressions and body language said it all, that all was fine and both were happy of the outcome. The leisure stroll was the short break while officials hurried behind closed doors to put in the final details for a historic document to be signed by the President of the USA and the Chairman of North Korea. Trump even showed Kim the interior of his bullet proof limousine.

When the moment came, there was jubilation all around. Everyone was pleased with the two leaders signing a comprehensive agreement, hope the terms were not as stupid and ridiculous as the CECA signed between Singapore and India. Knowing how serious is this document and how nationalistic are the two signatories, both must be sure that they were signing an agreement that is favourable to their respective national interests.

The positive vibration spreaded immediately across the world and the Koreans, both North and South, must be the happiest people to share this moment of truth. Moon Jae In and his cabinet were reported to rise in applause at the signing of the document. The biggest winners of this historic event must be the people of the two Koreas. There is peace in sight and possibly a reunification in the not too distant future. Many past issues and hostilities would be history as Kim vowed to start on a clean slate, no more historical baggages.
The cynics, and as Trump put it, the ‘haters and losers’ would be sulking. The spoilers would be cursing and swearing that this agreement was made possible and signed by Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

History is in the making and the likelihood of a Trump visit to Pyongyang and a similar visit by Kim to Washington are on the card. Trump was in good spirit, forgetting the dreaded meetings he had a couple of days ago with the G7 in Canada. He had good words for Kim, and every comment coming from him was positive, fantastic, better than expected.

Who would believe that this could be possible when a few weeks ago both were hurling insults and threats against each other? A face to face meeting and personal contact changed everything. Both men have built up a rapport and liking for each other that was spontaneous.

Yes it happened in the Capella, in Sentosa, in Singapore. This is a beautiful story with a beautiful ending. With Trump in charge, everything is unpredictable and possible. Trump and Kim were too happy men. Trump had never been so happy since he last won his election to be the President of the USA.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For those who are grumbling about the $20m spent, think of it as advertising Singapore and the hours of coverage for the whole world and the positive image it gave to Singapore. Any advertising effort of this scale would cost very much more and with lesser impact.

Think of the silly billions spent on F1 and you will understand what stupidity means. The billions spent on F1 is nothing compares to what the $20m did for Singapore.

The stupidity has no cure type would still be advocating their silly idea of paying for F1 using public fund.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The whole world hopes that the POTUS is truly in love with Kim and not just being infatuated. Once the novelty and the euphoria of their first meeting faded, reality would set in. The business of working out a comprehensive peace agreement is a daunting task. Much haggling and political horse-training have to be done. The outcome of this summit is uncertain. Although it may be one small step but hopefully it is a giant leap for achieving peace among human beans.

Mat Salah said...

Out of sight, out of mind. USA and NK begin their war of words and it is back to square one.

Anonymous said...

tomorow come again.free wat!

Anonymous said...

RB - Kim Trump Summit – Love at first sight.

Very well written piece! U r 100% correct to say that. It was like the Chinese show - All Men Are Brothers. This one proved it all. TRUMP was tremendously impressed by the humility & sincerity of Kim JN. Never in his life he mention a ' special bond ' to any of the leaders that he met as a President of USA & he did said they wud meet many times & the meeting was juz 'fantastic' & excellent, the 2 were like brothers when they walked around the Sinkies Capella Hotel @ Sentosa. Woah, Donald Trump must be amazed & even Kim too said he wud leave all the pasts behind & start building a good relationship with the US. It's indeed EpIc & Memorable one & lets hope this relationship with last till their d-day, Ah Long must be feeling most happy to bring these wo together for a successful meeting & a done deal as well. Long will never be shy to ask for more bziness with NK & US Lah, let's wait n see.

Unknown said...

Hope USA can now dismantle her bases and withdraw their nuclear warships out of South China Sea as PDRK is not posing any threat anymore. We want peace in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Trump noted that Kim as a skilled negotiator love his people.

Can we say that PAP love Sinkies from the India-S'pore CECA negotiations ?

Anonymous said...

Singapore part of Malaysia? ‘Reunification’ blunder in Pompeo comments.

The U.S. State Department published on its website remarks made Monday by top diplomat Mike Pompeo ahead of the historic meeting, in a post initially stating they were delivered at a hotel in “Singapore, Malaysia”.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day no change for sinkies lah.
Most will still die horrible death ... especially those above 50.

Anonymous said...

CECA was first mooted by George Yeo and signed by him as Foreign Minister on behalf of Singapore to screw up daft Singaporeans.

Then it was upgraded and signed by Vivian Balakrishna, as Foreign Minister on behalf of Singapore, making it worse for PMETs.

Recently, when Moodi the Woodpecker came to visit Singapore, it was again upgraded (widen) to include previously not recognised by Singapore type of low quality India qualifying diplomas and certificates. This time signed by Lee Hsien Loong himself, to make it worst. Now all Singaporeans are screwed

CECA means Conned Executives Compromised All.

Anonymous said...

Typo error: At the end of the day no change for sinkies lah.
Most will still die horrible death ... especially those above 40.

Note: Earlier post 'above 50" is erroneous.

Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn I agreed with u that the 20 million spent is good investment lar. Knn good payback.