US to be more focused and engaged in the region

This is the wish of Hsien Loong as the PM of Singapore. Singapore needs the Americans to be here, to balance China’s influence and the neighbouring countries. This sounds good as a geopolitical strategy. There is a Chinese saying, 引狼入室, translated as inviting the wolf into the house.

The USA used to be seen as a benign and gracious power particularly to its allies for several decades. But the history of US conspiracies and meddling with the domestic politics of countries, regime change, inciting and provoking wars, did not speak well for this once great power. It is now the cause of all the wars and troubles in the whole world. Every trouble spot has the American finger prints on it. It has rapidly assumed the image of the Evil Empire.

Now, how is this new image of the Americans going to fit in with Singapore and Singapore’s security? Is Singapore inviting the wolf into the house, inviting the Evil Empire to remain engaged in the region to create more trouble for the region, instigating one country against another? Please note, this country thrives on selling weapons and needs wars to sell weapons and to keep the Empire going.

While you are reading this, the Americans are at the verge of starting World War 3 in the Korean Peninsular and Iran. If the Russians and Chinese have not put their foot down to stop this menace, World War 3 would have started, by the Evil Empire of course. And there is the new hot spot, waiting for another invasion by the Americans, Venezuela. South China Sea is the reserved spot for the Evil Empire should other regions stabilized. Inviting the USA to the region, to stir shit in the South China Sea?

Things have changed. The world has changed. Lee Kuan Yew had died and his policies and world view of the Americans and their usefulness in the region must die with him. The Americans’ interest in the region is the American Empire, the perpetuating of the Evil Empire’s hegemony in the region and the world.

It is only luck that Singapore’s interest in some areas coincides with the interest of the Evil Empire. When the interests divert, Singapore too would be subject to regime change and interference by the Evil Empire. For the time being, Singapore is still safe but not for long. The Evil Empire only pokes its fingers in countries that are not loyal to the Empire. That does not mean it does not poke its fingers in the affairs of its colonies. 

South Korea and Japan and the Philippines are clear cases of being under the control of the Empire. The latter has recently broke free from the American grip. Lately Qatar also came under the attack of the Empire for getting a bit closer to China. And Tillerson is in India stoking the flame between China and India and poking at the Indians to be another American proxy against China. The Indians love this attention.

Singapore is stuck with the Evil Empire and would not be able to steer a more neutral policy for its own interest. The deeper the Evil Empire stays here, the more it would be entrenched and the more difficult it would be to extricate it from the region. It would not go away.

There is no need to beg the Evil Empire to stay. Tell them to go away and they will beg to stay, and by force if needed be, to stay in the region to protect the Empire. Why does Singapore think it is necessary to go begging the Evil Empire to stay? Do a little bit of thinking. Does Singapore really believe that the Evil Empire will go away, will beat a quick retreat from the region on its own if Singapore does not beg it to stay? Silly isn’t it? See what is happening in the Philippines? When Duterte wants to evict them, the Americans went down on their knees begging to stay. They refused to go away.

Now who is planting this silly idea that the Evil Empire is going away and Singapore must constantly remind the Empire that they should be here, that they are welcomed and needed? Becare of 引狼入室!

PS. Watch this video and listen to Prof Martin Jacques' advice to the Philippines and how relevant it is to Singapore.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc56bWY7oRg


Rocket said...

During the time when most ASEAN countries are tilting towards or aligning with the rising China in order to gain some economic benefits for their citizens, our most intelligent PM is navigating closer and closer towards the long military arms of the USA.

I do not think this move will go down well in history for him and for Singaporeans, on the economics front, at least.

Where would the 19 billion dollars that will be spent buy up the 19 Boeing aircraft come from? Of course, from Singaporeans taxes and CPF monies, right?

Will China view this as a good move towards Singapore-China relationship? Even my 5 year-old grandson says "NO!".

Singaporeans had better be prepared for hard times ahead.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, forget bout this DotardRetardLoony Long Lah. This Long wan to create a mess in this part of the world by inviting the UaSs over here thus letting in the Trojan Horse or 引狼入室。 Not only tat Long wan to tell UaSs to 打铁趁热( strike when the iron hot) to come over to SEAsia & chase the PRC away in SCS, sort of a 狐假虎威 to 隔岸观火。 See how smart Sinkieland Lony is - asking Americuns to guard against this region in the name of free navigation to chase away a Strong Chinese Naval Forces in SCS...let the show begins..

