The reverse colonisation of Europe and the USA

This reverse process of historical change is in the making and will change the face of Europe and the USA in the next 30 to 50 years. Many white Europeans and Americans are familiar with how township change hands and change character once a coloured new resident moved in. Every white man would quickly sell his house to run away from the new resident and property price in the neighbourhood would plunge. And soon the whole neighbourhood would be sold to the coloured people and a new character takes shape, with only a few poor white men left.

This is starting to happen in Europe and the USA in a grander scale. The influx of the new coloured immigrants has reached a proportion that with their rate of multiplication, in another few decades the white Europeans and Americans would become a minority. And to add spice to this new trend is the threat of terrorism to turn Europe and USA into inhospitable places for the white men. As things get worse down the road, there will be a new exodus, away from Europe and the USA, perhaps to Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and whatever places that are safe for the white men.

Europe and the USA would be re colonized by the Afro Asians, a reverse process started 5 or 6 centuries ago when the European went out to conquer and colonise the Afro Asian states. The natives of these states are flocking to Europe and America to reclaim whatever they lost during the days of European conquest and colonization. In those days, the brutalities of the Europeans were thousands of times worse that what the terrorists are doing in the isolated cases in Europe and the USA today.  The natives of countries were arrested, caught, robbed, killed, looted, treated like slaves. In those days there was no bleeding heart to condemn these acts of aggression and crimes against the natives. All the aggression and invasion and killings seemed right. There were no Asian or African leaders to share messages of condolence and contempt against the marauding hordes from Europe. No Asian or African or European leaders would say they were outraged by the massacres of natives and the looting and stealing of their countries.

Anyone who has difficulties understanding the pain and suffering of the victims of colonialism and conquest needs not look further than Iraq, Libya and Syria of today, how the people suffered at the hands of the invaders, how their countries were destroyed and so were their lives.

The process of reverse colonization is moving very fast and soon the white Europeans and Americans would have no where to run and no where to hide when their homelands are turned into hostile and inhospitable war zones by terrorist acts. This process is unstoppable with the declining population of the white men against the way the coloured people are breeding in their homeland. They have come to stay, to take over the white men’s homeland just like the white men came several centuries ago to take their homeland and their wealth.

History is coming full circle.


Anonymous said...

Yes, nature is about circles. This is also the principle for Fung Shui. What's goes up must come down. History always repeat itself. As predicted, many European countries will soon see colored citizens forming the minority due extraordinary birth rate. In another 50 years' time, whites will be the minority and may have to migrate as governments will be lead by non white in Europe.

Anonymous said...

patriot June 06, 2017 10:58 pm
//The Situation as it is, is far from good for Sin. lt shall surprise no one if others isolate or leave this tiny barren rock to its' own fate.//

Uncle Patrait,

This one cannot help le ......? Why? Bcos Ivory Tower getting higher mah .......? Last time 50m in the sky? Now as buildings getting taller and taller, already can touch the cloud le ......? Clouds floating around in the place "Super Talent Immortals" eat, sleep, shit, make babies (but on Super King-Size custom-made beds with similarly tailored luxurious mattresses with combined costing more than $40,000 each, no exaggeration ........), etc etc. So yew see, with clouds floating around 24/ 7/ 365 every second, how can dun feel like gods (or IMMORTALS)?

Unfortunately, such "Immortals" may not be in touch with the ground ......? They were heard "telling the mortals - YEW die YEWR biz" ......?

So what happen next?

Anonymous said...

How about also taking over control of US and NATO Military by infiltration. Like what the German and Japanese have been doing. Eg. Now a Jspanese is the Commander of the US Pacific Fleet and a German is the present President of USA.

virgo49 said...

Next change will be sinkieland or sinking land.

Will be renamed SingaChenai. Nice name.

Those rushing to make tons of monies on properties will be reduced to be home less.


Elites will be in fresh pastures of New Zealand with their amassed wealth looking at the locations of what's that picturesque movie The Lords of The Rings.

They be the new Lords.

Poor sinkies gonna be the Dalits of Singa Chenai.

Karma, oh Karma

Anonymous said...

From what are happening on the ground, obviously (self-proclaimed super talent immortals) JLBs are neither super-talented nor immortals lah ......?

Look, can immortals die? (But many did in the past few years so obviously calling others "LESSER MORTALS" do not elevate such parasites to real immortal but only SELF-DELUSION, SELF-IMPORTANCE & DOUBLE-HANDED MENTAL MASTURBATION)?

