Singapore China relations on the mend?

After Hsien Loong led a high level team of ministers to China and meeting every who's who in China, including Xi Jinping, to mend relations that had gone to an all time low, he and his ministers have been praising how good is Singapore's relations with China. Everything is back to normal, it seems. I also wrote about how China is putting everything aside to start a new relationship with Singapore. It is a rare honour for a head of state, especially from a small little red dot to be allowed to meet so many top Chinese leaders in one trip and when the Chinese leaders were so busy with the Party Congress and the 68th celebration of new China under the CCP rule.

The Chinese have indeed made an exceptionally big effort to accommodate Singapore and wanted relations to improve and move to a higher level. Otherwise Hsien Loong would not be allowed to meet so many of them at such a critical moment. They may not even want to have the visit. The sincerity on the part of China was all there for Hsien Loong to see. If anything that can go wrong after such great effort it is likely to be on the Singapore side. The Singapore media were saying all the good stuff about China and Sino Singapore relations.

Now, could the relations be otherwise, that things did not go that well rather? Here is a post in the statestimesreview quoting a Chinese source that indeed Sino Singapore relations is not what the Singapore side has been saying. It is still NG.

'China’s Defence Ministry today (Sep 2 has issued a press statement reiterating their stand that China opposed Singapore conducting joint military operations with Taiwan:

“China is willing to work with Singapore to create favourable conditions to develop an even more mature military relationship. I also want to stress here that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China. We resolutely oppose any country having any form of official exchanges with Taiwan or military links.”

The media statement debunks the fake news by Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, who called his recent trip to Beijing “successful” suggesting that China has given Singapore the leeway to continue military operations in Taiwan. In an official trip to China last week, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was unable to negotiate an entry into China’s One Belt One Road initiative.'

When a Chinese ministry made such a statement, it means things are not going well. China watchers understood what the Chinese meant when it is an official statement. How could this be when Hsien Loong and his team were also very sincere in wanting to mend relations?

On hindsight, it was clear that Singapore is still adopting an antique strategy of the past, whack first then talk to show that we are tough and not pushovers. At times this would work but doing this to China when it is no longer inferior to the Americans and stating its claim to be the world's number one super power, this kind of strategy is childish at best and stupidity at worst.

How so? Remember the high profile sacking of Professor Huang Jing before the visit to China? Though the ministries still refused to identify who Huang Jing is working for, it is becoming clearer that he is working for China. It would be different if he was working for the Americans. To whack him first and then to visit China to want to mend relations is the stupidest thing to do. How could Singapore think it could get away with such outdated strategy in foreign relations? Punching above your weight, punching China and expecting China to look the other way?

Then there is the training in Taiwan issue. The Chinese had made their stand very clear during the Terrex incident. This is not acceptable. Though the media did not mention anything about this issue being discussed, I bet it was discussed behind closed door. And from this latest statement from the Chinese Defence Ministry, it is quite obvious that Singapore stood firm and want the cake and eat it as well.

The Chinese have deliberated on their discussions with Singapore and is making it public that relations with Singapore are far from being on the mend. It is only the Singapore side that is saying so and thinking it is so. And if this is the case, the doors will be closing on Singapore very fast unless Singapore is able to pull out a miracle in these last hours to make things right.

My reading, Singapore is a principled country and would not bow to pressure and would let its relations with China go down to its ebb. There is always the mighty American Empire to depend on. In the first page of the Sunday Times, 1 Oct, there was a picture of Singapore flag flying with the flags of the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand and with a caption 'Majulah Singapura in Iraq'. Singapore is a core member of the American Empire fighting ISIS. The rest of the European powers have fled this coalition in the Middle East. Singapore remains a staunch supporter and member of the coalition, something to be very proud of, a great honour, to fly the Singapore flag with the Americans, British, Australia and New Zealand side by side, as one of them.

With or without China may not be a real bother. Singapore is now so thick with the Americans that there is nothing to fear, nothing to lose even if relations with China is not doing well.


Anonymous said...