Virgo49 said...

What you expect from Bananas who studied and get their War Mongering Lectures from the Americans.

Traitors to their own kind.Wasted the Father have him studied in his junior years in Chinese Streams hoping to cultivate him as a Foundation of a OG. (Oriental Gentleman )

Instead he turned out to be a WOG. (Westernized Oriental Gentleman)

Further, what's you expect from those who worked as collaborators with the Japanese after the Fall of Singapore. Its in their Traitious Blood.

Abe learned fast from LKY's doctrine. Strike fear and hot and when the citizens are scared and thinks you are the Saviour, hold Snap Elections.

Have some bogeyman like Kim who are going to harm you.

PAP always have boh gay men to frighten the Sinkies.

So, the Japs are just as daft as the Sinkies.

He gonna worked Hand in gloves with Abe and DT to contain China.

Lobbying for all Chairmanship in Asean.

DT even scorned the Asia Summit for he knows not welcome by other Asian and Asean Leaders.

Only Sinkieland Pee Ayam and Abe looked up to him.

Anonymous said...

"Will China view this as a good move towards Singapore-China relationship?.."

U r spot on. Its just sends a message to China PRC that this little red dot is double ( if not triple) Confirm that Sinkieland is an enemy to China. China will spare no effort to keep Sinkieland under their radars or sensors in term of economic -defense strategy..

Anonymous said...

The evil empire has a hold on all its poodles by the balls, oops pussies now.

A regime change is on the cards if they misbehave, so must stay in line and behave like a pussy, pay respects, help to make its master great again, so it can counter China and Russia more effectively.

That is the new world order.

Virgo49 said...

US deploya 3 carriers to Western Pacific.

Japan to seek talka with US, India, Australia.

These War Mongers gonna to destroy the Planet as prophesied by The Messiah.

PM Ayam Loong is also one of the Accomplices to be send to Hell for sentencing.
US to focus in Asia and must not leave the Region for Peace.

Or is it War? ?

Pray your last and enjoy what you can for the Present.

These Mongers are just too afraid of Retributions from China.

So has to destroy them.

Anonymous said...

US is less focused on asia region comparing to Obama s time. Trump will not attend East Asia Summit on 15 Nov 17, after attending Apec. His last leg is Philippines. The big stories about sinkieland s dragon son were reported by local news. On international news media, he was hardly featured. The interpretation is that his influence to Trump was wayang. Trump s own strategy was not to entangle China directly. Obama s direct encircling China was over. Obama s idea was said by Global times: originated from one old man on sinkieland. Abe was keen to pull Trump, to join India Aust to entangle China on South China sea and India ocean to counter 1R1B.
This Abe s strategy is similar to sinkieland s call for US to focus on this region.

From Trump s trip, it seems US is not keen to encircle china as much as sinkieland wishes US would do. US sends 3 fleet to this region for Trump s visit. While North Korea deputy foreign minister remind US press to take H bomb explosion on Pacific "literally". If Trump loose his mouth, and Kim looses his head, that can be a bad trip for Trump.

Trump s last leg with Philippines will not yield much because pinoy president needed to buy guns on loan basis from Putin on a special visits to Russia during Marawi battle. Now China offers free guns to pinoys to counter Putin s influence. US s influence will be imaginative.

Geopolitics has changed. Russia Putin has help Assad, and also Iran and inclusive of North Korea on the background. US is very much wanted by Japan South Korea and sinkieland to counter the influence of China and Russia. Out of these 3, China is the biggest trading partner ie export buyer for sinkieland. So if the dragon son continue to ask china to obey "international laws" on South China sea to give up ownership of islands, the economic consequences can be hard to bear, similar to South Korea.
Sinkieland is getting lonely. Less people will pay attention to the multi millionaires s talk show.

Anonymous said...

Who bet on Hillary s win? The lonely man should feel embarrassed to see Trump. Look at the news below: creating fake news charge.

