The world’s number one terrorist wants China to step up effort against terrorists

Who is the world’s number one terrorist? Judge not by what the media said but what the terrorists are doing. Judge them by how many wars of terror they are engaged in, how many cities, countries they have destroyed, how many lives they have taken, how many have been maimed, people, young and old became homeless. No matter what they called their terror acts, wars, legitimate wars, fabricated wars, wars against terrorism, wars against mad leaders, regime change, they are all acts of terror when many people were killed.

Incidentally, who have been training, breeding, feeding and arming the terrorists around the world, the number one terrorist of course. And after creating so many terrorist groups, training and arming them with the latest weapons from the Americans, the number one terrorist is asking China to help fight these terrorists. And if China says no, then China is irresponsible and not doing its part as a responsible nation.

Should not the whole world get together to stop the number one terrorist from engaging in wars of terror and wars of destruction all over the world first? This is like creating all the shit and demanding China to clean up the shit.

The number one terrorist should stop shitting and there would be no shit for anyone to clean. They are still stirring shit in the South China Sea, in the Korean Peninsula and tell China it is China’s problem to solve. They repeatedly provoke and threatened North Korea and tell China it is China’s problem. They want China to do their bidding, to undermine its relationship with its allies. How convenient, how clever?

In Today’s paper, Christopher Hill also chipped in with the American fabricated narrative that North Korea is planning to invade South Korea despite the American war machine and nuclear weapons hanging over his head.  The only country that has been invading other countries since WW2 is none other than the number one terrorist nation. They invaded Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and latest the Philippines by sending in their soldiers without the consent of the Philippine’s President.

The terrorist problem in the world is everyone’s problem, not the American problem?


Anonymous said...

Since its independence from UK, USA has been waging wars non-stop. Period.

Anonymous said...

The number 1 terror in the world r the UAssh. They go into wars with many nations that oppose them. China gonna solve the terror case diplomatically via the OBOR & improving the economy, the UAssh gonna watch other countries gonna bypass these Assholes & diminished its power to rule...

Anonymous said...

The fucking Americans refused to talk to the North Koreans and keep blaming China and pressurising China as if China is the problem. They think the rest of the world are fools and could still be bullied by their arrogance and military might.

Anonymous said...

Root cause of the problems are the war machines industries and their big influence and control on their politicians. Remove that industries 90% of the problem will be solved.

Anonymous said...

US tries to force China to stab NK. China has no power to SK or NK. US is the commander in Chief tor SK troops and built in Thaad.

No China leader can tell NK what to do. To tell NK to give up nuke weapons? Readers should recall, could US passed admin able to tell China give up nuke?

For sure is: US dare not to attack China over South China sea islands. Little US is more daring to tell China to follow the new laws governing South China sea with little dragon s mouth.
With this fact: US has asked the wrong party to tell NK. Correct?
For sure conclude that: US dare not to attack also NK.

These are the facts. NK will have nuke while SK is waiting for the chance to combine its economic power with NK. If this can be done, US will be kicked out of Asia, as the new NKSK will shoot at Japan.
The only strong nation is little US, remains to support US s efforts in Asia while little dragon stays on till century end with another old man's invisible power as backing.
There is no terrorist in little US. No such thing can happen with foreign talents deployed in every firm and public sector to command the locals. Terrorism is only for Europe and middle east.

Anonymous said...

They oredy taken over this island. Why would they want to bomb it?

Anonymous said...

The Americans trained and armed Saddam Hussein, Osama, the ISIS and many terrorist organisations around the world in their covert operations, including those in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Then they get everyone to fight these terrorists, including American boys and girls so that more arms can be sold.

Anonymous said...

I thought Number 1 terrorists are PAPies?!?!?! They like to be number 1 in all rankings!

Anonymous said...

20170619 【ENG】Put up or shut up for Lee Hsien Loong, Hsien Yang & Wei Ling 【Big Beacon】(孫柏
Excellent summary and comments by Beacon TV.
- this guy cuts through the smoke and gets to the heart of the issue
- He says what Singaporeans dare not say or maybe cannot think clearly anymore


agongkia said...

