Invasion Day

"Even Australia Day, the national day of the country, is set to commemorate the arrival of the first fleet of British ships at a Sydney port on January 26, 1788, which marks the beginning of Europe's immigration to Australia.

But the white Australians seemed to have overlooked one thing - for indigenous Australians, the day also marks the beginning of an 'invasion'."

Anonymous posted this comment. The British and the other European colonial empires called the day they invaded a country as the Founding Day or National Day or Thanks Giving Day.  Christopher Columbus landed in America and called himself the founder of North America and that day is now celebrated unashamingly as Thanks Giving Day by the white European Americans. The native Americans called it a day of invasion and condemned that day. For on that day the Europeans invaded their land, killed them and took away their land. This is the same as in Australia and other European occupied countries like Canada and New Zealand and many others.

Singapore also has such a day that the stupid happily celebrated as the founding of Singapore by Stanford Raffles. In truth it was the day that the British colonialist invaded the island and claimed it as their own.

Would Singapore and all the countries that were invaded by the colonialists marked that day as the Day of Invasion by the colonialists? 200 years ago on that day Stanford Raffles came. This year Singapore govt is going to celebrate that day in a big way, as the day Singapore was founded by the British pirates or invaders.

What do you think? Should that day be celebrated like a National Day, Independence Day or Invasion Day? Malaysia, India and so many Asian and African countries, would they think about the real significance and meaning of their respective 'founding day' and called it as it really was, Invasion Day?


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Countries with a history of colonialism should have an "Anti-colonialism Day". It will be a day to remind the masses on their loss of freedom and independence to foreign devils. This will strengthen national unity and enhance national pride. Certain Commonwealth countries like Singapore and Australia still have rulers who retain their colonial mentality and commemorate the white man's invasion shamelessly. Dr M recently condemned the invasion of Melaka in 1511 by Portugal. He is a true patriot who does not care two hoots for former colonial white masters.

Anonymous said...

There us no need for Sinkieland to celebrate that Stanford Riffles Day of 1819. It is a waste of resources & tax payers monies la. What is there to celebrate for a cuntry being overrun by foreigners invaders taking away their rice bowl, their livelihood, their spouses, their economy, their jobs & everything in their lives! These dafts can only kpkb or bo bian cos its uniquely Sinkieland & stupidity has no cure!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I have previously said, I am in favour of invasion. If you as a nation of people cannot defend and/or look after the territory you occupy i.e. exercise "responsible stewarship", then you deserved to be CONQUERED and OCCUPIED by a superiror culture.

All culture and race, followed by language, politics and faith (religious or philosophical) are collective epiphenomena of the social aspect of human nature. There is no one "in-charge". The phenomena arise spontaneously, and the systems which evolve are non-linear, or complex.

The systems are deterministic which makes them predictable. However there is a fair degree of randomness to keep these "spontaneous orders" (as Friedrich Hayek called them) in a constant state of flux---evolution; or if they are decaying devolution.

The people living to the right of my home are Indigenous Australians aka "Aboriginals". The people living across and in front of me are Asian.

The my Indigenous neighbours are 100+% super people. They are well-educated and successful. Their home is spotless, as are their cars. As neighbours they are friendly and considerate. On Australia Day, they fly the Australian flag not the "separatist" flag of the Aboriginal Nation.

Sometime ago, some clever white scammers (mostly armed with LAW DEGRESS) decided to get a few gullible Indigenous "stooges" to make a song and dance about turning Australia Day into Invasion Day. They did this not to attone for their White Guilt, but to stimulate the White Guilt amongst the rest of Australia. What better day to do it than on the day people just wanna relax, eat, drink and commune with their kin...not like Aussies, but like humans.

But WHY did these scammers do this? What was their hustle?

The hustle, the big, big...BIG HUSTLE falls under the umbrella of THE VICTIMHOOD INDUSTRY. This is a global industry now, and growing rapidly as more "victims" come online.

The Indigenous people of Australia because of past wrongs by the British Government make the perfect victims to be used as TOOLS for smart scammers to make shit tons of money off the collective guilt of a race (the rest of Australia) where the forebears did some very wrong things.

