The plains of Jiangsu

Our trip to Rugao, a third or fourth tier city in China took us out from Shanghai to tour the plains of Jiangsu. This piece of land is incredibly flat and fertile and gave us a totally different impression of China, the big crowded cities, over built, bad air and dull over cast sky. The plains of Jiangsu is open land, agriculture land, and land for the people, for homes and industries, ie plentiful of land and space.

The pics in this post started from Rugao by coach all the way to Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, about 120km distance. Enjoy the scenery and open space and the architecture and homes of rural China and take note of the old tiny houses that were once there, some still there in the forefront of the bigger new homes, landed homes that are now the new China. The first pic is the city of Rugao to give a comparison of the landscape and infrastructure.

Highrise estates already starting to take shape in the rural backyard of China
Windmills along the Yangtze River
Closer look of the windmills and green energy
Still low rise homes as we approached Shanghai
Crossing Yangtze River

Outskirt of Shanghai, still flat land but more buildups
Outer city of Shanghai
Looking at Shanghai along the way to Pudong Airport.


Virgo49 said...

Beautiful, years of blood, sweat and blood to build them till today.

That's why President Xi is so patient with the Americans and their running skunks NOT to have Wars.

For Wars causes Destruction and takes years to rebuild again.

The Japanese had made another wrong choice of voting the Abe.

They should have voted that Opposition Lady and might have a chance for PEACE.

Their Country is also equally beautiful.

Now these War Mongrels together with Pee Ayam Loong gonna destroy their beauty.

Mad loony sick bastards.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add.

Better can see go and visit China now.

Later, Sinkies not welcomed in China. Ban cause too many unfriendly aliens instant Sinkies and Too many Black Ants instant citizens with behaviours worse than presumed China Men to our beautiful country.

Singapore Passports no longer powerful as Ban from entry by the World's Biggest Economy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Abe is leading Japan to total destruction. The election victory has embolden him to militarise Japan. The Japanese are behind him, and he will rescind the pacifist constitution. When Japan starts to behave aggressively, it will provide the reason for China, Russia and the Koreans a reason to invade and destroy this menacing people once and for all.

When war starts, there will be no Japan anymore. This seems inevitable given the arrogance of the Japanese, to think they could still run all over China, Russia and the Koreas. This is Japan's destiny, its retribution in the making.

Without this victory, Japan would likely remain less aggressive and would not give reason for its destruction.

Anonymous said...

If ahgualand was like China, big with more than 9.6 million square kilometres of land space, can travel from city to rural areas during weekends for a quick getaway, then this life can go without regrets le ...?

But ahgualand is everything that China is not and to stay until the end of one's journey in ahgualand will be the greatest unforgiveable sin one can self inflict?

No matter what need rr like ay and lsw asap?

And thks uncle rb for rekindling the latent fire of this deep seated desire to break free from all the shackles and chains and tentacles of the old decadent crumbling make belief erected by Goa Jiak Sai and his cronies cohort ...

It is 1000 reincarnations misfortune to be ruled by this wooden cha tao, his shorty repulsive mabok and cronies ...?

virgo49 said...

Recent News Article:

INDIA sending 100 Farmers families to Singapore to have a taste of Urban Living.

Wah piang, bring their cows or not?? To shit and blessed their flats, condos.

Push them into the lifts, MRT and buses.

Now buses can take wheelchair bound passengers with their Cows.

Where is MR COW?? Your relatives coming, make sure no breakdowns or they will shit in your trains.

Singapore became SingaIndra or Singa India.


Anonymous said...

Do you think the plains of Jiangsu looks more welcoming than Singapore?

As a Singaporean, can you afford to live in Jiangsu?
As a Singaporean, can you afford to live in Singapore?

As a Singaporean, can you afford to continue voting for PAP?

Anonymous said...

Abe is leading Japan to total destruction.
RB 9:40 am

Not really lah.

Even if Abe is crazy, the Japanese people are not. They will not allow Abe to go to war and get themselves destroyed.

Just as smart Sinkies will not allow PAP to have "NS for Sinkies and jobs for foreigners" policy and get themselves jobless and money no enough.

And read this if u still don't get it:

Anonymous said...

Abe s win is the most significant event for sinkies to watch. He can manage 310 votes to change constitution with a small party s support. Not many bother Japan s changes. Instead, sinkieland s news was more on Xi. Xi already in same position for 5 years. The only event to watch is that he will continue for another 10 years more.

Abe is likely to change constitution to get involve with more military power. During election, Abe was reported to have mentioned 210 times on North Korea nuclear threats. Any sensible guess would be Abe will change constitution to make nuclear bombs.

There is no way to counter Kim s threat except Japan also has nuclear armament. Will Trump support Japan s move? During Trump s election time, he wanted Japan to foot the bill for nuclear umbrella. Now Abe can make nuclear bombs, how can Trump stop him?