Little Red Dot Dick Long think China CCP r like Sinkieland's Idiots & Gullible Sinkies easily fooled like Dafts & Stupids. How can China trust someone who sides its enemies UaSs? How can China trust someone who supports its enemies UaSs ? How can China believe Sinkieland when Sinkieland continue to let its UaSs Navy sailed into Sinkieland & continue military exercises in ROC? & there r many reasons that China-Sinkieland relationship r not as good as ever..in times to come Sinkieland economy & defense prowess will lag behind many of its regional countries & lose its relevance..

Virgo49 said...

China celebrated Her 68th Birthday or Anniversary just yesterday.

Premier strongly proclaimed that Taiwan is part of China.No way he wants independence.

If Sinkieland still wants to have military relations with Taiwan then it's be difficult to have a stronger relationship with theP PRC

Now follow Bush with us or against us choice.

So SINKIE land got to make their choice.

Anonymous said...

China no more Middle Kingdom lah. Where got power? Sinkieland got India, Japan, South Korea, Guam, USA, UK, Aussie, New Zealand and EU, and also Israel to protect you know. China better don't talk too much. Otherwise, Sinkieland send Teochew Ah Hia and Dr Aung Chuan Soon Chee to China as Canon fodder then they know.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. Sinkieland is so powerful. Everything world best. Only second to USA. China only has 1000 nuclear bombs. Sinkieland has 3000 PAP Cadres who can fart loud loud, and their combined farts will easily destroy half of PRC without fighting. Don't believe? Try to fire one nuclear bomb at Sinkieland and see what happens after that.

agongkia said...

Aiya,your last para may appear to be provocative to elicit response but if China will to read it differently,you only give the impression that westernized sinkies are incorrigible.
I must let the Chinese know that the last para does not represent the view of all sinkies.
China is not petty.,so long as one does not try to climb up to their head to pangsai.
If one is a proud sinkie,do ourselves a favour and stop naming yourself,your children or new born grandchildren angmo names,if you still know your origin.
Else you only give impression that we are westernized and pro angmo.
Be a proud sinkie n stop meddling with China affair.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.52am

Wat? China not Middle Kingdom? R u sleeping or deranged or a Dotard or wat? ...China not Middle Kingdom...may be u right? Cos China is no more a Middle Kingdom, CHINA IS A GIGANTIC-ENORMOUS (AKA GINOMOS) KINGDOM with its OBOR OR BRI PROJECTS & STRONG ECONOMIC & DEFENSE CAPABILITIES, any countries wanto take down this Ginomous country got to think twice. Sinkieland will be driven into abyss when China-Sinkieland relationship takes a toll..

agongkia said...

Laochek ah
We dun send our army boys to ROC only recently.
China knows but they are understanding n not so petty.
Not a big issue .

Anonymous said...

What Ah Long's doings to China right now is hypocrisy at his highest order. & PRC China not gonna accept this kind of a 伪君子 or a fake gentleman in fake lip service action...China - Sinkieland relationship is as good as 'kaput'. .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tillerson in China wanting China to cooperate to start a war with NK. At the same time the Americans sent warships to conduct military exercise in the deep of South China Sea.

They think this kind of double talk and pressure would frighten the Chinese. China would just give them lip service and quietly telling them to fuck off. No deal.

China is now a giant in its own right and it is better to play the game right. The giant can be generous if little boys know their place in the relationship.

Anonymous said...

It won't be long before the ambassador at large and the anti China but pro American lackeys in most or all of the institutes of higher learnings and international studies in Singapore will be competing and gnashing their teeth to bark at China with insults, disparageing remarks and insinuations and dishing out fake news and misinformation about China. They will show how great and mighty Singapore is with strong backing from the Evil Empire. But to the world non western countries they can be seen as nothing but a pack of disgusting brainless swines and hyenas.

A realistic citizen

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, LKY relations with China is diplomacy and when Taiwan Administration is friendly to China, they ok ok closed an eye.

Now with that Tsai woman President and with our loony PM who badmouthed them, you think China DONT know your Odour? ?

Anonymous said...