The "precedent" here is akin to a Singaporean hating today's Japs because their grandmother was raped and murdered by a soldier from the Imperial Army in Syonan-To. One can understand his hatred, but it is for him alone to deal with....not the entire fucking political, legal and TAX systems of the "offending" cuntry.

Thanks to the internet, everyone can witness the explosive THE VICTIMHOOD INDUSTRY almost in real time.

Since a significant majority of todays "modern person" struts around like they are fucking entitled to some awesome life which the world owes them, and is pissed when they don't get it, it's quite undestandable why the VICTIMHOOD INDUSTRY exists. Everyone is a VICTIM. If you're not...then you better find something so you can join the party!

These days we have politically correct shit, gender fluidity (you can be male, female and various combinations...up to around 50 different ones now ), trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, rape culture, feminism...more and more get added as the VICTIMHOOD INDUSTRY grows faster than an Emerging Market Economy. For normal people, this is very bad for their psychology .

When people live in the past and focus on the "wrongs"....or these days, just make some shit up or exaggerate and distort historical fact which then affects the thinking of "sympathizers", this provides opportunity for the scammer to move in. All of a sudden there's A VIABLE MARKET to exploit; and exploit they do.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Cui Bono?

Who benefits? Lawyers, operators who set up "institutions for victims" and receive tax-payer and/ or private funding. The there are the "specialists" who have to "get educated" in fee-collecting tertiary institutions. No money? No problem. There people who are quite willing to put you into college debt, and charge you interest as you struggle for 20, 30 or more years to pay it off. Then there are bloggers, YouTubers etc. those who are active on the net and derive an income from it. For e.g.: YouTube pays ~USD8 per 1000 ad views (used to be $9+). One million views means 8 grand...and it's not difficult to get 1 million views, especially if you sing-song KPKB like a boss. If you can't, don't worry....our culture is full of professional morners from the "Up Lorry" Industry! You can learn from the masters, and practice until you are getting so much cash from Google (YouTube), you can fire your boss.

So yeah folks, VICTIMS can make you a ton of money. Join the party. Support the entitlement mentality and tell everyone that the world owes them a living...because that's EXACTLY what they want to hear....after being badgered and blasted with finger-wagging pith "Be responsible!", "Be motivated and set goals!", "Have positive mental attitude", "Don't quit!"

Fuck you. Be a VICTIM. Much better, a whole lot easier...and lawyers will fight for you!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. On the irony...true story. So I'm here writing about VICTIMHOOD on RB's blog.

Just as I posted, a young ABORIGINAL MAN came up to me (I'm at a cafe outdorrs enjoying my morning brew) and asked me for $1. I gave him $2, 100% increase in his expectation. Not out of the "goodness of my heart" (I have none, I don't do "charity", I calculate everything ).

I gave him $2 as I was performing an experiment and GATHERING DATA. Observe the reaction. Observe the body language, facial expression, any micro-expressions...notice his change in posture, breathing, eye movement.

Good "investment". I got my 2 bucks worth from a "victim".

Just to remind people: I make my living from manipulating people. I also teach others how todo this. I must say, I enjoy my work...alot :-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. #2

Malaysia's entire socil-political-economy is solely based on VICTIMHOOD and ENTITLETMENT. If UMNO and The State didn't look after the Malay Bumis and entitle them to a life, then the Malay Bumis will end up "victims".

Of who, you might ask?

The ruthless and selfish Chinese, that's who. UMNO is out, but Mahathir has and probably will play the same VICTIMHOOD-ENTITLEMENT card, and once again whack the Malaysian Chinese.

b said...

Actually the white men were the last to invade others. The yellow, brown, black people have their share of invasion of others but because it happened too long ago, they were forgotten. We can slowly understand why God select the white men to lead. They are better at treating women. They do not bound women feet, put them behind a burka, treat them like livestocks or playthings. Maybe God is a she.

b said...

The abo women actually have better lives under the white men than abo men who are actually also migrants descents. The abo community should just let the past be past.

Anonymous said...

