CPF - It's now or never

The proposal of a class act to sue the govt on the CPF money by Lim Tean/Phillip Ang and their team is a once or never event. Never has such a task been taken up by a group of professionals for the people, to protect the people's money from disappearing without their consent, to return them to their rightful owners at the rightful time that the scheme was meant to be.

Lim Tean and Phillip Ang are asking just for $10 or $20 from each CPF account owners to build up a war chest to pay for the expensive legal fees to fight this case. Many are still hesitating, some even bo chap. Think about it, for $10/$20, what do you get? Lim Tean/Phillip Ang would have to gather a team of legal experts to study the case and to make a legal case to sue the govt. A lot of people, money and time will be involved to make this possible for a miserable $10/$20. That is about the cost of a pack of cigarette or a lunch.

And more, Lim Tean/Phillip Ang and their team would be putting their necks on the chopping block, risking their career and reputation, and many things at stake. It is not so simple as just fighting a legal case but with many political considerations and consequences. Some are still hiding behind the kiasi label and not willing to contribute the $10/$20 when the stake is so high for this commando team.

Now, where is Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian on this issue? And where are the political parties claiming to want to represent the people in Parliament? Would they stand up and join Lim Tean and Phillip Ang in this fight for the people? If they don't, they might as well pack up their bags and leave politics altogether. Do not stand for any election be it just as an MP or the EP if they cannot see it important enough to stand up and fight together with Lim Tean and Phillip Ang. They need to put down their differences and other agendas to close rank for once, to represent the interest of the people, to protect the interest of the people, to protect their life savings.

Where are you, aspiring politicians? Where are you Singaporeans, ever complaining that always talks only and no actions when there is now a group of dare devils brave enough to stand up to fight for you?

The team is not asking for that special peanut but $10/$20 which should be reasonably affordable. They are not asking for a drum stick or a whole chicken. It's now or never. If you fail this team, no one would be there to fight for you anymore when you needed help.

This is your chance to say yes and to do your little part to make this happen. Here is the POSB Savings 198-91842-3 of Lim Tean to deposit your contribution. This is not a donation, this is a contribution to fund the legal suit to get back your CPF money.


Anonymous said...

It's a lost cause as most Sinkies r not united. Some r so poor that ten dollars is too much for them, u can't blame on these people some have no phones or internet access as they r so poor that they can't meet their ends so how to fight...

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, today most Singaporeans are getting their S $200.00 extra GST Credits. Just contribute only 10% i.e. S $20.00

Lai Lai, put monies take monies. O $,P $.

Wo buay wo hee bang.

Boh buay boh poh.

Some Sinkies very chow Kars one.

They just be by-Standers and when battle is won, ho seh, I also get the same benefits.

If lost, there I told you what!

Lucky I smart pretends not to take part.

Feeling smug and SMART.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree that there would be people who can't afford $10. But anyone that can read this would be able to spare $10. And they can reach out to their friends to do so.

If only 30% of CPF account holders contribute $10, that would be more than $300k at the very minimum.

Just do what you can.

Virgo49 said...

There goes the First Doubter who thinks that Lim Tean gonna make a pile out of their contributions.

That's why Jeya's Son in frustration said you deservedly deserve the Govt you voted for.

Nobody doubts the PAP ministers whether they deserved their million dollars salaries.

Sigh, better use my $200.00 for Roulette

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just deleted the post of the shit stirrer. You bet where he is coming from.

Anonymous said...

The judges will simply say CPF is a policy matter ... Up to parliament to decide.

Which is technically & legally correct.

Therefore ... the solution is so simple ... How to change CPF policy???

Thru sinkies' votes lah!!!

You all got the govt you voted for!!! Really! .... Don't complain so much!!

Anonymous said...

I just deleted the post of the shit stirrer. You bet where he is coming from.
RB 9:31 am

U don't like unpleasant stuff which could be the truth?

In doing so, r u not behaving like the Straits Times and MSM forum page editor?

Anonymous said...

Must salute the two of them.

But no point! Waste their efforts and resources.

They will be disappointed again!

Singaporeans basically bo chap!

At most will only kpkb and kpkb! Nothing more! Nothing more!

Singapore is like that.

PAP knows!

Anonymous said...

Please respect Uncle RB blog.
This blog has its house rules, kindly posts it responsibly otherwise it will be no different from Garman propaganda. Agree to disagree & please don't attack one another here. We r all Sporeans in this little red dot (blog)...

Virgo49 said...

You are insinuating that Mr Lim Tean is a dishonourable man out to swindle the contributions from the General Public.

Even before the Funds start rolling.

You said that can be an unpleasant truth without even that person committed the crime.

This is Character Tarring and you could be sued for Character Assassination.

Are you dared enough to said publicly that the PRESIDENT's Fund Donations as previously donated are been misused by the President and the organisers?

Mr Lim Tean is a lawyer and this affect his standing with the Public and his clients.

Suspicious Beans like you always in negative thoughts should NOT be in this Realm.

virgo49 said...

If Lawyers don't collect fees from their clients then their wife and children have to be lodged at the Temple under the care of the Monks.

You mean Mr Lim Tean so giang png just out to swindle your contributions out of the blue.