Sin shall survive,
flourish and prosper
for a long time to
Sinkies are immuned from
the Effects of relationships of Sin
to US, China and its' neighbouring Countries.
Sin is invincible because
Sinkies are survivors of the Highest Order with the Helmsmanship of Great Leeders.

Anonymous said...

this pee sai is nothing to China

really nothing, nothing!

China got lots of money!

they are at all corners of world

china Boleh!

Anonymous said...

If Singapore wanna talk, it should first possess nuclear bombs like North Korea. If no nuclear bombs wanna talk big - laugh die people ! 笑死人 ! Ha ha ha !

Anonymous said...

Note that the PAP now send some SAF medics to the Middle East to help the US-led coalition fight ISIS. Wonder if this is just testing the water of Sinkie responses, down the road they send our NS young men to sacrifice their lives fighting ISIS in the Middle East ?

Anonymous said...

Xi n Li were said to be selected by 89 mil com members, and 2300 delegates that pin point 20 to 30 Politburo committee, which finalizes the last standing 7.(the hindu)
The point is Xi and Li pm are hardcore for their very own interests ie china interest. This is enough to explain the reason when ah long brought his team to the big land mass. At their back, Xi and Li should have heard the joke someone cracked to US congress men, when someone opened the window, they got free smoke, turn on the tap, they got free pork soup. And in 2016, someone asked the big land mass to obey international laws. That was to obey the tribunal judgment branded in one small land mass as Hague tribunal judgment in their controlled media. In 2015 the small land mass became port for surrounding china broadcast on china main media cctv. The 89 millions com members should note in memory. Its not up to Xi or Li to change minds and hug the small land mass son who looks at them like jokes.

US politicians have never been respectful to any asian politicians. Trump is egotistic. Will he look upon the small land mass son as someone of high respect? Kim was known as small rocket man, someone Trump really fear in his heart. In scmp, 1 article explained why thaad could not shoot down the flying NK missiles. It concluded that to do it successfully, NK needed to tell the shooters when the missiles be activated, at what elevation and direction and the landing point.
If this is true, according to the angmor author, Kim is no small rocket man. Trump had declared to wipe out NK s 25 millions population at UN. What should Kim do at the background now? The NK FM at UN named those sanctioned NK as hostile forces. Xi and Li should know their own danger too.

So when the media cna broadcast Li accepted small land mass dpm s invitation to visit the little land, reporters had to check when would be the date, and there was none. But the date for the son of small land mass to visit the big land mass, it came as a surprise to reporters. The basic interpretation is: Xi and Li would prefer a calm asean in order to manage the SCS issue. The small land mass will chair the asean. As long as the son keep quiet about SCS, Xi and Li will have time to handle Kim s problem. US is forcing Xi and Li to go against Kim. That is serious. 89 million com members will be watching both s performance. Making Kim to turn against china is no joking matter to them, as they are so near while the americans can simply withdraw from SK when the Hydrogen bomb drops on SK, as ending for Korean war. China will have to pick up the worst problems and be poor, no longer rich, while US Trump is laughing.

Xi and Li simplified the world order. Start from Guangxi, create HS rail through Xinzheng and go all the way to Greece port. No need to pass through the small land mass port. This is reflected on 700 millions tourists from china started yesterday. HK is top destination kakinam. Small land mass is 8th place after Phuket, and above Moscow. The 700 millions chinese tourists dont need this small land mass. They have their own destinations to avoid the "trouble makers" they often brand their adversaries.

Anonymous said...

Rb, u are right but then sinkie land is a powerful country. If you combined the reserves of GIC, Temasek and MAS we have close to 1 trillion dollars about 1/3 of China and probably the third richest after China and Japan and on a per capita basis, likely the richest in the world

Anonymous said...

The world is not stupid! They can see!

China-Singapore relationships still No-No!

Not like b4!

You know how it can be improved?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Rb, u are right but then sinkie land is a powerful country. If you combined the reserves of GIC, Temasek and MAS we have close to 1 trillion dollars about 1/3 of China and probably the third richest after China and Japan and on a per capita basis, likely the richest in the world
October 02, 2017 12:12 pm

How sure are you that the money is still there? Does TT know, does Nathan know, does Halimah know?

