SMRT taking proactive action in sacking senior executive

The recent one hour heavy rain in Bishan led to a ponding situation in the Bishan/Ang Mo Kio stations and causing a 20 hour stoppage of train service at the two stations. SMRT has promptly took action to sack the vice president of maintenance for failures of pump supposedly installed to pump out the rain water in the tunnel. With the rising waters, the trains all became to look more like canoes floating in the tunnel and to make them move probably they would need to install paddles or propellers at the back of the trains.

This experience of ponding in MRT tunnels could be a once in 50 years experience and unlikely to happen again for the next 50 years. But to make sure that more proactive actions would be taken just in case, SMRT is going to make sure that the pumps would work the next time.

And for good measure, I think they SMRT should seriously consider sealing the train compartments to make them water tight. And yes, maybe attaching a propeller to each train would come in handy should all else fails.

What else should be included? How about a wearing the life jacket drill just like in the aircraft so that in case of ponding passengers would know how to put on the life jackets. And oops, must also provide life jackets under the seats for this purpose. The safety of the passengers cannot be taken lightly.

Oh, each train cabin should have a few pails as well for bailing out the waters that seeped in during ponding. I think there must be many other things to think about and to provide for, just in case. This is the time to be proactive and not to wait till ponding happens or when there is a fire in the tunnel and what to do.

PS. Would write about the DTL open house inn my next article.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, No Need life jackets.

Just Black Body Bags.

Most would be electrocuted.

Also, think of those Trains under the Tunnel of The Singapore River.

Give way, Little Red Dot beat all Major Disasters of the World.

Soon, more be drafted into CD instead of SAF. Tunnel flooding Rescue Unit.

Also good, if not the PAPies will again made full use of Reserved SAF NS men on cheap Labour to go into CD after they completed their Reservists Training Cycle.

Like we Suckers in the First Few Batches.

Anonymous said...

the sacking of the vp maintenance must be a fair one

must be based on some criterias used for consideration for the sacking

I don't know. I guessed one criteria used maybe the height of the ponding

if the height of the ponding is a little bit higher, the person to be sacked maybe the ceo

unfortunately the ponding height was such, the vp had to go

very very sorry to you and your family

anyway, really thank you so much....thank you!

Virgo49 said...

CEO, Iron Rice Bowl.

All ex CEOs also goes Scotch Free.

MG, you know. Even ex Transport Minister Mr Lui only BG. Thus he surrendered.

Still got to salute, salute.

Even BG Lee salute salute.

But still cannnot beat the LG now SPH CEO.

That's why he can even Tanked the Admiral of NOL.

Some more resemblance to handsome Boy Kim

Now Hatchet Men beside ShameMugan

Anonymous said...

hope not sacking, just a transfer to another job

it is OK, jobs are very very difficult to come by


Anonymous said...

Rb I disagreed with your suggestion as it’s dangerous to get out of the train with live electricity. May be one solution is to provide oxygen tanks like the deep ocean divers so the passengers do not get drown inside the train. Then wait for the repaired pumps to work? Haha

Anonymous said...

Are we able to design a HyBrId system which we can operate during both dry and ponding conditions?

Anonymous said...

Like amphibious submarine train?

Anonymous said...

"SMRT taking proactive action in sacking senior executive"

1. Proactive or belated action?

2. The senior executive has been transferred NOT sacked.

See Straits Times news article below:

SINGAPORE - Rail operator SMRT has replaced a senior executive in charge of maintenance and systems in response to last Saturday's flooding of a tunnel in the North-South Line (NSL), which rendered a large stretch of the line inoperable for about 20 hours.

In an internal circular, SMRT announced on Thursday (Oct 12) that Mr Siu Yow Wee will be appointed director of Building & Services with effect from Oct 12, taking over Mr Ng Tek Poo, who was vice-president of maintenance.

The Straits Times understands Mr Ng has been redeployed to another role.


Anonymous said...

Do you think MRT trains are safe for disabled people on wheelchairs?

Anonymous said...

"SMRT taking proactive action in sacking senior executive"

Do you think a better solution would be "PAP government taking proactive action by allowing bus companies to compete freely with MRT trains." ????

Anonymous said...

DTL open house - Train fault

- Please note.
- It was not a train fault
- it was a dress rehearsal for future train faults

DTL = Down Time Line (Not Down Town Line)

Anonymous said...

