Good news, banks grooming locals for key jobs?

Wait a minute, what is this ‘locals’ meant to be? Oh, it is our way of telling a little lie but giving it an impression of truth. ‘Locals’ does not mean Singaporeans. It is PRs and Singaporeans. The word ‘locals’ has been misused to deceive the casual readers that it is about Singaporeans. So if an organization claims to have employed 90% locals, it could be 80% PRs that are not Singaporeans and 10% Singaporeans. And of the 10% Singaporeans, half could be new Singaporeans or foreigners yesterday.

This word ‘locals’ is a very mischievous word. It is like pulling wool over the readers’ eyes. But unless Singapore belongs to everyone and PRs should also be owners of this island and should be treated equally in employment, like citizens, then it is ok if 90% of employment goes to PRs and 10% goes to Singaporeans and still can shout loudly that 100% of employment goes to locals.

What the heck, what am I saying, the daft sinkies would not know the difference anyway, or would not even bother. Let it be, no Singaporean is complaining. They are very happy being Grab and Uber drivers!

So what is this thing about grooming locals for key jobs in the banks? If I could remember correctly, someone said they were preparing locals or Singaporeans to take over top jobs in the banking and finance industry in 50 years. I can’t believe anyone can utter this kind of shit. And this news in the media is good news, for in 20 years, those ‘locals’ under training would be in top jobs, no need to wait for 50 years. It must be.

Nevermind if the locals are Singaporeans or PRs. The original Singaporeans that built this island got no talent and also would not complain, would not mind if this country is taken over by foreigners, PRs or not PRs, what is the diff? And in the same media report today, all the banks are gloating that they are employing 80% or 90% locals. Yes locals! If PRs made up 50% of the employment, it would mean 50% is Singaporeans. And if 30% of the Singaporeans are new citizens, it would mean the really local Singaporeans employed is only 20%.

Is this good enough? Is this a happy situation? What if in 20 years or 50 years time the top jobs are all occupied by ‘locals’ but not Singaporeans, or new Singaporeans? Good or not?

What do you think should be the situation in the future for Singaporeans? To me, the word ‘locals’ is a 4 letter word to deceive the daft sinkies. They would not want to tell you how many Singaporeans are actually employed or unemployed. They only want to tell you ‘locals’ are employed.

Is such cunningness good for Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...

//Is such cunningness good for Singaporeans?//

Dafts Sinkies have been living like this since the PAPIES times. Locals or true blue Sinkies nobody cares since dafts Sinkies keep on voting the PAPIES..bo bian la..Sinkies can't do anything..

Anonymous said...

Just look around you!

Just open your ears and eyes!

Economy good? But why organisations are retrenching?

How many many singaporelangs are jobless?

Especially those after 40s!

It is very very very difficult to get back your last level and pay when retrenched!

What can the masses do? 70% OK-ed! Can only kpkb kpkb and kpkb!

But at the end, only lan-lan. Yes! Only lan-lan!

Yes! Just look around.................you will understand what I said........

Black = White.....White = Black!


Anonymous said...

Now the deceptors lump all residents (PR, Work Permit holders, employment pass holders, migrants, new citizens and original citizens) together as Locals or Residents, interchangeably.

You use taxpayers money for them to go overseas to study in Ivy League Universities to come back and serve you but now they use their brains to deceive you instead of helping you.

This is what you get when you pay them obscenely legalized corruption salaries and absurd 12 to 14 months bonuses.

Anonymous said...

Silly daft sinkies
deserve the
the Government
they chose.
Sinkies like
to pay and pay
pray and pray.

Anonymous said...

Why even SPH is retrenching and laying off 260 or more reporters and staff? Purging or Business is BAD?

Anonymous said...

Singapore belongs to everyone here. Tomorrow Singapore can be taken over by the 'locals' ie foreigners and nobody would know what happens.

The daft sinkies deserved to lose their country to foreigners. Other countries called this treason. Here, it is ok, never mind.

Virgo49 said...

Many Sinkies, Aiyo DONT call our own brethren and Sisters Sinkies lah. They are in a dilemma.

They wanted change but are too damning against them for change.

For Fifty odd years, the PAP been slowly tightening the Noose on our necks and also the Oppposition like Cesar Milan tightening the choke lease on how to train dogs to behave and obey.

The PAP first have National Slavery on the pretex of National Security. Their main objective to have Ceasar Milan control and trained all Singaporean Sons to obey.

