Because you voted for it

Why are there so many foreigners having good jobs and PMETs jobsless or driving taxis?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners rushing to come here and finding jobs so easy but you trying to get out because you can't find a job?
Because you voted for it.

Why are you being bullied by foreigners who are now your superior?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners getting full time employment and you are employed on short term contract or part time?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners buying private properties and you buy HDB flats?
Because you voted for it.

 Why are foreigners buying HDB flats to sell to your with profits to return to their home countries?
Because you voted for it.

Why are there so many foreigners given citizenships?
Because you voted for it.

Why is the CECA upgraded?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we being paid in the millions and you have to tighten your belts?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we robbing your CPF savings?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we so repressive?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we spending millions and billions to give scholarships to foreigners instead of your children?
Because you voted for it.

Why, why, why?
Because you voted for it.

Know what you are voting for. Vote for your own interest and your own good.
Don't vote away your good life and the future of your children and grandchildren.
Vote wisely.


Virgo49 said...

Singaporeans or now better known as Sinkies been from young been castrated by the PAP as early as in Childcare/Nursey to National Slavery and thereof to Adulthood that they have no more "Hoods" like the Malaysians to dare VOTE for change.

They been immobilized by their massive debts as created by the PAY AND PAY government as well as by their own Stupidity.

Fears of losing all their imaginary so called Assets that they won't dare a chance to vote otherwise.

Plus the Fears Propaganda thru the Years as drummed by the PAP that they are the only Capable Saviours to save you from the DOOM that they are been paralyzed into Inaction for dare to change.

Only out of desperation when the Bubbles as craeted by this Regime are burst and when their real liviehoods are in deep despairs will they be ready to vote otherwise.

jjgg said...

RB suffering from weekend world cup blues eh.. Did the PAP ever itemize what their platform was? No specifics right!! Blame the oppos for not bringing the fight to the PAP.. get them to commit to what their governing philosophy is. Look at the recent Malaysian election.. pointed references to the filth n crime existing in the system .. we only get the ggovernment and the oppos we deserve .. U get a better oppo n a better government will follow

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

70% voters must be masochists as they relished the pain inflicted on them by the PAP government. The state-controlled MSM are subservient to their masters and provide fake palliatives to
numb voters into believing that the PAP government leaves no one behind. The next GE will decide the fate of future generations.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think just trying to atrribute one single cause (voting for Team PAP) to a bunch of illusions of problems (yes, there are no problems lah...it's just people not being able to adjust to change nor willing to shift their world-views, and subsequently, their actions).

As I've said before, because immigration is policy driven. In those policies there are INCENTIVES the govt hands out (education scholarships, no NS, HDB flat etc), and as we know human actors respond to incentives.

Western-democratic Welfare States are well aware of this phenomenon but since they change govts every 4-5 years, it never gets fixed and thats why they have HUGE PROBLEMS (the real deal, not the "fake news" of Singapore's illusion). People respond to incentives, thus you get (literally in Australia's case) boat loads of indigent people from "shithole cuntries" coming over with great expectations, which often get realised.

For e.g.: In the Shithole Cuntry they earn (if they are lucky to have a job) USD1-5 per day. There's no medical worth a damn, kids receive sub-standard education, women have no status...all in all a shithole life which is to be expected living in a shithole cuntry.

Emigrating to Rich Whiteland comes with all the benefits: dole USD 10k-60k per year, minimum wage of ~USD 15k+ per year, free edu, universal healthcare, women have rights....why the hell won't you do the same if you lived in a shithole too?

So they come over to the rich west, populated by Guilty White People who are still "hung-up" over the brutality and assholery of their ancestors, who dominated most of the world through "colonialization".

The Guilty White Folks's culture is largely influenced by Christian ideas---like "help the poor". It also gets complicated with the ideas of manifest destiny and whiteman's burden. But nonetheless, the western democracies all have universal healtcare and education in place, as well as social safety nets originally designed to help citizens thru bad times. About 60 years ago that spirit was destroyed by the INCENTIVE of paying people to be dependent on the system.

