To cry or not to cry for retrenched SPH staff

Mothership.sg posted an article on a townhall meeting by Warren Fernandez, the editor in chief of SPH, to announce the retrenchment of 130 staff. The article said Fernandez said two things that infuriated or exasperated the staff at the meeting. One was to blame the IT department for locking out the staff from using the company's computer system and the other, the hiring of 10 foreign correspondence while talking about retrenching so many staff.

Fernandez also said SPH is still doing well with profit up by 32% to $350 million despite lowering revenue in some sectors. Some may want to question the need to resought to retrenching staff when the company is still growing its profits, but one thing that stood up like a sore thumb is the intent to hire 10 foreign correspondents.

Big question, who are these 10 foreign staff, from where, to do what that the retrenched staff cannot do or be trained to do? Are the skills requirement or expertise so special that none of the staff can do or can be trained to do? It would be criminal to hire foreigners and not retraining or redeploying retrenched staff if the new jobs can be done by these staff. Are there really jobs that are so specialised that only foreigners can do?

Are these foreigners from top notch foreign media from developed countries or 'foreign talents' from third world countries with top notch third world credentials and experienced to replace the retrenched staff? Or is this another sign of the Pinkerton Disease? Imagine Channel News Asia replacing its native staff with angmohs to report news from western perspective and interests? It would then be more appropriate to be renamed Channel News Angmoh. Where is ST heading, West or Third World?

Would SPH be transparent and enlighten on this hiring and would MOM be interested to know the details and could these 10 positions be saved for the retrenched staff?

Dunno want to cry or to pity the retrenched reporters. Hopefully they are not Singaporeans and to be replaced by foreigners in another case of Singaporeans got no talent or the required specialised skills of third world reporters.

Just wait and see how this case is developing and how it turns out to be.


Anonymous said...

Are the retrenched staff unionised? If they are, let's see what the staff union have to say about the 10 foreign correspondents hired in the wake of the retrenchment of local staff.

Anonymous said...

These Sinkieland Prostitute House retrenched staffs --serves them right to have got such an Employer in Sinkieland. Who told them to Just Follow Law or Obedient Dogs ..KJ already said b4 u got the Garmen that u deserves ( or u got the employer u deserves)..so kpkb olso no use or bo bian Liao..

Anonymous said...

Loyalty? You call this loyalty?

Making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ still retrenching staff!

Retrenchment staff on one hand, on the other recruiting foreigners!

Can retrain the retrenched staff! What so difficult!

Feel very very very sorry to their families!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Just vote Opposition in GE 2020.
It's no point talking anymore.

Do you think the President, the 5 mayors of Singapore, will support an Opposition government?

virgo49 said...

If only the SPH journalists were to report the Truths of what's really happening in this Little Dot and objectively critised the PAP as need to, then with 30% percent of Opposition dissenters of at least a few hundred thousands, they may become their loyal subscribers.

With this numbers and revenue of advertisemens, they might not be retrenched as their profits met the target of those Greedy PIGS in the Ivory Towers who do nothing but Yap Yap and Yap.

But, sadly, the PAP put their use out of date Failures after amassing great wealth to go in as Chairman and Top Brass to control and gag them.

To write what is their Truths and Others Truths as Untruths.

So, they got the Dubious Title of "The Shit Times"

Now, unlike our past whereas the Bosses before they even asked you to chiak kia kee will think of your families welfare now chiak ang mo sai Hired And Fired like DT.

The employees can earned them millions every good years but just beacuse this year dropped by a mere million, they fired you without thoughts of your survivals.

They think that the Foreign Trashes will bring life to their papers???

You think the Foreign Journalists can write what they want??

If they do, they won't last a month. If they does, Chan Chun Seng and Shamemugan and loony Loong got to take Extra Strong Pandol.

You think it will bring sales and glory back???

FAT HOPE. They will muzzled at all cost their mistakes and wrong policies.

Hopefully, those enlightened and educated journalists from ex-SPH who are been wrong by the Papies would join the Opposition Parties and stand for elections next GE.

