Kevin Shipp - CIA agent turned whistleblower

Watch this video of a CIA agent whistleblower. Kevin Shipp talking about the deep state and shadow govt in the USA.



Anonymous said...

A few small countries in South East Asia are strong followers of the Deep State and Shadow Government of the Evil Empire. They are right here and the daft citizens don't seem to know. They are freezed left and right and their savings - CPF hijacked and yet they are very complacent. Stupidity really has no cure

b said...

The world is a mess because of politicians. People should condemn politicians not migrants or people or animals and not let them divide and rule us. All politicians, left or right or center or whatever, are the same - vicious, selfish and malicious. Politics is about power and control. Stop letting them have more than 1 term. The more power they have, the less power the people have.