Economic fact: If you subsidise something, you will get MORE OF IT (response to incentives)

So Singapore, it's not a problem...yet. The govt is supposed to be smart...that's why Singapore doesn't run a welfare state. It has welfare, but whatever "help" it has is fully funded and has strict rules to combat "freeloaders".

Singapore benefits from open boarders. Yes, there are a few losers, but in general open borders is good.

Just stop giving away "free stuff" to the newly-arrived. We are supposed to be a meritocracy....that means you want something, then go fucking work for it.

Adam Of Eve said...

The crux of all the ills, sufferings, oppression repression, depression, obsession, regression, manipulation, deception, outright arrogance and complete disregard to human conscience and decency rest upon the shoulders of the selfish, cowardly and disunited voters. Many of them have brains to think but they simply choose the path of least troublesome, the path of status quo. Better vote for the known devil than vote the deep blue sea (the unknown and untried).

This always happens when a people has enjoyed a period of relative comfort and refuse to forego what they have painstakingly achieved but not realising that the tide has already changed.

Such situation is the prelude to the final collapse of society, the complete chaos, the despair, the hopelessness and the madness.

In fact, the madness has already begun. Someone here has written a serues of madness before. It's a pity he has called it quits and stopped writing.

If fate is playing against the people, no one person, nor a group of persons, can stop the churning wheel from rolling down the avalanching mountain side....

The final collapse of the seemingly rosy Singapore Society is sure to happen. It is not if, but when.

Anonymous said...

PAPies is like the once renown Americuns comedy series 'You Asked For It!' Its sheeple r Dafts & deserves to get this type of a u asked for it govt & be treated juz as it be asshed whole.

Anonymous said...

Our politicians, MPs and ministers take strongly to their entitlement. So because of the power they hold they feel they are naturally entitle to sinful astronomical high pay while majority of the citizens struggle with meager pay for survival. They are a mediocre lot who will eventually drag Singapore down the drain to hell.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

So Singapore, it's not a problem...yet. The govt is supposed to be smart...that's why Singapore doesn't run a welfare state. It has welfare, but whatever "help" it has is fully funded and has strict rules to combat "freeloaders". Matilah

Fully funded, by who, by what? CPF savings of the people? By the nation's reserves?

Anonymous said...

Probably, actually partially or fully funded by the people itself in the name of all kinds of direct/indirect taxes like GST, COEs, Cpf, or u name it taxes Akan datang, the G no need to come out a single cent at all as wat Uncle Leong has speculated from the G cashflow perspectives, the G is indeed smart in managing monies by a mathematician Ah Long san & its cronies Heng Ah ..

Anonymous said...

The dressing is very nice and beautiful, you believe, only you are preparing to be sucked.

Anonymous said...

Sg is like that liao.

Our national hobby is kpkb kpkb and kpkb.

But when come to voting.......PAP!

Sg is like that liao!

Everyone 'boh-chup'!

All are so very busy......3Ms!

Sg is like that liao!

So be happy and worry less!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Fully funded, by who, by what? <<

Just adding to anon 1123...

If they have to get the money, they will by hook or crook. (Probably more like hook AND crook) 🤣

The Singapore govt is run by Singaporeans, meaning they have been brought up in a money-savvy, lui-worshipping culture, so if it came to a point where they needed the money...the money will appear 🦄 like magic.

Of course there's no such thing as 'magic'....but the govt have a range of options to choose from....everything from COE, to CPF to land tax, GST....leave it to Singaporeans to dream up a scam....I mean scheme to create money or aquire O.P.M. (Other Peoples' Money aka S.S.L : Sleeping Sheeples' Lui)

And of course, we have a shit-tonne of Reserve....unless someone has done a "Najib Disappearing Job", the money is still there.

The PAP have a war-chest....i.e. enough O.P.M. in the kitty to bribe voters prior to any election it wants to call, at anytime.

C'mon lah, we know all their tricks...yet The Singaporean Sheeple keep falling for the same old gambits everytime. Without Fail. 🤜 🤛 👍 🤟

Anonymous said...

In GE2020 you'll see PAP get 70%-75% of the votes. Why?? Coz when things get tougher, Sinkies automatically go to PAPies. They love to be ass-fucked --- DNA evolution after 59 years of PAPpy rule & passed down in the genes from parent to children.

