Uncle Sam crying wolf again

The North Korean’s infant nuclear problem is a threat to the USA! Assad is planning to use chemical weapons against his people! What else is new? Has anyone complained that the Americans are the biggest nuclear to every country in the world and a threat to the extinction of the human race?

I was watching some American news reporting and the little American girls reporting these news as threats to the mighty USA were so serious as if they were real. They totally and sincerely believed them. It appeared that it has not crossed their little minds to question if the North Koreans are really a threat to the USA or is Assad that stupid to use chemical weapons against his people to give the Americans a reason to blast him off his office. With the American proclamation, some chemical weapons would surely be used against his people but you can bet your last dollar it would not be from Assad but from you know who. Assad can be any thing but not stupid. But he would still fall victim to false flag incident planned by the Americans.

Assad would not be as stupid as the unquestioning American girls reporting the news that North Korea is threatening the USA when China or Russia would not dare to be a threat to the Americans. Did they know that it is the Americans that are threatening North Korea and every country in the world and have taken the position that the USA reserves the right to use nuclear weapons on any country first while demanding that others cannot use nuclear weapons first? And knowing American’s black ops against the ME countries and North Korea and all the countries that the Americans called enemies, by making a warning that Assad is going to use chemical weapons, you can bet your last dollar that chemical weapons would be used, not by Assad, but Assad would be blamed for it.

Below is part of an article in counterpunch on the lies the Americans are spreading about the North Korean threats. How many silly people around the world are believing in this lie? The American little girls reporting this news surely would believe it with no question asked. So would many of the lawmakers in Washington who chose to want to believe in this American lie. Here is the article…
June 16, 2017

Nuclear Weapons Ban? What Needs to be Banned Is US Arrogance
By Diana Johnstone

In a context of almost total indifference, marked by outright hostility, representatives of over a hundred of the world’s least powerful countries are currently opening another three-week session of United Nations talks aimed at achieving a legally binding ban on nuclear weapons. Very few people even know this is happening.

Ban nuclear weapons? Ho hum… Let’s change the subject.

Let’s talk about Russian hacking instead, or the rights of trans-sexuals to use the toilet of their choice, or even about something really important: climate change.
But wait a minute. The damage to human society, and to “the planet”, from the projected rise of a few degrees of global temperature, while commonly described as apocalyptic, would be minor compared to the results of all-out nuclear war. More to the point, the degree of human responsibility in climate change is more disputed among serious scientists than the public is aware, due to the role of such contributing factors as solar variations. But the degree of human responsibility for nuclear weapons is unquestionably total. The nuclear war peril is manmade, and some of the men who made it can even be named, such as James Byrnes, Harry Truman and General Leslie Groves. The United States government consciously and deliberately created this danger to human life on earth. Faced with the United States’ demonstrated capacity and moral readiness to wipe out whole cities with their devices, other countries built their own deadly devices as deterrents. Those deterrents have never been used, which lulls the public into believing the danger is past.

But the United States, the only power already guilty of nuclear manslaughter, continues to perfect its nuclear arsenal and to proclaim its “right” to launch a “first strike” whenever it chooses.

The United States naturally calls for boycotting the nuclear arms ban conference.
On the occasion of an earlier such conference last March, President Trump’s gormless U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, wrapped her lame excuse in womanliness: “As a mom and a daughter there is nothing I want more for my family than a world with no nuclear weapons,” she shamelessly uttered. “But we have to be realistic. Is there anyone that believes that North Korea would agree to a ban on nuclear weapons?”

Well, yes. There are many people who have obviously thought more about this than Nikki Haley and who are well aware that North Korea, surrounded by aggressive U.S. forces for seven decades, considers its little nuclear arsenal to be a deterrent, and would certainly give it up in exchange for a convincing end to the U.S. threat.
North Korea is a very odd country, an heir to the medieval “Hermit Kingdom” with an ideology forged in communist resistance to Japanese imperialism of the previous century. Its highly eccentric leadership is using advanced technology as an imitation Great Wall. An all-Korean peace settlement would solve the issue.

It is absurd to claim that the threat of nuclear war comes from Pyongyang rather than from the Pentagon. Hyping up Pyongyang’s “threat” is a way to pretend that the U.S. nuclear arsenal is “defensive”, when the reality is the other way around....
From counterpunch https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/06/16/nuclear-weapons-ban-what-needs-to-be-banned-is-u-s-arrogance/


Virgo49 said...

