White men speaking in fork tongue

Trump signed an agreement with Kim and publicly announced that there would be no more war games in the Korean Peninsular. Immediately the US Army said that the US Forces in South Korea do not come under the Summit agreement between Trump and Kim. What does this mean, the US Forces can continue to do what they want, ignoring what the President of the USA has said in public?

The Americans continued to say that only major war games will stop, like Max Thunder, Foal Eagle and Freedom Guardian involving tens of thousands of troops. Smaller military exercises would continue. The Americans are trying to split hairs, saying one thing and doing another. The intent of the Americans is to continue with their military exercises and provocations against the North Koreans.

The South Koreans even told the North Koreans to withdraw the latter’s artillery pieces further from the DMZ. On the other hand there is nothing about the deployment of the American Thaad or other artillery pieces in the South. And nothing about the American forces withdrawing from South Korean.
It seems that the Summit is like a one way concession by the North Koreans, to denuclearize, to withdraw their forces from the DMZ while the Americans and the South Koreans continue as normal, northing changes.

Would the North Koreans meekly accept all the one sided conditions dictated by the Americans and the South Koreans?

Americans are speaking fork tongue with the Chinese, breaking all the agreements negotiated to prevent a trade war to more tariffs and intensifying the trade war. This is a bastard nation that cannot live a day without wars. While military conflicts in the Middle East are losing its steam with the Americans and their devilish ISIS in retreat, they released another evil power, the Jews, to go on a killing spree. The Jews were happy to kill the Arabs like they had done throughout their existence and knowing that the Americans are backing them up.

While the Jews are fighting with their war machine, Made in USA, the Americans are content with a new trade war with China and Europe and the rest of the world.

How to trust these evil men and women leading the USA? I will write about this hypocritical nation pretending to champion human rights and withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council later.


Is Singapore promoting drinking more shit water?

In thestatestimesreview, it posted this:

“In an interview with state media Straits Times published yesterday (Jun 19), Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said he will be imposing a new sugar tax to promote water drinking in Singapore:
“On the cards is a possible sugar tax on packaged drinks, restricting advertising of such drinks, and prominent labelling of sugar or nutritional content.”

The “promote drinking water” reasoning coincides with another comment made by a PAP MP last year. In 2017, PAP MP Lee Bee Wah commented that raising the water prices by 30% would “promote awareness” of saving water.”

The shortage of fund or the need to find more money for the govt has led to a spate of relentless increases in taxes on everything. This excuse to raise sugar tax to promote drinking more water is so silly that it is so unbelieveable. Are Singaporeans third world uneducated bums that would believe such a silly ruse? Only in Singapore where the sheeples are hapless would a govt dare to keep raising taxes on the people resulting in higher cost of living in the world’s most expensive city. A tax on sugar consumption is simply bizarre.
And the govt is confident that the sheeples could not do anything about it and would continue to vote them to power to rule over them with more taxes.

I think the result of the next GE will see an unanimous support for the ruling govt as the effect of drinking more shit water would mean that the brain of the people would be filled with shit, and become even more shitty and unthinking.

The net result is that the govt would have to bring in more shitty foreign talents to replace the shitty brain Singaporeans that could no longer think, no longer talent as their brains are filled instead with shit.
Yeah, drink more shit water. It is good for the brain.

To those who don’t understand what is this shit water thing, let it be known that shit water in the island is being filtered and reintroduced into the reservoirs and returned to the homes as piped water for domestic consumption. How often this is done and should be done when rainfall here is normally more than adequate to fill the reservoirs except during a prolong period of dry season is questionable. Do they need to keep filling the reservoirs with shit water when there is plenty of water during the wet seasons? 

Another thing to ponder about? How many people are silly enough to buy Newater for consumption when there is plenty of other normal drinking water available? How many countries are importing our Newater for consumption?


When India and China shake hands, it would shake the world

It was reported that China and India settled a dispute over the flood-prone Brahmaputra river from Tibet to Bangladesh during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting on 9 Jun 18 in a sign of growing cooperation between them. A part from the border disputes caused by the British colonial power, there is really no major issues that would lead to a conflict between the two countries. Historically there had been no such rivalry or war between the two states. They are so different and divided by a natural physical border. Both exist in their own ways without being entangled in each other's affairs. The border dispute is best settled through negotiation as war would never resolve the dispute for eternity peace.
There will be rivalry and competition in the aspiration of the two countries wanting to be major powers and rich economies. These are not necessarily antagonistic as each could grow on its own pace without any reason to go to war. There can be two super powers in Asia with both coexisting peacefully. The days of military conquest of the western powers are over. Only the West still think that military might and conquest and world domination are the way forward. China has proven this wrong as China is a super power without firing a single bullet, without invading and seizing countries to become its colonies.

The Indians must change their mindset of make belief that China is out to conquer India. This shitty idea is unreal but has bugged the Indian psychic for the last few decades. India must rise from its medieval thoughts of greatness and empire building and using wars to settle issues. Once India removes this antiquated thought, it would see a brighter future by cooperating with China and the rest of Asia for economic growth and prosperity. There are so much complementarity between the two countries and both can grow at a much faster pace to achieve greatness together as peaceful nations instead of wasting time and resources on military hardware and war of words.

The SCO provides a new platform for peace loving nation to cooperate to achieve economic growth and well being through trade unlike the western models that keep harping on wars and on buying more weapons of wars. Nations can grow and prosper peacefully without going to wars. Asian was thrown into centuries of wars not because they were fighting each other by conquered by the colonial powers and made to fight each other. Asian countries should learn from this sad history and forge a new path forward where Asians would be united and cooperate to keep Asia free from conflicts incited by the western powers.

When the big countries of Asian shake hands, not just India and China, but Russia, Japan, the Koreas, central Asian and SE Asian countries, they will change the world and bring prosperity to Asia and the rest of the world.