Anonymous said...

Proposed Slogan For GE 2020
"I'm tired of just surviving. I want more."

b said...

Sinkies are silly. Its in their dna so they stay around instead of moving to countries that are cheaper and better. So many europeans and asians moving to au and nz. Sinkies so near but yet so scare.

Anonymous said...

I did not vote for them!

Blame the 70% walking dead!

I did not vote for the unelected President either!

Who to blame for that?

Still must blame the 70%!

Adam Of Eve said...
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Adam Of Eve said...

Fame and Glory Are More Important Than Family Values?

The following is an excerpt from
Augustine Low's article on the 38 Oxley Road saga - one year on, published at TR Emeritus website:

"As long as there is bickering over the fate of 38 Oxley Road, as long as PM Lee refuses to accept the finality of his father’s last will and testament, as long as Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Suet Fern remain in self-exile, as long as Li Shengwu is unable or unwilling to return home because of contempt of court proceedings against him, as long as Lee Wei Ling simmers with discontent, we have the House of Lee in tatters.

And a fallen House of Lee threatens to undermine the memory and the legacy of Lee Kuan Yew.

Why is the family central to the life’s philosophy and legacy of Lee Kuan Yew? Perhaps his most revealing thoughts came in an interview with American journalist and TV host Fareed Zakaria in 1994.

Telling Fareed in his usual emphatic manner that “family came first,” Lee elaborated: “It (the family) is the basic concept of civilisation. Governments will come, governments will go, but this (the family) endures.”

Seeing those words in the context of what has happened since the passing of Lee Kuan Yew – the seemingly irrevocable fallout among the children and grandchildren – it is unfortunate, even heartbreaking, that the last thing he wanted to happen happened.

Finally, we have also learnt in the past week about the richness of life’s ironies. PM Lee has been so staunchly leading Singapore as gracious host for the Trump-Kim summit, and as advocate for peace in the Korean peninsula and peace in the world, yet peace for the Lee family has taken a backseat, still as remote and elusive as ever."

Singapore's taxpayers' money of $20 to $50 million have been spent to glorify Singapore as a "Peace Centre" - to play host to the peace process of the Korean War. It was a terrible and horrendous war that killed millions of people from 1950 to 1953, some 68 years ago. And today most countries hope that the Trump-Kim Summit held in Singapore on 12 June would lead to a conclusive amicable end of the longest war in human history.

Yet, ironically, at our own backyard, the Lee Family Feud does not seem to have any light at the end of the tunnel. I really hope it does not last as long as the Korean War!

It baffles me that a national leader like PM Lee is able to put so much focus, time, money and efforts to help bring peace to the World, yet not even bothered to put half of such focus, time, money and efforts onto his own family's peace process. In fact, it seems, the contrary is taking place, with Li Shengwu's contempt of court charge still hanging in mid-air above his head.

You voted for it! What can you say?
I think you won't even dare to say anything. If you dare, you would have changed your voting pattern. Am I right?

Q said...

I did not and have not voted for it. I have not and will not change my voting pattern. So, I can say something, can't I?

I see a power struggle within the family. I see Li Shengwu has been identified as a probable threat to challenge Li Hong Yi for the top leadership position in Singapore. Even though Shengwu has repeatedly declared in no uncertain terms that he would not want to go into politics.

On the other hand, Li Hong Yi said he was not interested .... but, however, "if called upon to serve" the country he would have no choice.

See the qualifying second half of the statement? Very cleverly put forth. A reserved condition, just in case there is a need to change his mind. So that the public cannot throw stones at him.

Irrespective of whether Li Shengwu would enter politics or not, in order to make 100% sure (as kiasu as kiasu can be), it is best to get rid of him, disqualify him as early as possible, correct? Therefore, when an opening arise, use it. Contempt of court, if found guilty, can be sentenced to a $3000 fine. The amount of $3000 fine would disqualify anyone from contesting in any general election or by-election.