(Can immortals kena stroke? Do immortals need heart surgery or by-pass? Are they real immortals? Or FAKE?)

Likewise, this "Super Talent" tag is to "extort LEEgalised ransom scale protection $$$" lah .........?

As far as the eyes can see eveLEEday, eveLEEhour, eveLEEmin, eveLEEsecond 24/ 7/ 365, situations on the ground are NOT BAD, but kan si lang horrendously BAD?

As far as the ears can hear eveLEEday, eveLEEhour, eveLEEmin, eveLEEsecond 24/ 7/ 365, situations on the ground are NOT JIATLAT, but kan si lang horrendously JIATLAT?

As far as the heart can feel eveLEEday, eveLEEhour, eveLEEmin, eveLEEsecond 24/ 7/ 365, situations on the ground are NOT heart wrenching, but kan si lang horrendously HEART WRENCHING?

As far as the noses can smell eveLEEday, eveLEEhour, eveLEEmin, eveLEEsecond 24/ 7/ 365, situations on the ground are NOT foul smelling, but kan si lang horrendously "STINKING"?

As far as the tongue can taste eveLEEday, eveLEEhour, eveLEEmin, eveLEEsecond 24/ 7/ 365, situations on the ground are NOT BITTER, but kan si lang horrendously BITTER (than the most BITTEREST TCM herbs found on earth)?

As far as the intellect can perceive eveLEEday, eveLEEhour, eveLEEmin, eveLEEsecond 24/ 7/ 365, the JLBs are not sleeping on ground, but kan si lang horrendously ZZZg like in a stroke-induced COMA in an intensive-care ICU?


How many?

How many what?

Face palms lah!!!

Infinite lor ......?

EveLEEday, eveLEEhour, eveLEEmin, eveLEEsecond 24/ 7/ 365 .......?

Anonymous said...

Yes! The world is changing! Life is a circle!

Is Singaore changing? Fast enough? Too slow? Not changing?

Will PAP still be around after say next 10 to 20 years?

Will the opposition takes over?

Or there will be an internal split within PAP?

What say you?

Anonymous said...

Very good!!! All these things making my war stocks shooting to outer space!!! The more fucked up the world becomes, the more money I make!!! Shiok!!!!

Heaven Has No Eyes Nor Heart said...

The same thing, if not worse, is happening to SIN-GAP-ORE.

Now, YEW have Foreigners as Ministers and MPs already. Though they may have been converted to carrying Pink IC, their hearts are not pink. Could be yellow, purple or brown, or worst BLACK.

CPF money of the people who bleed, sweat and cried, since inception, has accumulated more than $300 Billion USD. Total losses made by GIC and Teamasick Ho's Ding-Dong to-date, based on various external reports, is more than $200 billion USD. The self-praising, self-serving and self-enriching, Coffers-Raiding Instant Multi-Millionaires know this very well.

That's why die-die, the position of the Erected President must remain, as always, a puppetry dog tied by many ropes and wires.

That's why there is a frenzied urgent urge to grow the GDP AT ALL COSTS, even at the COST OF LIVES AND LIMBS TO LOCAL SINGAPOREANS and their FUTURE GENERATIONS!

GREED, not stupidity, has no cure!

Anonymous said...

This process is unstoppable with the declining population of the white men against the way the coloured people are breeding in their homeland.

That's why the Americans elected Trump to be their President mah.

And Trump is a white man and he will know how to stop this process. So actually when Trump says "Americans first", he may actually mean "American whites first".

Anonymous said...

9.50am //The self-praising, self-serving and self-enriching, Coffers-Raiding Instant Multi-Millionaires know this very well.//

So eveLEEboLEE, virgin69, patrait, hsefly, matilah peesai, ..... etc etc must & need to kpkb until they BAEY TAHAN & ear drums "bursting", then when they resort to "ear plugs" and "shut off" is the time "bought and presented" for Mr Teochew, Aung Juan Soon Chee, Lim Kim GrandSan etc etc to have the opportunity to "sneak in" & steal their "CBs" ....... oops ...... "CHEESE" ......?

Anonymous said...

Or there will be an internal split within PAP?
9:40 am

How to split, when all within PAP got good pay, good money and good life?

Far from splitting, PAP will become even stronger and bigger when more want to join them or vote for them for the obvious reasons.

PAP will also get more votes because voters know they cannot get better service, or worse even kena tekan, if for example, Chee Soon Juan is their MP.

So how to have internal split within PAP?