PS. Unfortunately the Indian ego is still ruling the Indian psychic and they have refused to be part of the BRI which means self imposed isolation from the New Silk Road linking Asia and Europe, without India. They would be locked out, left out of the new trade route and dynamics. Down the road India would be blaming China for excluding India from the BRI, not India's fault.


Because you voted for it

Why are there so many foreigners having good jobs and PMETs jobsless or driving taxis?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners rushing to come here and finding jobs so easy but you trying to get out because you can't find a job?
Because you voted for it.

Why are you being bullied by foreigners who are now your superior?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners getting full time employment and you are employed on short term contract or part time?
Because you voted for it.

Why are foreigners buying private properties and you buy HDB flats?
Because you voted for it.

 Why are foreigners buying HDB flats to sell to your with profits to return to their home countries?
Because you voted for it.

Why are there so many foreigners given citizenships?
Because you voted for it.

Why is the CECA upgraded?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we being paid in the millions and you have to tighten your belts?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we robbing your CPF savings?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we so repressive?
Because you voted for it.

Why are we spending millions and billions to give scholarships to foreigners instead of your children?
Because you voted for it.

Why, why, why?
Because you voted for it.

Know what you are voting for. Vote for your own interest and your own good.
Don't vote away your good life and the future of your children and grandchildren.
Vote wisely.


Singapore turning into a rubbish dump

When a country is silly enough to bring in all the rubbish and rejects of third world countries and called them talents to replace the highly educated Singaporeans from world best universities, you know that something is very sick.

Once all the Singaporeans are replaced by the rubbish or have to work and report to the rubbish, you can bet that Singapore will turn into a rubbish dump.

The transition is rapid and before you know it, Singapore the rubbish dump would become a reality.

Singapore is becoming a country that does not believe in its people but in the rubbish third world rejects they brought in by the plane loads to replace its very own people whose parents built the Singapore of today. The rubbish from the third world will inherit the Singapore built by the early Singaporeans and turn it into another rubbish third world country, knowing what these third world rubbish's capabilities are, con, cheat, bluff, lie to get what they want.

The day to a Rubbish Singapore is around the corner.  You can see it everywhere, read it everywhere, there is no hiding. You can even smell it.

Kim Trump Summit in Singapore, Malaysia

Malaysia should be happy for the publicity given in the Kim Trump Summit without having to spend a cent. Thanks to the idiots in the US State Dept for not knowing where Singapore is and still thinking that Singapore is a city in Malaysia. Some of the hillbillies would still think that Singapore is still a part of China.

This means that all the billions spent in F1 races and what not did not do any good to present to the world that Singapore is an independent city state in SE Asia, at the furthest southern tip of the Asia continent, the furthest one can go on land to the south.  For one the Americans did not get it. Any jokers still want to waste public money on F1s to put Singapore in the world map?

How could Singapore avoid being thought of as a city in Malaysia or in China?

It's elementary Watson. Just import more Indians to Singapore, and appoint more Indian ministers to the cabinet. This last step has been taken and Trump would not be blame for thinking that Singapore is an Indian state.  He probably nudged Pompeo that the later made a mistake, Singapore was not in Malaysia but in India. When the Indians make up the majority of Singaporeans and Indian ministers become a majority in the cabinet, no one would then think that Singapore is in Malaysia or in China.

At worst they would write Singapore, India on the envelope. And one good thing, SIA can keep its initial as Singapore Indian Airline. DBS may have to change to DBI.  The next Kim Trump Summit the US State Dept would put the venue as Singapore, India...not Singapore, Malaysia or Singapore, China. President Halimah can officially called herself as the Indian President of Singapore to make it more effective.

No need to sweat the small stuff. And Mahathir better not to call himself Indian or the hillbillies would think that he is the Indian Prime Minister of Singapore.


Potong Najeep – Malaysia’s next national car

Mahathir was the man that conceived the first Malaysia car, the Proton Saga. After more than 30 years of being the same car, the saga of the Proton is coming to an end after being sold to China. The Proton Saga, without any new innovation, has outlived its existence unless Malaysia wants to be like the British, having no more new ideas, trying to market a 1960s technology in reinventing the Mini with some cosmetics. Malaysia maybe able to sell some more Protons to the romantics, like the Minis and Nokia, selling old products for keepsake, as momentos.

Mahathir would not have this sort of things. Though no one bothers to do anything on the Proton to make it a better and newer car after Mahathir left the PM’s office, his return is giving him a second chance to revive his Malaysia pet dream of an international Malaysia car. This time he is not talking about a car but a jeep. Being a national car, oops, a national jeep, he has appropriately called it a Najeep in short. And to break away from the antique Proton, he reinvented a new car company called Potong.

So here you have it, a new Malaysia car/jeep called Potong Najeep. OK this idea of a Najeep is not mine. I just borrowed it and gave it a little spin as V 1.02. The PM’s office has made a pre order for a stretch version of the jeep. Mahathir would like the jeep to be stretched for as long as he could, a stretch Potong Najeep for him to drive around.

Soon there would be many Potong Najeeps on the Malaysia roads to make the Malaysians happy.

Singapore would likely be invited to be part of this new car project to mend relations with Malaysia. Lim Eng Guan has said that Malaysia did not have the money, and there is plenty of money in Singapore. This is also a good opportunity for Singapore to be really making a car to make money instead of printing COEs. As for technology, China can also be invited to join. Japan may be a bit difficult as they would not sell their new technology unless Mahathir is happy with another old Lancer engine. 

Looks like this Potong Najeep is going to be a reality even with Malaysia not contributing anything, no money, no technology, just say 'I want to have a Malaysia car, oops, jeep.' Like it or not, Mahathir would want this Potong Najeep to be his next pet project.

PS. My post for Saturday.

