Our masters having a good time at Flash Meet

Below are some pics of the Flash Meet I took on Sat morning at Bishan Stadium.
The girls enjoying some fellowship before the race
A few of the handsome guys from SMTFA
Everything will be fine so say Michael, Hon Cheong and Paul. Paul was a former national sprinter and now coaching some of the young and not so young athletes.
Ladies first, and the race begins
The guys trying to prove themselves, Who says big boys don't play?

More actions from the girls, And the girls play as well.
Another good pass. See the determination written all over their faces esp the pic below

Jason handling baton to Taka
Heng set and go
Khen Teen waiting for the baton. This is the only guy that puts up his hand correctly. The rest were up in the sky trying to catch the raindrops.
The real stuff, men's Open
Rick's moment
I did it
It's not easy to run like that
The rewards
More rewards
And more rewards, medals and medals and medals
For the men too
Men from SMA too were successful
So were their girls
One more medal for the guys
And one last one for all the girls
And not to forget the mighty little ones. This one was running against the adults in their prime.

PS. For those not familiar, one click on the pic will show an enlarged pic with more details.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, so many beauty athletes.

Thought Singaporean ladies mostly nerdy and learned species.

Should represent our Nation in Beauty Contests instead of Imported Ones.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All of you are welcomed to join the masters with such attractions.