Sacking was inefficient & not reflective of purported principle. Got to sack lots and lots of people then. Just one sack could have solved problems of past 15 years, since 2002. Sack the CEO of the investment holding firm. Money business would have stopped.
Thought that was LKY operational motto...."sack the head".

Rocket said...
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Rocket said...

According to Straits Times:

"In an internal circular, SMRT announced on Thursday (Oct 12) that Mr Siu Yow Wee will be appointed director of Building & Services with effect from Oct 12, taking over Mr Ng Tek Poo, who was vice-president of maintenance.

The Straits Times understands Mr Ng has been redeployed to another role."

Siu Yow Wee became Director of Building & Services and took over the Vice-President of Maintenance.

That means a new appointment has been created (Director of Building & Services) and Maintenance now comes under Building & Services. So there is no need for a Vice-President of Maintenance.

Therefore, Ng Tek Poo has been redeployed to another post.
Could be Dy Director of Building & Services?

If that is so, where got sacking? May be promoted to a higher post and get an even higher salary?

Anonymous said...

The pump that failed, resulting in the flooding.
Who does that pump belong to?
SMRT or LTA (i.e. PAP government)??

Is it not the owner's job to maintain the pumps?

Anonymous said...

Someone traveled from Vivoshitti to chooloongeast claimed heng ah. Only after the journey, the down line really went down, as announced on the transport app. Heng ah was celebration word. The journey without taking train will take hours on sinkieland buses.

This post revealed a big name Mr Ng got the boots. No he was transferred to a more capable job for him. During the big big breakdown, he claimed to be ignorant that the weight of the train can cause vibrations on the "claws" that Minister Liu found using plastic string to tie together. The Judge commented that if Mr Ng brought that up as a major problem, then there would not have the need to inquiry.

There are many Pap fans commented on forums that delaying in train for a 5 mins can cause so much trivial comments. From 5 hours delay in a journey, these fans can reduce to 5 mins. It was similar to Mr Ng s response to the "vibrations" on "claws" because the problem was "isolated", similar to the dragon son commented the little idian fire work burning public assets was "isolated".

Do readers notice the difference?
The users on mrt demand accurate timing up to the nearest minutes. The providers and politicians will isolate their mistakes by reducing the problem from very big to an ant like clawing problem.

The first group need to rush by minutes to earn $8 per hours, while the later group politicians need not to rush but earning $13986 per hour on sinkieland.

Got the difference again? Those making $8 per hour will be more time conscious and take mrt.
Those making $13896 per hour will find delaying in train or breakdown is a small problem.

Removing the cause for maintenance man s "tidak apa" attitude to swing away problem they came to know is a good sign in the dragon son s camp. It is time to remove the dead woods, including the one who made empty promises by bluffing increasing 2.5 millions foreigners will create jobs for citizens. Not curbing the salary to keep at level at 20 years ago: their real motive.

Now all got stuck: maintenance men felt short changed. They cannot survey with $8 per hour. Trains start to delay due to poor maintenance, they have to remove the top man. Hopefully voters will remove the poor quality politicians to do it once for all by voting for alternative party or parties in GE.

Anonymous said...

Water flooding in mrt tunnel is ' act of God' so only 'God' can solve it. Sacking of VP not going to work Lah..ah cow hired 8 priests not enough cos Ah Hee ( Kong Hee Fatt Choy) still in prison Lah..

Anonymous said...


Just look around you.

Many many things.......

Wrong = Right and Right = Wrong

Bo cheng hu..........

This pee sai is NOW like that lah!


Anonymous said...

SMRT is in a shamble. From time memorial till now. All of us can see but the government just ignore the reality. Sad. Sacking of middle management is not the solution. The whole board of directors is responsible, including CEO. With so many problems surfacing almost weekly, it is amazing that CEO of SMRT could just stay low and not comment or assure the travelling public.

Anonymous said...

SMRT = Slow Moving Rail Transit

Anonymous said...

/// The first group need to rush by minutes to earn $8 per hours, while the later group politicians need not to rush but earning $13986 per hour on sinkieland. ///
October 16, 2017 12:31 pm

But why the first group who need to rush by minutes to earn $8 per hours;
Why they so stupid and vote for politicians who earn $13986 per hour to represent them in parliament?

People who earn $8 per hour should vote only for people who also earn $8 per hour to represent them in parliament tio bo?
Otherwise, the parliament become a big echo chamber and will only represent the interest of the rich people tio bo?

patriot said...