Sinkieland will have nice events to see this energetic Japanese leader move Japan to the next level to be a super power, hopefully for those who voted for Abe.
The exciting eyes should also look at how china react to Japan s nuclear ambition. Bear in mind, South Korea hardliners also want US to bring in nuclear weapons on SK soils.

All this might happen in next 5 years. Those mentioned places all stocks up nuclear weapons using Kim as the valid reason.
If US wants to avoid this situation, will Trump attack Kim now?

US congress presented a paper, on first day of conventional war at N-S korean war, 300000 will die, possibly US will have to lose 100000 lives for the war.

Trump again is unable to decide, and keep saying it is not the first choice. Must to Kim s pleasure. But Kim is doing war drills at cities like hiding and black out at night. If Trump does not attack, will Kim attack first? Most say not likely.

If N-S get into war, sinkieland s exports to Japan and China will be affected. Still want to vote for Pap to get 5 millions foreigners ah neh into its own population?
Sinkieland voters better dont sleep. The good pap era is well over.

Its time to vote for opposition to get serious in jobs, jobs, jobs, similar to Trump s campaign. Not foreigner talents ah neh talents, silly talents except their own sons sitting at home.

Anonymous said...

As a Singaporean, can you afford to live in Jiangsu?
11:13 am

As a Singaporean, I would rather live in Forest City JB than in Jiangsu.

And vote PAP rather than opposition as govt.

Anonymous said...

As a Singaporean, I would rather live in Forest City JB than in Jiangsu.
11:26 am

Correction. Should be Forest City Johor, not JB.

Anonymous said...

Its time to vote for opposition to get serious in jobs, jobs, jobs, similar to Trump s campaign.
11:26 am

Smart Sinkies still have jobs lah, and luckily for PAP, they are also the majority of Sinkies.

If not, how can PAP got 70% votes in last GE, u tell me lah?

U don't expect, jobless, money no enough Sinkies to vote for PAP, do u?

Anonymous said...

Live in Jiangsu, but vote Opposition.
Live in Forest City Johor, but vote Opposition.

So even if PAP says your HDB lift may not work ... who cares?

Actually hor.
Do you think PAP's HDB lifts break down more often than Opposition's HDB lifts?

Anonymous said...


2016, pap bet on Hillary win, spent its reputation on TPP with Abe even when Trump was declared winner. That reflected Pap s intelligence. U are also one of them at this kind of level: unable to see the world TREND.

Hillary s "freedom of movement" is part of TPP. Jobs will be available in US for foreigners. Sinkieland will give jobs to foreigners based on TPP. This is Pap s policy.

Trump won means no more free jobs for foreigners in US.

If sinkies still want to give jobs to foreigners, like u, go ahead to vote for Pap.
The choice is your own.

The world TREND is very critical for sinkieland s own survival. Whether u survive to support Pap, no one will feel about it. Voters will feel the pressure when jobs are given freely to english speaking men women from sunny lands branded under "freedom of movement". Many are fake degree holders to take advantage on sinkies silliness to follow Hillary s order.

In GE, Pap will win? It is up to the majority voters in 2020GE. U r brain dead, still see 70% support for Pap. It is not the fact. U want 70% for Pap? Find another old man to die in 2020. No guarantee pap will get 70% support.

Anonymous said...

Japan no nuclear bomb and wanting to build one? Would the Americans support that?

In the mid 60s or 70s, the US loaned Japan 600kg or 6000kg, can't remember the exact figure, of weapon grade uranium for research, just like the Japanese hunting whales in ever increasing scales for research. The uranium loaned was enough to build 10 nuclear bombs.

Until today, Japan has not returned the uranium, no need to return. What does this say? Of course the Japs have nuclear bombs, assisted and approved by the Americans. By today, they could have built many more nuclear bombs but not saying anything.

Why the urgency to restart the highly unstable nuclear power plants in Fukushima? To harvest more weapon grade uranium to build more bombs.

The Japanese voters have given approval to Abe to change the pacifist constitution. Period.

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP's HDB lifts break down more often than Opposition's HDB lifts?
12:07 pm

Why would PAP care whether PAP's HDB lifts break down more often than Opposition's HDB lifts


PAP is very confident that PAP will win 80% votes in the next election

given that there is a 93% chance the 3 opposition MPs will lose the $33M civil suit against them

and become bankrupt and as a result

become ineligible to contest?

Anonymous said...

...given that there is a 93% chance the 3 opposition MPs will lose the $33M civil suit against them...
12:29 pm

If I were Teochew Ah Hia, I would indeed be very worried. Because this one really tua kee, lagi tua kee than what Ah Chee have ever encountered.

Don't know why my "porlumpar strategy praising PAP is a competent govt" did not work.

Anonymous said...

@ live in Jiangsu and live in Forest City Johor.