Indian passenger accused SIA of being racist

“Facebook user Chandni Doulatramani shared the video on social media yesterday and shared the frustrations of the passengers on board the SIA plane. Apparently, the flight could not depart due to an issue with the air-conditioner and an SIA air stewardess allegedly admitted that “the aircraft hasn’t been in use for a long time and so the airconditioning was not working.”…

Chandni says that when passengers, who were in the dark about what was going on, tried to seek answers they were rudely shut down: “When we confronted the cabin crew, they had no answers, rudely shut us up, threatened to call the cops to arrest us, and said “we are in the same situation as you are, don’t ask us, we don’t know anything”.”…

Chandni – who strongly believes that the airline was racist against Indians and that this would not have happened if the flight was not headed to India – has indicated that she may be planning to sue SIA if they do not compensate the passengers for such an experience.

In the comments section of the post, she added that she hopes the staff lose their jobs:”

The above are extracts posted in theindependent site. SIA must be very careful of its image particularly when it is being accused of being a racist airline by the Indians. If they are not careful, all the Indian passengers would not take SIA and the CECA that favours Singapore companies to do business in India would be a wasted agreement. And SIA would not only have to close down but also be sued for racism.

Singapore as a country also has to tread this line very carefully. With a few hundred thousand Indians being invited to work in Singapore under the CECA, it would be very serious if the Indians turn around to accuse Singapore and Singaporeans of being racist. Singapore has a lot to learn from India on how not to be racist to Indians.

Singapore and Singaporeans may not think this is so because their tiada apa attitude towards race, young Singaporeans are coloured blind, would and could be perceived as racist by Indians who have not been subject to racism as racist. Young Singaporeans are quite casual and callous in their conversation and remarks and these may be seen as racism, just like the UOB D&D when some young Singaporeans painted their faces black for the party.

Maybe the govt should start a campaign by making all Singaporeans wear a T shirt with the words, ‘Singaporeans are not racist”. Of course the T shirt would come with a price tag, nothing is free is Singapore. It is better to be tolerant to the foreigners and not to be accused of as a racist people. And they are here to create jobs for Singaporeans. Without them Singaporeans, especially the PMETs would be jobless. These foreigners gave up their good jobs at home to come to help Singaporeans. They could stay in their home countries where jobs are aplenty and life was good. In a way they are making huge sacrifices like our politicians to earn millions here.

Looks like SIA has a lot of damage control to do with the above comments by this Chandni circulating in the social media.

This racist label is a tough one especially when the accusers are Indians. They would soon be a majority in Singapore. Be very careful not to be caught to be making racist remarks or acts by the Indians.

PS. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our Malay and Muslim brothers and sisters.


Trump-Kim summit: 3 things that weren’t right

Now that the dust has settled, allow me to share 3 things related to the Trump-Kim summit that weren’t quite right. No, they had nothing to do with the organisation of the summit which went swimmingly well - thanks to the wonderful efforts of our overworked, hard-pressed officials. They relate instead to the actions of certain parties on the periphery.

The first was MediaCorp’s inclusion of the views of so-called body language experts in their news bulletins. Their surgical dissections of every muscular tics of the two leaders as indicative of who was more superior, confident or simply at ease was nauseating to say the least.  I can understand if the panel covering the summit ‘live’ did that because these poor souls had to fill the y-a-w-n-i-n-g gaps between the unfolding events. But surely not airtime-precious MediaCorp bulletins!

The second was the (early) unsolicited celebration of President Trump’s birthday by our leaders just when they were Trump-eting Singapore’s neutrality to the world. Whoever proposed the idea of a birthday cake for Trump wasn’t being very savvy or sensitive. What would the Chinese think? Probably this: “If it was President Xi Jinping's birthday, would he have gotten a cake?” The gesture was both unnecessary and inappropriate.   

Finally, a certain opposition politician took time out to make a video to excoriate foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan for saying that Singapore was there to “serve tea and coffee”. That wasn’t just a waste of the politician’s time, it was also unfair. The minister was using those words to indicate the trust that we enjoy as honest and neutral host in the eyes of the world. For the record, this was what he said in The Straits Times: “I am confident we will do our best as hosts. I tell both North Koreans and Americans that we are there to serve tea and coffee”. No right-minded person would take his words literally to mean that he wants Singapore to be the tea lady of international diplomacy. Bottomline: We can be critical but we should also be fair.     

John Bolton & the Hawks May Yet Scuttle The Hope for Peace In Korea And East Asia

The senior staffs of the American and DPRK administrations will soon meet to talk and negotiate details such as terms and conditions for the denuclearisation of Korea. However, with the inclusion of John Bolton a well known rogue and warmonger in Trump's team of negotiators it doesn't look promising .

John Bolton is a staunch member of the extremely hawkish Jewish American Neo-Conservatives. He is also a member of the powerful and militant Jewish Anglo-Saxon Zionist Rothchilds Illuminati Organization which since its foundation over a hundred years ago has consistently adopted the doctrine of creating and conducting permanent wars throughout the world as a means to acquire wealth, riches, power and hegemony over everybody and every country on earth.

John Bolton has a horrible revolting ugly insidious satanic animistic facial look which lends credence to our suspicion and insight into his innermost evil mind and thought that he will surely work his way to sabotage and scuttle the success of the negotiations. Thus the prospect for peace and harmony in Korea and the Far East inclusive of East China Sea and South China Sea regions looks bleak if not impossible with the inclusion of John Bolton and a few of his similar hawkish warlike American negotiators.

Hopefully Trump is not part of the act and it is difficult to conclude as he is a sort of an enigma wrapped in a puzzle.


Thursday, 14th June, 2018

Malaysian work ethics to be like Japan

The statestimesreview posted this:

Speaking at the media conference in Tokyo on Sunday (Jun 10), Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that he will lead Malaysia’s transformation to be like Japan. Calling for Malaysians to adopt Japanese working ethics, the newly-elected Prime Minister said Malaysia need to adopt a similar value system to produce quality work:

“It’s about acquiring also the Japanese work ethics, the Japanese sense of shame whenever they fail to deliver what they have promised to deliver… When I first came to Japan in 1961 – a country destroyed by war – I watched the Japanese people work and work very hard to rebuild their country, and sure enough the result was that Japan very quickly became one of the biggest economies in the world. From a defeated country, a destroyed country, Japan was able to rebuild itself at a fast rate and effectively. I found that why the Japanese succeeded in rebuilding their country was due to their work ethics, their value system. If you have the wrong way of working, if you are not hardworking and you don’t take pride in your work, you will fail. Japanese took pride in making high quality products that were able to compete successfully with those produced by other countries. But in Malaysia we don’t have this value system, we don’t feel ashamed if we come up with sloppy products which are of poor quality … whether what you do is good or not does not seem to matter.”