Who oversee the CEOs of State Business Houses? By normal practices World-wide, government is ONLY strictly involve in ensuring the Essentials are PROPERLY provided. lt is NOT for any regime to run the Essential Service and Good to enrich those in power.

lf the CEOs can remain quiet or make those below them to be scape goats; how fair and equitable can a society be?

ln this specific case of SMRT, who oversee the Performance and Competency of the CEO?
Ditto to All the Other State Organizations such as Temasek, GLCs, CPF, HDB and the Various Ministries.
ls the Minister Of Transport responsible for the Supervisions of SMRT and Other Transport Providers, LTA and Other Transport Related Bodies?
If he(Transport Minister) is responsible and accountable, why does the Bark ended at the Chief of a Department and did not even SNRT CEO got scorch free, not to mention the Overall lncharge: namely the Transport Minister.

At least, a business owner loses money and even reputation when he or she fails. Business owner suffers greatly in terms of money and in other aspects.

However, in Sin Rulers and appointed CEOs are sinfully rewarded with handsome pay and bonuses.

Something is very wrong in Sin.


patriot said...

'...the Bark ended at the Chief of a Depart....
and the SMRT CEO was scorch-free.....

'However in Sin, Rulers and Appointed CEOs are sinfully rewarded with handsome pay and bonuses'.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

S’porean scientists discover why durians have that polarising scent


These elite fuckers can solve the durian mystery ... benefiting not one single Singaporean.
But these elite fuckers cannot solve our 10 year old SMRT mystery.

b said...

The mrt is not for forever. The tunnels are full of cracks. One day will burst and more severe problems will happen. Better build more fiets path so people can cycle to work. The mrt has to put to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 said 'Little Red Dot beat all major disasters of the world' should the MRT tunnel under the Singapore River give way.

That will be the ocassion for dragon prince's son to rise to the challenge like his father. Never mind if he just stands outside the collapsed tunnel, pretending to give orders, while others risked life and limb doing the rescue work. The final honours will be all his and his alone to claim.

Does that ring a bell?

Virgo49 said...

Right Bro 3.37

Spent billions on Research on durians smell.

Might as well on Fart smell.

Maybe can harness the Fart modules for Energy industrial use.

At least tried to find a cure for Cancers and Diabetes.

Last time do Whats Genomes Sequences for what's cell stem cells transplants.

Many diabetics in the Universe.

Sure goldmine find cure.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Bro 3.39

Our Lieutenant Colonel before BG Lee ever rescue Sentosa Cable Cars victims you know.

Stupid PSA allowed Vessle to entangle with the.cables.

Our brave BG took half a day before they decided to rescue by hostings by Helicopters which is.the Norm in all Rescued Operations in Floods, Storms etc

Afterwards, Full of Praises.

Own self Create Mistakes and Oneself Praise using Normal Rescue Practises Round the World.

Anonymous said...

b said rightly that the MRT tunnels are not going to stay in good condition forever.

Concrete or even steel can give way over time, so what is there to ensure that nothing more serious will happen in that area, while they are concentrating on tracks, electrical cables, signalling systems, pumps and train problems. They cannot just look at certain fault lines without looking at the whole system and their maintenance regime.

Maybe we will have to wait for the grand happenning before they will realise their oversight.

But never mind, there is always the ready excuse of once in 50 years mantra, oops sorry, the MRT is less than 50 years old.

Anonymous said...

Nanyang University (Nantah) was set up with support from David Marshall


Nanyang University (or Nantah -南大) was often called the People’s University, and rightly so because it would have never existed if not for the collective zeal of the Malayan Chinese.

In 1953, the Chairman of the Hokkien clan association Tan Lark Sye convinced the Chinese community that “in order to preserve Chinese culture, there is an urgent need to set up a [Chinese] university”.

So shocking.
Nantah was built without any help from PAP and LKY.

I always thought Singaporeans are useless people
and Singapore would have died without LKY and PAP.
Was I wrong?

Anonymous said...

But Nantah of old and Chinese culture and Chinese University Education died under PAP and LKY.

And Tan Lark Sye became the enemy of your know who because of this.

Am I wrong?

patriot said...

Floods shall likely be the Cause of DISASTER of Sin Underground Train Tunnels and Other UNDERGROUND Installations.

Sin is a low-lying piece of tiny land surrounded by sea.
Other than rising sea level, the weather had gone pretty freaky in the Last Decades.
Train Station Entrances/Exits in Sin are mostly slightly above ground level and this makes them in great danger of being flooded in heavy downpours during high/peak tides.
Me just has the feeling that pumps installed in underground tunnel and station may not be adequate to handle flood.
Worse, if pump fails as had happened and or when flood short-circuits them and renders them useless and becomes a danger.