Majority Sinkies oredi being brainwash by your so imaginative terrorist and half their battle is oredi won.
Majority Sinkies admire your so call terrorist so much till they name themselves or their descendants, Robert Soh,Donny Tan or Wendy Chew.
So your attempt to tell Sinkies who are the real terrorist will fail miserably.
,though I am one of the few supporting your effort.
See?Even one banana here who change his name and call himself Paul Lampart instead of using his Chinese name claim you are pro China.
But you impressed me with your determination.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

20170620b 【ENG】Lee Hsien Loong Goes All In - With Ministerial Statement Gambit 【Big Beacon】


This guy damn good!
"Lift the whip. Flip the switch. Subservient. Free. Subservient. Free."
This guy could barely contain his laughter.

Anonymous said...

Lift the whip!
Release the Kraken!


Anonymous said...

Silly Americunts still living in the past and thinking they can dictate to China or other countries as they used to.

Anonymous said...

One white died after being released by North Korea is such a big deal all over the world, with all sorts of accusations levelled against the North Koreans.

One bomb dropped by the US in Vietnam and Iraq killed dozens, but that is hardly newsworthy and no condemnation.

That is the kind of hypocrisy that the West is famous for.

Anonymous said...

He was alive in NK. Why died straight away when in America?
Did they kill their own kind to put blame on Kim?
Something fishy fishy.

b said...

Russia, China and NK should turn themselves into christian countries and tell them - God wants us to love each other. We are brothers and sisters in the eyes of the Lord. Love will conquer everything.

Americans hardly bomb any chrisitians countries bcos the pope/pastors/priests will have to go after them.

This solution is better for everyone and the world.

b said...

God is peace!

b said...

Its just a belief, take it easy. Definitely better than believing in german pagan marxism. Jesus is anyway an asian.

Anonymous said...

The White Men have been using two weapons to inculcate, brain-wash, interfere, invade, infest, weaken, mutilate, destroy, annihilate, colonise and capture many other peoples and countries to serve their own selfish interests.

1. Military Might and Power.
2. Religious Indoctrination.

Yes, there will be peace but whose peace controlled by who? At what cost and price?

Religion has never bring peace. Right from the very beginning, religion, especially Christianity (if you had read the Bible carefully with open mind and rational thoughts) brings only conflicts, frictions, wars and immense suffering (not happiness) and slavery (not freedom).

So don't fall for this trick of turning your country to any religion, particularly the two die-hard opposing religions sprung up from the same source.


Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 21, 2017 11:35 am
//Lau Goh and Lau Gong, of course, have the same thinking.

One is senile while the other is 'gone gone' already.

I have already started to disbelieve their unwisely thinking, big time.//

In 2011, this cha tau was "forced" to step down cos his Malice Pirate almost lost?

In 2005, lao goa was "slapped" hard?

Even in 2015 when the national average was 70%, this malice pirate performed badly below 70%?

agongkia said...

Anon 6.23
Well said.A matter of time the descendants of Sinkies will be converted to certain religion .These calling themselves or naming their children Peter Tan,Jennifer Toh or Raymond Lee is the beginning .
And you see dafts believing zeejus is an asian or maybe their grand choking:-(

agongkia said...

grand choking to be read as grand Cho Kong

agongkia said...

You never heard of those pope/pastors/priests busy with making money like keong hee,or that Yeow Njia dancing on stage nearly half naked meh?
Got time go after them?
Bluff who?

Anonymous said...

In 2011, lau goa almost lost to a rag tag team comprising a 23 yo NS and 4 other "nobolees" ... who got 47% against this cha tau ...?

In 2015, the proletariat party sent in their Team C comprising 2 lawyers and one ex-ncmp but only got 34% ...?

In next ge, this lao goa either have to retire or could go out in "disgrace" and possibly lose to a more matured and experienced NS flanked by a few "somebolees" from the proletariat party similar to 2015?

Anonymous said...

However, in the long term, it is hard for the proletariat party to be accepted across the mainstream where there are more bourgeoisie than proletariat ...?

Will there be emergence of a bourgeoisie party to rise to the challenge ... from among the "3rd estate" ... after the blood sucking "ahlistolecrats and yes men jiakliaobees"?

Will there be a modern sinkie "yeemanuel jawseph say-yes" to lead the "3rd estate" ...?

Anonymous said...

""Corsica born, and an emperor mighty indeed.
Who from obscurity came up to prominence,
who from French shores the attacks of armies repelled,
who had at his disposal, Europe's resources,
who to Saint Helena from French shores was expelled.
Of old Italian nobility he was seed.
Shortish in height, yet towering in ambition.
Military genius of the highest distinction
whose military strategy is second to none save
Alexander. Whose courage is held in reverence,
whose cradle at infancy was kept in a cave
from strong invading imperialist French forces.
He gave up an empire so vast at Waterloo;
A threat to the memories of his victories past.

