It is proper that the evil Americans withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council

Just like the USA refused to signed as a member of the United Nations Council of the Laws of the Sea, UNCLOS, but went around battering every country for violating the Laws of the Sea, the Americans, the biggest violator of human rights all over the world, has finally withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council.
The Americans are unfit to be a member of this Council and should be sacked long ago. Their hypocritical stance on the protection of human rights, accusing other countries of violating human rights while they violated the human rights of many people in the worse ways possible, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of coloured people in the Middle East and other corners of the world, is beyond reproach. No country dares to breathe a word of contempt on the animals in the USA killing and wounding innocent people, butchering the blacks, the womenfolk, the children and the olds in their war of conquest and regime changed, in their arbitrary arrests of Arabs and Muslims and torturing them in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib concentration camps.

Their recent ill treatments of illegal immigrants, separating little children from their mothers, like the wicked white Australians did to the children of aborigines in Australia, are simply disgusting. UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein was quoted to have called Washington to halt its “unconscionable” policy against the illegal immigrants at the Mexican border. The beasts in Washington could not see anything wrong with the harm and abuses they dealt with the illegal immigrants, especially the vulnerable children. It is second nature to them.

The Indian representative of the US in the UN, Haley, said, “Look at the council membership, and you see an appalling disrespect for the most basic rights.” She got the cheek to say this with eyes wide open and a blank face when the Americans are the ones that are bullying and violating the human rights of other human beans.

Is this not disgusting? It is irreprehensible! They just lashed out at others, accusing others with their white lies, in this case black lies, and hoping that the rest of the world would be stupid enough not to see what is happening before their very eyes, the Americans violating human rights in front of the camera for all to see.

How many silly Asians and bananas would choose to look the other way and believe that the Americans are the protectors of human rights? The Americans should be banned from rejoining the UN Human Rights Council forever.


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The Jewish Lobby wields considerable influence over Uncle Sam. Its decision to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council comes as no surprise. Its client state, Israel has been severely censured by a huge majority of UN members for human rights violation against the Palestinians. Its protector, Uncle Sam is even worse. It has been butchering millions of civilians under the pretense of safeguarding human rights. Dr M was correct to indict ex-president Bush of war crimes. As long as Uncle Sam is a superpower, the white man will commit more atrocities with impunity. It has won a reputation as a destroyer of civilisation and a mass murderer.

Anonymous said...

When yewr palm is closed and it becomes a "ginomous fist", that is "human rights"?

Alternatively, if it is "only pea or bean size", "too bad" ...?

Recycled sai chui also ll have to drink and "somemore" pay "an exorbitant sum" (to drink sai chui)?

No human rts r u still a human beans?

Quah Cha Png how?

65 then release bits & crumps?

Virgo49 said for many oldies by then only 1/4 nail left?

Oldies want buy "blue tinkie" go "kaylong" also $ no enuf?

Some more need buy "100mg"? "50mg" MahLeeKeyTar "max half mast"?

What human beans rt?

When your fist "bean or pea or kacang size", u want "human bean rt"?

Wrong lah?

Aka "human bean salah" for "pea, bean size fist" oldies?

Tak "human bean rt" lah?


Be thankful "pea size fist" oldies are charged for recycled sai cui and not triple charged for "1/4 past 6 fiktered sai cui"?

Wait ...

When human beans are persecuted, targeted, jailed etc for saying aloud "sq pegs cannot fit into round holes", do okdies think is there existence of any human bean rt?

When dictators are so petty, just say expect the worst lah

Minionsters same same

Only karma can rt the wrong and human bean wrong rectified rt?

Anonymous said...

They r being kicked out Lah..just like Argentina Messi messes up so out u go la, its a reality in life.

Mat Salah said...

USA is a hypocrite. It practises inhuman rights. It must form a new Council of Inhuman Rights. Israel and Saudi Arabia can join the Americans as founding members.

Adam Of Eve said...

The whole world must wake up and speak up!

Evil of any kind by any country, big or small, done to others or own citizens, must not be tolerated or condoned.

To continuously exposing the Evil Doers is the only way to counter these cruel and brutal beasts led by the US, Israel and Japan.

southernglory1 said...

When Mexicans go back to Texas, California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico or Florida they are not illegal immigrants. They are just going back to their own ancestral lands These are former Mexican lands robbed off from Mexico between 1840s to 1890s at the height and heyday of white American brutal aggression, expansion and conquests.

