Fancy finding a Singaporean with a little talent

This titled was inspired by a report on Banyan Tree Holdings, a Singapore based hotel chain, building an eco friendly hotel in the backyard of the Singapore Zoo. The front page article in thenewpaper on 12 Oct read, ‘Fancy sleeping in luxury ,quoting the CEO elaborating about this novel and creative concept of building a hotel in the jungle for guests to experience what it was like living in the midst of a tropical jungle and about co existence with wildlife and nature.

On reflection, I think I will not be far wrong to say that all the CEOs of Singapore’s holiday attractions like the Zoo, the Bird Park, Botanic Garden, Sentosa are all foreigners. Not sure about the artificial garden in the heart of Singapore, could also be a foreigner. This one could be an exception as Singaporeans are very good in anything that is fake. And foreigners are heading most of the banks in Singapore, local banks and foreign banks. And foreigners are CEOs in many other institutions including institutions of higher learnings. Singaporeans first, do good, do together.

What do all this said about Singaporean talents? Is Singapore able to produce Singaporean talents for employments? I am very specific here, I am referring to Singaporean talents not locals. And to be more specific, Singaporeans that were born and bred here?

Why is it that Singaporean organizations are hiring foreigners as CEOs? Is it that our universities are not producing them, not doing the right stuff? What about our super talented students sent abroad to study in the best universities where these foreigners were educated? If it is due to a failure in our own education institutions, then sending them overseas should do the trick. But no, many of our best students went overseas also came back showing very little employable talent except to be civil servants or generals.

So what is the real stuff that makes the difference if it is not education? I think the foreigners are born with talents. Talents are born, and no amount of university educations, from the best universities could make the difference. There is no need to go for that expensive education. When one is born, one is either daft or talented.

Now you can understand the title, Fancy finding a Singaporean with a little talent. Singaporeans just don’t have talents and it is right and necessary to hire foreigners that are born talented to run Singaporean corporations and to provide jobs for Singaporeans. Without these talented foreigners, Singaporeans would be clueless about anything, except maybe queuing up to be Grab and Uber drivers. Or is that what they were taught in the universities, to become taxi drivers?

Let me be a little bit generous to say that actually Singaporeans still have two skills left. One is the ability to employ foreigners to hire more foreigners to replace Singaporeans. The other skill is to train jobless displaced Singaporeans to work overseas. This last skill is admirable, a heart of gold, thinking and caring for Singaporeans.


patriot said...

Be it driver, cleaner, security guard of thrash scavenger, so long ad one earns an honest living there is nothing wrong.

Conversely, those who porlanpa to become ruler,
senior civil servant, gets priviledge and enjoys special treatments, these are the Despicable Scums of society.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said it MANY times that

He is speaking the TRUTH


Anonymous said...

Scums are scums lah. and if you understand karma, you will know why the scums ended up as scums lah. No need to feel so angry with other people that are more successful than you lah. Reflect on yourself and ask why you have become a scum of society.

Anonymous said...

you don't know meh

employing FT CEOs or h♤gh ranking staff are fashion

you employ, I also employ toooooooooooo

see who employ more

anyway, the 70% voted OK with eyes wide opened

what to say now

what can you do now

only lan lan

Anonymous said...

Mr Patriot, no one is looking down at you just because you have been a security guard. Be proud of yourself for being a security guard. It is an honest way of living like you said. So what is your problem?

Don't look down on yourself. I think no one here is despising you or other security guards or taxi drivers just because of what they are. No need to feel so angry so early in the morning. People will only look down on you when you anyhow scold everyone because of your own bad personal experience.

Anonymous said...

Talent is a complimentary word against idiot. Except some old hacks who has such concept called talent and they wander the world will give them free talents to serve them, few NS men will think the other NS men are idiots or stupid fellows.

There are very few readers only want to hear words to excite their brain cells. Dealing with reality problem like marketing products require foreigners to enlarge the markets. Readers should not be concerned about banks having foreigners ceo. They should look at the banks s financial results. Accusing banks hiring foreigners is a lie here. If banks hire non foreigners, will they be able to expand business beyond borders of this island?

What is the proportions of bank products sales local and overseas?

There is NO talent. There is a person being hired to fit onto the job to accomplished a mission. If the person cannot accomplish the mission, he will have to go. If he is not fired because he is foreigner, then it is a problem to this island.