Mahathir should ask himself, how could Malaysia be like Japan, how could the work ethics be changed when success comes so easy. Just demand for a 30% share of anything, from ownership to profits without having to work or to contribute anything of value? Where is the motivation to work when all it needs to do is ask, demand and will be given?

The Malaysians that have work ethics similar to the Japanese have left or are in Singapore. A whole new generation of bumiputra Malaysians has been brought up with an entitlement mentality started by Mahathir himself. How is Mahathir going to remove this and make Malaysia a competitive society based on merit, hard work and contribution, not based on race? To do so he would need to go back to year zero, the year he became PM of Malaysia. Mahathir needs to erase everything from his old drawing board and start anew. 

Would those who have had it so good, without having to work, allow this to happen? Where is the incentive to work when there is no need to work to become millionaires and billionaires?


Trump Kim Summit - The day after

Trump-Kim summit sets new 'error' in Singapore's history

This headline appeared in an article in Yahoo News by Nicholas Yong.  Both pictures are from Yahoo News. Hopefully after spending $20m on this Summit, the Americans would now know that Singapore is not  a part of Malaysia.  Vivian needs to explain this to the State Dept officers in his next trip to the US. Obviously he did not tell them that Singapore is an independent city state during his trip to the US last week in preparation for the Summit.

Thankfully they did not write Singapore, China.

And hopefully the Brits, our ex colonial masters, would now know that Sentosa is a smaller island south of Singapore main island and not another name for Singapore. And they should not gasak buta in pasting the names of Shangri La Hotel and St Regis Hotel in Sentosa Island without bothering to check their accuracy. The work ethics of the Brits have degenerated so badly that no one would believe they once owned an empire.

What is happening now is that the armchair critics are out in full force trying to rubbish the meeting and the agreement signed, that there is a lack of details. In a Summit like this when so many things are involved, when nuclear weapons and facilities are involved, they expect all these to be in the document signed. Do they know how complex are the issues and processes of denuclearisation? Is it a one way denuclearisation or the Americans also have to remove all their nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula?

Another silly comment from the critics is that they don't trust the North Koreans, claiming that they have torn away agreements before. Do they know the reasons why the North Koreans were so frustrated that they had to do so? Did they hear what Iran's advice to the North Koreans, 'Do not trust the Americans'?

The silly critics are taking a position that only the North Koreans walked away from agreements and the Americans are honourable and always honoured their agreements. Where did they come from, Mars? Did they read the papers and know that the Americans have been doing exactly what they are accusing the North Koreans of? Paris Climate Change Agreement rings a bell? TPP rings a bell? Nafta and G7 agreements or disagreements ring a bell? 

Have they watched any of the Hollywood production of cowboys killing Red Indians and Red Indians saying white men spoke with fork tongues? And many of these silly critics are Asians who speak and think as if they are white men. I can expect the white men to be wearing coloured lenses and not wanting to see their own faults and flaws and not wanting to admit them, but silly Asians, bananas are doing the same thing.

No wonder Asians would always be ruled by the white men. It is in their blood that white men are superior, like white gods. Ang moh tua kee.


Kim Trump Summit – Love at first sight

In the idyllic setting of a tropical island, with the sun shining brightly, Kim and Trump finally met, like two star crossed lovers. Trump was bowed over by the sincerity of this young leader from North Korea and it was like the proverbial love at first sight. One could easily notice the comfort level of Trump and his liking for Kim. What enemies? They were like long lost brothers coming together for the first time after years of separation.

Kim was scheduled to fly home by 2pm local time after lunch. When the two took a casual stroll in the courtyard of the colonial building of Capella Hotel, beaming after lunch, it was clearly too late to make a dash for the airport. They were in no hurry. Their expressions and body language said it all, that all was fine and both were happy of the outcome. The leisure stroll was the short break while officials hurried behind closed doors to put in the final details for a historic document to be signed by the President of the USA and the Chairman of North Korea. Trump even showed Kim the interior of his bullet proof limousine.

When the moment came, there was jubilation all around. Everyone was pleased with the two leaders signing a comprehensive agreement, hope the terms were not as stupid and ridiculous as the CECA signed between Singapore and India. Knowing how serious is this document and how nationalistic are the two signatories, both must be sure that they were signing an agreement that is favourable to their respective national interests.

The positive vibration spreaded immediately across the world and the Koreans, both North and South, must be the happiest people to share this moment of truth. Moon Jae In and his cabinet were reported to rise in applause at the signing of the document. The biggest winners of this historic event must be the people of the two Koreas. There is peace in sight and possibly a reunification in the not too distant future. Many past issues and hostilities would be history as Kim vowed to start on a clean slate, no more historical baggages.
The cynics, and as Trump put it, the ‘haters and losers’ would be sulking. The spoilers would be cursing and swearing that this agreement was made possible and signed by Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

History is in the making and the likelihood of a Trump visit to Pyongyang and a similar visit by Kim to Washington are on the card. Trump was in good spirit, forgetting the dreaded meetings he had a couple of days ago with the G7 in Canada. He had good words for Kim, and every comment coming from him was positive, fantastic, better than expected.

Who would believe that this could be possible when a few weeks ago both were hurling insults and threats against each other? A face to face meeting and personal contact changed everything. Both men have built up a rapport and liking for each other that was spontaneous.

Yes it happened in the Capella, in Sentosa, in Singapore. This is a beautiful story with a beautiful ending. With Trump in charge, everything is unpredictable and possible. Trump and Kim were too happy men. Trump had never been so happy since he last won his election to be the President of the USA.