They knew what's really happening in Sinkieland but are been muzzled to report so.


Anonymous said...

@ October 17, 2017 9:21 am

Voting for PAP is a "deep seated cultural issue".
Nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

Por Lam Par the PAP is also a "deep seated cultural issue."

Anonymous said...

"Just vote Opposition in GE 2020" unquote

But 70% daft Sinkies have no courage to do that. They rather suffer being trampled upon than vote for change.

So, sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...


If vote opposition in the next GE.......no retrenchment?

You sure or not?

Anonymous said...

Big question, who are these 10 foreign staff, from where, to do what that the retrenched staff cannot do or be trained to do?

Big question, what is PAP, from where, (actually Sinkies already know) to do what the Sinkie opposition cannot do or be voted in to do?

Anonymous said...

so what employing 1o foreignome staff

even emplowing another 1oo foreign staff

so what so what so what

what can the people do

only kpkb and kpkb but at the end only lan-lan

yes! only lan-lan

he'll.......Singapore is NOW like that lah!


jjgg said...

Will voting PAP prevent u or your loved ones to be rentrenched n replaced? So are there only moles left in SPH? Will there be a resurgence in readership after the retrenchment exercises? So many questions.. Warren Fernandez is in charge during years of failing readership..how come he's not replaced.. did he take a pay cut? How come still the same tired opinion pieces being sprouted.. don't they know what to do with broken records? Aiyo.. so many questions...hehe

Anonymous said...

Because in the eyes of SPH top management, those retrenched staff have no more value for SPH to retain. So they were retrenched lor. It's that simple.

Even WP Teochew Ah Hia was also seen as having no more value for nearly 50% Aljunied voters to retain as their MP in GE 2015. That's why Ah Hia nearly lost.


Whether as reporters or as politicians, or whatever lah, don't make yourself to be seen as having no more value to those who hire you, or from whom you need their votes, or whatever lah.

virgo49 said...

Anon 9.47

Journalism everywhere is the same? What's to train our locals what the Foreign Trashes do??

Our locak journalists been muzzled and takes the direction and cue from their Editors in Chief or what's Head of Department what to write and what's not to report.

Now, you blame them for been mediocre??

Foreign papers had their Chiefs not in tandem with the ruling government or President like America.

So, day in and day out, they will bombast them. Their journalists took the cue and followed their directions.

Here, the Editors In Chief and Head of Departments are all under the PAP balls.

So, how to bring life to the Papers.

Only dared critised a bit on commercial entities like SMRT.

Reported very adverse and big.

Dared to report against Loony Tunes??

Anonymous said...

Warren Fernandez is in charge during years of failing readership..how come he's not replaced.
9:57 am

Hahahaha. How come?

Perhaps for the same reasons why Hsien Loong, who is in charge during years of failing leadership, is not replaced?

Or how come Halimah can become President?


Anonymous said...

Singaporean voters are daft not to realize that Party interests in past 20 years have steadily not aligned with their interests, worst still in past 5 to 10 years many times it against our interests, eg indiscriminate aggressive FT policy at PMET level, aggressive unwarranted hiking of tariffs, ministerial sky high pay without commensurate performance, extreme fixing of the only opposition Workers Party, disrespect of truth & honesty, basic constitutional rights of citizens & set-up in recent PE, "dishonorable son using state organs against siblings" and wayang through, screwed up appointment of key appointment holders like Ho Jinx & paper generals (still continuing), lack of accountability & transparency at GIC & Tummysick, etc, etc.
It's really daft to believe the Party propaganda day in & day out & still vote for them and not holding them to accountability. Our precious vote is the only way to talk to such stubborn self-serving powerful politicians. Don't waste your vote; protect your interests.

Anonymous said...

The circle of bootlickers have became so big, now the TOP has to eat up some of these bootlickers as the citizens are eaten & squeezed bone-dry already by their ever increasing Greed. GCT & HC & Son sit on top of this Greed machine. Bootlickers you could be Next....SPH is just a start.

Anonymous said...

The top top people are retrenchment-proof.

None kena retrenched.

