Trump likes Loong

From the facial expression of Trump in the above pic, it is evident that Trump really liked Hsien Loong. Look at his face carefully, it is like he is saying, 'I like this chap. He knows what I want. He is so sweet.'


Anonymous said...

Which US President ever dislike balls-carriers from Singapore who bring billions of dollars of own taxpayers' money to buy popularity and goodwill and spy on China on their behalf?

Anonymous said...

RB sir, I didn't know that you are also gifted
with body/facial language reading expertise!

GšŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒD Night!

Anonymous said...

In his trip to US this month, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong brought a S$19 billion deal through the national carrier, Singapore Airlines (SIA), and promised to continue stationing Singapore troops in Syria. According to US President Donald Trump, the $19 billion deal to purchase Boeing airplanes – 20 Boeing 777-9s and 19 787-10 Dreamliners – will bring 70,000 jobs to US for at least the next 10 years.

Lee Hsien Loong on the SIA-Boeing deal:

“The deal is a win-win for both sides. It will further modernise SIA’s fleet, and also support many American jobs.”

What about jobs for Singaporeans?

While he is helping Dotard Trump to MAKE AMERICANS GREAT AGAIN, when can Singapore become great again?

virgo49 said...

You are absolutely right! DT is a Dork who behaved without much hypocrisy.

He don't pretend when he do not like that person. See the Merkel and some others, he cold shouldered them.

Only smiled with Loony Loong and Xi.

For loony loong, taking candy from a boy. Asked him to strip his pants, he will also take out his sneeaker and diaper.

For Xi, Man to respect. My match. I even get my grandchildren to sing mandarin songs, Jasmine Flowers.

Another observation Mr RB,

When he meets those VVIPs more powerful and richer than Sinkieland, see how he looked at them like schoolboys looking at Headmaster and Teachers during the 60s.

Nowadays, schoolboys hammered Teachers and have affairs with female ones.

So coy and well behaved. When he looked at those below him, wah head held high.

Hypocrisy in body language.

Sigh, behaviour of a.small man

Anonymous said...

This is AhGuaLoon sales tactics to buy UaSs President Dunno Trump over to his side..nevermind this is PAPies tactics 'give u 1 drumstick & take back whole chicken' in the near future..this drumstick costs USD 13b it's unlikely to take back whole chicken or even 1 drumstick back so Sinkies just got to suck thumb & pray that this AhGua dun throw away ur coffin monies..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is just a commercial transaction. I don't think he is trying to influence Trump to be gooder to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

'He is so stupid'.

Who says that?

Anonymous said...

Look their hand shake, At one moment I thought DT is going to kiss his hand.

Anonymous said...

August last year, this is what Loong said about U.S. and TPP:

The United States’ reputation is “on the line” when it comes to the TPP. If the United States doesn’t follow through on this agreement, nations might not feel they can depend on the country with other matters.

“Your partners, your friends who have come to the table, who have negotiated, each one of them has overcome some domestic political objection, some sensitivity, some political cost to come to the table and make this deal,” Loong said. “And if at the end, waiting at the altar, the bride doesn’t arrive, I think there are people are going to be very hurt.”

Now, after Trump indeed abandon TPP? So proud to go to the White House, for 3rd time, to visit Trump !

b said...

Trump is good in grabbing pussies. Long is just one of them. Obama will be next.
How come Trump did not meet the new smalland president?