Singapore sinking deeper into the Villain’s Hole

Singapore pats its own back for hosting the premier Show of the Hustler and the Kid in Sentosa and with pride telling the world that it is a friend to everyone and is neutral in the game of geopolitics. How far is this from the truth?

It does not take much for Singapore to lose its head and compromises itself willingly with a little flattery. Singapore seems oblivious to its role in antagonizing China in the South China Sea last year and in a way has resumed this role all over again. The evil American Empire has been provoking, agitating and challenging China at its door step. It has recruited two more diehard ex colonial powers to do its bidding to beat war drums in China’s courtyard by sailing their warships in the South China Sea claiming innocent passage and freedom of navigation.

Why is Singapore implicated in these acts of hostility and international gangsterism? Dunno? Sure, when one is intoxicated by a little flattery of self importance, one would forget what one is doing, even conniving with the gangsters to irritate and provoke their enemy, not Singapore’s enemy, and ended making one also an enemy of the targeted country.

The evil Americans have been launching their provocative actions in the South China Sea from their base in Singapore. Now would this make Singapore an accomplice to their hostile acts? The French and the British Navy also made use of the base in Singapore as stopovers, for refueling, resupply, servicing and R&R for their crews while on the way to provoke and challenge China in the South China Sea. Now, would the convenience provided by Singapore make Singapore a willing partner and a gang member in this game of hostility towards China?

What do you think? Does Singapore know that the Americans, Brits and the French were using Singapore as a base for their gangsterism and in challenging China’s sovereignity? Ignorance is no excuse, this is no kid’s stuff. Is Singapore comfortable with being a part of this western gangsterism and aggression against China? How long would it take for Singapore to wake up to know what it is doing, willingly or unwillingly that is hostile to China’s core interest?


Peace in Korea-Far East Far From Certain.

Peace in Korea - Far East is far from certain. It all depends on the whims of the Evil Empire. It is too early and too naive to call Trump's meeting with Kim Jun Un as a "Mission of Peace" . We don't really know the Evil Empire's hidden agenda. From the American historical perspectives it is not very encouraging for no American president and no American government can ever be trusted. This we learn from the native American Indians who like to warn us that 'white men speak with fork tongues',  the Mexicans , the South Americans and the Hawaiians who always have had raw deals from US inspite of peace talks and signing of peace treaties as well as American very hawkish and aggressive behaviour since the end of the Second World War in 1945.

Wrapping up the Korean ordeal is a temporary expedient for the Americans who may be preparing for a darker scenario  on the horizon. The Evil Empire wild talk at the recent Shangrila Dialogue of stepping up provocative actions in the South China Sea and of taking out Chinese defensive facilities in Chinese own sovereign territories are war drums loud and clear and do not bode well for Asia and the Far East and for the whole world.

Are the Americans trying to achieve a temporary respite of peace in Korea in order to create a larger and more vicious conflict in the South China Sea and East China Sea periphery. US defence secretary Matthis said on 2nd June, 2018 at the Shangrila Dialogue " The issue of US withdrawing its troops from South Korea is not on the table." and " US will intensify more actions in the South China Sea." Then its commander of the Pacific 7th Fleet threatened to take out Chinese defence facilities in Chinese sovereign islands. Of course China is prepared to complement whatever actions the Evil Empire may take.

The whole idea of denuclearisation of Korea is to achieve genuine everlasting peace in Korea and the Far East inclusive of South East Asia and the South China Sea region. However if US continues to maintain troops and military bases in South Korea, Japan, Guam, the Marshall Islands, the Philippines and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean inspite of denuclearisation of Norfth Korea and the signing of a peace treaty officially ending the Korean War then there is a breach of trust and thus arousing a suspicion of US hidden agenda of wanting to create hot spots in other parts of the Far East namely the South China Sea and East China Sea. Thus in so far as US continues its provocative actions and words it will lend credence to the suspicion.

China has every right to build defensive installation in her own territories. Any objection by US and its allies is just outrageous interference in China's internal affairs. Instead US should close down and dismantle all its worldwide military bases to show its sincerity in wanting world peace and not for threatening others with aggression and world hegemony.


Monday,11th June,2018

Now showing – The Hustler and the Kid

The Hustler and the Kid is being premier at The Capella in Sentosa to a world audience. This is a one day only premier and either you are here or you will miss it completely. The reporters of the world have descended onto this island city to give it an international coverage that would rival any Hollywood movie ever screened.

The Hustler as he is has been talking non stop about how he is going to hustle the Kid. He has threatened the Kid with more sanctions and even to walk out after one minute in the show if he is not happy with the Kid. And the Hustler is being assisted by the Devil. The Devil is everywhere, flirting from Tokyo to Washington like a daily affair. And the Devil appears to have his own agenda, wanting to have a say in the Show and wanting to have an outcome of his own. The Devil thinks the Hustler does not have a mind of his own and wanting his will to superimpose on the Hustler. Would the Hustler do the bidding of the Devil?

The Kid has been smiling all the while. He is in a world of his own as if without a care. And he is accompanied by his charming kid sister to make sure all the pieces are in place. Other than saying he will agree to the demands of the Hustler, the Kid is not showing any of his cards. For the moment the Hustler thinks he is calling the shot and the Kid has no cards to play.

The host as usual will play his role as a gracious host, serving coffee/tea and tarts to make sure both the Hustler and the Kid are comfortable in their own corners. High stakes are involved and the highest security regiments are in placed to allow the Hustler and the Kid to be at their very best in this game of intrigue.
What will be the outcome of this showdown between an unpredictable Hustler popularly known as the Dotard and an unknown Kid aka The Rocket Man? The Show will be on 12 Jun and everything will be over by lunch time with the Hustler and the Kid leaving town and going separate ways.

Would there be a happy ending or mores suspense with a second episode in the near future?

