Trump angry with the press

‘It is frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write’. Trump.

Would anyone think it is disgusting for Trump, the President of the USA, to say whatever it wants, like conducting regime change, provoking wars, inciting wars, and wanting to nuke 25m North Koreans to ashes? Trump is trying to start a war with the North Koreans, with the Iranians, with the Venezuelans, with China and with Russia.

What kind of irresponsible and warmongering nation is the USA that can go around trying to start World War 3? It is not frankly disgusting?

I am asking the daft of the world, why are they so quiet when this mad man and his equally mad peers are trying to commit genocide to bring an end to human civilization on earth?

Don’t they feel equally angry and disgusted with Trump and his gangsters going to turn murderers of the innocents by the hundreds of millions?


virgo49 said...

Don't worry Mr Trump. Our World Highest Paid PM gonna meet you soon.

Just learn from him how to Gag The Press. How to intimidate till even the Citizens cannot even hold protests alone without permits.

One Dollar President must learn from Billionaire PM.

Gag with threats of lim kopi of what's Hate Speech and Speeches detrimental to our Interests.

Gag until own Gagged Newsmen and Women got Fired.

Mr President, your First Quote You Fired!!!



Anonymous said...

What is Trump gonna teach him?
What is he gonna teach Trump?

Virgo49 said...

Should be Famous Quote not FIrst.

Also, Hire And Fired Own Republican Senators and spend more time fixing your Democrats.

Just like our PAP Administration and you Shall Ruled Forever.

Pick s leaf or Two from him.

Maybe, also how to sabo Kim, Handsome Boy.

Anonymous said...

I agreed.

The world can learn from us.

We have the best PRESS model.

Indeed a right opportunity for Trump to learn very soon.

Hahaha .........

Anonymous said...

I thought Trump personally spoke at the UN that NK will be destroyed if.......?

And it's from the horse mouth. So why is Trump angry with the Press when the Press was just reporting what he had said, disgusting it may be?

Anonymous said...

Trump should learn how to flip prata from our million dollar ministars,

or say anything he wants,

if Trump is very confident that he won't be impeached and can even win re-election in 2020.

Anonymous said...

/// I am asking the daft of the world, why are they so quiet when this mad man and his equally mad peers are trying to commit genocide to bring an end to human civilization on earth? ///

I think it is bad.
Trump is endangering all the overseas properties belonging to our PAP Millionaires.

Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Sing can afford to talk cock sing song because he is very confident that he and PAP can win the next election and he will be re-appointed minister or even become the next PM.

If Chan Chun Sing becomes the next PM, the Sinkie opposition and those who hate him will be lan par par lan (LPPL) (back to square one) LOL

In case u all do not know, Chan Chun Sing excelled as a student at the US Army Command and General Staff College in 1998, and was the first foreign student to be conferred the "Distinguished Master Strategist Award" in the same year.

So Chan Chun Sing, although he like to say kee chiu, is a master strategist u know, so don't anyhow kee chiu with him OK?

Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Sing - the one who called social media something like "lunacy on the fringe" ?

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP is turning Singapore into an army camp?
Do you think we are becoming a military junta?

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, those who excelled in Military Colleges or What's West Point are of NO Econmic Value to the Nations.

Do they bring in the dough, bread and butter for the Country? ?

Only learned how to sabo and maimed.

See our Great Generals including our PM brought chaos and tanked so many Enterprises.

Military Leaders only know how to waste Nation's Resources and killed the Environment.

Only knows how to shit everywhere and DON'T know even know how to lay an egg.

Their minds are only geared to intimate and bully others.

Chinese saying A good son won't be a solider and good metals DONT be nails.

See the Whites what's West Point and East Point creating unrest round the World.

Need to have Xi, a civilian to rein and control all these war crazy skunks.

So, chiak liao bee ones lah.

Boh Peng Yeow See. Our famous quote on those tang chiak pengs our time.


Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP is creating a lot of good jobs for Singaporeans or PAP Generals?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1040am

Yes! CCS is the man. Our next PM!

I m his fan! He is a kind leader!

CCS is the best-ESt!

Beautiful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

‘It is frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write’.
- Trump.

Luck for PAP and Ah Loong.
Trump did not say:
‘It is frankly disgusting the PAP is able to do whatever it wants to do in Singapore’.

Anonymous said...

What is Trump gonna teach him?
What is he gonna teach Trump?
October 15, 2017 9:44 am

Mental Masturbation.
When East meets West.
Different techniques for different sized organs.

Is this real life or is it just fantasy?

Anonymous said...

Trump meeting with our PM no big deal lah.

AFter inviting other ASEAN leaders, didn't invite our PM also not so nice lah.

So no choice just wayang wayang invite lah.

Don't read too much into it!

Anonymous said...

Can Xi Jinping do more for the Singapore economy than Trump can?
Do you think it's time for Singaporeans to vote in a political party that knows how to do business with China?

Frog Outside Glass said...

RB, someone is spamming your blog. It is rather irritating to see the same imposter posting the same message, again and again, one every single post down here. Maybe you would like to remove them so as to send a message to this imposter? Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

They have much to learn from each other when Trump meets our great leader.

One is a well know trumpeter that is why he is called Trump. Anything that can be said, he will say it with a straight face. But whether others believe him or not, doesn't matter, so long as he believes it himself.

The other is an expert in gaging. He can teach Trump a thing or two about how to gag everything under the sun. He can teach Trump the new method of counting too, as he is a Mathematical expert. He can also teach Trump how to rein in the Press like in Red Dot, so much so that not many people now read the Government mouthpiece now.