Assad would be bombed with the Mother of All Bombs soon.

The Special Forces in conjunction with the CIA and the WH would on be half of Assad throw some chemical bombs on the little children and women and Show them on CNN, Fox News and BBC.

Sinkie CNA would follow suit.

Then Trump would release the Mother of All Bombs on Syria

They no face lose the war in Syria. Must use dirty tactics.

Learn from the Papies? ?

Botak git to go and invite PRC top echelon to visit China.

Wah, Peesai international stature asking China to come and talk.

Thinking President Xi will come.

Send only Premier Li give you face.

But they come and go on the House with No Deals. Adjourned to Matland and signed another Trillions of Dollars deals.

Anonymous said...

Who is at the top, what are his/ her values speaks volume of a country ...?

The world, and especially Sg seems to be going down the drain as can be seen by recent events...?

Even a basic fundamental need such as MRT train service can be so erratic and unreliable to the extent it is unequivocally on the verge of "Now YEW see it now YEW don't" ... in the N-S Line as of now?

How "HIALRIOUS" ...?

That speaks VOLUME of the situations and circumstances and what are likely to come in the near and foreseeable future ...

Are sinkies watching "LIVE COMMEDY OR CIRCUS" ...?

The (commedy aka circus) blockbuster akan datang ..., coming soon "in a few days" ...?

LMAO (laugh mind ass off) ...?

Singaporeans need to wake up to the realities sooner or later ...?

It is no longer if but when ...?

Anonymous said...

President Xi and Lee Hsien Yang are in Hong Kong now. Is there a possibility they meet and shake hand there.

Anonymous said...

Situation has changed. US s pivot to surround China failed badly. US s Mosul wall cannot compare to Russia s Allepo. Assad was sitting next to the pilot on a Su-35 to visit Russia airbase when the Usam said sth abt Chem weapons. Middle east will be divided by the type of muslim belief. The wars can go on forever.

Philippines now see no real Asean friend to help the wounded at Marrawi. The little USA last June wanted China to obey new laws to give up islands in seas. This June "call" for China Li to visit the island probably to improve its businesses. It needs the chinese tourists.

North Korea had evidence to the failed South Korea attempt with CIA to murder Kimja. It received 7th& other fleets with warning: one bullet fires at NK, NK will fire nuclear bomb at the targets.
NO US fleets dare to test the words said by Kimja.

US is done for good in this century. Hillary is gone probably develop ill health.

China will have to deal with Taiwan if the president wants to continue to put in his kakinan. When Ma wanted to exchange 4 generals visits to China and Taiwan, US ruled it out as red lines.
This means US is against China and Taiwan s progress on unification.

HK was quick to throw out independence to test the situation, the young did not see themselves as China chinese. Can Taiwan peacefully unify?

This fact will tell South Korea. US as commander in chief will not allow SK and NK to unify peacefully.

So: it makes politicians in SK to support the north to keep the nuclear weapon. N S Korea combine will help Korean economy. Taiwan and China combine makes no difference to mainland.
Mainland has debts 300% of GDP. Money now flows into US due to Trump s policy.

China is in trouble, if it dismantle NK nuclear weapon. US will attack NK swiftly similar to Sadum s experience. Hope Kim is not so silly to destruct the nuclear weapons to the China and US s wishes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 29, 2017 11:01 am
//President Xi and Lee Hsien Yang are in Hong Kong now.//

It was rumoured as far back as a decade ago, some (morally upright or wiser potential) leaders were backed ...

In 2015, shortly after old man was gone, some sources (close to ...) alleged that in his later yrs, he was often quite mechancholic and expressed his concern of (possibility of political) turbulence after his passing ...?

In the early days, it was mentioned in some Asian media that he wouldn't have succeeded if he was not backed by some influential angmo cuntries when most Asian cuntries were still relatively weak (back then) ...?

At the present moment, if one more person there comes into the picture, the end of the beginning may mean beginning of the end ...?

In his dying days, before Premier Zhu Ge Liang died of pneumonia in his sick bed with medical devices sticking all over his boLEE, supposedly he passed a couple of secret instructions sealed in sewn pouches to his trusted aides to finish off Wei Yan who was seen as a treacherous villain right from the outset and Zhu didn't cut his head off then was to make use of him against his enemy. But Zhu knew that having Wei around spelt certain demise of the country after Zhu's death.