Typical dumb Singaporeans.
Vote and pay for the most expensive politicians in the world.
Get priced out of Singapore.
And still continue to vote for those high salaried mother-fuckers.

denk said...

tks for the pics rb !

something not so ot here, continued from
your previous post
"US to be more focused and engaged in the region"

lhl to the neocon CFR,
“we wanted India to be an active and constructive participant, bringing some extra balance [of power against China] to the overall picture [in the region]”.

our lao da in washington wants india to be
part of the anti chinese posse'.

This is the reason why sg is becoming the little india of SEA, MADE IN USA.


Anonymous said...

virgo49 October 29, 2017 10:16 am
///Where is MR COW?? Your relatives coming, make sure no breakdowns or they will shit in your trains. ///

That's why for many among the post-indep/ younger generations, only one of 2 outcomes to choose?

Faster rr like ay and lsw or rot in this vices-infested ahgualand?

Anonymous said...

If what lhy did (to rr) was the right (and far-sighted) things to do (in the long run), then sinkies following such footsteps might cherish the fact that they had done so?

The COL in China 3rd or 4th tier cities usually is a (tiny) fraction of ahgualand?

Feel bored can just pack a quick luggage and hop onto a high speed rail and reach another city/ part of China few thousand miles away on the same day in a few hours? Ahgualand how to compare?

Anonymous said...

The COL in China 3rd or 4th tier cities usually is a (tiny) fraction of ahgualand?
2:11 pm

Then u should ask why Chinese Sinkies did not emigrate there, and prefer western countries like USA, Canada and Australia.

Or, besides COL, is there something else these Sinkies know about China 3rd or 4th tier cities that u don't?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:19,

You are a seow tin tong. Everywhere got rich and poor. Just like you, a poor sinkie pretending to be rich, cannot afford landed property, cannot afford car.

The rich will have homes everywhere just in case. All you got is a HDB flat, want to run oso no where to run.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, to get away from the stifle and tak boleh tahan kongcumness in ahgualand, otw to Melaka Portugese Village to have authentic portugese bbq seafood and drinks with locals.

Trapped in ahgualand over long period of time is worst than pressure cooker?

At nite going to Melaka Raya for relaxation and bakuteh supper ...

Tmr going bachang kumpung, baba low 486 (to savour their specialty curry laksa) and Melaka Gateway to recce the progress of the deep sea port and surrounding areas ...

Any oldies transiting through Melaka next few days can meet for drinks/ tkss if have time ...

Anonymous said...

U want 70% for Pap? Find another old man to die in 2020. No guarantee pap will get 70% support.
12:15 pm

Aiya, no need 70% lah. Even with 50.00001 % votes, PAP can win 100% seats already.


Just have only one giant GRC with 90 seats for Sinkieland lah. So the opposition either contest 90 seats as one party with 90 candidates, or cannot contest.

And if our neighbour Najib could even win majority seats with less than 50% votes in their last GE, why not PAP, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

All you got is a HDB flat, want to run oso no where to run.
October 29, 2017 2:25 pm

Singaporeans where got HDB flat?
HDB flats belong to HDB okay.

Singaporeans are just landless peasants.

PAP government owns 90% of the land in Singapore.
PAP's natural aristocrats own the other 10% as private property.

This type of economy is called a share-cropper economy.
The Singapore landlord owns the land on which the jobs are created.
The landless peasants pay rent to the landlord so that they can work in the jobs.


Anonymous said...

All you got is a HDB flat, want to run oso no where to run.
2:25 pm

How u know I am poor?

How u know I only got HDB flat?

Do u know how long is my ku ku jeow?

Don't anyhow assume OK, wait kena fuck then u know.

virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 2.27

Too bad just passing there to Genting. Back by Air if not can stop over. Only end Nov at Kampong Bachang. Baba Low exact location??

Near the Redundant Melaka Mall, now rebuilt?

Hawkers stalls mostly all Muslim Food??

Still patronise Portuguese Village?? Roazrio, Valentino and their dancing girls??

Wah piang, you already half melakan.

Enjoy your Portuguese Seafood and Baba Laksa.

Anonymous said...

Slavery v. Peonage
Peonage, also called debt slavery or debt servitude, is a system where an employer compels a worker to pay off a debt with work.
Legally, peonage was outlawed by Congress in 1867.

However, after Reconstruction, many Southern black men were swept into peonage though different methods, and the system was not completely eradicated until the 1940s.


Singaporean HDB flat dwellers have to pay their rent, 99 years in advance.
Is this a form of peonage or debt slavery?

Anonymous said...

@ October 29, 2017 2:50 pm

What about your 10 year COE for "your" car?
Is that also a form of peonage or debt slavery?

b said...

The globalists want them (ChinaKoreaJapan)to kill each other so they can have more $$$. All these politicians are also working for the globalists. The real war is politicians vs people irregardless of nationalities, race and religion. THe politicians will manipulate the people to fight and die for those stupid wars and conflicts.