How to have the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

Cancer has no cure.

Khong cum (stupidity) has no cure.

Sinkie opposition not ready to be govt has no cure.

Anonymous said...

"Buy opposition some time lah ..... when the JLBs ZZZg or making babies EveLEEday, eveLEEhour, eveLEEmin, eveLEEsecond 24/ 7/ 365 ......."?

Anonymous said...

When time comes, got cure lah .....?

Cancer no cure last time but now got cure lah unless YEW typical eyes pasted STAMPS and dunno many kena CANCER CURED and some more had survived for a feww more decades?


YEW wish those kena CANCER no cure or relapse & CANNOT be cured?

Anon 10.18am, YEW very bad leh!

Later kena strike by yewr master's lightning then YEW know?

Anonymous said...

@Heaven Has No Eyes Nor Heart 9.50am........

Your comment is indeed very very scary!

So now how? What to do now?

Anonymous said...

So now how? What to do now?
June 07, 2017 10:26 am

If you don't dare to vote Opposition, then nothing will change lor!

Anonymous said...

Mass Immigration & The Looming Disappearance Of The Dutch Population


Anonymous said...



Do you think bloggers should also stop criticizing the 56 man-years required to audit our national reserves?
Instead, bloggers should join the Auditor General's Office and "actually come forward and volunteer in community policing."
He will then get a better understanding of what the Auditor General actually does.

Anonymous said...

At 63, Paul Lim stuns world of darts


Another Singaporean world class sportsman.
Ownself pay for ownself to train and compete.
Don't seem to have received any help from our PAP government.

patriot said...

Me floating a great idea here for those people loving political contestants in the Memver of Parliament and Presidency Contests.
Can anyone of them or in combined efforts build estayes in other countries for Sinkies to buy and settle abroad as Sinkie Communities?
Most of the Political Contestants are top professiinals and hence very loaded. Anyway, they shall not only help Sinkies to have better and more affordable livings, they themselves shall stand to gain by virtue of being landlords and property tycoons.
Being highly professional and with righteous and kind hearted, they can be like Mosses to lead the Masses to Sinfree Lands and free Sinkies from exploitation and or humiliation.

A few square kilometres in Yunnan China, lndonesia Bintan, Malaysia Cameron, Genting and Fraser Highlands would be marvelous for Sinkies to live in.

Any Samaritan to take up my suggestion?
Do lead the People who want to get away from Sin.


Anonymous said...

What about the demise of Sinkies as CECA India nationals from a country of 1.33 billion people swamp the tiny island state ?

Anonymous said...

A few square kilometres in Yunnan China, lndonesia Bintan, Malaysia Cameron, Genting and Fraser Highlands would be marvelous for Sinkies to live in.
patriot 11:36 am

Actually last time when LKY started Suzhou Industrial Park more than 20 years ago, his idea was to build a mini Singapore in China so that Sinkies can work, live and even grow there in future. Remember at that time they always talk about a second wing for the Sinkie economy, and asking Sinkies to venture overseas and supported by govt?

But you know what happened lah.

So if it cannot succeed in the past and even under LKY leadership, you think can succeed in future under the current more stupid leaders and more kiasu and kiasi Sinkies?

Kiasu and kiasi, just like stupidity, has no cure lah.

Anonymous said...

Hi patriot 11.36am, closer to home, you can consider to include
Forest City and the many many housing developments in Iskandar
in your proposals.


patriot said...

Me only interested in those candidates contesting against the Pappies to lead the Way.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Below is an extract from Anon 10:53am's linked in zerohedge. The numbers given of the Dutch case is a 45,000 annual immigration against a population of 14 m. Compares that with Singapore's immigration of about 100,000 for several years against a population of 3m then extrapolate the future and what it meant for the local Singapore pop.

'A couple of years of immigration has no visible effect, which is why many immigration advocates argue that 50,000 arrivals against a population of 14 million, (i.e. 0.3 percent) is negligible. This is only true if it is a one-time event. If it happens year after year, it brings about a structural change of a population.

