HSR - An undiplomatic request through 'diplomatic' channel

"SINGAPORE: Singapore has requested that the Malaysian Government clarify its position on the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail (HSR) project, Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan said in a statement on Friday (Jun 1).

He said that Singapore made this request through "diplomatic channels" following media reports of Malaysia's decision to terminate the project. He also said that Singapore would exercise its rights to compensation if the project was terminated.

"We have informed the Malaysian Government that Singapore is continuing to incur costs on this project as it awaits Malaysia’s clarification, and that in the event Malaysia terminates the project, Singapore will study the implications and exercise our rights (including any right to compensation for expenses incurred) in accordance with the terms of the HSR bilateral agreement," said Mr Khaw."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-asks-malaysia-to-clarify-position-on-kl-singapore-hsr-10315158

The above is the request made by Singapore to Malaysia on their unilateral cancellation of the project, without consulting Singapore. It was a rather rude and undiplomatic way to cancel a major contract between two states, in the style of Donald Trump. Singapore is offended for sure. Not a whisper and just say no and that's it.

To be fair to Mahathir, he was not targeting, Singapore was not his main concern. His has to cancel the project because he was going after Najib. Singapore's reaction in the media, calling it through 'diplomatic channels' is as undiplomatic as the undiplomatic diplomats attacking China openly on the South China Sea island dispute with the Philippines only to back down when China slammed them real hard. 

The content in the media is as good as telling Mahathir to explain, and Singapore would not take his one sided decision as final, and would continue to work on the project and billed him should the project be finally cancelled. Is this diplomatic? How would Mahathir react to such a public spat?

Yes, this is going to become a public spat. And the last thing Singapore needs is another public cross border spat with Malaysia. Mahathir has shown his middle finger to the Americans as well as you know who. In this case, Mahathir see no one up and he may simply throw the project file into a corner of his room for the next two years without looking at it. What can Singapore do about it? Go to the ICJ and start another international litigation process?

If Singapore treasures its good relations with Malaysia, it is best to deal with this case between the ministries, and not under the spotlight. What good is it to Singapore to show that it has balls and standing up to Malaysia and Mahathir? Do not be surprise that Singapore may come out and say, for good relations between the two states, Singapore would waive all compensation for the work done on the project and say it would renegotiate with the future govt when things are favourable.

But fighting cocks are fighting cocks and cannot resist a fight. Another show is brewing. Just wait for Mahathir to open his mouth on this. Rubbing up Mahathir the wrong way is not helpful at this point in time. Lim Guan Eng has diplomatically said that the project may be revived in the future. But to demand Mahathir to explain in the media and telling him Singapore would not take no for an answer without explanation is totally unnecessary and provocative.

And this was what Lim Eng Guan advised Singapore, diplomatically.

"Let him (Mahathir) move at his own pace," added Mr Lim. "I'm sure I'll get the necessary directions when it's ready. You don't pressure the Malaysian prime minister."

Mr Lim said that Malaysia "understand(s) the sensitivity ... that the cancellation of these projects has cost to neighbouring countries".  CNA


Anonymous said...

A repeat of the Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare in modern Sinkieland version. Shy-Long & Kaw Wan claiming their 'pound of flesh' from Antonio (aka Dr M of Matland), probably Dr M need a good lawyer Portia to fight the case..wala another classic story of Shakespeare happen in modern days here between the neighbors, lets the wayang for real..

Anonymous said...

In September 2012, China President Xi Jinping cancelled a planned meeting with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

After that snub, a lot of spite was seen from the little red dot especially on the South China Sea issue, and the tasteless jokes on China before an audience in Washington.

True Buddhists Are Kind & Patient said...

Who the fuucks the Caw thinks he is? He is getting too big for his shoes. And he is trying to distract attention from his unsolved MRT perennial problems.

He is actually a traitor to the Malaysian People to have deserted Malaysia for lucrative rewards given by the PAP using taxpayers' money making him instant Multi-Millionaire.

Tun Dr Mahathir will in good time teach this outright rude, vicious, greedy and treacherous ex-Malaysian a good lesson he will never forget.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Pinky Loong,

You want to spar with that Lau Cheow??? 80% you get injuries.

Ex-Matland Refugee made GOOD in SinkieLand.Remember your Roots.

DONT make my sometimes Twice a month Soujourn Trips to Genting a hassle.

