Deepavali in the Republic of Singapura

Photo credit to Tamil Murasu

They really look very good, like bollywood actors. This could be the Singapura's national dress they have been looking for, smart, cool and fashionable.What is missing is Hsien Loong and Chee Hian joining the cast.

Bollywood can set up an office here to start producing movies and they would have no problem finding good looking and beautiful actors and actresses in Parliament.

And oh, last year they had all the ladies in saris. Halimah can take the lead by putting on a sari with all the lady ministers and MPs. The picture would be complete, picture perfect.

What do you think?

And happy Deepavali to all the Hindus and  non Hindus celebrating this holiday.


Virgo49 said...

This year we have the Biggest Light Up in Little India which is worth Trumpeting.

Chinese sinkies very the Say Bok.

They will appease all and sundry except their own kind.

Where did ever the Others do this type of Hypocrisy for Chinese in any Variety Shows or CNY?

Just remember the Mandarins Garden Episode.

Very soon, it be renamed Singa Bolly.

PAP will harped we must show that we are Not a Chinese State and mistaken by our Neighbours.

We cannot identify Ourselves too much with China.

Think still in the 60s, communists are Evil? ??

Anonymous said...

Hope our Sinkie cab drivers be safe today !

Anonymous said...

Tis a Festival of Lights or Deepavali or Diwali today, make sure the SMrt trains & tracks & tunnels & signalling r in tip top condition, no excuse for Ah Cow to just blame the maintenance teams & be a shame to the world. Did Ah Cow pray for mo flooding or fire this time round? Or is it a once in a 50yr episode?..

Anonymous said...

How about called it....Singawood!

Happy Deepavali!


Anonymous said...

Halimah can take the lead by putting on a sari with all the lady ministers and MPs.

Aiyo cannot lah.

That will remind her of her late Indian father and she may feel guilty conscious, u know.

And sari is a traditional dress for Indian woman, u know.

At least if Ho Ching put on sari still OK for ceremonial reasons because Sinkies know that she is Chinese as stated in her NRIC (I presume).

Anonymous said...

Q: How many PAP Generals does it take to make SMRT work?

A: Zero. Anything more than zero, and SMRT will fail.

Anonymous said...


Paper General: Ah Cow Sir,
if we take >$1 million annually to maintain the mrt & trains, aiyah maybe we just apologise & kowtow to public once there is any breakdowns, we can save all costs & no need so much money to maintain better, just apologise & say mrt old system already will do mah..
Ah Cow: If that's the case, LTA will fine u ( maybe >$1 million).
Paper General: Aiyoh, left pocket goto right pocket & we solve the maintenance money cheap cheap ..Ah Cow u can just tell public saying penalties no use wan Lah cos we all abang alik mah..
Ah Cow: ..then my Boss ah Long come to my backside then how?
Paper General: ..nevermind Lah..u just pretend pretend wayang wayang saying '...team failed assh' & case over, aiya I will help u say good words to Ah Long wan no need to panic..
Ah Cow " probably thinking ..maintenance cost tonnes of monies..kowtow cheap no need monies.." Ok can ..Ah Quak lets chiong Lah...we dun bother cos got 8 priests blessings liow..

Rocket said...

@ 12:33 pm

If I am not wrong, that is called "Do Good, Do Together"?

Anonymous said...

REUTERS - Portugal's Interior Minister Constanca Urbano de Sousa resigned from her post after fires killed more than a hundred people in the country's two worst disasters of recent times, the government said on Wednesday (Oct 18).

How come Minister Khaw never resign over SMRT tunnel flooding, which just one of several rail cock ups ? Because salary to give up is too high, too painful?

Anonymous said...

He will not resign because he will say that 70% daft Sinkies support him.

What can daft Sinkies do?

Maybe daft Sinkies are not the ones complaining! They love the rubbish pushed down their throats, the ropes tightening around their necks and the stick pushed further into their arsehole.

Anonymous said...

How come Minister Khaw never resign over SMRT tunnel flooding, which just one of several rail cock ups ? Because salary to give up is too high, too painful?
6:13 pm

Why should he resign if he is very confident that he will still win the next election?

Sinkies can kpkb all they want (that's all they can do) but come election time, majority will still vote for PAP. And this one Khaw knows, PAP knows.

So why should Khaw resign, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 655pm.....Bingo! You are 1oo% correct!

Yes! People will only kpkb and kpkb but when come to voting....PAP!

Yes! Kpkb is our national hobby lah! You don't know meh?2


Anonymous said...

PAP ministers don't believe in "With great salary comes great responsibility."

Anonymous said...

If Bollywood set up an office here, they'll cry father and mother about discrimination!

Anonymous said...

“So in the past when we say, let’s design something for one in a hundred years, one in 50 years, we are beginning to see that hey, you know, this so called one in a hundred years is happening twice during the hundred years, so obviously things have changed.

Who said this? U guess lah !

Anonymous said...

Hint: some top guy who believe in religious chanting to avoid engineering-origin problems

Anonymous said...

Whence Rulers resort to religions and supernaturals, it means they are out to blame the Unseens to exonerate themselves of mistakes and sins.
They are telling the People
'look, the Problems are caused by gods and devils, so You cannot blame us'.

Can one blame their incompetencies, negligence and wrongs when You agree with them that the almighties and devils are wroughting the misfortunes ?