Mexico should now team up with the native American Indians and the African Americans to start permanent guerilla warfares against the white invaders until they achieve their own independent states. They must have the guts, the will and the gumption and determination because it is going to be a long gruelling battle and may last for years before they finally succeed.

Adam Of Eve said...

President Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump surprised the world by visiting child migrants on the US-Mexico border yesterday.

Even more surprising is the fact that she was wearing a jacket with the words "I really don't care, do you?" painted distinctly in white on the back of the jacket.

The fact that she visited the children at the border camps showed that she really cares. But why she purposely wore the jacket?

Is there a hidden message for someone or is it to attract publicity?

b said...

Its good. More countries should leave this evil council with notorious human rights violators sat in judgment of others. It has destroyed so many lives and encourging human smuggling operations.

b said...

White men is bad but other non white men is worse. Learn from history. Starting from the china one.

Anonymous said...

QUIZ: Who said this?

"So I think this augurs, for as I said, a new Malaysia that has freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of information, and of course, the flowering of democracy."

Anonymous said...

B, you are so prejudiced by your little knowledge of Chinese history written by westerners. The ancient past of Chinese history is still bugging you and you failed to understand modern Chinese history. China was a victim of foreign aggression since the Yuan Dynasty and then the Qing Dynasty. This was followed by the invasion of western colonialists.

What is bugging your pea brain is the failure to understand how the Han Chinese suffered under foreign rules. For the last few hundred years, the Chinese were peaceful farmers and peasants but brutalised by the Mongols and Manchus. The new Chinese today are standing up to defend their rights as equals to other people. No more bullying by foreigners.

Unfortunately for your small brain you cannot see the reality of who is the real devil.

You need to be fucked right and proper before you wake up to your senses.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Of course it's proper for the USA to withdraw from ANYTHING having to do with the UN.

The USA have made it clear over and over again (mainly under Republican presidents) that the USA acts only in American interests first. American Exceptionalism... it's been around for a long time. Too bad of people didn't get the memo.

I actually admire that attitude. Firstly there's no such thing as "human rights". That legal fiction was made up.

Secondly, when was the last time you saw your expensive govt stand up for the nation and its peoples? Instead of what they usually do: pander to outsiders and foreigners.

More govts of cuntries should be like the USA in this case: STANDUP for the people who voted for you and are paying your salaries!!

10.56am said...

Very well said. Agreed wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...


Clever 聪明的
Honest 诚实的
Intelligent 智慧的
Noble 高贵的
Excellent 卓越的
Smart 机灵的
Elegant 优雅的

b said...

June 22, 2018 10:56 am>

there are two types of chinese- commie chinese and non commie chinese. you have no clue who the real head of commie chinese. you have no clue the so many lives the commie chinese took during the revolution. you have no clue the so many kmt chinese that sacrificed in ww2.

b said...

June 22, 2018 12:04 pm>

majority of papies are chinese. are they what you claimed?

Dr No said...

Fraud And Breach of Trust

The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been charged with fraud relating to the alleged misuse of state funds.

Sara Netanyahu is charged with misusing 359,000 shekels (US$100,000; £77,000) for catering services at the Prime Minister's official residence.

She is also charged with a breach of trust following a Police Inquiry, the Justice Ministry says.

Naturally, Mrs Netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing, of course.

Fraud and breach of trust are criminal offences that many wives of people at high places have committed with impunity but very few of them have been exposed, let alone charged.

This world is never fair because to the Powerful People,

"Foul is Fair", when they commit the fouls;

and "Fair is Foul", when ordinary commoners demands for fairness.

Therefore, the common folks can only fight Power with Power. The common folks' only Power is the Power of their Votes.

So, vote wisely, vote as One Common Power!

Dr No said...

Trade War - The 4th World War - US Against The Whole World

The European Union (EU) has introduced retaliatory tariffs on US goods as a top official launched a fresh attack on President Donald Trump's trade policy.

The duties on €2.8bn (£2.4bn) worth of US goods came into force on Friday (today).

Tariffs have been imposed on products such as bourbon whiskey, motorcycles and orange juice.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said duties imposed by the US on the EU go against "all logic and history".

India also raised taxes on 29 products imported from the US - including some agricultural goods, steel and iron products - in retaliation for the wide-ranging US tariffs.