Six hours at the Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints.

Anonymous said...

What are the options open to Malaysia?

1. Not to renew the water-supply contract in 2026.

2. Increase tariff on export of fruits and vegetables to Singapore.

3. Levy tax on imports from Singapore.

4. Allow China to deploy anti-aircraft rada and guns in Johore.

5. Close rank with China to attack Singapore's economic front.

6. Take back civil aviation control of airspace.

7. Confiscate illegal investments by Singaporeans in Malaysia.

8. Impose sanctions on Singapore.

9. Restrict travels from Singapore to Malaysia.

10. Intensify customs checks at the Causeways and Airports on Singapore arrivals and departures.

11. Increase police checks on Malaysian roads for Singapore registered vehicles.

12. Declare Khaw Boon Wan as a Persona Non Grata on the basis that he has betrayed his Malaysian Citizenship.

13. More to come ....

Anonymous said...

When comes to politics, Singaporean ministers are way behind. They are all good civil servants at best. Not leaders who can convince and garner support. Most cases, they rely on carrots and canes to achieve their goals.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is sore with the Pedra Branca case going to the Hague and ruled in favour of Singapore. He is also sore with the amount of profit made out of cheap water from Johore, and not being able to renegotiate for an increase in water rates for raw water from Johor.

All these issues have hardened the man to the point that he knows giving way to Sinkieland is not his cup of tea. Like the people of Hougang, hardened by unfair treatment and bullying tactics from the PAP, that made them support the WP for decades.

Now Sinkies know that all that myth about appreciation in value with asset enhancements given to HDB dwellers in PAP supporting wards are coming back to haunt them. HDB flats, whether enhanced or not, are losing value not appreciating, once they are more than 40 years old. Unable to counter the reality, the PAP is keeping quiet on the issue, which means that all HDB dwellers will have to live with zero value HDB flats when the lease is up and it is 'you die your business'.

Who would have thought that Mahathir would return as PM to haunt Ah Loong, who was betting on Najib to continue his rule.

Mahathir also said that he is going to build an island near to Pedra Branca, to be used as a bargaining chip in years to come. There are many things he can do on that island and Sinkieland can do nothing about it, since it belongs to them.

Mahathir is a wily old fox. His cancellation of the HSR has not been officially conveyed to Sinkieland, and in the words of Lim Guan Eng, may be reviewed and not discontinued altogether. Maybe they want to renegotiate for a better price, once they find out whether premiums have been added to inflate the cost. Who knows?

Meanwhile that has ruffled Ah Loong and Khaw and left them fretting and jumping up and down. Mahathir is just acting like N Korean Kim. He lets out test balloons that makes people jump up and down and then he acts as if that does not happen. What a guy!

Anonymous said...


You correct!

But many many many many singaporelangs still visited them everyday!

Like that how? What should we do then? Suggestions?

Anonymous said...

At 1004:

"Like that how? What should we do then? Suggestions?"


If Singapore wants Peace, Friendship and Good Neighbors, then sack Khaw Boon Wan without delay!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The HSR is part of the OBOR project. Dr Mahathir is scrutinising the agreement signed between a Dishonourable Son and a Dishonourable PM. If everything is in order, the HSR will be constructed as the benefits far outweigh the cons. KBW should be more diplomatic instead of making threats as the new Malaysian government is presently busy cleaning up its House. Following the style of his colleague, Shanmugam in demanding answers will not sit well with Dr Mahathir. KBW's arrogance will sour up relations with Malaysia. He lacks the political finesse.

Anonymous said...

You know KBW shoots from the hip and shoots his own foot all the time.

Remember the suggestion of putting our old folks in old folks home in JB? Remember the Yaw Shin Leong remarks that came back to haunt him? Remember his remark that he volunteered for the Transport Minister's position that is still haunting him with mounting problems?

Rest assured it will end up alright, because he will just say 'I look silly'.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will not pay a single cent to Spore Lah on the cancelation of HSR project ... Mahathir will try to drag or even prolong or postpone it, maybe Mahathir or the new govt or whoever takes over will just say "...pay? ...alamak we aren't Pay and Pay..we Otang Otang can? Or we never say never wanto pay wat? We only postpone the project boleh kak?.."

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ All the Singa-putras:

Trying to explain the behaaviour from a very complex nd complicated person like Dr Mahathir is a futile exercise.

