An honest inside view of the Evil Empire

Watch this video, just for 2 minutes, the rest is up to you, to understand what is really going on in Washington and what the Evil Empire has been plotting to do while deceiving the world. Listen to the comments by Gen Wesley Clark on how the evil men in Washington decided to invade countries for no reason, made the decision to conduct regime change and then fabricated lies to deceive the world of their real intent.



Agongkia said...

No need waste my 2 minutes and pay extra for my data.
Use knee cap think oso can think of their agenda.
What we need now is to stop ourselves,our children or newborn, to name themselves as Mike,Kimberly Or Geoge Yeo etc.
With western names,we are seen as their supporters and give them more reason to feel superior and tend to bully or provoke others.

Anonymous said...

The US had a hand in the 1960 massacre of the Chinese in Indonesia according to classified documents released by the US government.

The evil agenda of the US is well known. The CIA is the unofficial assassination bureau of the US government. The conduct all kinds of undercover work of destablising, helping and creating disturbances on behalf of the US Government. When that groundwork is complete and chaos sets in, the US government will step in and you know the rest.

When the Kennedy papers are out, we shall know what else is unknown. Of course some knowns will be made known, some unknowns may be revealed and some unpalatable unknowns will still be unknowns.

Anonymous said...

US invaded countries like Vietnam got Ho Chee Meng to teach them a lesson. US want to dismantle Iran and North Korea. They are scared. They want other countries and south Korea to do it.
US will never give up this ambition to hurt these few countries. These countries are the political tools to unite US citizens, as common enemies.

Kim Jong Un knew this. His way is to let US taste the same fruits if US dare to invade North Korea.

Untill US receives a H bomb on its own land, US politician like this general will not be able to convince himself war is deadly.
This general is like Hillary. Hillary supported IsIs with arms, and Trump clear IsIs with help from Russians. Now Trump claims victory for US to fight IsIs and won Raqqa.
Do u think Kim Jong Un is dog? If he is like the southerners, wagging the tails, US generals will not hate him, but use him to hit Russians and China.
In other words, when US win North Korea, the next target is Russia and China and their allies.

US in asia is to occupy, so that war cannot be at US main land. Kim Jong Un s strategy is to break this US plan.

Anonymous said...

North Korea top diplomat woman Choe sun hui said North Korea will not follow the steps of Iraq and Libya. She said on Saturday in Russia. This mentioning of Iraq and Libya clearly referred to US and UK including France s lack of credibility for not invading small countries that gave up nuclear armament.

Choe also said North Korea only talk to US alone and want no 6 party talk when North Korea ascertain US is no longer hostile.

Indirectly, North Korea is telling US that it will continue to develop nuclear armament and ICBM.

What else can Trump do after threatening "totally destroy" North Korea. US must have credibility to do it this time. In the past Sadam and Gadaffi thought US and UK and France had credibility not to attack their countries for not developing nuclear bombs. They were totally cheated and killed.

North Korea s position is correct: asking US to fire and stopping talking.

b said...

Politicians are always the problem but they do not have to account to anyone.

Virgo49 said...

The farking Americans like a Big Bully wants enhanced Security Checks going to their Guns trotting you shoot me and I shoot you Cowboys Country.

Previously,enhanced Cargo checks now human checks.

Why no enhanced checks from their Guns trotting country? ?

More dangerous isn't it? ?