The North Korea that the western media would not tell you

This is a picture posted by Vivian Balakrishnan in his facebook. It is no different from the buildings in a developed and well organised country. It is definitely not a third world developing country with slums and poverty everywhere. It is not the often repeated abject poverty country that the western media want the world to believe, deceiving the world to believe. This is a picture of North Korea that you would not see or reported by the western media. The western media would showed you some corners of the countryside or some ancient photos of an impoverished North Korea after the days of carpet bombing and destruction by the evil American Empire. The Americans and the western media have been lying to the world and to all their readers of a North Korea suffering from abject poverty and famine and hungry people dying on the streets.

Vivian would not lie and this is a recent photo taken a few days ago during his visit to North Korea. The buildings cannot be built overnight nor are they a mirage or fabricated from Lego bricks. Listen to what Vivian has to say as reported in Channel News Asia.

In Pyongyang, he witnessed a clean and beautiful city with ongoing construction for modern commercial and residential buildings. He also saw an eye hospital with the latest medical equipment, he told reporters.
“To be frank with you, I come back very impressed,” Dr Balakrishnan said to Singapore media on Saturday in Beijing, where he made a brief stopover after flying from Pyongyang in the morning.

“Frankly, my views have also altered based on what I saw, heard, and (after I had) spoken to people,” he said, sharing his reflections on North Korea. “Clearly, the government has been hard at work all these decades to upgrade their infrastructure."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/i-come-back-very-impressed-vivian-balakrishnan-on-trip-to-north-10413538

It is understandable that his views are changing as he was also being fed with the image of a North Korea provided by the western media that have not set foot on North Korea and with a sinister plot to paint North Korea in the worse possible. Until today you will hear many silly western supposedly scholars still chirping North Korea is suffering from extreme poverty, famine and hardship and hungry people.

“Despite these maximal sanctions, what you have is a society that has continued to invest itself and continuously trying to upgrade people and their skills and the services they provide to their citizens,” Dr Balakrishnan said. “Now, can you imagine if peace finally comes, and North Korea is allowed to open up to the world and gain access to technology, capability, skills and markets."

“I think the sky is the limit for their people," he added.

I hope the unthinking and those that swear by the western media that North Koreans are dying on the streets would open their eyes, remove the blinkers and see the new reality. If you look at the above picture, it would put many Asian and Southeast Asian countries to shame.
Unfortunately the silly bananas would not believe anything contrary to their programmed mind and would continue to insist that Vivian is lying or being shown a false picture of North Korea. What to do, there are people that simply would want to live in the world of make belief created by the western media.

Pyongyang skyline (Vivian Balakrishnan)Pyongyang skyline (Vivian Balakrishnan)


The gangsters descended from the mountains

After several decades of living off the people by their bullying threats and instilling fear in the people, the gangsters have grown very rich, and very fat, with all the money to enjoy all the good things in life. They have been splashing their ill gotten wealth to benefit themselves and their fellow gangsters and runners. Some even went on gambling spree around the world, visiting all the casinos and hoping to make quick bucks to make themselves richer.

For  a long time, they have been telling lies to the people that all is well while all the time robbing the people of their wealth. They demanded a big share of the people's income as protection money, demanded a share of their properties or else they would come down from the mountain to take more. The sheeple, oops, people, acquiesce and give the gangsters what they want to make them happy, civil and rich. And the gangsters continue to live in their high mountain resorts, with all the land and space and free mountain air. Occasionally they would walk with the people acting like their overlords, as respectable and rich gentry but really wolves in sheepskin.

Lately there is a change in the air. The gangsters seemed to be a bit confuses but still behaving like gangsters. They are demanding more from the people. Crossing the bridges would have to pay higher toll fees. Using the water from the mountain streams also got to pay more. Everything has to pay more. Perhaps the gangsters want to live better, greed is unsatiable and has no limits. Perhaps they have squandered all the money stolen from the people. Perhaps they have lost a lot of money in the casinos. They look quite desperate for money.

There is also a change in style. They are willing to descend from the high mountain to talk to the people. They want to know how the people feel about them, about what they are doing. They are showing that they are really caring and protecting the people.

But they forgot that in all aspects they are still the gangsters. They forgot that they have robbed the people of their wealth, telling the people that if they don't give them some wealth, they would resort to robbing. They forgot that they have been steling the wealth of the people and continuing to steal from the people everyday with increasing amount.

They want to hear from the people that they are still doing well, and well like by the people, that the people still trust them and that their heavy handed approach to demand more protection money is going down well with the people. They want to know that the people are happy with all the new demands for more money.

The people are trembling in fear. Not giving more to the gangsters is not an option. Telling the gangsters their grievances is also not an option as the gangsters would not listen. The only hope for the people is to talk to the gods and hoping that lightning would strike at the gangsters. In the meantime the people just pretend that everything is fine, and put on a smiling face.

The fear of the gangster is in the air. The empty promises of the gangsters are still in the air.

The gangsters would not see the wrongs and harm they have done to the people that they have robbed and beaten into fearing them, becoming hapless sheep. Gangsters will always be gangsters.


Malaysia, an excellent case study of a fatuous leader

Malaysia makes an excellent case study of a fatuous leader and a corrupt govt for all to see and to study. It is a living example of history being made in real time and all history buff and living beans should treasure this privilege to live, read and bear witness to it. This is a rare event that a fatuous leader and a corrupt govt were brought down at its peak in the abuse of power and corruption. This is not a historical event compiled by historians after every was over. It is fresh from the oven and still unfolding.

A few months before the event, a few weeks and a few days before the downfall, none of them see it coming and were intoxicating themselves with all the power, attention and stuffing money into their pockets. The wife was spending the easy money like no tomorrow and no need to account for it. Neither would they know that fortune would turn overnight and they could become criminals and being prosecuted and the likelihood that all the ill gotten gains would be taken away from them. Never would the cronies, eunuchs and fellow thieves believe that they were doing anything wrong. And the beast that was the hatchet man has gone into hiding, running away from the very law that used to protect him while he abused the law of the corrupt govt. threaten to kill the innocent.