The cumulative effect of immigration became visible in the data after 10 years in 1980. The total population in the Netherlands grew according to the official CBS data (green line) much faster than the native population calculated by Cerberus (blue line). The native Dutch population reached a peak around 2015 at 15 million people, while the total number of inhabitants according to the CBS was 17 million and growing. The Dutch society will stay more or less stable with 18 million until 2060, the final year of the CBS projection. Cerberus on the other hand shows that in 2015 the Dutch population started to decline rapidly and in 2060 there will be 12 million Dutch left while at the end of the century there will only be 9 million native Dutch. The Dutch natives will become a minority. Due to demographic inertia it takes a long period before changes in fertility and migration are felt. We remind the reader that the Dutch fertility rate started to drop in the sixties and went below the point of replacement in 1973. Since then it will have taken more than 42 years before the Dutch native population starts to decline. The inevitable replacement of the people of Europe at the end of this century is already set in motion and we believe that after 2030 this process is irreversible.

We use Cerberus to calculate how many migrants are needed to keep the Dutch population stable at 18 million. We input into Cerberus the 1950 population and, starting in 1971, added 15%, 20% and 25% immigration-related growth. Our model showed that the population stabilized with a 25% extra growth, that is about 45 thousand immigrants annually, around 18 million people, which overlaps with the CBS projection

Cerberus proves that the Netherlands needs 45 thousand immigrants to meet the official projections of the CBS. The CBS data is the basis for governmental planning. The Dutch planners keep the mass-immigration unchanged for the foreseeable future instead of anticipating a sharp drop in population. Apparently, the Dutch establishment opts for the replacement of the Dutch society.'

Anonymous said...

RB. The disappointing thing is that no one including opposition bring up the issue in parliament. Voters need to know why the need for so many new citizens and what is there to protect what they have currently.

Anonymous said...

Uncle rb 1.55pm.........

I sincerely hope that Singapore can be peaceful and the masses be happy for a long long long time.

But after reading the article, I became very worried about the future of Singapore.

Am I over-worried? Over-thinked? Please Tell me!

Anonymous said...

Do lead the People who want to get away from Sin.
June 07, 2017 11:36 am

This is exactly my point.
Sim Wong Hoo should move his entire Creative Technology company to USA.
Then wholesale hire Singaporeans to join him in USA.

(Just like CECA-Indian expats in Singapore hiring more Indians to join them in their new job in Singapore)

Anonymous said...

You have khongcums and siow tin tongs making decisions, be prepared to live in siow lang keng.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima Remains "A Nuclear Radiation Nightmare", In Pictures



Vote Opposition for a nuclear free Singapore.
The value of your property depends on Singapore being free of nuclear waste.

b said...

Around 700AD-1400AD, the moors and ottomans first attacked europe and took many white as slaves. They were cruel, brutal and vicious warriors. From 1400AD and the next 700 years, the whites fought back till they forgot where to stop. As we are approaching 2100AD, their empire started to be attacked again until they recognise that the root of problem is islam, especially political islam. Not only the whites, asians are also victims of political islam. In reality, muslims are the worst victims of this ideology. Political islam, like marxism and nazism, has to be eradicated for a more peaceful world.

b said...

For europe/sg leaders, they need to understand that less is more. There is no need to import so many third world migrants. Too many will kill off innovation and creativity.

b said...

Without political islam, sg would not have been kicked out from malaysia. LKY would have become malaysia pm. This region would have enjoyed lots of prosperity, progress and peace. Sinkies do not have leasehold flats but freehold houses. Sinkies can have cars without COEs. Lots of things will be better.

Anonymous said...

We still could have more of the good stuff if the khongcums did not embark on the mass import of third world people to occupy every inch of land on this piece of rock.

Anonymous said...

Angkor Virgin69,

Where in Melaka can taste delicuntcious Chicken Rice Balls bedside Joker Street?

Tharman Melaka LauYa have?

Anonymous said...

Btw, have YEW tried Pak Putra Restoran wild rose Chicken before?

The chilli sauce like Mo Tak Teng?

And the thick juicy telor prata?

Anonymous said...

Have yew heard this kopi shot call Shop Kopi Chung Wah?

Heard they sell the Prostitute Lice Balls?

Izzit VICE?

Anonymous said...

How abt 469 Papa Low (Ah Hia)?

The curry laksa there lice?

And the RM1 alamak?

Anonymous said...

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And wash down with Babak Hotel HsianDoll?

Anonymous said...

Last but not lease

ChaLEE Papa Hse of Cards?

The HoNei HoNei Vice?

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo bro, Melaka very few lices and vices. Talk until the place like old Kin Cheo Ka.

Melakans very easy going and earned enough very satisfied.

Only the Melakan Police Makan besar with the vices syndicates and chow lor

Many branch out to Genting FWH 6th Floor like Revolving Fish Tank for displays.

After which go Monte Carlo Fish Tank to contribute for the Genting Funds.