Gang raping truth

What is the truth? Only the truth and nothing but the truth. It sounds so simple. The truth must be the truth, anything else is not the truth. The recent events surrounding the elected Presidency seem to tell a different story. The truth is nothing but the truth? It seems that there is not only one truth but many truths over one subject matter, over one fact or a series of events. Truth is subjective, up to the interpretation of the one speaking the truth. It is called my truth and your truth, or as Donald Trump's spokeswoman said, it is just an alternative truth.

Is this confusing enough? I am sure everyone knows what I am saying and knowing how confusing truth has become. And those getting confused are adults, thinking adults. And they in a way have come to accept that truth is not like what it was like before. They can’t even tell the difference between a rogue and an honourable man. There are many truths and every honourable man would swear to it that he is telling his truth and cannot be questioned or challenged, because that is an honourable man's truth. Honourable man does not tell lies and would never make a lie into a truth. So does the rogue.

What about the children? Could they understand that truth has many versions and depends on who is telling the truth? How would adults explain to the children that truth can be in different forms and not necessary the same? And everyone can tell his truth with a straight face when it is different from the truth, far from the truth.

This is a uniquely development in the little red dot. And as usual no body is questioning why it is so. They simply accept the truth and the truths in all forms and all shades of colours. Nowadays it is easy to accept black is white or white is black. After a while everyone would get use to it. It is the new normal.

Perhaps the word lies in the dictionary should be amended to truth. There is really no difference in the meaning of the two words. Truth = lies.

Talking about gang raping truth with no hint of guilt.


Anonymous said...

In this Universe there is no absolute Truth & there is absolute Truth. In Chinese Wisdom, some 2500 years ago Lao Zi tried his best to explain this universe as The Way or Tao (道) or Yin & Yang ( 阴和阳). Above 2500yo, >6000 years ago in very ancient China FuXi Shi ( 伏曦氏八卦祖师) invented the I-Ching (易经)or book of Change to explain that many things in universe r subject to changes ( truth today might changes) - this philosophy is quite profound & one who really understands it r the Enlighten One.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, why in Court when everybody swears to Tell The Truths and Nothing But the Tooths, they lied and lied with the Truths.

And their Liars also lied wiyh untruths

If One And Sundry were to Tell The Truths, things will be simpler.

No need Liars anymore.

So you swear to Tell The Truths but Tell Untruths.

You swear to protect the Constitution but Protects yourself.

You swear to abide by your Marriage Vows to break them.

Anonymous said...

The truth changed not. There is one Man that fully demonstrated that. Lao Zhi would be so glad to see Jesus Christ.

Nevertheless, though man are sinful we still have a conscience that guard us against saying too much deliberate lies.
Pappies however have reached the state that there is a hardening of the heart in spouting lies. Its a herd, and each is drawing comfort from another starting with the "son".

The combination of money & power is indeed intoxicating & few can resist its temptation, sliding down the slippery road as Redbean explained.

God save our leaders!

Anonymous said...

Confucius said: “Someone who is a clever speaker and maintains a contrived smile is seldom considered to be a really good person.”

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bingo! RB is 1oo% correct!

Yes! There many truths!

No! This is not new normal! It has been always like that lah!

Many truths! Dpending who you are speaking to!

Like the chinese saying.......见人说人话....见鬼说鬼话!

No choice! You have to 见人说人话见鬼说鬼话 to survive in this hahaha society!

So not wrong to have many many truths!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When honourable and dishonourable men and women are telling lies, oops, I mean their truths, there is no need to tell lies any more.

The word lies is obsolete, redundant.

Anonymous said...

...Angkol, the problem is the 70% Dafts Sinkies can't identify or differentiate who r these "honourable and dishonourable men and women" ..r these only the men/women in white clothes?..

patriot said...

Are the 70% of wise folks comprise mainly from the Remnants of the So-called
Enlightened Pioneer and Senior Generations??

As I had repeatedly said, the Current Enlightened 70% are inculcated and imbue with the Wisdom of their Forebears. They are sent to English Language Schools, sent to the West to be ENLIGHTENED/EDUCATED.
They discarded their roots and dumped their traditions, all goaded by their ELDERS.

Too late.

The Elders have failed to detect the Foxes in Sheep-skins, that are now devouring the Ages and their Youngs. Some call it Karma, I say it is CONSEQUENCES OF BEEN PRAGMATISM AND DAFTNESS.


patriot said...

-devouring the AGED and their Youngs to correct
ages, in my above comment.

My apology.


patriot said...

'Consequences of been pragmatic and daft' to correct my grammar mistakes in my First Comment.

My bad.


Anonymous said...

RB, if u have good Lawyers, truths and lies become a very blur line. Truth can become half truth or half lie so can be very confusing to the sinkies where the majority are not very smart to begin with. May god has mercy on them.

Anonymous said...

When the truth hurts, it is the truth.

agongkia said...

