Corruption in Singapore

Corruption in Singapore

A different kind of corruption exists in Singapore – Reputational Corruption.  We are active participants and promoters of the longest running fraud in the global history of higher education.  Singapore Universities lend credibility and respectability to World University Rankings Standards whose flawed methodologies with spurious proxies of quality excellence have long been condemned by the United Nations, UK and European Governments as well as distinguished Professors of Higher Education.

Read here: A Decade of Shame

This is reputational corruption! Selling out our excellent Universities in exchange for a fake bogus brand of empty meaningless quality is a corrupt practice. There should be investigations into how much were paid in kind and cash, by whom and to who, as well as what personal benefits (if any) were gained by those who are involved in the decisions to accept the inducements and bribery. Singaporeans are such fools to repetitively allow the World University Rankings scam to flourish openly under our very nose, affecting generations of our outstanding graduates and Singapore's hard-earned reputation as a clean, no-corruption and authentic nation.

It is shameful to wear a fake bogus brand of meaningless excellence PROUDLY for more than a decade! The blame sits squarely on irresponsible and reprehensible leadership. Professors who accept the fakery should have their own research credentials seriously questioned and scrutinised. Singapore Universities must stop participating in the longest running fraud in the global history of higher education.

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Anonymous said...

The blame sits squarely on irresponsible and reprehensible leadership......In 2018, a new era must begin in Singapore Universities with Professor Subra Suresh as NTU President.
Michael Heng PBM 08-Oct-2017


Will Professor Subra Suresh, after being in Sinkieland for some time also start behaving like a Sinkie or Sinkie minister, and just like his predecessors?

Especially if he, just like our ministers, is being paid much, much better as NTU President than in his former job in America's CMU?

Anonymous said...

This NTU prof is a true blue local Sinkie. So sad.

Anonymous said...

When you have politicians & bureaucrats paid extremely well and not truly transparent & accountable yet in almost total control, it is inevitable "short-cuts" to fake performance are implemented over the years. Form over substance has became the norm in Singapore. Leadership by example of appointing an engineer, Ho Jinx as our top fund manager, and getting Dhana to testified that she is the "best" is a most extreme example how messed up and subjective our top leaders had & have became. The mess in SMRT, PE, Fixing opposition, FT, hiking water tariffs, screw up with China, etc....are all so telling.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hope the identity and root of NTU/Nantah is not destroyed in the process with the new man in charge.

Please remember the land was donated by Tan Lark Sye and Hokien Huay Kuan. And practically every Chinese immigrant in those days contributed his few dollars and cents to the building of Nantah.

It would be a shame if NTU/Nantah is turned into something else, like no Chinese allowed or no Chinese language or words allowed.

I am sure all the clans and Chinese Chamber of Commerce would be watching how the new man would run NTU/Nantah.

b said...

What to do? Sinkies are stupid. Keep voting for pap and pay. End up have to do ns and cpf kena lock up. Pr is the best. No need ns and cpf can take out.

patriot said...

"l am sure the clans and Chinese Chamber of Commerce
will b watching......". Unquote.
What have the Clans and Chinese Chamber of Commerce been doing all these years?

ln the Same Vein; what has the Sin Judiciary been doing with the Upholdings of Law and Justice??
what has Sinkies been doing voting for Rulers to lord over them and exploiting them??
Are they not diam diam, guai guai, stay dumb and daft??

ln local parlance, All Sinkies are kiasu and kiasi.

How many Redbeans are there in Sin?


Anonymous said...

Hope the identity and root of NTU/Nantah is not destroyed in the process with the new man in charge.
RB 2:58 pm

What has not yet been destroyed by PAP except for the name NANYANG and former Nanyang U graduates are considered as NTU alumni?

What is more important is whether the new man in charge can succeed in PAP ruled Sinkieland.

If Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg were Sinkies, u think they could have started Microsoft and Facebook?

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