The former Malaysian PR auntie mrt CEO was fired. What has mrt improved for hiring a local army general? The interruptions by breaking down continues non stop.

No such magic called talent. Its plain efforts to do the job right and most important of all, the training before the job. Not trained in mrt company management and engineering just cannot manage the mrt company. Dont believe the lies that hiring foreigner is a magic cure for singapore. Dont believe lies that hiring foreigners s wrong. Fit the job first. But the hiring system is in question: sales woman auntie was hired as ceo for mrt company as foreign talent. The consequences was so clear cut. A failure in quality service.

Anonymous said...

Patriot at October 21, 2017 9:50 am

/// Conversely, those who porlanpa to become ruler,
senior civil servant, gets priviledge and enjoys special treatments, these are the Despicable Scums of society.///

1. You mean as a security guard you do not have to "porlanpa" while doing your duties? I have witnessed security guards and body guards doing most despicably down-right "Porlanpa" deeds in front of public eyes countless times. I think you must be the only exception in the world. If that is so, I congratulate you.

2. I don't see why people who gets special privileges and special treatments must automatically be equated to being "Despicable Scums of society. Why are you so jealous and full of hatred to Senior Civil Servants?

Did they do anything so bad to you to deserve your persistent and relentless curses?

3. You talk so much about karma. Don't you think you too are subjected to the same karma you curse others with?

4. If you continue to make use of RB's blog to vent your anger and channel your personal grudge against all senior civil servants, I think one day RB would have no choice but to ban you totally from using his site. Don't you think so? Or are you deliberately asking for it?

Anonymous said...

Agree with 10.41. Singapore belongs to everyone here. Hiring foreigners, citizens, PRs, locals, all can as long as they can do the job. Hiring foreigners to bring in more foreigners also can as long as the foreigners can do the jobs.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB is so generous. Allow this scum to scold him in his blog, he oso senior servant, and did not scold this scum.

Compare the two, you will know who is the real scum.

patriot said...

A very Good Morning to Everyone.

Like Readers to know that me am not angry at anyone, though apparently many felt uneasy with me.
Me had being in Cyberspace for sometimes and traverse the Cyber Highways quite extensively. So, there were accidents and skirmishes here and there as expected and sometimes anticipated.

Me secondary school dropout, but is never self pity or disappointed with my condition. ln fact, l feel I have done pretty well.

There were many who told me that l have noting to lose cos I am nobody. This is a VERY ACCURATE READING and it is something that l am most aware of my station in life.
Because I know my worth, I say candidly and frankly of the Worth of Others.
I say my opinion of Obama, Confucius, Socrates and Sinkies with no inhibition.
I had brushed with a few here in My Singapore News, Facebook and Elsewhere, I apologize if need be and do not run away or quit.

Please feel free to say Your piece of mind about me.
It is an honour to interact and learn from Others.

If I had been offensive, please forgive. It is great pleasure to have great company.


Anonymous said...

[[[ ... actually Singaporeans still have two skills left.
One is the ability to employ foreigners to hire more foreigners to replace Singaporeans. ]]]

Do you think it is more accurate to say:

"... actually PAP still have two skills left.
One is the ability to employ foreigners to hire more foreigners to replace Singaporeans."

Anonymous said...

Also agree with 10.41. RB should do something about it before Senior Civil Servants take offence to this blog being utilized to snipe at them by Character Assassins like Patriot.

Anonymous said...

This Patriot angry coz senior civil servants got privilege and special treatment but he low down security guard did not have. Tiok boh?

If give him privilege and special treatment he also don't mind porlanpa. Now sour grape.

My advice to him, be happy with your station in life and hope for better karma next life and don't become another grouchy and angry security guard again. Angry now too late oredy.

patriot said...

I shall respect
whatever the Blogsite
Owner decides.

Like to declare here
me will not be hurt
and offended in anyway
by the Decision of the
Blog Admin.

What are Civil Setvants
when Rulers are swore and
Cursed at for Misdeed and Sin?

Only POLANPAS get sensitive and hurt
because of guilty


Anonymous said...

Who says Singaporeans got no talents?

- All card carrying PAP members have plenty of talent
- Once you get your PAP card, you are able to do anything eg. Run an MRT train system, run a national sports association like the Football Association of Singapore
- all without any previous training, experience or knowledge

- after all, how difficult is it to stay in an ivory tower and issue imperial decrees? e.g. "Singaporeans must continually upgrade ourselves to stay relevant and competitive in a globalized economy."