Aiyo uncle patriot
The truth hurts you know?
How many laocheks will agree with you.
Many of these laocheks will only know how to blame the current chenghoo and pretend to honour the past chenghoo,becos they have entitlement mentality.
Past chenghoo give affordable Tg Pagar pigeon hole they happy.Now can sell tg Pagar buy house in Malacca still not happy.
As if chenghoo owe them pigeon hole for the rest of their life.
Many never teach their children well,become Peter and Paul but blame current chenghoo like not their fault.
Current n past chenghoo all the same lah.70% is never wrong so face the truth.
I love chenghoo even I am a pokkai,cos I respect our PGs decision.They are never wrong .That's the truth and hope you dun anyhow write before they see you no up and no hew you.
Continue to support good chenghoo is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, after reading what you wrote, hope u Kena one day put in jail then u Kena backside pechak then u know. That is Kena sodomised by big and friendly dude😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

"gang raping truth.."

Actually, all that mentioned above r not that 'gang raping truth' but a kind of a phenomenon that exists since PAPies time immemorial, it's called " Flip Prata" syndrome or " Shifting Goalpost" syndrome, it's very rampant & frequently applied nowadays. It's like wat some ah NEH called it an Elaborate Charades ( another terminology created) ...but no matter how u 'chut pattern ' one of these days the truth shall reveal, Chinese proverb -'水落石出' ( last sat mrt saw a flooding in tunnel or a 水落 is it a sign or act of Divine coming to reveal & fire happen in mrt side track or 火--纸是包不住火 again is it hint from the Divine?)..lets wait & see...

Anonymous said...

When honourable and dishonourable men and women are telling lies...
RB 9:37 am

But what's the problem for these honourable and dishonourable men and women when they can get away with it by telling lies?

Or to put it more direct and blunt, if they can still win elections by telling lies?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, after reading what you wrote, hope u Kena one day put in jail then u Kena backside pechak then u know. That is Kena sodomised by big and friendly dude😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
October 09, 2017 11:36 am

No need to bother with this self professed pokkai lah. These losers would try to pretend everything is fine or to blame the PGs for their pathetic plight. Blame everyone is the name of the game.

Some even blamed uncle like as if they got cheated by uncle and the PGs. They would find comfort in each other's arms, wallowing in self pity.

Anonymous said...

Blaming PG also means blaming their parents and grandparents. Unfilial offsprings do that.

As I said before, present PAP is not like past PAP. Those who live long enough and have long memories knows.

Present PAP even wore red at NDP, so how can they be the same as the 'men in white' of old?
MIW of old do not have to use money and incentives to buy votes unlike 'men in red' of today. MIW of old fight with their ideas, convictions and actions, not money.

Virgo49 said...

AhGongKia, I know you may be bitter, but you don't have to be so bitter and put elaborate charade. Famous quote by our Honorable Home Gate Keeper cum Hatchet Minister.

My Tanjong Pagar pigeon hole flat at 46K not worth at about 600 plus K all tks to the PAP.

Must be beholden to them for life. They had assets enhancements for us oldies who supported them. This at the expense of the young oldies who are in this dire situation due to the follies of the Oldies and Pioneer Generation oldies who supported the Pay And Pay.

All these bitterness been harped by you and Patriot. In life, there is a lottery game where some wins and some lose. If everybody wins then nobody lose.

No need to sell to but Melaka apartment or Condo lah. If you have foresight instead of back side, then you planned and clear a path for you and your generation and so do not have to be bitter and put on a dramatic Charade.

Now, still holding on to my pigeon hole and awaiting for Low Ran Wong for SERs. Chances should be favorable as have Two new MRT Stations in our Estate.

Waiting for a new 99 year lease plus some compensation if any and change from Old Flat to New Flat free staying for forty odd years. Where to find???

New Flat after five years can sell and make a killing again to buy Bungalow in Kota Iskander and Condo in Penang overlooking the Second Bridge.

Thanks to the PAP and must reallu support them. Some Win some lose.

Famous Quote again from ShameMugan : Don't have to be so BITTER and put on a Charade.

We can put on a Charade but you please don't put on a Charade. C

b said...

Politics everywhere have always been about self interest. Politicians are always about arming their own pockets. These are the truth. Naive son surrounded by so many harmful ministers, the people can only see dark sky. Beware of the dark power.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia bitter gout does not suit the palates of many. However, bitter gout is very beneficial for health, some know it and take it regularly. They stay with their regime and cause. There were politicians, intellectuals, professionals and ordinary folks. Late Lim Chin Siong, Jeyaretnam, Lim Hock Siew, Tan Lark Sye and some others were pioneers.

Surviving Chia Thye Poh, Tan Wah Piow and the younger set of Chee Soon Juan, Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng, Seelan Palay and teenager Amos Yee etc.

Agongkia appears to be not too old nor too young and seems to be a pappy supporter thus far. If he is older than fifty, then he could have known how his parents and grandparents had behaved politically speaking. The impression is that the elders in his clan must have been happy with the pioneer pappy and agongkia himself is respectful of the younger pappy.
This shall round off the influence the older generations have on the younger sinkies.

Some gain and some lose and those that endear themselves to be cronies, grassroot leaders and gain much are ingratiated to their masters and obviously pro establishment. The clever and practical young sinkies could see the benefit of staying close to the powerful ruling class.
Can we blame them for aping their elders ?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, knn I pity u if u Kena jail cause the dangerous criminals may stuff their rod into your mouth till u gag so don't play play Hor, it will be a total different experience that from you hugging all the Mei Mei for free. U think other people husbands let u go Scot free? In jail they hated especially people like your type so sure Kena sodomised one as punishment. So keing your ass closed by keeping your legs together will not help.