Only the bottom ranks kena retrenched!

Anonymous said...

Actually, being retrenched can be very siong!

Can be very stressful both emotionally and financially.

Jobs are very very very difficult to come by.

Anonymous said...

These SPH jokers are running dogs & prostitutes .... Cry for them for fuck?!?!?!

Many of them long-time prostitutes of 20 years or more. They KNOW what the fuck they were doing & CONTINUED to write & print bullshit propaganda for their PAPpy masters, in exchange for fat pay & big bonuses!

So what kena retrench?!?!? Live by the sword die by the sword. Already got 100s of thousands sinkies kena retrenched or fired before them.

Anyway these SPH prostitutes got generous retrenchment packages, better than standard civil service: 1 month's pay for each year of service, cap at 25 years + paid-for atas HR consultancy packages to help them get another job.

Anonymous said...

In the past these retrenched aSS Pee Hostess did not pray to the 'Gods' & its just they r bad luck to got the axe lah...

Anonymous said...

Heard of tv station interviewing "stranger" for opinion and often some similar opinions are broadcast over the air. The method is to ask a unknown reporter to be interviewee and make the video like real. Want to hear private taxi driver making $9000pm? Can be done. But this is called fake news. How about making $7000pm? Is this fake news?

Sinkies no longer daft. Those named by old fart as daft have joined him in pee ah pee new party oredi, selling diapers. Conscious voters still need to distinguish news, real or fake on main media.

Instead of reading main media, they read every country s media and twitter in the morning. Why do they want house154th standard?

House154th can hire another 100 foreign correspondence writing about indians at various locations on sunny lands. Where are the readers? Real voters do not read those stuff created by pinoys and indians reporters.

The real problem is contents. The house154th needs to find back creative staff to make good news about MWC increment, about industry jobs vacancies available for grab at least $3k a month, those are news readers will check them up.

House154 must be getting ready to shut the shuttle. Its profit came from selling assets, not readership advertising revenues. Anyone plays this counter will have known its price used to be $5 and above. Look at it now, u will not dare to buy. Its main mission for the organization is lost. Monopoly to sell news on sinkieland and yet lose its power as main news provider. That s sinkieland s fate in future. Good location, but did not generate good money. Future is at Malacca. Go there to sell wen pao might make some money. But S$1 or 3 over ringits, which Malacians want to pay such high price for the empty big font titles with little contents?

Anonymous said...

A KPKB cina (half past 7) poem (Part 1) abt the plight of ahgualand oldies (in their twilight years) and the hapless avocado mashmellow weaker than strawberry ahgualand millenials conundrum quad-lemma (double dilemma)....?


Anonymous said...

[[[ If vote opposition in the next GE.......no retrenchment? You sure or not? ]]]
October 17, 2017 9:44 am

We vote Opposition to voice our unhappiness at the mis-management of our country and its assets like NOL and SMRT.

Not happy?
Just vote Opposition.
No need to think so much.

Anonymous said...

Google translate:

"Leap thousands of miles,
Wear thousands of mountains and rivers,
10 years do not meet,
Rare reunion,
Tears in the eyes,
Mother and daughter long love,
Grandchildren on both sides,
This time the more foreign,
Only to be ten days,
And then leave,
Sad heartbroken,
Why should we separate,
Three generations of thousands of miles,
Home can not stay,
A country can not live,
One by one,
Lao Dao live in the United States,
Old two Canadian,
Old Unit South America,
Hard to stay old,
Dusk empty keep alone,
Sick into the hospital,
No children in the side,
New Year no reunion,
Two old heart is very sour,
Life will walk,
Sick without child care,
I heard that one side,
There are many daughters,
Two old wondering,
Or do not consider,
Sports pick up paper,
Lang to live,
Today, one day,
Life has no demand."

Anonymous said...