Suka, suka, Recall exercises to make sure to jump how high they want.

Next, they licensed all professions and occupations. Rules you obeyed or else your ricebowls shattered.

Now, even hawkers with their bringing in millions of Refugees becoming more rich than them. Eyes become Red again. They want them to have cashless payments so as to tax them.

HDB pigeon holes sold at exorbitant prices and the oldies jump with glee how much their run down pigeon holes make 1000 per cent profits.

Their children got to pay the price.Little do they know that they have to buy new ones with a higher mortgage even they were to capitalise on their own flats and joined their children with bigger nooses on their necks.

The Sinkies contemplate to vote for the Opposition but were too afraid that their livelihoods may in jeorpdy due to their enomorous commitments in debts repayments.

The Opposition will be smart not to take over these Shits as would be the best excuse for them to absond to a life of luxuries.

Sinkies must vote in at least third or half Opposition MPs in Parliament to ensure accountability of what the PAP policies and government been affecting the people the last fifty odd years.

They must let the Opposition a chance to prove their worth in Parliament. Secondly not the PAP to amend any changes to Constitution and Laws at will to suit their objectives.

If not, we shall be doomed with the dubious titles of Sinkies for life.

The Nation would be over run by the Pariahs who will Lord over you.


Anonymous said...

good morning anonymous 903am sir

no! you are not 1oo% correct

sinkies like to kpkb kpkb and kpkb

but when come to voting........PAP!

including those kena siong siong

yes, no point, ownself-take-care-ownself

in this you die your business society


Anonymous said...

We have a bunch of losers placed at top positions like Ho Jinx & paper generals, with nut business & investment skills, making key business decisions; we are done, just look at their track record. Buy high, sell low. Sold NOL, at low was latest from a string of mess.

Sinkies are ignorant, but we increasingly be at the receiving end and realized more & more.

Sophistry dishonesty has became a trademark of Poppies. So much propaganda & twisted & distorted narratives.

GKS localization of top management that helped so many Sinkies were reversed by Woody Goh & Sissy Son. Millennials are screwed. NOL loser & Sissy man plus Hole Jinx is a loser fatal combination for Sinkies.

They got the yachts & sinkies got the leaking sampans.

Anonymous said...

It is suicide for sinkieland s business. HK now tax profit at 8.25% and has free trade agreement with Asean will get good businesses from asean countries including sinkieland businessmen.
Why? sinkieland s financial firms and related firms are filled with one country men and women whom few want to deal with them.
Once an executive wanted to hire an old survey firm. When he went to see it himself at director level, he found the whole floor were ah neh. He gave up. He first thought it should be a usa firm and why all directors were ah neh.

Anonymous said...

When they dug big holes, they needed to create bigger holes to cover the big holes. Then to cover bigger holes they needed bigger holes to do the job...and it goes on and on. See how long it lasts and how many more big holes can they dig before burying themselves in them.

A house of cards is a house of cards.

A house of bodohs is a house of bodohs.

Anonymous said...

The culture of cunningness suppose to be partially hidden, but now a day you see it done openly tio bo?

Anonymous said...

A house of morons is a house of scammers.
Look at the asean business: taiwan and hk want to have bigger and bigger shares. They are 2 characteristics: hk are shrewd businessmen. Their eye balls are only one thing:$$$. taiwan are scammers if u r unlucky at least 20% chance.
Sinkies in asean s eyes: ah neh from main land, speaking with india accent holding sinkieland passport.

Who do asean businessmen want to do business with? All have free trade agreement except taiwan.

The obvious choice is to deal with HKie if u are indon, vietnamese. Sinkieland is just 3rd grade foreigners from sunny land. 1st grade from sunny land will not land in sinkieland and carry its passport. This is sinkieland s future.

1 real case: a temasek ploy ang mor lecturer is an HIV positive and drug addict as he was caught with drug and then hiv. He was lecturer at the poly for 8 years. He came into sinkieland with hiv. And a fake degree.

Sinkieland has too many traps to short change NS men s job opportunity. Voters should not think driving Uber or Grab is a career. Auto operate cars will take over soon and these drivers will be jobless though they are graduates from local uni and ns men.
Our children s future is dependent on our votes. The current politicians are not keen to take real problems of jobs match with citizens as priority. They thought its up to firms to decide. Firms like poly would follow foreign talent first policy, can never go wrong as hr administrator. So its the policy set by the politicians that kill this nation slowly, like hiv.