"The Campaign Legal Center has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee for 'hiding' the fact that they commissioned a dossier on Donald Trump.

CLC says the Democratic nominee for president's political operation 'violated campaign finance law.' The non-profit says the conduct should be investigated and sanctioned."

Anonymous said...

Still, better to invite USA than to invite India ! S'pore already in danger of turning into another Mumbai !

Anonymous said...

Deep wound need to heal from inside out

Cannot stiched up or let outside skin heal n covered up 1st.

B4 innner wound heal.

Anonymous said...

Political Parody (Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental)
There is no need to beg the Evil White Uniforms to stay.
Vote them out and they will beg to stay, and by force if need be, to stay in Singapore to protect their freehold bungalows and crony businesses.

Why do Singaporean dafties think it is necessary to go begging and paying million dollar salaries for the Evil White Uniforms to stay?
Do a little bit of thinking.

Do Singaporeans really believe that the Evil White Uniforms will go away, will beat a quick retreat from Singapore on its own if Singaporeans do not vote for them?

Anonymous said...

PAP is playing both sides. It doesn't want either US or China to have absolute or overwhelming power in SE Asia region.

I can say this confidently becoz PAP themselves are the masters of absolute power & they know how things work in real life.

b said...

Between us and china, the option is obvious. One is communistic and one is capitalistic. One is people (not elites) cannot own house and one is people can own house. One is all are equal but some more equal and one is all are not equal (which is the truth). One is people (not elites) live in small house and one is people live in big house. One is little political freedom and one is more. Thus, smalland should choose what is good for sinkies. Its is not about race. Its all about power and control.

When matland and indland bullied sinkies, did china do anything?

b said...

Without the white people, chinese women still have 3inch feet, chinese men still have pig tails. White people liberalised the chinese. Chinese should not be ungrateful.

b said...

Smalland should be a state of usa like Hawaii. Sinkies can move to usa to own house and car. Simple dream but difficult to fulfill under pap but easier to fulfil if we become state of usa.

b said...

Come usa, come and colonised smalland.

Anonymous said...

The White people did not come to liberate or to educate you. They came to conquer, to rule, to loot, to colonise. To get rich at your expense.

Rocket said...

Memories are short, very short.

In 1942, when the Japanese war machine invaded Malaya, the British Empire simply withdrew and withdrew from the Thai Border at Singora and Patani beaches down south to Singapore. The war was over in 70 days, when the British under the scholar-general Percival surrendered unconditionally, in great shame and disgrace.

That was the reason why Singapore decided to have National Service, because nobody can be depended to defend us. We have to defend ourselves.

Even the World Power of the Day, at that time, the Great British Empire was more interested in the European Theatre of War than in Asia-Pacific. History will repeat itself again.

When wars do come again (touch wood), the US would be more interested in defending their own Homeland and the Europeans than the Asians. Trump has already made it exceedingly clear: AMERICANS FIRST!

Singapore's scholar-generals still have not learnt. All their years spent in the SAF have been totally wasted. Still collaborating with the Japanese and the Evil Empire.

This is sad, very sad!

Anonymous said...

The Japs conquered and massacred civilians throughout SEA and China, and still insist that they were liberating the countries they took over during WW2. They never admit the atrocities they committed to this day. How can they be trusted?

The whites have no moral right to talk about human rights when they massacred the Red Indians and Aborigines of Australia, took over their land and forced the natives to live on reserations, much like animals in a zoo. How moral can they be?

If South Asian Indians are smart, they ought to remember that the Whites tried to subdue them a long time ago and took over their country. Now they are again thinking that they can take the side of the whites against China. Not that they themselves can be trusted, but they themselves have also been victims of white supremacy treatment.

b said...

They (japs or west) have a chance because chinese elites treated chinese very very very badly and worse than how west treated them. There is only one race - human race. Look at the facts not the color of your skin. The chinese emperors were always so scare that they will be replaced that they put in total control, executed anyone with different opinions. Chinese elites only know how to screw chinese but in front of others, they are so nice.

Anonymous said...