Bing translate:

"Leap Miles Road,
To wear the mountains and rivers,
10 years does not meet,
A rare reunion,
Tears in my eyes,
Mother and daughter talk long,
Sun Tzu around the sides,
These two oceans,
Only for a dozen days,
And then parting,
Sorrow breaks the heart,
Why separate,
Three generations apart,
There's no place to stay,
A country cannot live,
A family of four,
The boss lives in America,
Dick Canada,
Youngest South America,
Hard to get old,
The dusk is empty,
Sick into the hospital,
No child is near,
No reunion in the new Year
Two old hearts are sour,
All my life will go,
A sick child,
Heard there was a party,
Have a lot of wife,
Two old pondering,
Don't even think about it.
Sports Pick paper Skin,
Rondan Live,
One day Today,
The blessing is not to be begged,
There is no demand in life."

Anonymous said...

A cina-SINgrish wranting abt the CONSEQUENCES & REPERCUSSIONS of the 70% daft kongcum siao ting tong brain-dead ahguamen missteps ...?

COE ERP GST LooongChongSiLaiSuckLui

Anonymous said...


Yew got many contributors now ...!!!

But the 007 post last nite till now one comment?

What happened?

Why not invite more contributors to write on topics sinkies like to comment like YEE-CON-norcomics, Geographymancy, Mainalndcina LuXun style sarka-sstic poetry etc etc ...?

Sounds good?

Laogoa kar kui kui botak tang bo lui?

Sinkies PMETs huah taxi, Bor kui kar tang lui?

Ahguamen ken VD HIV Lao Goa Chio Bee Bee ...

More good years (for Jiak Liao Bee)

To collect more (sweatblood) $$$?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero: //To cry or not to cry for retrenched SPH staff//

How abt another post entitked?

"To cry or not to cry for retrenched ahgualand"?

Sooner or later yew need to write cos it will come to pass?

It is not if but when?


Anonymous said...

Hi 1118am

Your opinion, vote opposition to register our unhappiness.

What for? What I want is result! Are they ready? United as ONE?

Anyway, not I want to pour cold water,

Where are the opposition parties now? Very very quiet!

Kpkb kpkb and kpkb are all coming from social media.

Correct or not?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero: //To cry or not to cry for retrenched SPH staff//

To vote or not to vote Opposition?
To be or not to be?

Anonymous said...

//Where are the opposition parties now? Very very quiet!

Kpkb kpkb and kpkb are all coming from social media.

Correct or not?//

Collect lah?

Wat 4 tek oven BROKE-CUNT ham-T-DAFT-T?

Anonymous said...

First, must "safe" ah hia lah, & ah lian.

Should it not be?

To "safe them or not safe" them?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Google translate:

"Over the years have endured all kinds of unequal treatment,
Gradually began to doubt the future of our future,
Maybe Lee does not understand meesiam is no clam,
People to sweatblood $ is not forever,
Immediately let go away does not belong to our future,
Can not only choose runroadlikelhylsw?"

Anonymous said...

Bing translate:

"Endured all these years of unequal treatment,
Gradually began to doubt the future we face,
Maybe Lee doesn't understand Meesiam is no clam,
The sweatblood$ of the people is not eternal,
To let go of the future that is not ours
Can't you just choose RUNROADLIKELHYLSW?"

Anonymous said...

SPH is just a gahmen mouthpiece. No need to shed tears for them. SPH and SMRT are both going to the dogs with their kind of "management"

Anonymous said...

Sometimes ai hate the PG (deeply in my heart)?
Why are they so daft (& trusting & gave old fart absolute pwr)?
Why did the PG do all these to their offsprings?
Such that the younger generations have no way out?
Now there is only one outcome left?
Either run road or rot in ahgualand?
Too LITTLE too late (for the PG to regret or to KPKB their hearts out)?
Don't blame the younger generations next time after kick bucket (if their offsprings cannot come back to worship them or sweep their graves during Qing Ming cos see for yewselves even lsw needs to rr and cannot go temple worship his dearest yeye nainai ashes)?

Anonymous said...

