What is so competitive about the media industry?

I am not so sure what Warren Fernandez meant by saying that SPH would hire more foreign correspondents when 130 staff was retrenched as part of 240 eventually. Was he talking about hiring foreigners to raise the quality of the paper to compete with other media in Singapore, to boost readership and sales?

What kind of environment is SPH operating in this little island? What kind of news would be attractive to the readers? Who forms the majority of the readership? Would better quality news, like foreign news, or more EPL news be needed to raise sales and readership?

Is not that SPH operating in a monopolistic environment when the competitors are also part of SPH? How many foreign media are circulating in Singapore and what kind of readership, what volume of readership to they command? Is the foreign readership significant enough to hire foreign correspondents to win them over to improve sales of local papers?

By the way, with the tight control over the local media, what kind of news would appear in the papers or be allowed to be printed to attract more readers? Does it really make any difference if the reporters/journalists are foreigners? I am presuming here that foreign correspondents that SPH is planning to recruit are foreigners. I may be wrong here. And by the way again, what is the percentage of foreigner reporters/journalists in SPH and what is the percentage of locals, oops, I mean Singaporean reporters/journalists?

Should not the SPH be catering to the bulk of the readership whom I believe are Singaporeans and some PRs? I may be a bit behind time here knowing that more than half the population are foreigners now and it would be wise to write things that these foreigners would want to read even though some have become citizens and PRs. How about a few more newspapers for China Chinese, India Indians, Pinoys and what have you? Would these foreigners be interested in reading papers specially written by their kind and writing news about their homeland?

This is something SPH must be seriously thinking about. More than half of the population is foreigners. No wonder readership is falling with local news written by local reporters. Half the population of foreigners is a big market.

I read in theindependent talking about SPH going regional, to write about regional news, maybe competing in producing regional papers. Not sure if this is true. If SPH cannot even compete and be successful with a monopolistic environment in home ground, can it be a success competing in open seas, unknown territories full of sharks? This kind of one trick pony thinking is very similar to sending our sacked and jobless PMETs that could not get jobs in our very own country against foreigners and expect them to get jobs in the region when every country is protecting their jobs for their own citizens.

Stupidity has no cure.

PS. In a monopolistic environment, what competition is SPH facing? Got competition meh?


Anonymous said...

One that for sure why the Stupid Prostitutes Hostess wanna hire foreigners? It's in their mentality 'Ang Moh Foreigners' means they r good they r tuakee, even Loony went to UaSs to court that Dotard, isn't he that stupid or retard? Also aSSPeeH tot foreigners can create more jobs & locals Sinkies r too 'guai guai' never dare to think out of the box & venture into uncharted waters, that why that Fxcknancdez just dun wan b too honest to tell these dafts retrenched Sinkies to go 'jiak Chao' or eat grass outside...

Anonymous said...


Not because I love to pour cold water early this morning.

In 10 years time, unless they change their business strategies, otherwise it will be a painful death for SPH.

Why? SPH knows! Govt knows!

The downwards pressure of the share price of SPH is a very good indication.

Will the share price recovered? Tan Ku Ku? ITE?

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

SPH fell into the doldrums as it had not heeded our persistent friendly advice over the last few years not to parrot the PAP propaganda like a state media and losing credibility with readers. Fair and impartial reporting is needed if the media company wants to stand up again.

b said...

SPH is designed to feed the ego of smalland politicians. It is never the media to turn to for news.

Virgo49 said...

Whether Foreign Journalists or Locals, they are been muZzled by the PAP.

Must know who are their TOP run out dates No where to go anymore there to control the Press.

You think the Furers or Whats the Thais called them Farangs can do wonders??

WALKING CERTS WITHOUT NOTICE WITHIN 24 HOURS If you write The Truths which we called Untruths against us.

Anonymous said...

As more than half here are foreigners, our foreigner-loving rulers have to employ their country men and women to the press to cater to their interest.