The new duties will come into effect from 4 August and will affect US almonds, walnuts and chick peas, among other products.

India is a top buyer of US almond exports and so the move is expected to hurt farmers in America.

The Trump administration announced in March that it would introduce tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium imported into the US.

After being deferred, the duties on steel and aluminium went ahead on 1 June and affect the EU, Canada, Mexico and other close US allies, including India.

European Commission president Mr Juncker, who has previously criticised the move, said on Thursday: "It goes against all logic and history. Our response must be clear but measured."

Addressing the Irish parliament in Dublin, he added that "we will do what we have to do to rebalance and safeguard" the EU.

The majority of US goods targeted by the EU, such as tobacco, Harley Davidson motorcycles, cranberries and peanut butter, will now carry a tariff of 25%.

In addition, the EU has introduced a 50% duty on goods such as footwear, some types of clothing and washing machines.

Meanwhile, the US has announced the imposition of 25% tariffs on another $50 billion worth of goods import from China. China has retaliated by announcing the imposition of 25% tariffs on $34 billion worth of certain US exports to China, with another list of goods and services worth $16 billion to be released later on.

The US has also announced the imposition of 10% tariffs on another batch of goods worth US$200 billion on Chinese goods, if China carries out is retaliation. China again said she would take counter-measures if that happens.

It is clear the US is adamant in waging the 4th World War - the Global Trade Wars!

Anonymous said...

The US now does not need the UN to legitimise their actions with the UN rubber stamp. In other words, the UN and all the other world bodies have outlived their usefulness, catering to the agenda of the West and the US in particular. The UN is a lame duck in the eyes of many. That is why they now allow more non-Caucasians at the helm. It is a subtle change and not without reason.

When they could make full use of the UN and other world bodies in the past, they stayed and dictate what they want using the UN to justify. Now, they are not the sole dictating voice in the UN and with other world bodies also losing their clout eg IMF and World Bank they wanted out to act unilaterally without recourse.

With Trump in office, it looks like other alliances are falling apart pretty fast or are already made irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

India is working towards formal recognition of traditional Indian medicines and practices in Singapore, the India High Commission said.

Documents related to Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines have been submitted to the Singapore Health Authority, Indian High Commissioner Jawed Ashraf told PTI.

The process would eventually see a Memorandum of Understanding between India and Singapore on traditional medicines, Aryuvedic Practitioners Association of Singapore secretary general Dr Vijeyapall J Jonnagadla said.

“We will see a phenomenal growth of 200% when the import and use of Indian traditional medicines and services are legitimised and allowed with proper licensing,” he said.

Indian medicines in Singapore are currently being distributed through traditional massage centres and wellness spas.

“We hope to import more Siddha medicines and bring in more qualified doctors," added SPAS president Dr Nazeera Bhanu, who holds a Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery degree from Tamil Nadu Dr M.G.R. Medical University.

India High Commission is leading the International Day of Yoga week, from June 16 to June 24, with over 100 yoga centres holding over 170 sessions at popular community and tourist venues across Singapore.

2.34pm said...

Very well said. Have a good command of English with no nonsense or stupid comment in RB blog.

Anonymous said...

International free trade, UN etc were international institutions built on the back and in the aftermath of the devastating experiences of WW2.

One peesai also benefited after being booted by the queen and later a tunku

Now the tide of globalisation as seen in Jun 2016 Brexit, Nov 2016 Brexit+++, POTUS america first policy, waves after waves of anti-immigration parties coming into power in Europe and even Mermaid oops Merkel was almost kena knocked out of power ... etc etc is rolling back IRREVERSIBLY?

One peesai fate probably is hanging in the balance?

Some speculators double down, triple down multiple properties?

Interest rate going up ...

Globalisation beating backtrack ...?

Trade war ignited and if out of control likely mirrored what occurred pre WW1 and during the inter-war years 1919 to 1938 ...?

If global trade gone case means what will happen to peesai?

In japan and EU they have agricultural policy such as CAP (Common Agr Policy).

Ww1 and Ww2 taught the jackpeeniece and europeans no food means war over liao?

So even domestic rice production 5 to 10 times import cost in JackPen also subsidise all the way?

Peesai if there is international crsis really have to drink sai cui and eat "shit" le?

Even the remaining farm in lck already announced last year by JLBs will be phased out soon ...?

If tun can cut h2o ss to peesai, he cant cut fd ss?