SPH is just a gahmen mouthpiece. No need to shed tears for them. SPH and SMRT are both going to the dogs with their kind of "management"
October 17, 2017 12:55 pm

Singapore is also just a PAP mouthpiece, tio bo?
Also no need to shed tears for us, tio bo?
After all, 70% of us voted for this, tio bo?
Singapore is also going to the dogs with our kind of "government", tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Telegram group alerts NTU students to leftover buffets so they can eat for free


Might as well offer it to our
+ retrenched Singaporeans
+ elderly Singaporeans
+ poor Singaporeans

Since we can't offer them any hope, jobs, money or future.

Anonymous said...

To the people in charge of our MRT;
This is how the Japanese do hara-kiri or ritual suicide when they fail.
Of course you should not construe this as a hint.


Anonymous said...

After what happened to lsw and "tlj" (aka tcb datok abdullah Tanah Rajah Ayer Merah ...)

All hope gone le (including what will be happening to Mr ChaoZhou ...)?

Hope has a new spelling?

It is:

"Wan Dan Le"?

Anonymous said...

Tq PG for "raising" us up and giving (us the younger generations) the future of "hope" (wan dan le)?

Wee the younger generations (after wee rr) shall pray in the deepest part of our hearts that after yew all breathe yewr last breath, yew can rip ...

Must say (in advance though that) after wee rr, unlikely wee will be able to cum bk to sweep yewr graves during qing ming ... but weee still pray that after yewr depart, pls rip .....

Pls be kind to old fart and his kempentai buddy when yall eventually "unite" with them after yewr days in earth ended and wee younger generations also "thank them verLEE much" for the chance to grow up, be educated and end up need to rr ....?

It is ironical we know but yew get what yew sowed?

Anonymous said...

SPH will be a thing of the past if it does not change. The more it aligns with government, it becomes less relevant to the public. I am not saying media should not be working along with government initiatives but when reporting, there must be fair views. Already we can see advertisement dwindling. In early days, we have a thick pile of newspaper on weekend. Majority are advertisement, be it jobs or companies advertising their wares.

Anonymous said...

Why do the younger generations believe "hope = wan dan le"?

Look here, since when roti prata is nasi lemak unless yewr nao is siao liao?

Just like in ancient Qin Dynasty donkey becum horse then what happened?

Anonymous said...

So does it make sense next time yew order nasi lemak then they serve u prata and they said some CONmittee said it is nasi lemak so be it?

So like that wee cannot be sure when is nasi lemak nasi lemak, when is prata prata cos can suka suka (get CONmittee to state so)?

Loke that they haven becum siao ahguamen siao first already?

Anonymous said...

Wee younger generations have some discussionss and for many it may be meaningless to live a life where now wee dunno what is what?

What is collect? What is wloooong?

Can any PG enlighten us is it possible that can suka suka say prata is nasi lemak and life go on as usual?

So where and what is the "COMPASS" in life?

Can any PG tell us, wee the younger geenrations?

Are wee the younger generation suppose to force ourselves to take it that way, donkey is horse?

Prata is nasi lemak?

Would life be of any meaning if wee have to live such lives?

Anonymous said...

The YEW-ASS-A may have a national debt deficit of US$20A+ TRILLION?

But this ahgualand is a gazillion times worst?

Cos it has a another type of "deficit" in gazillions?

Anonymous said...

Rb, no need to cry for them lar. Now they Kena themselves they now know helping to spend fake news this is retribution.

Anonymous said...

Here’s how SMRT’s failsafe measures failed during the North-South line flood


As best as I can figure out:

1. The stop switch at the bottom of the tank failed.
2. Three independently operated float switches failed.
3. One "high level water alert" switch failed

"During the press conference, LTA Deputy Chief Executive Chua Chong Kheng was asked what were the odds on so many failures occurring all at once. He declined to give a figure."

Does Temasek and GIC have any fail-safe measures in place for their "investments" ??

Anonymous said...

{{{ Rb, no need to cry for them lar. Now they Kena themselves they now know helping to spend fake news this is retribution. }}} October 17, 2017 2:36 pm

Very tiok.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out
- Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out
- Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out
- Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me
— and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller

Do you think there is anybody left to speak out for the SPH journalists??

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 3.45

They want cheap Labour so that the Pyramid Top can get as much as they want.