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

KNN, This low life scrooty gut. Early morning, 1st to post to curse all senior civil servants. Everybody here knows he also every time cursing Pioneer Generation. Some more pretend to act like gentle man and pretend to insincere apologising. Then come back again and curse again. I think Uncle Chua better get rid this low life scum from his blog. KNN, this Fxxker is like Amos Yee. Need Police Arrest, charged and JAIL and has to run road. Wah lan. Can boast he got nothing to lose also. That's why he dare curse anybody he bares grudges from. KNN. Need tight slaps.

Virgo49 said...

This Banyan Tree Group had Resorts in Phuket and several other countries and they are dying a slow death. Banyan Tree had roots that grown long and strangle others in their way.
Now, they strangled themselves.

Ho Kwong Pin and wife with their Father and Father-in-law previously at Shenton House. now demolished as forget what's shipping Company.

No big deal now at Mandai. No other lucrative place or much capitals to capitalize.

Resorts business as well as Entertainment Outlets needs huge capitals to turnover every few years as human beans grew wary after some time visiting the same places.

So, no surprise they turned Local. Think Ivy Singh Farm's got more Novelty in Kranji.

Sinkieland businesses who wishes to be listed has to put on a front by listing so many prominent and famous personalities both true and fakes on their Board.

That's why they have so many independent Directors with many true and fake papers and titles to add to their Portfolio.

Many ex MPs and high ranking silver serpents after redundancy or retirement are put on these Board of Directors just to look good.

Likewise our Mr TCB on the Board of Directors of what's companies.

Same time, also have connections for business advantages.

So, they have to put the Foreign Trashes with true or fake credentials to their List thus bypassing the Locals.

This is the myth by our Top Sinkie Entrepreneurs

Anonymous said...

/// Only POLANPAS get sensitive and hurt
because of guilty

Security Guards are the Biggest PORLANPAS in SIN.

Anonymous said...

Ho Kwong Pin once was anti-PAP and got arrested. His dad help him out and made him charged to pro-establishment, partly because of his business survival....

It is correct to say that Banyan Tree is now in the doldrums. It is actually the symbol of PAP. The tree that destroys all small competitors by sucking up all the nutrients and blocking all the sunlight.

Anonymous said...

The majority in Singapore is not unhappy.

Otherwise 70% will not OK-ed.

In Singapore people like to kpkb kpkb and kpkb.

But when come to voting.,.....PAP! PAP knows!

Kpkb is our national hobby!

Singapore is like that lah!

No point! No point! Don't waste time! Just 3Ms!

Be happy and worry less!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


If you can remember, we had kopi together, even dinners. I have always treated you as another human bean, regardless of your profession. I came down to your level, now I am getting the stench. I am disappointed and regretted my association with you. Whenever I smell a stench, I dissociate, disconnect.

You can remain in this blog if you like but I will delete your unsavoury posts if needed. I regard everyone here as friends, young and old, whatever their station in life.

I have known Michael Heng and Rigpa for 40 years, Rigpa even longer. I would not allow you to attack them. You may have already noticed, Michael has a PBM. We do not agree on many issues and policies, but we could still remain good friends. That is the difference that your level of mentality can never appreciate or understand. But I understand, it is not the same in the way your mind works.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to talents outside the PAP, it must be from elsewhere other than Singapore.

The best talents in Singapore are all in the PAP. That is why they command such sky high salaries.

But the best talents in PAP are not necessarily the best. Otherwise, how can the MRT system be in such a state? How can the ability to count from 1 to 5 gets confused along the way? How can they mistake an Indian Muslim for a Malay Muslim?

Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

"You mean as a security guard you do not have to "porlanpa" while doing your duties?"
@ October 21, 2017 10:41 am

There are differences between a "porlampar" security guard and a "porlampar" Member of Parliament.

1. Security guard do not earn millions of dollars of money belonging to Singaporeans.

2. Members of Parliament swear an oath of allegiance (or Office) to Singapore (and not PAP) before they start their job. Security guards do not.


The Oath of Office for Members of Parliament:
For members of the Parliament of Singapore, it is:

I, (name), having been elected as a Member of the Parliament of Singapore, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully discharge my duties as such to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Republic of Singapore, and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore.


The Oath of Allegiance is to Singapore and not PAP.