Which ever law firms that they consulted or gave to is insignificant as all will still charge you for their services.

You want pro bono services?? Some lawyer firms even turned down your case even they are paid hamsomely as they do not want to antagonise their standing with the Government.

Please lah keep your twenty dollars for your Funeral expenses.

We don't need suspicious creatures like you to contribute.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.20pm

What's done can't be undone..let's move on...like past msm 'we set u thinking' now bo bian also go digital..

Anonymous said...

//And this was how RB deleted one of my such unpleasant views(or maybe truths).//

He is the judge, unless u wanna sue him?...

Anonymous said...

hi all

love youself

be kind to others


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi everyone, I just deleted all the irrelevant comments from this blogger. Whatever is his agenda, we don't need them. Please go somewhere to be funny.

This CPF issue is a very serious issue as it affects the life savings of everyone. No time or room for nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Rb, respect ..u did the right thing. We can't afford clowns to 'masak masak' here...thousands of Sporeans life savings r at stake & our Garman can't do anything bout it..

Anonymous said...

I have read what the shit stirrer had commented, before RB deleted it.

And I think after people had read it, the shit stirrer could indeed seriously affect the $$$ contributions to the legal suit to challenge CPF.

And so it is understandable why RB is so pissed off with this shit stirrer, and others even go so far as to curse this shit stirrer.

And for the sake of this very serious CPF issue, this shit stirrer should indeed be deleted without hesitation.

b said...

They should get money from President Trump and have a referendum for smalland to become a state of us. Otherwise, they may end up like amos yee.

b said...

It benefits us a lot strategically if smalland is a state of us. It benefits the smalland people because they have access to cheap houses and cars. The only loser will be the family controlling smalland.

Virgo49 said...

Mr Lim Tean and Mr Philip Ang are Singaporeans should be grateful to. They are now a rare breed who are taking up the crudels or burdens to have some justice for the downtrodden and disadvantaged.

Now, even Elected Representatives by the People are not pursing màtters that are of Real Importance of the People.

It's gonna be a long and arduous matter and could drained the Finances and sap the energies of the.very people who are taking up the CPF's Issue.

So, True Blue Singaporeans who loved their Nation and have the Rights of Citizens who had been short changed for a long time should steadfastly Support this important Mission.

For, to have someone else to do the same may NOT happen again.

Also, we believe that the Courts would be Impartial and Fair as they are Hounrable Gentlemen since our Founding Fathers Time of Values of True Hounrable Gentlemen who loved this country.

Let's have faith in our Judicial Service with so many past Honourable Esteemed Judges who are now Retired or Gone Away.

They shall continue with their Proud Tradition of Justice.


Time for another round of Roulette.

Goh said...

Laochek Virgo ah.
Keep telling time for another round of Roulette only tell the You Know Who that sinkies are squandering their cpf so it will only make those who genuinely need cpf more harder to get their payout.
I agree with your first para here though it's PG like you that supported the scheme in the past so even I am a future victim or cannot withdraw will still respect the decision of the PGs like you.
Got to admit Mr Lim n Ang are courageous .
I am more concern about those local entrepreneurs who are struggling and are force to pay up their medisave in order to renew their licence.
Some local bosses need only to top up few thousands to meet the minimum of 49k or so for medisave but are ask to pay tens of thousand .
Regrettably,no politicians are keen to contribute and discuss about this,to fine tune and to help our local kachang puteh towkays but fighting for the impossible.
Nevertheless,I wish these heroes well and best wishes.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, people how want to spend their monies is up to them.

The saying : MONIES in CPF and Banks and person in Heaven.

Mandarin Idiom very apt.

Yuan chai Inn Hang, Lien chai Tien Tang.

How many can the oldies have some enjoyments???

Work for donkey years and still got to slot till death.

You are missing all the fun and actions.

You might not wake up the next Instant taking a nap or sleep.

Very cruel for the Scrums elites to deprive their fellow men the small pleasures.

At least they punt their own monies and kept away Dementia.

Saved the Government medical expenses.

Just collected another thousand.

Cheers. Only Ringgit

Can contribute part GST to the funds.

Anonymous said...

Stealing the people's life savings is unethical, immoral, dishonourable and a crime.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a scam to me. A clever scam, seriously. What is the legal case? They must provide at least a legal brief as to which laws or regulations were broken by the CPF/Govt. What are the safeguards for the monies raised? Trustees? Escrow accounts? Which Bank? Financial controls? Financial reports? So many questions ... no answers. Lim&Philip should draw up a simple agreement to be executed with those who sign up ... get a lawyer to be witness it.
Want to do this ... Do it right, man!

Anonymous said...

Seems like a scam to me.
8:20 pm

It may not be a scam but the way they are doing it is definitely not right and so it looks like a scam.

That's where it can be a turnoff for people to donate.

I hope Lim Tean, Philip Ang and even RB realise this, and take such comments in the right spirit and not delete them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean , Went to posb bank counter to deposit into the account of Lim Tean stated by you. However the cashier said she couldn't accept my deposit as the name of the account holder doesn't match.
Pl confirm the accuracy of holder account n name. TQ