Old fart really "farsighted" to think of recycling sai cui to achieve self sufficiency?

Little did he know that he should have also tot of fd sufficiency by recycling sewers (& shit) to make NeH2O ... oops no ..... NewFood into can food and served on the table (maciam luncheon meat, preserved fish, lettuce etc) since recycled NeH2O can be bottled or supplied for commercial and household usage?

How to survive in peesai with so many millions more 3rd world rejects let in through the open leg flood gates if food run out in a crisis which historically is not if but when (would happen)?

Anonymous said...

Peesai human beans rts "laughing stock" of the world and also talking pt of recent summit choice of location cos POTUS and Kim no worries of any protest?

Peesai human rts in world opinion also not gd but then also nvr withdraw?

So how credible UN sms human rts?

International politics is just law of jungle ...

What international institutions UN, WTO blah blah blah ...

Now trade war ignited what WTO for?

Effective or not?

So many wars in ME, millions killed, families destroyed, refugees flooding EU, what (EFFECTIVE) role did UN play?

Iraq now destroyed beyond recognition and torn apart with civil strife and how to normalise the unrest? Who will be held accountable? UN can do what?

Karma karma karma

In the end go one big round back to ww1 ...?

Who torn the Ottoman Empire apart after WW1 and setup current national borders in the ME?

What about the Austria Hungary Empire after WW1?

Now map in Europe have Serbia, Bosnia & What?, Monte what?, etc etc ...

Back to pre-ww2 map?

Never ending cycle?

Can karma solve the conflicts (or worsen it)?

Old fart now in nether world but many of those surviving and future gen may suffer terribly in time to come?

Anonymous said...

Peesai "human bean rts" epitomised in the self exile of lsw (the favourite grandson)?

Peesai in UN sms human bean rts but what use? Think lsw?

But this is not the real impact?

The constant "politiking, stirring of shits etc etc by the JLBs" impacting the ground is what causes deep concern and could be "deadLEE" eventually if not checked?

Also the "JS, JLB incompetency" in the garbrament of peesai causing "deep pains" ...

Many "deadLEE ills" going in circles ...

Anonymous said...

What is the nationality of the examining doctor at Outram Polyclinic who signed off a patient as being HIV-positive even though the test showed a negative result?

Anonymous said...

Curious as state media did not report his/her nationality . . .

Anonymous said...

99.99% from Black Ant country.

Anonymous said...

What is a worst type of performance of government to its citizens?
To deliver 5 years in a row as the most expensive city in the world. Which means generally the highest costs of living to its citizens.
If you were to deliver the worst performance possible what type of compensation you should get?
Isnt logically the lowest pay possible or the lowest relative pay?
Why are Sinkies still voting the most expensively paid ministers?
Why these ministers dare to pay themselves this kind of obscene salaries and adding further insult gigantic bonuses?

The Psyche of Millionaires said...

These self-serving, self-enriching, self-glorifying and self-praising half-baked beans simply do not care a damn what happened to the common folks.

Do you know why?

Because they are now millionaires. They have achieved higher status. They are wealthy. They have arrived. That makes them different from the rest.

The fact that they have made themselves as millionaires at the expense of the citizens means these selfish beans do not have any conscience. Without conscience to prick them, how do you expect them to have any compassion or sympathy? Without compassion and sympathy, how can they really be bothered to care for the have-nots?

In the history of mankind (a misnomer) it has been like that most of the time. Very few millionaires can really be bothered to care for others, except their own kind. That's why there are millionaires clubs, societies, etc.

Think about it. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

//Little did he know that he should have also tot of fd sufficiency by recycling sewers (& shit) to make NeH2O ... oops no ..... NewFood into can food and served on the table (maciam luncheon meat, preserved fish, lettuce etc) since recycled NeH2O can be bottled or supplied for commercial and household usage?//

How about also recycling shit into ham, butter spread, jam, kaya, even bread, sandwiches, sausage, meat balls, yth, noodles, beehoon, nasi, kuaytiao, dough, tuna spread, buns, taosuan, green bean soup, coffee powder, milo, biscuits, chips, snacks, kueh, hotdog, instant noodles, porridge, minced meat, fish cake ...? Go all the way mah since shit water by almost 6 million population including ah neh, blanga, pinoy, ah tiong, those with STDs, HIV, AIDS, diabetic, high chlorestorol, cancer, infections ..... can be recycled into NeWater