Chinese elites only know how to screw chinese but in front of others, they are so nice.
October 27, 2017 7:04 pm

After 5,000 years of history;
Do you think the Chinese elites have changed?

Who gets treated better in Singapore?
Foreigners or Singaporeans?

b said...

Politics is all about power and control. Never is about color of your skin or your religion. Politicians are all unscrupulous and malicious. When they need you to fight a war, they will say you are one of them. When they do not need you anymore, they will dumb and dump you.

Anonymous said...

Singapore belongs to everyone. No need to fight, no need to defend. Just give more citizenship to the foreigners to take over the island.

Your parents and forefathers are turning in their graves.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

PS. Watch this video and listen to Prof Martin Jacques' advice to the Philippines and how relevant it is to Singapore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc56bWY7oRg/

The title of this video, Forget America, PH's future is bound with China.

b said...

This world has always been politicians against people. People should unite to make politicians who start wars accountable. Unfortunately, people will always be manipulated by politicians under stupid things like race or religion to fight among themselves.

b said...

Without rusland, will china stil be strong? Can us buy rusland heart with europe?

Anonymous said...

Reported in the press, Loong said: "Singapore is a small country - we’re just 5.5 million - but we have sizeable investments and trade with the US, which continue to grow,” he added.

Thot Singapore is tiny country of around 3.4 million Sinkies. How come the 2.1 million foreigners in his 5.5 million number also part to Singapore ?? Do these 2.1 million foreigners serve NS to defend the country?

Anonymous said...

FAKE NEWS: Retirement in Singapore means enjoying your golden years

REALITY: Retirement in Singapore means old and jobless and in poor health and cannot access your CPF savings that's from your income earned during your working life .

ST News: 60-year old man arrested for armed robbery of just $14

Anonymous said...

"Therefore I say that it is a narrow policy to suppose that this country or that, is to be marked out as the eternal ally or the perpetual enemy of England (Singapore).
We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our (self) interests are eternal and perpetual, and those (self)interests it is our duty to follow."
- Lord Palmerston (Henry John Temple). 1784-1865


Hopefully, Ah Loong and redbean remembers this.

Anonymous said...

/// Do these 2.1 million foreigners serve NS to defend the country? ///
October 27, 2017 8:31 pm

Do we really need foreigners to defend Singapore?
Do we not already have cheap & uncomplaining Singaporeans to do this job?

Anonymous said...

Do we not already have cheap & uncomplaining Singaporeans to do this job?
October 28, 2017 8:05 am

Cheap, uncomplaining and STUPID Singaporeans.
All 70% of us.

Stupidity has no cure.
Singapore is doomed.

Anonymous said...

When US President Donald Trump visits Asia next month, the US will unveil a new policy for the region that includes a goal to arm and push India deeper into East Asia and the Pacific region to act as a balancing power against China.

Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s prime minister, endorsed the idea of “greater integration of India into the region”.

Lee told a Council on Foreign Relations event this week in Washington that “we wanted India to be an active and constructive participant, bringing some extra balance [of power against China] to the overall picture [in the region]”.

Read more at : http://www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/2117389/us-help-india-balance-chinas-power-under-donald

Anonymous said...

Lee told a Council on Foreign Relations event this week in Washington that “we wanted India to be an active and constructive participant, bringing some extra balance [of power against China] to the overall picture [in the region]”.

Who is this "we" that Lee-Loong (lelong lelong) is talking about?
PAP or Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

@ October 28, 2017 10:59 am

Where do you think an overseas Indian military base should be located ... so as to bring extra balance in the region?

Little India in Singapore?
New Zealand?

Why ask only India?
Why not also ask Russia?
Why not ask the United Nations?

Anonymous said...

Playing stupid games by joining this gang against that gang would straight away brand who is our enemy, making enemy just like that.

Stupidity has no cure.

Worse than retards.

Virgo49 said...

This Loony Guy simply loves Indian Curry.

Or maybe tastes the Indians Hot Rods he and wifey loves so much.

Why so suspicious that China gonna be a Rogue Nation that gonna gobbled ever body up.

Just because they claimed some of the islands that are Rightfully theirs.

Just like Lau Goh's wifey who loves hot curry oozing thru their arses.

Anonymous said...

228pm agree