Kim Trump Summit in Singapore, Malaysia

Malaysia should be happy for the publicity given in the Kim Trump Summit without having to spend a cent. Thanks to the idiots in the US State Dept for not knowing where Singapore is and still thinking that Singapore is a city in Malaysia. Some of the hillbillies would still think that Singapore is still a part of China.

This means that all the billions spent in F1 races and what not did not do any good to present to the world that Singapore is an independent city state in SE Asia, at the furthest southern tip of the Asia continent, the furthest one can go on land to the south.  For one the Americans did not get it. Any jokers still want to waste public money on F1s to put Singapore in the world map?

How could Singapore avoid being thought of as a city in Malaysia or in China?

It's elementary Watson. Just import more Indians to Singapore, and appoint more Indian ministers to the cabinet. This last step has been taken and Trump would not be blame for thinking that Singapore is an Indian state.  He probably nudged Pompeo that the later made a mistake, Singapore was not in Malaysia but in India. When the Indians make up the majority of Singaporeans and Indian ministers become a majority in the cabinet, no one would then think that Singapore is in Malaysia or in China.

At worst they would write Singapore, India on the envelope. And one good thing, SIA can keep its initial as Singapore Indian Airline. DBS may have to change to DBI.  The next Kim Trump Summit the US State Dept would put the venue as Singapore, India...not Singapore, Malaysia or Singapore, China. President Halimah can officially called herself as the Indian President of Singapore to make it more effective.

No need to sweat the small stuff. And Mahathir better not to call himself Indian or the hillbillies would think that he is the Indian Prime Minister of Singapore.


SSO said...
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SSO said...

The shocking thing is that Mike Pompeo was Director of THE Central Intelligence Agency of USA, the well-known highly efficient and effective, one and only, intelligence organization that carries out covert operations, regime-change and assassinations all over the world. The only intelligence organization that publishes the CIA Fact Book for world-wide audience, reference and fact-checks.

Moreover, there is the Google Map to locate Sinvapore.

And there are thousands of Travel Guide Books and Brochures readily available in the open market everywhere around the world for them to refer to.

How then can a big time Secretary of State of the only Super Power make such a blunder?

Remember? When Lee Hsien Loong visited Dotard Trump at the White House, he was mistaken by Trump to be the PM of Indonesia!

Anonymous said...

Not only poor in maths n science, include geography yet boasting is their number one trait.

SSO said...

Sorry for typing error:

"Sinvapore" should be Singapore.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Singapore and Malaya were once ruled as one British colony. The white man still hasn't got use to the idea of an independent Singapore. Merger with Malaysia could have strengthened the misconception. What LKY did, the present PAP government cannot undo despite spending millions to host F1 racing and YOG to market the Singapore brand. The Trump-Kim summit is proof that the umbilical cord that once bound Singapore to Malaysia has not been totally severed.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised in time to come some may mistake us for Singapoor, India.

Why does PAP elite reserve a place at Clifford Pier for a plaque to pay tribute at the immersion site of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes?

Read more at: https://www.deccanherald.com/international/pm-modi-unveils-gandhis-plaque-former-singaporean-premier-672952.html

Anonymous said...

I think it was not an accident. It was done deliberately.

Anonymous said...

Right! After all the billions spent on F1 and YOG, Singapore is still thought to be in Malaysia and, very soon, Malaysia will be in Japan.

I believe that the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade years ago was due to ignorance, not an error of location due to an outdated map. Admitting ignorance would puncture the so-called satellite technology and first class intelligence gathering technics of the US. Spinning the incident as a mapping error would mitigate the situation and minimise the damage to their reputation.

But rest assured the spinning of the positive gain of the $20 million Trump/Kim summit on MSM is apparently on full steam. Now they are making a song and dance about the 'behind the sin' planning of the event. How is that for whitewashing at all cost?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Americans are famous for their bonehead knowledge...or lck thereof of any territory outside the USA.

The Euros are much better, as are the Canadians, Aussies and Kiwis.

But the Americans...man, it is embarassing! 😂🤣