Mighty Napoleon, who at Austerlitz excelled,
you did on the beautiful older Josephine cast
your loving eyes, which were hypnotized with passion,
yet focused still on so lofty an ambition.
Not even your love for her would rival your love
for world conquest, for which you assiduously strove."

Anonymous said...

"What is the world, O soldiers?
It is I:
I, this incessant snow,
This northern sky;
Soldiers, this solitude
Through which we go
Is I."

Anonymous said...

Is the Peesai Model sustainable?

1) Is the education system working?

If it is, why did the labour ministir repeatedly ridiculing peesai graduates on the mismatch of skills and available jobs?

Ironically, the 2 "education" ministirs parachuted in Oct 2015 were promoted barely one year later?

Have the labour ministir "publicly slapped" the superior who did the promotion by lamenting and blaming the lack of relevant skillsets by peesai workers in the job market or the superior who did the "exact opposite of sticking the middle figure" in the face of the "toothpick" ministir by the (dubious) promotion?

With (or without) merit(ocrazy)?

2) Is the political model sustainable?

What is the political model?

A highly authoritarian, suppressive, self-deluding mental masturbating system?

If such a system is sustainable, the Qin Dynasty should have lasted 1,000 generations as envisaged?

But the opposite occurred and it was the shortest that managed to only occupy a mere 15 yrs in CHEE-na 5,000 yrs he-story?

What did it say about the viability of a suppressive and authoritative political model?

Should they not go overseas to learn?

Is this not the modus operandi of the peesai alistolecrats?

To learn from the best in this world?

Who or which other contemporary country in current times are able to sustain authoritian rule on this planet?

Across the globe, only two pariah states come to mind ... DPRK and Cuba ...?

The alistolecrats should seriously consider making working trips and send their ministirs and top silver serpents to these two cuntries to learn the ropes ...?

Besides the above-mentioned two salient points on the contradictory nature of peesai system bequeathed to (the fragile and vulnerable) future generations, possibly there are many others that exist ...?

Can anyboLEE else (whose eyes nvr paste stamps or a stack of envelopes) name some others?

Anonymous said...

Typo ...

Should be

*Who or which other contemporary countries in current times are able to sustain authoritarian rule on this planet?

Anonymous said...

Unless a peesainite has been zzzg in a hole dug in his hdb pigeon (without any internet/ mobile access), he is probably aware of the mess in the foreign policies ...?

The domestic conditions are not that much better and not farfetched to suggest the domestic scenes border on a circus ...?

One infinitely senile wooden block (old man said one publicly in the 1980s) even went as far as stating publicly that current situation is kacang puteh affairs when very soon everyboLEE does not need to pay to watch circus show and clowns running around amusing the "audience" ...? (Maciam like turn on tap can enjoy free pork soup and open windows enjoy free smoke ... talking about karma ... now turn on the internet and youtube free "comedy", open the door free "circus" ...?)

Petty matters?


May the divine help (& save) peesai (from one infinitely senile wooden block)?

Anonymous said...


b said...

Religions are just tools. People are also just tools . So are races, weapons, knifes. The real bad guys are the elites aka globalists. They are the true enemy of the people, mother earth and peace.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the elites control the Government of the top military powers, and thus have the power to do evil, which the common people of the world can do nothing to stop them. Even smaller and weaker countries, who do not subscribe to such domination, have no voice and fear sanctions and military oppression if they oppose.

Believe it or not, ISIS and terrorism are created by the Western elites to create chaos so that they can dominate the world financially, militarily and taking advantage of the divide and rule doctrine.

b said...

Those bunch of elites are multi race.

Anonymous said...

And we have a bunch of silly Asean leaders everyday talking about buying more arms to support the American war industries and at the same time forcing one another to indulge in an arms race, to create tension and egging for war.

Anonymous said...

Israel rigorously guards the western part of the Golan Heights, which it captured from Syria during the 1967 Six-Day War.

It has also been regularly violating Syria’s sovereignty during the country’s six-year-long conflict.

The map of Israel included disputed territories the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights.

The United Nations (UN) does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The UN Security Council Resolution 242 also calls for Israel to withdraw from all territories the Jewish State captured in the Six Day War, including East Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.