The man has no love for the Singapore government, that we can be sure. However I don't think he bears any animus toward the average Singaporean. In fact, he has openly criticised the PAP for their "dirty tricks"...while I am quite sure th old, wiley Dr M has a few "proprietery" dirty tricks of his own.

If you were observant, you would spot a few; the first being his almost denial of his Indian heritage and identifiction as a Bumiputra Malay.

You have to appreciate that Dr M was a stalwart in UMNO, and although they're apart for the moment, there is a good chance that old alliances will be rekindled quite soon.

UMNO and the PAP have a coloured history. UMNO, from the very begining couldn't stand the young, bold, ambitious and charismatic Lee Kuan Yew. He posed such a threat to Malay-dominance of (then) Malaya, the cuntry, that UMNO had to engineer the EXPULSION of Singapore from the Federation.

Racist politics and a racially-centered culture held back Malaysia progress. 50 or so years later, the facts are obvious: Singapore's meritocracy-based culture beat Malaysia's racial polity HANDS DOWN. Compared to the verdant natural biosphere of Malaysia, Singapore is scarce in natural resources...even the most basic of all resources: land, and fresh water.

And yet, we've beaten the fuckout of them...so much so that our currency's purchasing power makes the Ringgit look like fake money.

So yah. Mahathir has a lot to not like about the PAP Singapore Govt. We also have some bonus face-slaps for Dr M:

1. We are friendly with the USA
2. We are friendly with Israel
3. We have good relations with Sultan of Johor (who hates the Putrajaya bureaucracy)

So go ahead Dr M, do your worst. Most of us will still be here when you're gone πŸ’€πŸ‘»...so tick-tock motherfucker, your time is running out!🀑

Anonymous said...

The sex pervert motherfucker Matilah Singapura may die of AIDS before Dr Mahathir. This always happens when some son of a bitch wishes the elders to die when they are of age. Karma is a birch, as someone puts it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1135,

Please lah, everyone starts dying the moment they're born. So tick tick to you too motherfucker, your own clock is running, and your time running out. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

BTW, go and learn some fucking science, you illiterate fool: There no such "thing" as KARMA πŸ€–πŸ‘½

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.07

You are right.Mathtahir will just Tak Bodoh. What's farking costs and charges running everyday??

Project even not started. Try to cheat your GrAnd Chok Chok??

Anonymous said...

11.35 am, I am afraid to tell u that matilar does not have AIDS but he does have VD which he passed to his love one via incest. According to a GP who treated his family members, all also Kena from Mother, Wife, sisters and daughters. He even try to have a fast one on his nieces but was warded off by their mothers.😰

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah, Karma is not just about getting old and die.

It's about how you conduct yourself in the course of your natural life.

Karma is RETRIBUTIONS for all the wrongs and sins that you have committed towards your fellow men and animals.

Many u know just like you pooched pooched this topic calling it a farce and bullshits.

Who are these creatures??, They are the Ones in denial for they knew that they have committed heinous sins that no one even the highest Almighty God cannot save them.

That's why they are adamant that karma is bullshits.

FYI, I have seen those suffering in old age a very distressing and slow death and in their course of life had done many wrongs to even their own kins

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo!

When one is intoxicated with greed, sex and arrogance, they will never believe in Karma.

It is an exercise in futility trying to broach the subject to unbelievers.

Anonymous said...

Matland PeeAm realized one hard truth Karma : " ..Stay away from Ah LONG s ..or you will have a Hell out of your life.."

Virgo49 said...

Hi All, Let's me just relate a Sad and tragic case of one of my in-law,who in now in his five years of Coma.

He was quite rich considering been a Pioneer Born at that hard times.

His younger bro is a poor soul all struggling his whole life. Been humble and likable he was recommended a lobang to tender for
a contract to open a cafe in a small golfcourse.
Within no capitals, he had to rope
in his elder bro for the joint venture.

They managed to secure the contract.As the elder brother has the capitals, he let him run the business whilst he considered himslef as an employee.

As time go on, business is doing ok and he found some reliefs in not having to work so hard as a sandblaster in a shipyard.

Human greed knew no bound.The Elder bro start to have his own children working in the cafe and drawing much higher salaries than him. He been a simpleman kept quiet.

The last straw they asked him to leave and he has to work in a shipyard again.