The future of the Government mouthpiece looks bleak though. But it doesn't matter because more than 70% still swallow the filthy liquid squeezed out from the propaganda rag.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok I sprayed insecticide and the pest is gone. This one is paid to spam here. You can guess where it comes from.

b said...

Some press in USA is really ridiculous and have no respect to President Trump. He is at least elected but treated like a dog in most of these tv shows on comedy central. It is an insult to the country, voters and electorals. Alimama is not elected but was made president served on a platter. The press here made no remarks whatsoever. The press world is very prejudice and meant to serve their arabs masters only.

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico Without Electricity, Wifi, ATMs Shows Importance of Cash, Gold and Silver
- Most of Puerto Rico remains in the dark and without power three weeks after storm
- With widespread power failures, Puerto Rico remains cash only with retailers only accepting cash and few consumer having cash


PAP's MRT system has been failing Singaporeans for the last 10 years.
And now Ah Loong wants to turn Singapore into a cashless society.

When PAP's electrical system starts failing ... the PAP's cashless system will also fail.
Just like Puerto Rico.

Anonymous said...

When PAP's electrical system fails, it will fail just like the floods and MRT system.

It may be an everyday happenning, not 50 years once. And daft Sinkies have to live with that.

As for cashless, I never subscribe to it. I don't think small businesses favours it because it adds to cost and moreover these small timers needed immediate cash to run the show. They cannot afford to have money tied up with some organisation for weeks before they get their hands on it.

Anonymous said...

What will Ah Loong and Trump talk about?

Ah Loong: Let me teach you how to do preventive maintenance on pumps.

Trump: Let me teach you how to win friends and influence people.

Virgo49 said...

Ah Loony, let me teach you how to bow ninety degrees and said Sorry, we will try to do better next time.

In Congress, put on some Crocodile Tears and sais it pained me very much.

Afterwards, time for XO, XO char kueh teow.

Learn from me lah.

Anonymous said...

Trump's visit to Asia from Nov 3-14 is a good chance for Kim to assassinate him !

Anonymous said...

When Lee Hsien Loong visited President Obama in Washington in April 2013, the tiny state's PM boast to Obama that China looks at his prosperous city-state to try to understand how to balance its economic and social goals as it develops.

Then with a little deprecation, Lee described Singapore as a "tiny bonsai model" for China to learn from.

No wonder Chinese leader Xi Jinping damn dulan Singapore's Lee junior !

Anonymous said...

Trump should teach Loony his trademark calling card and that is 'grab that pussy'.

During his Asian visit, those leaders should keep their wives far from Trump in case he starts grabbing pussies. He cannot be charged for molestation, can he?

Americans ought to be ashamed!

Anonymous said...

Trump grabs pussy.
Yew know who grabs money.

Anonymous said...

Assassination is the expertise of the Americans. They likely assassinated Kim Jong Nam and point the fingers at Kim Jong Un.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Downtown Line 3 suffers track fault on first day of soft launch


If you think you can trust MRT to bring you to your destination on time.

Anonymous said...

Tell Khaw religious chanting, even by sect leaders, doesn't work !

Anonymous said...

State Of Emergency Declared As California's Hepatitis A Outbreak Accelerates


If you are a millionaire in California, do you think you are safe as the disease spreads among the poor in your cities?

What about you ... the Millionaire fuckers in Singapore?
Do you think you are safe as more and more Singaporeans become poor?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.46

Khaw Buddha chantings. Now Trump called Pastors to pray in his White House.

Let the White or Barn Owls come and visit.

See one video of Monks in China counting piles of monies from donations.

Drove big cars and ate closed doors at private dinning restaurants.

Some hugging women.


Anonymous said...

Tell Khaw religious chanting, even by sect leaders, doesn't work !
October 15, 2017 7:46 pm

You know your MRT is in deep shit when you call on religious leaders rather than engineers to bless your train systems.

Only a complete breakdown of MRT will wake up the 70%.

Anonymous said...

Chanting only works on the 70%, not on other things.

And the 70% will remain enchanted. They will not wake up!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thomas Chalmers McLaughlin, a little American professor apologising for Trump the mad man.

I apologise for the behavior of our country. I wish I could limit it to our President but we elected him so he represents us, and his words and actions and embarrass all of us. I don’t agree with anything he says or does. He is destructive, dangerous and perhaps mentally ill. He has strained America’s relationships with everyone, he has lied and then lied to cover up the lies. He is superficial, unwilling to learn or lead and unwilling to examine or admit mistakes, lies or anything else. But, we elected him....

I apologise for how the US has polarised itself. Where race continues to be an issue we have never fully resolved since our civil war in the 1860s. We will always struggle with our relationship to slavery and its impact on all of us. Our President knows this weakness and exploits the race wounds of centuries past at every opportunities he gets. Even if it’s not an opportunity, he injects race and race divisions into all of his policy decisions. - Reported inn Yahoo News

Anonymous said...

Will the old hacks
in Singapore apologise
to the younger Singaporeans for their
future ?

Virgo49 said...

You think the 70% Dafts who elected them into Power are Old Hacks? ?

Regret at your own leisure the next three years.

Remember to wake up next GE.

Young dies chew more than they can bite.

Most not satisfied even with one flat.

Many kena noosed by their mountain of mortgages that they had to vote The PAP fearing their properties and stocks will go bust.

So, they blamed the Old Hacks.

If the old hacks don't work themselves to the bones, young hacks together chiak Sai instead of Starbucks. Wear singlets with no pants and underwear.

So, be grateful to the Old Hacks.