Anonymous said...

".... that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore."
@ October 21, 2017 12:47 pm

If the Constitution keeps getting amended and changed .... does it mean I am not doing my job as a Member of Parliament in PRESERVING the Singapore Constitution?

Have I broken my Oath of Office/Allegiance ??

patriot said...


me cherishes those gatherings we had and more so the Daily Ones here for over a decade.

All good(and bad) things have to come to an end.
An unavoidable or good parting is desirable but sad to say that most partings are due to differences.
I bear no acrimony though I am very sensitive to abuse and elitism. Neither am I a quitter ir a loser, as I said, me got nothing to lose.

I can see the Depth of Your intellect and it is the Main Reason why I am here like an addict.

Thank You for alkowing me to be here. Like You to know that You can exercise Your Rights to censor, censure, refute, delete and ban my participation, I shall respect all Your Decisions.

We do NOT have to have similar ideas as Individuals.
We should have freedom to
express and not get personal.

Have a Nice Day All.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That is exactly what I am getting at. Avoid being personal and attacking one another here.

I respect all views as long as they are sensible. At times ridiculous views are also accepted except for those who are posting with a hidden agenda.

Rocket said...

"Am I wrong?" - @ October 21, 2017 12:41 pm

You are not wrong, neither are you right.

In this world, planet Earth, there is no right or wrong.

Right and wrong are invented by human beans, based on their experiences. Their experiences of life lead them to perceive, retain, remember and regurgitate, so as to project what they "seem" to know. Whatever we believed has been based upon what we "seem" to know, not what reality is. This so because our knowledge are very seriously limited. No man (or woman) can claim to have 100% knowledge of life and of the universe. That is humanly impossible. Therefore, even the smartest genius cannot have the full knowledge of the world.

As a result, some see the world in colours, some see in black and white, others see not only in colours, black and white but also the various shades of hues, tints and greys - all depending upon their capacity and capability.

There is a very small group who sees life in its truest reality. This group is rare, extremely rare. These personalities spend their whole life searching for the ultimate truth - Reality. Most of them usually do meditation in secluded caves up high in the mountains in the Himalayas, the Andes, the Alps, the Rockies, the Urals, the Tien Shan, .the Karakoram, the Tirich Mir, and the Pamir mountains.

What we, ordinary commoners, know is based on Relative Truth - the law of Relativity. We will always differ in views, opinions, everything. The only things we have in common are eat, sleep, shit and die. Everything else we differ either slightly or greatly.

Anonymous said...

/// Now you can understand the title, Fancy finding a Singaporean with a little talent. ///

Next follow up article:
"Fancy finding a PAP Minister with a little talent."

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousOctober 21, 2017 12:47 pm

((( There are differences between a "porlampar" security guard and a "porlampar" Member of Parliament.)))

KNN. You don't try to split hair here lah.

You get screwed in the ass is the same as security guard get screwed in the ass lah.

Both are humans and all got asses. Both got screwed.

Only difference maybe the security guard's asshole is bigger because he got screwed more frequently mah.

KNN.Some more quote what Oath of Allegiance. You take or not take oath, or paid $10 or $1 million. What's the difference? PORLANPA is PORLANPA mah.

Fxxking DAFT!

Anonymous said...

@ Patriot October 21, 2017 1:05 pm:

"We do NOT have to have similar ideas as Individuals.
We should have freedom to
express and not get personal."

What do you by not get personal? Do you mean you can use general all-encompassing terms such as "Senior Civil Servants" and "Pioneer Generation" and you are not getting personal? But when others hit you back in return for your slanderous remarks, they are being PERSONAL?

You are actually playing with words. Just in all your posts today, don't need to go into the past, I can see that you a a Big Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Love Yourself

Be Kind To Others

b said...

Politicians are the ones that always messed up the world but never accountable. Good examples are bushes, clintons, obama. They will blame it on migrants or locals but never themselves. Unfortunately, it is always their faults. People must stay away from blaming anyone other than the politicians.

Anonymous said...

It may be true. But it is us who elected them, unfortunately.

And of course, would those who elected them blame their own folly?

Humans are humans.

agongkia said...