All the years, the fatuous leader thought he was brilliant, clever and untouchable, without a clue that he was a walking idiot. And his fellow thieves did not think they were stealing the people's money and enriching themselves undeservingly. They thought they had all the power to protect themselves and their wrongdoings, their abuses of power and the stealing of the nation's and public wealth.

A good example of how silly the situation was is best described by Lim Kit Siang in an article in Yahoo News.

" “But as Khairy has now admitted, there was not even a bleat from anyone of the 730-odd Umno/BN candidates about the evil and monstrosity of the 1MDB scandal.
“Najib believed that he could get away from full accounting for the 1MDB scandal in the 14th general election, by obfuscating and virtually censoring detailed examination and debate of what the US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions had described as ‘kleptocracy at its worst’,” Lim said in a statement.
Umno leaders had staunchly defended former president Datuk Seri Najib Razak over the corruption scandal, including repeatedly backing his assertion that a RM2.6 billion deposit in his personal account was a “donation” from an unnamed Arab royal."

Notice the word, they don't even bleat a word and staunchly defended the fatuous leader over corruption scandals? And they all looked so innocent by looking the other way.  No corruption. And the fatuous leader believed he could get away from full accounting by...obfuscating and virtually censoring examination and debate.

Now they are jumping ship. They knew that they were doing all the wrong things but pretended nothing of the sort for as long as they could hang on to power. When the power was taken from them, they could see their nakedness and there was nothing to hide anymore. They knew it is game over.

We all live to see how it happened and how it is going to end.


Trump Kim Summit – Hope for a nuclear free Asia

I mentioned this hope from a comment I heard over Channel News Angmoh. So please spare me the eggs for saying something so stupid. But for angmohs and angmohs to, ie bananas, this is a very correct and serious aspiration. When North Korea denuclearized, Asia will be free of nuclear weapons. I know, some of you will be screaming ‘stupidity has no cure’ before finished reading my first sentence.

For the angmohs and angmohs to be, only North Korea has nuclear weapons. They are blind to see that many angmoh countries have nuclear weapons. They did not know that Japan has nuclear weapons. They did not know that the Americans are flooding Asia with nuclear weapons in their colonies like Japan and South Korea and little USAs when their nuclear subs, nuclear armed gunboats and aircraft carriers parked in their docks. They did not want to know that the Americans have hundreds of nuclear weapons in Diego Garcia, in Guam and many of their more than 1,000 military bases all over the world, including Asia.

How would the denuclearization of North Korea make Asia nuclear free? Please don’t ask me, this is just the stupid’s way of looking at their deluded reality. And the whole Trump Kim Summit is about denuclearization, but no one bothers to ask the Americans to denuclearize. And the Americans are going to build more sophisticated and deadly nuclear weapons to add on to their hoards of nuclear weapons. Wait a minute, why no one thinks it is important to ask the Americans to denuclearize as well? Why must North Korea denuclearized and not the Americans or other western countries to denuclearize?

Why is it that the world would be a safer place when North Korea denuclearized while the evil Empire and other western nuclear powers, including Israel and Japan continue to possess many more nuclear weapons than North Korea? Is there anything wrong with this warp view that only the North Korea must denuclearize for the world to be safe from nuclear weapons and wars?

Which country has been threatening to use its nuclear weapons on other countries? Is it not that this country is the most dangerous, even threatening to nuke North Korea first while North Korea is saying that it would only use its nuclear weapons to defend itself from being nuked by this hostile and belligerent country?

What is this madness all about? It is about stupidity, about Asian stupidity. I can’t blame the westerners from having this one sided view that it is all right for them to possess all the nuclear weapons and Asians cannot do so. It is in their interest and their way to control and dominate the world. But for silly Asians to have the same view is preposterous. How stupid can Asians be to be singing the same chorus made up by the western powers? And the best part, they did not know what they are saying or why this is not wrong. To them this is the natural order of things, that the West should have all the nuclear weapons and to rule the world, including ruling the Asians.

This is the same as the American hype about China militarizing their little islands in the South China Sea. For the few batteries of anti aircraft and anti ship missiles, the Americans are painting a picture that this is a threat to the world. Does any of the idiots ever asked how many nuclear tipped missiles the Americans have stored in the silos in Diego Garcia and Guam islands, in Okinawa and other American naval bases in the western Pacific Ocean?

Why no one is jumping up and down when the Americans are militarizing the whole world, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean? An American aircraft carrier would have hundreds of times of weapons more than all the weapons in the Chinese islands in South China Sea. When the Americans sail these highly armed floating islands in South China Sea, filled with nuclear weapons, no one is complaining about militarization. Even a destroyer or frigate would have as much destructive power as the weapons in the Chinese islands. But no one is making any noise about the Americans militarizing the South China Sea, not the stupid Asians, not the angmohs to be. The Americans can militarise anywhere, everywhere, it is acceptable, the norm. They strut around with nuclear weapons hanging on their necks threatening everyone to accept them as the hegemon.
Can there be a nuclear free Asia or a nuclear free world?

Stupidity has no cure.


White European Americans continuing killing spree of Native Americans and non-whites

This article is a follow up to Redbean's article yesterday, 06-06-2018. asking Pompeo to declare how many native American Indians and African Americans have white European invaders killed in the last few hundred years.


The European Americans continuous killings and murders of non-white people have been going on for the last four or five hundred years. They have exterminated about 85 million native Americans , followed by killings of African Americans, the Mexicans and the mass lynching and killing of Chinese Americans. Now they are starting wars everywhere killing by the millions in Middle-East, Africa, Asia and South America.