At aged just less than 60, he had a heartattack and died on the spot. He had to support his family and even had no time look into his health. But I was glad that he just passed a away very peacefully.

Now, the elder bro. Currently, still in coma the last five years.

His eldest son died of cancer.His own daughter also died of cancer.

To me, it's a sort of retributions for the wrongs that he had done.

So, please believe in KARMA.

Anonymous said...

Khaw ought to be executed if S'pore really still actively spending / paying money for HSR matters.

Once Mahat opened his mouth to cancel the HSR, S'pore should have also immediately put any HSR planning / preparation activities on hold & stop paying running costs to any external engineers, consultants, surveyors, architects, planners etc.

The only cost to S'pore now is (1) what was already spent for HSR before Mahat opened his mouth, and (2) opportunity cost going forward if govt wants to reserve the land site for future HSR revival.

Opportunity cost cannot be calculated / predicted with certainty. E.g. Singapore can be hit with a severe world-wide recession from 2019-2021 and all land prices drop -40% (like what happened during Asian Financial Crisis & dot-com bust / SARS recessions). Who can predict?!?

As goodwill gesture, Singapore should just ask Malaysia for the actual $$$$$ that S'pore has spent so far, and not use the legal contract to demand the large punitive liquidated damages. Singapore likes to use legal contract with oversized LD to tekan its own people. But using this method for foreign relations is only asking for trouble.

Virgo 49 said...

Little do they know that their plans go awry and hair wire.

Man proposed and another Man disposed.

Sinkieland contracts with other contractors and consultants may have heavy penalty compensations.

That's business. You win some, you lose some.

Sake of diplomatic relations, Must not go overboard and stick to what's curry laws and pork legs laws.

Anonymous said...

Greed, incompetence. Over-bearing. Over-confidence. Think Too Highly Of Self (e.g punching above own weight, paying self obscene salary and bonuses, ownself check ownself) and being too arrogant and cocky. All these are the trade marks of the present bunch of Ministers of Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Just own self explain to own self will do for not having foresight for implementing such big mega cross country project. Of course ordinary people will never never understand why?

Anonymous said...

It is the Ministers who never understand (pretend not to understand), not the ordinary people. The elites study too much until they lost all their common sense. The ordinary people have a lot of common sense, in order to survive. They understand fully well what have been and are still going on.

Anonymous said...

Oh! some one could have failed the subject Business and the Government.

Anonymous said...

Not some. All failed!

Anonymous said...

I predict Matilah will mati within the next 2 years. Killed by the ang moh in a brawl in one of the drinking joints or red light areas. And his dead body dumped into a rubbish bin in the back-lane.

Anonymous said...

Xi Jin Ping became China strong man.
Donald Trump became US President.
Mahathir became Malaysia PM.
Loongie & all his ministers got all above wrong. You tell me got talent/foresight or not? Exceptional talent, 1st among equal, his father like to boast? Or the reality is very ordinary & mediocre calibre & limited bookworm talent only but with exceptional gross over-pay. What you think?

Dr Talk Alot said...

You are 100% correct. The present bunch of Ministers are just mediocre talents, unable to foresee and fore-plan.

The open-ended budgets for the mega projects such as Changi Airport Terminal Five anx Tuas Mega Port are clear examples of lack of foreward planning abilities. The over-expenditure on the Youth Olympics by 5 times was another clear indication of sheer lack of talent in planning and experience.

The recent spate of frantic and desperate increases in taxes and prices of water and electricity are also obvious indications of lack of forward planning abilities.

Many more examples ....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ illeterate idiots

Eh, fuckers update your education and objectivity lah. No wonder this cuntry is stuck.

Fortuntely, all is not lost. At least the Sheeple had the good sense to vote for people educated in science, engineering and math. Singapore's PM is a math wiz. The cabinet is full of doctors and engineers. Thank FUCK for that.

Lucky those fuckers who still elieve in KARMA in 2018 are not running the cuntry!!

So Virgo et al---you guys can just continue living in your delusions. At least you are not running the cuntry, or doing anything of import that could potentially affect others.

Sometimes nature awards humanity by preventing deluded people from holding positions of responsibility.