Hope it will never be as bad as I think.


patriot said...

Sinkie Bananas will NIT regret the DESTRUCTION of Nantah.
ln fact, many felt and feels closing Nantah was the RIGHT THING to do.
Thise included my Late Mother and my Wife.
I cannot blame them for their 妇人之见, meaning short-sightedness, because they were nesmerised by warped logic that sounded sweet and con-vincing, even the manfolks sold themselves.

The Destruction of Nantah is UNFORGIVABLE but, it has long being forgotten except for Its Alumni.

Again, I like to say it is too late for regret.

There are many things that have no turning back and regrets only make them hurt more.
Those responsible and who have helped in the MISDEEDs in any way should feel sorry, if they have any sense of propriety.


Anonymous said...

@ October 16, 2017 4:03 pm & October 16, 2017 4:08 pm

Speech given by LKY at the Singapore American School.
Praising the Americans and making fun of Singaporeans.


Do you think LKY is saying Singaporeans (was Tan Lark Sye a Singaporean?) are useless people?
Do you think LKY implied that Singaporeans cannot even set up Nantah University without help from LKY and PAP?

Listen carefully from 11.30 minutes.

Tell me what you think.

Anonymous said...

Homeowners contend with “coffin” units


If I want to property in Singapore, what should I do? Read on. If you think a 600 square feet studio apartment is small, wait till you see the 400 square feet studio units.

If you are a bed-ridden elderly.
And you need one or two maids to look after you.
Because your elderly spouse cannot look after you.

Do you think 400 square feet is big enough for 4 adults?

Anonymous said...

Elderly man with dementia found half-naked, sick, wounded and shivering on the ground after being missing for 5 days


Dear PAP Millionaires
All these new immigrants that you are importing into Singapore along with their elderly parents.
You sure they will not get dementia ah?

You sure we won't go from a population of 3.5 million with dementia to a population of 6.9 million with dementia?

Virgo49 said...

SMRT Chairman apologies for Train breakdowns. Now like the Koreans and Japanese bowed deeply.

Minister Khaw, civilian with no what Gs- MG/BG/LG- Life Good- titles lambasted SMRT had Failed Us.

Better check all underground Tunnels. If any untoward unfortunate incident happen, it be a Disaster.

See, even above ground also two staff killed. Better be Safe.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is now like that

something must happened before actions were taken

we are very very very reactive. ...our new culture

we are no more proactive, we are now a follower

this is Singapore, now


Anonymous said...

Was there something sinister that we cannot know, that lead to the scrapping of the idea of building island-wide underground road tunnels?

It is not what PAP has been known to do over the years. Any idea they floated will always be carried out, not abandoned. In fact, sometimes, even before they floated ideas for public consumption, they already have done some parts of it. Floating ideas has always been the time for them to wayang and justify and see the reaction, not a time to discuss the pros and cons.

By the way, were any reasons given for the abandonment of that island-wide underground road tunnel project?

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong's MTR - Built to withstand annual typhoons and flooding.

Singapore's MRT - Built to withstand criticism and any attempts to improve.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro Anon 9.20

Little Red Dot, just like a human body been operated on so many times, one fine day will collapse and sink under.

You kept digging and digging the Belly until cannot give birth then you know.

Dig at what's God Fine Natural Engineering Feat of Real Human Mechanism and they can produce a dozen without ill effects.

Just remember the Nicoll Highway Collapse.

Many of those White Helmets high class engineers spent their time at the Golden Mile lounges of Tiger ThaiGirls having a good time before the collapse.

Later, all wayang wayang busy.

Worse faults, whose faults as now Alamak Snr said of the SMART staff. Likewise the Bishan Flooding.No checking during peace time.War came with the rain, Aiyo the pumps don't work.

See the Marina Central Express way built at billions.

One little accident all kena jammed.

Better go airport five hours ahead or you missed flight.

Anonymous said...

Latest ASsMRT mgt logic b4 flooding or any breakdowns:

Cost of maintenance = probably >$1millon to maintain it annually
Cost of kowtowing & apology in public = $0 or very low

Which is most cost effective?

Therefore, the AssMRT mgt gave a damn shit & middle finger to maintenance team & hack care all the budget & time allocated to them. Probably, this how the cultural mentality in AssMRT mgt & staffs r all about from top to bottom..