When Christopher Columbus, the European pirate chief and representative of of the Spanish crown and Catholic faith first set foot in the new world on 12th October, 1492, it was viewed as the beginning of the long road of persecution and genocide of native American. Every year on this day of 12th October, native American Indians all over the Americas will hold a symbolic trial of Christopher Columbus that will end with the symbolic execution of his effigy for crimes committed during the conquest of America. He faced multiple charges such as genocide and slave trafficking as well as robbery and plunder. Throughout the Americas the native Indians view his arrival in 1492 as the start of five centuries of oppression and suppression by white men.Earlier in September 2016 , I had in Redbeanforum - Global Affairs described in some details in four parts , Part 1 to Part 4 , about how the Christian Europeans systematically planned their massacre and extermination of the natives from 1603 to 1960s on the premise that the natives are savages who do not deserve the rich and resourceful lands which their Christian God had meant for white men.         

Below are some random brief descriptions of  the tragedies and sufferings of native American Indians and others at the merciless and satanic hands of the European marauders.

The natives were used as slaves by both the British and the French invaders.Subsequently when the British and the French were indulged in the fight and struggle for supremacy to control North America they recruited the natives to fight in their colonial wars. The natives were sacrificed as gun fodder by the British and the French and they died in their thousands.

After its independence in 1975 , US began to harass the native self-governing Indian states by forcing them to move to the West. This force removal in 1828 known as the 'The Trail of Tears'  was carried out by President Andrew Jackson, one of America's most cruel anti-non-white presidents. In 1838 about 20,000 Cherokee tribes in the southern states were forced to walk to barren desert lands earmarked as Indian Reserve Territory in the west. They suffered great hardship under brutal conditions for they were not given any food or water . Over six thousand natives died in the forced march of the 'Trail of Tears.'

As more and more prime native lands were acquired by the whites for cotton growing - a cash crop at the time more tribes were uprooted and forcibly removed to the west Some of the Indian tribes removed were the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chicasaws, Creeks,and Seminoles. Any resistance aqainst removal was brutally put down. A Cherokee tribal chief, John Ross was murdered. The Choctaws were forced to move in1831. The Creeks were removed westward in 1837. The Seminoles of Florida were removed from Florida in 1857. All were moved to the west in what is now the present state of Oklahoma.

In 1834 the natives suffered further deprivation. Under the Indian Reorganization Act the whites exercised even more rigid and inhuman control over Indian Tribal Affairs. In 1887 under the Dawes Act Indian children were forcibly removed from their parents . Almost all the children were intentionally starved to death. ( This horrible practice was similarly carried out by the whites in Australia against the aborigines to decimate their population.) By end of 1900s more than two thirds of Indian lands were taken away. The native Sioux tribes under their chief Big Foot who together with his warriors were having peace talks negotiating with US army officers. However without warning US troops suddenly fired endlessly into tribal camps killing Chief Sitting Bull and Big Foot together with about five or six hundred of their unarmed warriors, including men, women and children in the most gruesome and brutal massacre.

In 29th December, 1890, white men carried out one of the most brutal massacres of unarmed native civillians. The massacre took place at the Dakota Indian Reservations and was eventually known as "Massacre At Wounded Knee." 

From1900s to 1950s under the Relocation Act thousands of Indians were moved to cities on a one way traffic with no chance of going back to their tribal lands. In the cities the Indians were put in inhuman shabby quarters and were forced to work in  very low wage jobs. Eventually all the tribal lands were privatised and acquired by white men under only white ownership.

PART     Two

US Massacre of African Americans.

In 1816 President Andrew Jackson who was then an army general massacred hundreds of African American militia in his conquest of Florida.

The massacre of American negros were just as often and frequent as the massacre of native Americans. Suffice here to just mention a few of the most wanton killings and murders of African Americans.

The Fort Pillow Massacre.
On 12th April, 1864 white soldiers shot and killed hundreds of unarmed negro soldiers who fought for the Union.On 13th April, 1873 about one hundred or more of African Americans were shot in cold blood in a local court house in Colfax, Louisiana. Inj 1874 in New Orleans supreme court justice Joseph P. Bradley overturned rulings against three convictions of white massacre perpetrators and in silence gave full support to Ku Klux Klan to legalise murders of negros.In 1876 , Bradley's ruling was upheld by Federal supreme court.

The Rio Negro Massacres.

Between 1980 to 1982 more than 5000 negros were shot when they held a peaceful demonstration against the building of a Chixoy hydroelectric dam in their precints which was financed by Inter American Development Bank.

The Tulsa Massacre of thousands of negros.

During the Tulsa race riot from may 31st to 1st June, 1921, white mobs ran rampage killing tens of thousands of African Americans . Blacks houses were set on fire and more than 15,000 blacks were made homeless. 

The Tulsa massacre of blacks were omitted from local and state histories Neither the state government nor the Federal government compensated the negros for their losses in human lives and properties. During these Tulsa riots black men, women and children were brutally killed by murderous mobs of white civillians, local police and national guardsmen.

The only reason Tulsa blacks were killed was because they were very enterprising and successful  of being able to build a separate and prosperous independent community and because they dared to dream . 

Between 1824 and 1952 over 300 events were classified as "White Race Riots " in which white communities turned on and destroyed entire black communities.

Massacre of Chinese Americans in 1q871.

On October 24th 1871 , a mob of 500 white hooligans entered Los Angeles China Town and began to attack , rob and murder Chinese residents. Hundreds of Chinese were cornered and killed. The Chinese were systematically killed by the mob making China Town massacre the largest incident of mass lynching in American history.

None of the massacre perpetrators were convicted . 

The white American government owes the Chinese a debt of blood which has yet to be paid.

The mass removal of natives to the west and the mass killings , genocide and mass mob lynching of American natives, African Americans and Chinese Americans were either official state policy or state supported with white soldiers and police playing a major or leading part.

The oppression and suppression of non-whites is continuing right to this day of the 21st century. 

NB : I hope netizens will help to expose the evils that are inherent in white American and European countries by whenever possible copy, paste and forward  informative articles to friends and relatives all over the world so as to debunk their lies , fake and distorted news and information as well as toxic propaganda. This must be done because over 90 percent of the world's mass media is controlled and monopolised by US and its western allies and that includes the mass media in Singapore and South East Asia ASEAN countries.


Thursday, 7th June, 2018