You know?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.59

Before Ng Eng Hen could send combat NSFs, the ISIS gonna send their combat men over.
Or alternatively their sympathisers to smoke you out.

Itchy backsides must get involved in Uncle Sam stupid adventures.

Didn't know we are surrounded by their kind. They are one brotherhood with one another without even knowing each other.

That's why they kept asking yoy to prepare for the worst.

Now no bombs also they used knives for women folks and children and can happen anywhere.

Anonymous said...

"1 trillion dollars"
This dollar sign is in which country legal tender?
Sinkieland gdp is around 300billion usd. That figure include the companies you mentioned. How to get trillion?

For those companies, they borrowed a lot too. Once one of them had to sell one counter at loss of USD 4 billion. More than 1% of GDP of sinkieland on just one sale.
If that company has lots of cash, why sold at huge loss?
There should be a huge debt due and they could not afford to miss the deadline.

U can imagine having lots of cash like those burn in 7 th month.

Anonymous said...

ISIS has changed. From using auto firing to knife and van.

Sinkieland needs to learn how to get poke yet unhurt. NS men walking around on uniform to patrol will be handy target. NS pay should increase and these men should have insurance against stabbing and knocking down.

Also guarantee for being employed after being hurt. From most of the attacks in Europe, the attackers were foreigners. Sinkieland s foreigners are excluded and ultra friendly. We are not anti foreigners, we love them all as ah long s invited n trusted. Foreigners in EU could include IsIs. Please do not mistaken.

b said...

Who is the lesser of two evils - usa or china? Hegemony or one child policy?

Anonymous said...

12.49 pm, this is very dangerous talk implying those who lead may not be honest so definitely qualified to have his door kick open at night and invited to lim Kopi then as one famous poster stated Kena put together with dangerous criminals and Kena sodomised at night. Plus also kena stuff a mouthful with no help covering your mouth with your bare hands.😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

Don't play play!

We we we!

We are the best!

We are number ONE in everything!

We are the world!

Yes! Singapore!

Anonymous said...

With or without China may not be a real bother. Singapore is now so thick with the Americans that there is nothing to fear, nothing to lose even if relations with China is not doing well.


What can China really offer to Sinkieland?

MRT trains that got cracks?

More foreign talents? Are they even the best ones?

More rich and shady PRCs to buy high end properties? Good for ordinary Sinkies or not, u say lah?

So after all, what can China really offer to Sinkieland that really benefit Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

What can China really offer to Sinkieland?

Well, petrol pump prices may come down as China oil giant enters Singapore's petrol pump market - that's good news for motorists

Anonymous said...

Singapore ‘assures’ Taiwan that military training agreement will stay, Taipei says


b said...

Sg is better off with OzNZ than china. We are politically, socially, economically and culturally more similar. Marxism regime are not interested in giving people freedom. Everything is under control of central government including how many babies you can make. Its total control.

Anonymous said...

Well, petrol pump prices may come down as China oil giant enters Singapore's petrol pump market - that's good news for motorists
5:45 pm

That's because it was reported that Shell wanted to sell off their petrol pump business.

And China oil giant willing to take over, even though it may not earn much money in the small and competitive Sinkieland market. In fact it was also reported that China will get the oil from Shell.

So this may have nothing to do with Ah Long and relations with China. It's about business, not politics.

Anonymous said...

“Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate…
Debate cannot generate into a free-for-all, where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party…
You must make distinctions -
What is high, what is low, what is above, what is below,
and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion…
people should not take on those in authority as ‘equals”
- Emperor George Yeo

Ah Long San
When talking about China.
Better take advice from your quitter George Yeo.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

With or without China may not be a real bother. Singapore is now so thick with the Americans that there is nothing to fear, nothing to lose even if relations with China is not doing well.


What can China really offer to Sinkieland?

MRT trains that got cracks?

Do you know how many China made trains are running daily across China, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America? If China trains all got cracks, all the tens of thousands of China made trains running daily would be collapsing and the western media would have a field day saying, I told you so.

Daft sinkies cannot think. Really daft.

Anonymous said...