They supposed to service and check the Pumps.

What you expect when you get Ah Neh workers.

They worked one hour and slept for three hours.

SINKIE supervisors on field work went themselves to coffeshops and talk cock and Bull stories.

That's why Open Net with their Ah Nehs Labour force always kena fined.

Get China men and they completed their work hakf the time and asked for more over time.

Earn monies first and fast.

Return homelands to be Towkays.

Anonymous said...

It's a bitter awakening for the retrenched young reporters in SPH.

Unfortunately, professional Western journalist newsrooms which value investigative reporting cannot take them in as ad revenue are falling and they themselves are shedding staff.

Anonymous said...

When kena retrenched, must buy toto and big sweep while looking for job!

If kena top prize the money can tide you through several years!

Btw, I am not from Swimming Pool!

No money no talk!

Anonymous said...

Singapore local newspaper SPH retrenching staff.

Foreign newspapers retrenching staff.

Retrenched foreign reporters join SPH.

Retrenched Singaporean SPH reporters no where to join.

Retrenched foreign reporters full of luck.

Retrenched Singaporean reporters can only sulk.

(Copyright poem)

Anonymous said...

Do good, do together.
Retrench then how?

Retrench together is it?
Why no noise from this person?

Anonymous said...

S’pore football ranked 173, worst-ever Fifa world rankings


Straits Times ranked 153rd.
So Straits Times journalists should not feel so bad.

I think SMRT, Khaw and Kuek also should not feel so bad.
Just look at your CPF statement and go "Wah! I feel so rich."

Anonymous said...


You are very knowledgeable?

Btw, wWat is our mrt world ranking? Do you know? Any GAS?

Anonymous said...

Btw, wWat is our mrt world ranking? Do you know? Any GAS?
October 17, 2017 5:22 pm

Do you think we are ranked one level above or below this?


A million dollar salary is still worth all the shit.

agongkia said...

What's there to cry.They join Sph and trust that they will be given retrenchment benefits and do not want to work till last breathe.
Many are even praying to be retrench earlier to enjoy their benefits.
The day has came.Moutintin fartchoy.
How I wish to join them and be richer by now.
Only dafts will cry for them.
Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

SPH should have an Indian and Ppines edition and sell them in India and Ppines to justify having so many reporters from these countries writing about their countries.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To the people in charge of our MRT;
This is how the Japanese do hara-kiri or ritual suicide when they fail.
Of course you should not construe this as a hint.


Only the dumb chairman bowed and apologised. The rest looked on and buat bodoh acting as if it was not their responsibility while collecting millions. I think the stupid chairman is paid less than all three of them and made to bow for them.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.09pm
//Only the dumb chairman bowed and apologised...//
He has to wayang a bit...else these jiao Liao bee Generals gonna report to their Ah Long Boss to sack this chairman ..also it save the Garmen face ..see cheap cheap they solve the flooring issue no need any compensation to commuters..Actually Sinkies should yell to aSsMRTee --Apology No Use We Need Refund!

Unknown said...

They all deserve it for parroting the government's view of globalization and neo liberal economics.

They always follow government line, now kena liao shiok or not ?

Anonymous said...

LTA: SMRT left hundreds of foreign objects on track for over 13 years


It's a good thing that Temasek and GIC do not have such "skeletons" in the closet.
They are very well managed companies.

Anonymous said...

The retrenched SPH reporters and their families will vote for opposition next general election.

Anonymous said...

They will lagi want to vote for PAP to hope to get back their jobs.

Anonymous said...

If these aSs Prostitutes Hostess got spurs stuck in their hides, they would be able to form an opposition party & fight their Political masters for their rights & win votes in next GE or lower the white lightning party votes shares ..sadly do u think that these retrenched aSs Pee Hacks staffs wud do that?..

b said...

Sinkies never learnt. Next election do not let pap have so many votes. Around 50.1% is good enough. They will then be nicer to voters.

b said...

Do not blame the migrants, it all politicians fault. They enabled all this badtolocals policy to be implemented. They started all the wars in mid east.