Anonymous said...

Guess what age when that drug addict hiv lecturer started work in temasek poly: 24 year old. How many NS men can be lecturer at 24?
This is foreign talent policy. If this guy was 42, it makes sense because he could have experience on the subject. At 24, the govt hired him as talent, sure with bigger packages than local staff.
This is foreign talent policy.

Anonymous said...

"Good news, banks grooming locals for key jobs?"

Dear Singaporeans,
Anything good, the PAP government will call you is it?
PAP will only call you when there is National Service or some other shit job to do?

So how to improve your shit position in Singapore?
Vote Opposition lah ... what else?

Anonymous said...

No point kpkb kpkb anon 1109am lah.

Singapore is like that. The new normal!

You must know.....70% are happy! Are you one of them?

What can you do now? You tell me lah!

Only like what they said.....lan lan!

Anonymous said...

Capital Hill's Personal Pharmacist Admits Alzheimer Drugs Are Being Delivered To Members Of Congress


“It makes you kind of sit back and say, ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’”

The idea that some members of Congress are taking medication to treat a very serious illness such as Alzheimer’s disease should ring alarm bells across the country as the illness itself and the pharmaceuticals that treat it can have very damaging effects on a person.

On top of the cognitive degenerative symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, a suffer who is taking – for example – the FDA approved Alzheimer treatment medication Aricept, side effects ranging from chronic trouble sleeping to aggressive behavior may also occur.
Other side effects of Aricept are altered mental status, brain disease or injury causing inability to communicate, becoming easily angered or annoyed, and mood changes.

Anonymous said...

R u surprised by Myannmar s blangali refugees? It s not surprise if u think carefully.

There were blangali expelled from sinkieland. These banned immigrants were caught distributing leaflets with drawn diagrams of steps of a girl sitting on chair and someone from the back stabs her from behind. Where did u think the girl was sitting? In offices or on buses?

Do u think all the evil elements are expelled? Were u alarmed by the Little India riot?
Now u link the Myannmar fighting with blangali terrorists leading to refugees, u will know how the mass immigration policy pap implemented may result unpredictable future ending for sinkieland.

Its 61% support last election at big sample bb no more 70%.
This year might already be 58%. It is 2017 and not 2015.

Anonymous said...

if an indian can be a malay, why can't a pr be a singaporean?

Anonymous said...

Even as we watch the MRT continue to die in front of our eyes;
So we will also continue to see jobs for Singaporeans die before our eyes.

True or not?
If we don't want to vote Opposition, then we will continue to see this decline.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Family sues NParks for negligence on behalf of motorcyclist who was left mentally disabled after tree fell on him


The Malaysian victim, Lee Jia Jun, was flung off his bike and suffered such severe head injuries that he is now in a mentally disabled state. He is presently still undergoing treatment in Ipoh.


Is it true?
Boh lampar Singaporeans dare not sue the gahmen.
That's why we need more foreign talents to sue on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

MCCY Minister joins netizens in praising good samaritan who returned $1190 found at POSB ATM to owner


What about our CPF money ah?
Will you be returning it at 55 years old as promised ah?
Just like the good Samaritan you just praised?

b said...

Sinkies only get screws. Gahmen will give good things to pr to trick them to become sinkies. Time to abolish mandatory ns. Ns should be voluntarily. Else become a usa/uk/oz state and no need ns. Rather pay tax to President Trump or Queen than alimama. Go Trump!

Anonymous said...

PAP blatantly designating foreigners as permanent residents as locals, in the same category as real Sinkies. And Sinkies still so daft to accept? So daft to tolerate?

b said...

Sinkies have no voice. The voice was long taken away by 50 years of ruling by payandpay. Only President Trump or The Queen can save sinkies. Long live the Queen.

Anonymous said...

Hello b 401pm.

Not no voice.

Is bo chap cheng hu lah!

Everyone so busy in 3Ms.

This is the new normal.

Anonymous said...

It's not no voice and bo chap.

It's their throats have been strangled or cut.

It's they want to chap also cannot because only the privileged class of self-righteous elitist elites are always right even if their rationale is absurd or illogical. All others are wrong in whatever they say even if they are very logical and sensible. This top-down dictatorial modus operandi will be the demise of the Republic because really good and wise natural leaders will not want to waste their time to prove them wrong. They will just go somewhere else where their real talents can flourish.