7.27 pm, u think sg not controlled meh. May be worst than China ok.

virgo49 said...

Many of you still think China as been dictarioral as whats Marxism and Communism and been brainwashed by the Capitalists to be their slaves.

CHINA had a population of billions and without a Strong Government and Leadership, they be disintegrated and splintered to be yet colonised by the Imperialists and Capitalists.

You think your so called what's Free Democracies is perfect?? Just take Sinkieland as an example of what's Free Democracies with all its manipulations of just a handful of self deserving Elites to cobtrol you dafties.

China's Miniorites are represented in the Assembly. Even though they are appointed, they are given places to represent their views without hypocrisies like Sinkieland which are manipulated to put their own cronies.

Many think China still manufactured pirated stuffs. They have built bridges spanning hundred of kilometres just to join their infrastructures with their islands and masses.

See Super Structures as built by China on Documentaries instead of just seeing the Korean skimpy two steps dances of K Pop and gets popped by them.

China took care of her own Nationals better than those so called free democracies. They are gaining self sufficient in their Defence both militarily and also civility.

Not like those parasite free democracies who has to yell for World's attention and help in any major disasters.

Like Puerto Rico, who spends their time in Fiesta and merry marking and when disasters strike yelled for Aids.

China been a Proud People will handled their own Disasters on their own. Their PLA do not think of just kicking some others weaker butts like the Americans and are trained not only for military duties but also Civil Defences.

The Senior Citizens are much much better care of by their Government than Sinkieland. Open your eyes and don't be Frogs in Wells to have Prejudiced Minds on the Chinese People with their Five Thousand Years of Civilisation.

You be surprised that most are more civil than Sinkies. Had met and seen their behaviours overseas in other countries and most behaved more civil than the rest of the World's barbarians.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Chinese have free education up to secondary level. Primary school children are provided with free breakfast and lunch.

Seniors, 50 and above can eat free in govt outlets if they choose to.

That is how they take care of their people, especially their seniors that got to enjoy good CPF equivalent payout to travel and see the world.

Where is your CPF money?

virgo49 said...

Right b, Sinkieland and so called other Free Democracies in sync with OzNZ.

You have Oz land Barabarian who came here drunk and even assaulted our Policemen at the Airport.

Dancing and prancing thinking that the Asians are easy meat for them to eat and bully.

Didn't their descendents ex-convicts fron Brit land.

And the Brits down to Europe and everywhere with their hooliganism

So much for their Free Democracies.

See our Grand Masters Athletes from ex Free democracies and now Sinkieland PRS even queue to have photos taken with the sweet mei meis from Chinkees Land.

Who is with more humility and civilivity??

Anonymous said...

PAP O$P$ ! Return our hard-earned CPF savings now !

b said...

If china so good then why so many chinese want to emigrate to angmo countries? There is little freedom in china.

b said...

October 03, 2017 9:06 am>>

ALmost all things have two sides. Democracy is not perfect but better than total control marxism. Marxism high control low freedom. Democracy mid control mid freedom.

Btw, asians also beat up asians e.g. japs. Except when angmo beat up asians, it will get more spotlight.

Virgo49 said...

b. China no freedom??

How many millions Chinese travel overseas and not restricted by the Government.

How many Chinese migrated and never to return? ?

Angmo countries more freedom??

You stay there before? ?

Angmos still the World greatest racists and put on a front only.

Stay there for a period not us Tourists and see what's it like.

Even their own blacks staying there for long time been gunned down without their blinking of eyes.

DONT just hearsay hearsay Angmos countries more freedom.

They simply looked down on most Asians which they been plundering all the time. Only bananas believed in them.

b said...

Go to any angmo countries, why so many prc chinese?
Many sinkies want to emigrate china and not oznz?
Angmos elites are bad but asians elites are also no better.
They even plunder own people.
PAP very good example.

Anonymous said...

Someone accused of dishonorable conduct and abuse of power by own family members cannot be trusted by international leaders any more. If they do, they are just courting troubles.

Anonymous said...

Someone accused of dishonorable conduct and abuse of power by own family members cannot be trusted by international leaders any more. If they do, they are just courting troubles.