Scarli the bumis in Singapore declare 9th Aug to be invasion day by the cheenas & ahnehs how? You see the parliament ... mostly invaded by cheenas & ahnehs. Even the prez also not pedigree bumi leh...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"As I have previously said, I am in favour of invasion. If you as a nation of people cannot defend and/or look after the territory you occupy i.e. exercise "responsible stewarship", then you deserved to be CONQUERED and OCCUPIED by a superiror culture."

How about invading foreigners to invade your country without telling the citizens that they are being invaded and the country being taken over by the foreigners/invaders?

Adam Of Eve said...

Invasion of anything (territory, privacy, freedom, dignity, etc.) is good for everyone. It is the only Rule Of Law, running parallel with Impermanence.

Even the tiny virus knows this and use it collectively and very effectively to its fullest advantage.

Those who condemn and shy away the notion or use of invasion are too naive and meek. They deserve to be decimated and eliminated. For not the strongest but the most cunning will survive within the world of human unkind.

This is the reality of existence. Not fake news.

Adam Of Eve said...

Life teaches us some very hard lessons.

The dinosaurs did not learn them.

So were the dodoo birds.

Singaporeans think they are too smart for everyone and everything. They purposely go against all odds and call it uniquely Singapore. How long can you defy the odds?

You can be lucky for 30 years. You can be lucky for 60 years. You won't be lucky for another 60 years. This I am quite sure.

Then how?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> How about invading foreigners to invade your country without telling the citizens that they are being invaded and the country being taken over by the foreigners/invaders? <<

Oh gee, oh deary deary me...that's too bad bro. You know, bad shit happens in our lives. Like I said, if you can't defend it, then you don't deserve to keep it.

But of course one can also resort to the BLAME GAME...or coming out all cylinders firing on the ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY and claiming to be a VICTIM (psst...in Singapore...NO ONE CARES! Have you got it yet? 🤪 )

Look at Duterte, Trump, Putin, Erdogan, MAHATHIR even Asad: All of them are certified TYRANNICAL, EGOTISTICAL and DOMINEERING ASSHOLES. But they have on thing in common: they would never sell out their cuntries and their peoples .

Mahathir wanted to throw George Soros in jail lah for pulling the trigger which started the Asian Currency Crisis.

How's your nationalism today? 😝

b said...

THats the law of nature, the smartest (not biggest, cutest, strongest) will survive.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Next year, Raffles will be ressurected as Founding Father. Harry Lee will be snowballed until he is needed to fool 70% Singaporeans as their Founding Godfather.

Anonymous said...

The Law of Nature says when its time to go, you have to go, no matter how smart, cute or strong. Survival is relative, not absolute.

Mat Salah said...

One can smell a rat if the PAP decides to commemorate the arrival of Raffles in 1819. A snap GE is in the offing. The PAP hopes to ride on the waves of nostalgia and "the good feel" to retain power.

Anonymous said...

India-Singapore CECA Deal Signing Day - the day India nationals would invade Singaporean PMET jobs market !

Anonymous said...

China's President Xi Jinping told visiting United States Secretary of Defense James Mattison on Wednesday that China will not tolerate losing even an inch of homeland that is inherited from ancestors, nor will it claim the land of other nations.

“We cannot lose even one inch of the territory left behind by our ancestors,” said the Chinese leader, according to state media, referring to Taiwan as well as the South China Sea. “What is other people’s, we do not want at all.”

Xi's words echoed the words of Cao Rui, second emperor of the state of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period and grandson of Cao Cao -"we cannot lose even one inch of the territory left behind by our ancestors" after Zhuge Liang (181–234) captured 3 of Wei's provinces.

In the spring of 231, Zhuge Liang finally met his nemesis, Sima Yi, the newly appointed Wei commander. Zhuge Liang died four years later in camp.

Anonymous said...

War between China and the USA is inescapable, inevitable, unavoidable and uncontrollable.

China must be prepared all the time to ensure that she is not caught with pants and panties down again.

Anonymous said...

Ng cheebye ah meng trying to wriggle his way out by implying that Sinkies are stupid.

MPs can pay $365 a year for their can to park anywhere, while citizens have to pay more than twice to park only at one fixed carpark.

Isn't it corrupted thinking giving corrupted justification?

Absolute power has corrupted absolutely!

fairplay said...

The founding of Singapore day should not be a celebration but a commemoration.