Who say sinkies has no talent?
They are talented .
When lost in argument they call others porlumpa,pappies or IB.
They even threaten to delete comments ,tell blog owners to delete others with comments that they are not comfortable with and their ideas are always right.
Others view are not acceptable so must delete.
Sinkies are talented.They learn from the You Know Who.They kpkb on chenghoo so any one who sing praises of chenghoo are against the flow.
Either you are with me or away from me.
Bloggers should consider lucky that there are netizen who is willing to visit their blogs giving their opinion and not just happy with those few porlumpa anon.Who hide behind keyboard , repeat n.repeat with no substances.

Indeed there's nothing wrong to say it's PGs fault for not educating their children well and I agree with uncle Patriot on this.
Or is it one declare he's a guard so you all see him no up?
Why always bring up guard,cleaners or taxi drivers as examples?See them no up?Oh I forgotten are people no up oso talented.

Anonymous said...

There's a danger the place will get
Flooded like mrt.if .... peple r in charge.

agongkia said...

Last sentence typo,"are" to read as "see". See people no up oso talented.

Anonymous said...

It may be true. But it is us who elected them, unfortunately.
And of course, would those who elected them blame their own folly?
October 21, 2017 4:06 pm

Blame the victims.
When you get cheated by a conman, is it your fault?

If you have a boyfriend.
Who gives you nice presents once every 5 years.
And fucks your asshole everyday in between the 5 years.
Is it your fault?

Anonymous said...

..Sinkies still got Talents Lah in Sinkieland otherwise this Red Dot would sink ... In fact we have plenty of them jargar in YIstana & parliowment & also GLCees & Temasick , see these r local true blue born bred Sinkies to lead this ship or sampan sometimes to uncharted water helmed by Captain Long ( mind u this guy is Super Talented & survived cancer after cancer with sky high celery & treat all Sinkies fairly & even put right the reserved EPui system for minority, see he is best of best some say better than Triumph & XJP ..Sinkies must be so blessed we have one of the best talented Pui Am in the world!)..

b said...

Its all politicians fault. Sinkies die die must do ns is politicians fault. Sinkies no talents, no house, no cars are all politicians fault. All the mess in this world are created by politicians.

Anonymous said...

SPH hiring foreigners while retrenching Singaporeans ?

Anonymous said...

Saw this news "SMRT ground staff praised by Thai tourist for returning lost wallet promptly"

Thot that by law if the staff keep it for himself, he will be charged and jailed , so he bo pian must return ?

Anonymous said...

This news blaring in state media: Adults can use Medisave to pay for recommended vaccinations from Nov 1

But the state media never say Medisave maximum usage per year is only $400.

If u see doctor every six months for a chronic disease, and use the Medisave to pay, $400 is only enough to pay for the blood tests and some medicine of one visit. The second visit during the same year u cannot use Medisave at all as the $400 ceiling is already reached.

Still can use Medisave for other vaccinations meh, even though u have more than $40,000 in your CPF Medisave a/c ???

Anonymous said...

Got talents but only buried.
In Singapore, for Party members no need to use talents but follow Leeprotocol can get wealth, status, power especially if scholar general class.
So understandable to follow & not rock the boat but keep saying yes n hide the talent. Afterall losses are all ahkong money n citizens pay for them indirectly. Talent like coins not used can get rusty n after a long time become worthless. Like the parable of the worthless servant.

Market here so small. If any good idea, without connections, idea will be steal by Glc or garman or costs will become prohibitive. As garman is landlord. It is landlord/peasants model. Peasants cannot boom unless kowtow.

So real sinkie talents not of Party line, have to go overseas or get funding from foreign sources. If successful will bo chap garman n Sinkpore. Why bother? After all the hardwork & risk taking why not enjoy your overseas success n rest in Sinkpore.

While 69.9% no hunger to use their talents but only in limited established ways, preferred goals are to trade up their hdb, bite a few cherries, and kpkb when costs go up, n still say yes to Party. Fearful & cant live without the fear. The brain already washed. Though they are sensing new dangers as can see how things have cock-ups more often n costs are rocketing but no courage to change trained behaviour. Its an entrenched helplessness.

As for 30%, if independent & a bit more brave n can think on their own they will not be united. As they can think n sill think n act diffetently. There is little to no common self-interests. Also no one exceptional brillant disruptor & leader to unite behind.

The late hard brilliant Party old man destroyed a generation of independent thinkers to bring up his Son. Smart independent thinkers within are posted overseas as ambassadors or UN. The rest left & went on to do their own businesses. Old man laid very clear hard boundaries & the price to be paid to cross those boundaries in a time where information n media can be totally controlled for his narrative.