Anonymous said...

Have you all noticed that Catherine Lim's voice has been silenced? Even her website has been taken down! See the hidden hands moving in the background? 1984 rings a bell?

Sinkies Are Doomed said...

40 reporters just got sacked by Strangled Times. Must be replacing them with Foreign Traitors? To tow the line of Draconian Rule?

Anonymous said...

They only want to tell you ‘locals’ are employed....Is such cunningness good for Singaporeans?

But will PAP still win the next election despite telling Sinkies ‘locals’ are employed?

And even if such cunningness of PAP is no good for Singaporeans, will PAP still win the next election?

If yes, then what's the problem for PAP being cunning and telling Sinkies ‘locals’ are employed?

So I think whatever PAP say or do, PAP will always ask "Will PAP still win the next election?" to decide whether to say or do.

Anonymous said...

Real Sinkies are having very low fertility and not reproducing themselves fast enough and may even become extinct one day.

So locals to include PRs is very necessary to have meaningful and decent figures to reflect accurately what is happening on the ground.

If only real Sinkies are counted as locals, then the figure is not only pathetic, but also does not reflect the real situation on the ground.

So it is understandable why PAP include PRs as locals. And what so cunning about PAP trying to show good figures? It's only natural, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Yes, intelligent people will be very understandable how some people can deliberately twist FACTS to suit CERTAIN ULTERIOR MOTIVES.

PRs are not Citizens. The are FOREIGNERS. Period.

Locals means Citizens, or People of the Land they were born, where they belong, or Bumiputras or Orang Asli.

So, please don't use crooked thinking with twisted logic to try to project something which is not.

The way you put forth your twisted thinking does not help PAP but further damage the reputation of PAP for having to depend upon people like you to defend them.

Looks like PAP has scrubbed the bottom? Only cunningness can prevail? Don't need Conscience, Ethics and Moral any more? Must be paid $millions in order to have Dignity speaking to Foreign Dignitaries and Successful Businessmen?

Anonymous said...

"Foreigners" who are "permanent residents" are "locals" - that's mental masturbation !

Anonymous said...

Indian national Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan was sentenced on Friday (Oct 13) to seven months' jail with three strokes of the cane for molesting and insulting the modesty of a Singaporean private nurse employed to look after his cancer-stricken wife.

The Indian national told the Singaporean nurse that the girls in Dubai provide extra services. He asked the victim if Singaporean girls are the same.

The judge scolded the Indian national: "The victim was a professional nurse looking after your sick wife... (not to) provide non-nursing services, contrary to what you expected. This is Singapore. We have different standards here."

Anonymous said...

"Indian national Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan was sentenced on Friday (Oct 13) to seven months' jail with three strokes of the cane..."

Aiyo, he is 47 years old.

Just 3 years older and he would have escaped caning. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Luckily for Sinkies he is 47 years old not yet reach 50 so we can give him rotan ! Very happy indeed! So long never so happy about foreigners in our country already. This is one of the rare moments !

denk said...

'After the end of the war, Indian interference worsened and hundreds of thousands of South Indians made their way into the island. They pose a demographic threat to the island nation. India is on a mission to take over the island’s economy.

Supported by Indian sponsorship, Hindu expansionism in the island can be seen in every province.'

Rings a bell ?

'They have created an extension of India.
Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore have been very careful not to allow it.'

Singapore have been very careful not to allow it.' !?

Really ?

When was the last time this guy came to sg ?
He should pay a visit to the Little India of SEA one of these day !


Sounds familiar ?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.59

Even two produce one, Still takes a while become extinct.

Can be extinct?? If environment is conductive, Singaporeans will married more and have more children.

Japanese, preserving their identity would not want to dilute their Race for the exchange of monies. Their population is older if not much older than Singaporeans and yet They dont allowed these trashes to come in

This Ah Neh deserved more than just jail and canning.

They should have him hang on a long poke and his balls also hang by a huge 500 Kgs barbell weight and left to groan and cry

These teekows only know how to sabo human beans and SEX.

Farking wife dying of cancer and he thinks of SEX.

Better slow down or else our GateKeeper powerful Minister will said you espoused Hate Speech and will blancha you Lim Kopi.

For you insulted my Educated Kind and Brethren.

See when they walk, three steps they will pressed their Balls and Smell.

denk said...

in case you havent noticed,

LITTLE INDIA OF SEA refers to Singapore itself ,, not Serangoon road only !