So he gave secret instructions to several trusted aides and promptly got Wei Yan beheaded in a surprise covert double betrayal saga and ended the potential political upheaval upon Zhu's death ...?

Anonymous said...

Oops ... typo


Anonymous said...

You can't argue with someone who has more poodles than anybody else in the world.

If that someone says bark, all the poodles will obey, so any and all arguments will be drowned out by the barking.

Everything has now gone to the dogs. That is why there is now a movement against eating dogs!

Anonymous said...

Uncle sam and panda s sanctions did not hurt NK. NK missiles are getting more accurate and reaching longer range. Sam actually provokes NK to re direct its resources to long range missiles and nuke. NK has thermonuclear or hydrogen bomb technology now.
Panda knows it cannot afford to provoke the Kim jong an to extreme. Else panda will get the bombs too. Panda s influence is zero when its sit side by side to Sam.
The risk for Uncle sam s time to get the nuclear bomb is increasing by day.

Sam better talk to NK and assure Kim jong an that no war is planned. That is an impossible task to Trump or Hillary.

It was said in Panda that one old man advised Hillary and Obama to surround China. Hillary did it and obama followed through. It failed and Trump gave up.

Abu Saya did a potent job to show the world what is IS. Malaysia and Indonesia will get similar warfare. Is the dragon prepared to deal with Abu Saya type of internally created IS? Should he bring in his son to build further the familee when the sibling families move to china controlled HK.

Sam Panda dragon are fighting for targets to enhance their own audiences viewership. The real invaders are invited and moving in with the open door policy in dragon s land.
How do the voters think for themselves?

Anonymous said...

Lmao ........

Anonymous said...

Exit review is always revealing to read ...?

Some comments go like this:

"Advice to senior management:
No advice. Nothing short of a complete overhaul is meaningful ..."

"Cons: Toxic culture. Many are leegally trained but do illigal stuff like noboLEE's biz ..."

"Pros: Still left some residual honey to be milked and sucked dry. Other than that, wasting time in such a place ..."

Interestingly, what are the reviews of ex-nationals?

Anonymous said...


Video: HK, 1 Jul 1997, Exit of the last Emperor .... oops last garmentner

Anonymous said...

Sat, 1 Jul 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the return ...

Some years back, watched a couple of documentaries on that momentous day of return of rule ...

So fast, already 20 years gone by ...

By 2047, what would circumstances be like ...?

What is the future of peesai as of now and by 2047 ...?

Anonymous said...

If dragonland thinks highLEE of 230, how abt 003?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday evening passed by some mrt stations along the red line ...

Omg ...

Maciam "warzone" ...

And many "red-faced commuters seething with anger and clenching their fists" ...

Sinkies often sneer and shake their heads at matland road and traffic conditions ...?

But yesterday many matlanders otw hm after work were heard "cursing and swearing" and shaking their heads in disbelief and disgust ...

Simisai ...

Who is responsible for this mess ...?


Lmao ...

Who is responsible for Joseph gold medal?


A gazillion face palms indeed?

Anonymous said...

Sin city still has valuable lessons for China (to learn)?

When Deng Xiao Ping was around, his China men came to learn all the "Dos" ...?

Under Xi, if they ever come, all they can learn are the "Don'ts" ...?

Anonymous said...

1) How not to run a tiny MRT system to the ground and an indefinite HALT?

2) How not to be the main cast of a circus show?

3) How not to ownself slap ownself?

4) How not to be the lmao fools on world stage?

5) How not to be the centre of sick jokes going round the millions of pubs and watering holes round the globe?

denk said...

the indians are stirring up shit at the
china/sikkim/bhutan border and blaming it on china.

once a sepoy, always a sepoy.

b said...

The world will only be in peace if people learn to love and respect each other. Otherwise, people can only pray the volcanoes erupt and split usa into two to stop all the bullying and hope the next big brother is kinder.

Anonymous said...

What the US is to the world is what the PAP is to Singaporeans! Both are equally deceptive, ruthless, great pretenders.

patriot said...

No worry about Uncle Sam
crying Wolf.
There will be some Aunties to console Uncle Sam by sleeping with him. And there will also some others to squeeze his balls.
Just enjoy the Show.


patriot said...

No worry about Uncle Sam
crying Wolf.
There will be some Aunties to console Uncle Sam by sleeping with him. And there will also some others to squeeze his balls.
Just enjoy the Show.