Son far below his standards n media situation landscape has changed dramatically. On top have a lousy investments wifie that compounded lots of mistake including appointing Smrt Saw, using pay big dollars policy to get loyalty. So most beneficiaries innate talents lar gee incentivised to be buried.

So conclusion is not whether got or no talent. But whether talents buried or not?

Anonymous said...

Patriot, I do not like people that can offend RB for many reasons among them are 1) his posting is really very very good and it's no joke that he can write something in depth Everyday 365 days a year. 2) he can tolerate almost all kinds of posting other than may be those that can get him into trouble.

With that I hope u would apologise to RB and refrain from offending him in the future. Otherwise your old ass need to be crewed to make you come to your senses

Anonymous said...

If Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong can return home from his visit to the White House with nothing more than a photo op with Donald Trump, some good headlines in the Singapore press and a contract to buy a few billion dollars' worth of planes from Boeing, he will consider the trip a success.

Lee's task is to pursue the seemingly irreconcilable objectives of nudging Trump to stay engaged positively with Asia while at the same time avoiding offending an increasingly prickly China. Higher ambitions -- at least on the public front -- present the serious risk of something going spectacularly wrong.

Effusive praise from the American President is the stuff that politicians usually crave, but in this case, it would risk undoing the "good work" Lee did his recent visit to Beijing, where he seems to have been provisionally forgiven for his earlier lack of respect, much of which centered on Singapore's role in promoting the American position over China's activities in the South China Sea.

The current generation of Singapore's leaders -- right down to the upper levels of the civil service -- is so close to the Americans that they give the appearance of having mistaken the American establishment view for their own - PM Lee himself had studied in the United States Army Command and General Staff College in the 1970s.

Dealing with both Xi and Trump would have been a tough enough problem for any Singaporean leader, but thanks to his earlier blundering, he now needs to tread with particular care.

Read more at http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/21/opinions/singapore-lee-trump/index.html

agongkia said...

What's wrong with Patriot's comments?
You another polumpar?

agongkia said...

There's no need for security to polumpar.
Why you discriminate on guards?
You another polumpar .

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, it's better that u stick to your shameless free Mei Mei hugging than to post anything else as u are viewed as a joker. Of course one day for being cheapskate u may Kena your rod being chopped by Mei Mei Husband. For a guy who admired matilar who practise incest and torture his Mother, Wife, sisters and daughters u can not be a normal person other than a scum. I hope one day you Kena from some Mei Mei Husband and get your tiny rod chopped off. Or Kena taken revenge by their husbands who may sodomised u for revenge and shaft their rods into your mouth so u won't talk nonsense again.

Anonymous said...

Old men bickering ?!

agongkia said...

Good morning anon1040.
Rest assured that my parent taught me well.Getting involve with married women or somebody's wife is not my interest.
I do admit that taking care of widow,divorcee or single mothers is something that I am interested.
Maybe one day,if I have the means,will set up a club for single mothers and look into their welfare.
At least for the moment,I recommended them jobs and none of them are rejected.
Never have intention or take advantage of those who are married or even failures in marriage.
You can be a kampong chief ,Tuakow or senior civil servant or your friend of 40 years ,MMM or not.
Like what Patriot mentioned ,
I will condemn without fear or favour and see you no up.

agongkia said...

Agree with you that uncle RB posting is interesting and I would grade him B.
No apology is needed from Uncle Patriot as i dun find his comment offensive.
I rather you ask Uncle Rb to delete my comment than to delete Uncle Patriot's.
Everyone has their own thinking and there's no right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

From Patriot
Patriot may use strong words like porlanpa and scum of society but he does not harbour any malice.

Anonymous said...

Tell Patriot fuck his mother, no malice meant.

agongkia said...

Hey anon 5.16 pm
You coward .Why need to bring one's mother into the picture.
We allow such coward to insult an elderly uncle with F word but cannot tolerate an uncle from expressing his view .Justice?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, look like you are a great Mn taking care of divorcee and single mint her under the disguise of helping them but all u wanted to do is to get the free hug. Your dirty brain only scheming how to take advantage of their vulnerable stage. This one you yourself admins one by posting all the time. In fact you only planning how to use your little Canon on two flat tires on these vulnerable women. You are a disgusted pig. This is my first time scolding you.