P.S. There is no such thing as Karma. Go get a decent fucking education, or die stupid. πŸ€£πŸ€“

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ AnonymousJune 05, 2018 10:08 pm

>> I predict Matilah will mati within the next 2 years. Killed by the ang moh in a brawl in one of the drinking joints or red light areas. And his dead body dumped into a rubbish bin in the back-lane.

First of all, get a fucking decent education you illiterate fool.

You are not making a "prediction". You are merely speculating or as we say "any how hantam gasak buta". Your "guess" comes from SPITE not from any intellectual capacity to demolish my arguments.

Like I said, do a course or class and get some "smarts" into that air-head of yours. Think of how much better you'll be to your cuntry...you could turn out to be an "asset" instead of being a useless waste of oxygen.

Now, I could "retaliate" by coming right back at you and say:

Hey anon 1008: I am hoping that all your children get cancer and die slowly, followed by the rest of your family...and that you survive long enough to experience their suffering...all the best... πŸ˜’πŸ’€πŸ’€⚰️⚰️

...yes, I could say that to you. But I won't, because I'm a nice guy πŸ‘Anyway, all the best.

Anonymous said...


Virgo 49 said...

Like I said those bananas who thinks that they are smarter than the rest and those who had committed so many hideous sins that they knew themselves will never believe in Karma.

In their hearts and souls, they are tormenting daily in their minds as the years go by and they are nearer and nearer to meet their makers.

These are the hideous creatures who pooched pooched this belief and called those who believe as superstitious illerates and morons.

They are just like the Whites who believed that their only GOD is the Saviour of all and thus they can commits whatever sins and injustices and yet they are SAVED as they had already believed in HIM.

The Belief of Karma in the mind of those who believed it is to moderate their course of life to be more merciful and loving and have a more meaningful life.

Those as one bro said who are intoxicated with Greed, Vengeance will have no qualms of having what they want without consideration of their fellow men.

Well,Matailah, wish you well that one fine day you be not filled with regrets for not believing in Karma.

b said...

Actually God is the only saviour. Its better to believe in this than to believe some assholed leaders are saviours. Many in history forced the people to believe they were the saviours and made a big mess out of the world.

Anonymous said...

Politicians have no beliefs in God. Any belief is a hindrance to their agenda and actions.

Any politician with invoking religious beliefs is just using the name of God to control his sheep, and make them do what he wants. It is a fake belief.

George W Bush said that God talks directly to him to do what he does. You believe that devil?

Anonymous said...

It is very clear who has education and who not.

Having a little bit of knowledge is not education.

Believe in one thing or completely not believe is not education.

Using vulgar languages and being rude and crude is not what an educated man would project himself.

After spelling out his cursing at others in full with venom and viciousness, and then say I won't do it because I am a nice guy is just a cowardly way of cursing others yet trying to cunningly and slimily make others think that he is a nice guy is downright pathetic and shameful. This is not education either.

In these days, knowledge can be easily obtained by just googling it. This kind of knowledge is not education.

An educated person is much much more than just being able to argue in order to win. Winning at all cost and at all time is itself not education.

A self-centred, self-praising, egoistic, vulgar, rude, crude and shameless person is definitely NOT AN EDUCATED PERSON but SOMETHING ELSE!

Anonymous said...

u wan,u can hav jib.
i no wang.

Anonymous said...

The ones who believe in the true & only Saviour and are saved will be kind, truthful and compassionate; loving God & loving men.
The ones who profess belief in the true & only Saviour and still remain cruel, self-centered, and untruthful remain as unsaved sinners as fake deceived believers. In short hypocrites. It is written, "In that Day many will stand before me and said Lord, Lord did we not prophesized in your Name, and in your Name cast out demons and performed all kinds of miracles. And I will said to them, I never knew you, depart away from me, you evil doers".

He said to the (true) sheep, " I was hungry and you fed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, etc...enter into my rest, you good and faithful servants".
There is no partiality in God, the Judge. Kiss His Son, lest His anger be kindled.

Virgo 49 said...

Just one very good example of the retribution of Karma is John Mcckaine the Republican Senator and self pompous American Hero who is so proud in announcing his feats in the Vietnam War.

Now,seriously going mad battling with brain cancer.

Karma will haunt you when the time is ripe.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 844:

Good rejoinder mate! πŸ‘Œ

Don't worry, I do not take myself seriously, and yes, I am roaming the same streets as you...and your loved ones.🀑

I'm kidding, I am really a nice guy.🀘