The above are just my assumptions, analysis and projection. I may be wrong. If so, I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are jealous because they are not good enough to compete. Always cry foul when they lose to more talented foreigners. Jus because you were born in Singaporeans does not entitle you to be spoon fed. When it comes to competing on a level playfield, Singaporeans cannot hold a candle to the talented foreigners. Foreign talents especially for India are more hard working and better employees. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

2.52 am posted so late at night? I think u needed to be fucked to wake up your silly brain. What fucking level playing field are u talking about? Do FT needs to serve two years NS and10 years reservist? Don't cherry pick ok. What u need is to be sodomised by an Indian and u will wake up after the painful or pleasure experience depending on your orientation.

RB, I did not vote for it but still Kena lar. To have level playing field go work in HK wherre there is no reservist to do lor q

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 2.52am, if these foreigners are so talented, their countries would not be famous for being slum cities and associated with the third world. They could not even manage their countries to look like countries but slums everywhere.

How talented can they be? They just hopped into Singapore to ride on it because the stupid in charge of Singapore helped them to do so. Without Singapore offering them jobs for their dubious degrees, they would be stuck in the slums of their respective countries, jobless.

They should thank the traitors for allowing them to come here pretending to be talented.

Anonymous said...

What talent you are talking about when more than 60% of its population did not have toilets to shit and have to shit under the sky, in the open?

Anonymous said...

Iceland, a country with a population of only 330,000 which rarely makes headlines, has made the world stand in awe after its soccer team tied with Argentina over the weekend.

Look at the team of Singapore, a country with a population of 3.4 million Sinkies and 2.5 million foreigners. Like sai !

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.52am

If all foreigners are so talented, they would not have to pay so much money to agents to come here to work.

And Anon 9.04 said it all? They do not have talents to even build proper toilets!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 252 & believers in "talent"

"Talent" is a nice thing to have. However natural talent or attributes are rare in nature. People who get lucky in the "genetic" or "ovarian" lottery are definitely outliers simply because of randomness. Most of us fall in the "bell" of the distribution---just normal day to day folks.

Replicated studies have shown that talent is vastly overrated. Sure, natural attributes like beauty, good well-proportioned looks will win you beauty contests and modelling contracts...but if you are going to use your brains and physique, then you are going to have to acquire the necessary skills, and then apply them in whatever MARKET you choose.

Our modern lives are a series of interconnected markets: friendship, relationship and companionship markets, job/ professional life markets, economic and finance markets, what-to-do-with-leisure-time markets, and so on. We act in these markets to "get stuff" or "get stuff done". Whether we are aware or not, there's always goals we direct our actions toward. In every market you have to deploy "capital" . You reap either a gain or a loss. e.g.: in the relationship market you have to deploy the capital of your time, attention, generosity, tolerance, respect, good humour....and hopefully you will reap the benefit of a good relationship. Once you withdraw capital, your relationship begins to fail.

Our brains are prediction engines, and our human life is anchored in one basic axiom: Humans Act. To choose not to act is itself an action. [Over simplifying for illustration] So our brains predict what we need---right now or in the future, and choose actions. e.g.: Hungry? We need food. If we (take the actions to) seek food and consume it we predict that we won't be hungry any longer.

This is why consistent goal-directed actions---adjusted to correct for errors and adapt to environmental changes---eventually yields results. They could be desired results or not. Other factors come into play, like RANDOM EVENTS. However you improve the odds (probability) of success by sustained objective-focused action. Hey man, it's in the math. Even if you don't believe the "gurus", trust the math.

So fuck talent. Talent can give the actor a false sense of security by believing themselves "better than" the competition. (all markets have some form of competition). The studies I mentioned suggest that the singular most important attribute for "success" is G R I T .

Most Singaporeans have become complacent and arrogant. They also tend to overvalue themselves: their skills and positive attributes. Enter the foreigners who are a lot more "hungry and motivated" i.e. they have More Grit than the Entitlement-Minded Singaporean. Sorry folks, the science seems to be pretty darn established at this point.

You can check out the work of Chinese-American psychologist Angela Duckworth on her research on grit.

Here's a Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/margaretperlis/2013/10/29/5-characteristics-of-grit-what-it-is-why-you-need-it-and-do-you-have-it/

Anonymous said...

It boils down to the rules of jungle.

Anonymous said...

talent dies young.eg michael jesson

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans haven't yet learned their lesson!!!