The invasion of the Philippines has begun

China sent its troops to fight the terrorists in Marawi in response to the Philippines govt asking for assistance. The troops have landed in Marawi. Now President Duterte has denied asking China for assistance and for Chinese troops to fight in the Philippines. This is an invasion of Philippines territorial integrity. Come on western media, this is good opportunity to blast at China for invading the Philippines.

Of course this is fake news. There is no Chinese troop in the Philippines and neither did Duterte ask the Chinese for military assistance. The truth, the Americans have sent in their Special Forces on the pretext that the Philippines govt has asked for their military assistance. Be it China or the USA, the facts are the same, there is an invasion of the Philippines by foreign military forces and the President of the Philippines has confirmed this.

The President of the Philippines has confirmed that he did not ask for help from the Americans and did not give permission for the American soldiers to be in the Philippines, in Marawi.

The American Special Forces have invaded the Philippines without an invitation from the Philippines govt. Would the western media write about this invasion?

What do you think, got invasion or no invasion? What would the Filipinos think, is their country being invaded?


Anonymous said...

The word "Invasion" is grey. When a foreign country starts to buy land and property in another country, is it invasion? When Malaysia was given the rights to operate its trains into Singapore and the railway lands belongs to the train company, is it invasion? When a foreign troop stations in another country like Japan, is it invasion? Guess the list will go on and on.

Anonymous said...

The Philippines will be discovered by someone from United States. The US can send in as many troops as they want and is not an invasion. Only when China send in troops to help will it be called an invasion. It is all part and parcel of the rich men's trick.

How in the world can someone discover a country when it is already occupied by indigineous natives like Australia and North America? It can only happen 'Once upon a time "by" the West' when all others were still in the dark ages and uninformed.

Err by the way, Raffles is not regarded as the founder of Singapore. And the new founding father is well trumpeted and you know who.

Anonymous said...

ya, very complicated. Paying a prostitute is it rape?
Having sex by force without consent is it rape?
So difficult to understand leh.

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkies trying to act smart by splitting hairs. Typical pathetic scumbags.

Go check the Dictionary for the meaning of "invasion", asshole.

White Men Speak With Fork Tongue said...

Long ago, the natives of America, who were slaughtered and massacred by the White Men, said:

"White Men speaks with fork tongue!"

Today, White Men not only speak with fork tongue, they also act with double-crossing deceit.

Be they from UK, US, EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or elsewhere, they are ALL THE SAME.

Anonymous said...

South Korea allowed the Americans to locate two Thaad launchers in their soil but the Americans went on to put in 4 launchers without permission or consent of the South Korean govt. Now the South Korean govt has suspended the Thaad deployment and conduct an investigation for the violation of trust.

b said...

Its not easy to fight against the Deep State (DS). Pinoys may end up like Syrians. The only way is for pinoys to set aside their religions difference and work together as one. Only that way, deep state can be defeated.

b said...

THe world must push to ban political islam which is a tool employed by DS to make people kill each other for them.

Anonymous said...

Yankees are bullying the pinoys treating them as fools. Made a fake announcement and then sent in their soldiers. What can the pinoys do about it? Hapless, cannot do anything.

Anonymous said...

Is this a case of lighting a fire and wait for the victims to come calling for help, then march in like heroes?

Anonymous said...

Who in the Ppines govt invited the American soldiers in behind the back of Duterte?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Filipino forces are not professionals. Just look at the way they handled the Hong Tai bus hijack incident. It tells us the whole truth about the lack of proper training, funding and selection of specialists. Hopefully, with Duterte the forces will rejuvenate itself and shed away the poor image. Problem is that this thing takes time and the soldiers fighting in Malawi may have not reach the standards.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of hundreds of insurgents and a full time standing army with air support and heavy artillery is struggling to drive them out from their positions.

Anonymous said...

The Pinoy Military have been used by Marcos' clique of corrupted Generals as 'tax' collectors rather than as real soldiers.

After the collapse of the Corrupted Marcos Regime, those leaders who took over power were just as bad, except Aquino's Wife, a mere housewife who could not last long.

Anonymous said...

Philippine President don't know US special forces were in his country.

Korean President don't know US installed four more THAAD missiles launchers in his country.

This shows the US very sneaky . . .

Anonymous said...

That shows that within the South Korean and the Fillipno Governments, there are traitors work8ng for the US Military and/or Government, most probably under the payroll of the US Central Intelligence Agency, the Biggest Organised Crime Syndicate in the World.

Anonymous said...

"Slow-witted" RB: // What do you think, got invasion or no invasion? What would the Filipinos think, is their country being invaded? //


Read below what mee wrote on 3 Jun 2017:

《《《《《《《《《AnonymousJune 03, 2017 10:00 pm
The situation in S Pinoyland may move in the direction as in Libya and Iraq in terms of ending of leadership and social and economic disintegration .......? The (only) difference probably is Ah Xi is in the equation which was non-existence in the Middle-East and North Africa situations? If destabilisation (in S pinoyland) accentuates (and spreads), what would happen to Ah Xi's plan? And also the (tons of) $$$ he has "poured" into pinoyland (so far) and also future sums? What occurred in Libya and Iraq may be getting closer (to home)? If it is like that it may be even worse than 911? If 911 delivered 75% in 2001, a snap poll if taken in next 12 months might delivered 85% (given the additional circumstances such as recent public squabbles with Dragonland)? Like that if based on (matland regular traveller) virgo analogy, the future & hope of many sinkies may left 1/4 screw liao ......?》》》》》》》》》》》

The above comment on 3 Jun 2017 contained the following thinking?:

1) Not only about Pinoyland "turning soon" into another "Libya or Iraq"...?

2) It is happening right in the backyard of S E A .......?

3) Another "911" type GE on the cards?

4) Ah Xi's (and Dragonland) $&€£$€£¥$$$$$$$$ going up in smoke (soon)?

5) What is Ah Xi going to do?

6) If "230" becomes "000" & Ah Xi's influence "gone", what is he gg to do once Pinoyland start sending "fishing boat type military vessels" to "poke" Ah Xi (& the Dragon) eyes?

Enough said!

(Sounds like Virgin 69 in his morning post ...... Ha ha ha ...... same sentiment ...... see below)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Virgo49June 12, 2017 1:34 pm

What's there to speculate? ?

Just see the circus of how the Americans Sabo each other daily with their lies and counter lies.

Swearing on Oaths and denying each other statements.

The West are famous for these.

Enough said<<<<<<<<<<<<