Shangri La Dialogue – What’s new?

The Shangri La Dialogue came to a close after a two day session where the Americans set the agenda for the blind and daft to say aye aye. In yesterday’s media, Eng Hen gave a summary of the main issues of the Dialogue and as I asked, what’s new, he literally repeated the American agenda that North Korea and terrorism are the clear and present danger to the region. The big question, how many Asian countries feel threatened by the North Koreans or believe in this threat? The other big question is that how come none of the Asian countries could come out with alternative agenda on what are really important to the region and question the American slime that North Korea is a threat to the region? All happy and clueless coming to Singapore to have a holiday and to listen to the preaching of the Empire?

When Eng Hen repeated what Mattis said, does it mean that he or Singapore agrees with the American myth? It is difficult for Asians to think differently especially when the white man is from the most powerful country in the world and what he said must be right or at least not to be questioned. Or was Eng Hen just behaving like a gracious host, not to offend the most powerful nation in the world, Singapore’s staunchest backer in international affairs, and just has to repeat what the American said? Or is it due to the lack of an Asian view, an Asian agenda, that the rest of the Asian delegates were there making empty noises or talking nonsense or making no noise at all, so there is nothing to talk about other than the American agenda? Yes, what is new other then allowing the Americans to come all the way across the Pacific Ocean to tell the daft what is their problem and that the daft did not know.

Ok, to be fair to Eng Hen, I think he just gave lip service to Mattis by mentioning North Korea in passing while his main speech was all about terrorism which is the real threat to the region.  His only mention of North Korea was in one sentence, if the media is quoting his full speech, and the rest of his address was all about terrorism. Can the daft see and understand the difference in saying something and let it pass as irrelevant and then concentrate on the real issue, ie terrorism?

Who cares about North Korea other than the Americans and those that were stirring the hornet’s nest? If no Asian country is taking a pole to poke at the North Koreans, the North Koreans would not be bothered with the country’s existence. The real threat to the region other than terrorism is from the world’s Number One Terrorist, the Americans and their provocation and agitation for war in the region. The Americans are still behaving like the rogues from Europe that raped the whole world in the colonial days, believing in might is right. Remove this monster and there will be peace and stability with only the smaller terrorist threat to deal with.

Get the picture? The Number One Terrorist is pointing the fingers at the North Koreans and others and all the daft forgot to look at the Number One Terrorist as the real threat. They just divert the attention to something else and the daft just look at where the Number One Terrorist is pointing to. When would the daft open their eyes to see the real terrorist in the region, in the whole world?

Stupidity has no cure.


Anonymous said...

You asked "how many Asian countries feel threatened by North Korea..", with an innuendo that the answer is "none".
Sorry you salah liao. South Korea DOES feel threatened. South Korea IS AN ASIAN COUNTRY. South korea was invaded by Kim's army, and till today there is friction between the divide, because technically they are at war (civil war). Border skirmishes at the DMZ till today still exist if i am not wrong.
The Americans go to the OPPOSITE extreme, persuading listeners that ALL Asian countries are worried that NK will attack them.
Let us FORGET about this beast called USA for a moment, and ask ourselves, if NK attack Seoul, what should we fellow asians do?

Anonymous said...

The Shangrila Dialogue is like a platform for the Americans to come here and tell the Asians that they are the masters and they will tell the Asians who is their enemy and who is their friend and the Asians must just obey.

The Americans must reward Singapore handsomely for such an opportunity to stamp their lordship over the Asians, eagerly listening to the white gods like mindless little boys and girls.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50am, you want to volunteer to fight the NK? Or you want Singapore to fight the NK?

Anonymous said...

Is NK a threat or UAss is a threat & clear n present danger? Or is Sinkyland a threat to China or vice versa? Or is Terriosts a threat or the white Great Empire?
All of the above seems difficult to answer. One thing for sure is the poisonous minds of human beans that ignited tis sparks of killings, whoever started it first is a threat n clear n present danger to mankind.

Anonymous said...

North Korea is certainly not a threat to South-East Asian nations.

In fact, NOrth Korea want to be very friendly with ASEAN, and if not for U.S. instigation, trade ties between ASEAN and North Korea would have been at very healthy levels, with many tourists from ASEAN visiting North Korea and benefiting the livelihood of beleaguered North Koreans . . .

Anonymous said...

North Korea is certainly not a threat to South-East Asian nations.

June 06, 2017 9:25 am

Agreed! North Koreans are angels compared to ISIS terrorists - they have never cut off anyone's head.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.54
I do not know the answer to your question. But the problem does not end by throwing the question back at me. The BIG question is, should asian countries sit back and watch and do nothing if nk restart its civil war and hit Seoul? Maybe yes, we just sit back and watch samsung, LG , Kpop, all the nice south Korean inventions burn up as nk attacks and implement its own style of governance in sk. That is a very Singaporean way, you de your busines, seoul is too far away, nothing to do with me. Kotea civil war, just treat it like one timbuktu fight another timbukti in africa, who cares. You tell me is this the way. I also have no idea. All i am saying is redbean is wrong to say that No other asuan country worry about nk military escalations. Read his articles with a pinch of salt.

Anonymous said...

When Eng Hen repeated what Mattis said, does it mean that he or Singapore agrees with the American myth?

Aiyo, Eng Hen is Sinkie Defence Minister mah, so he must surely know what he is saying or repeating, tio bo?

And being Defence Minister, definitely he knows more than what you and I know what.

Hence you and I are in no position to say whether it is even a American myth or not in the first place, let alone whether Eng Hen agrees with it.

Anonymous said...

To @930am
May i remind you, mr kim chopped off the head of his uncle in 2014. The atrocities carried out against dissidents are well documented. Even discounting the west media exaggeration of some incidents, there is no doubt that it is not a play-pkay regime in nk. If you so happy with nk, try living near the DMZ. There is very unsafe feeling. You are so safe in Singapore you are blind to the evilness everywhere,not just USA.

Anonymous said...

Eng Hen is smart lah. If not smart, how to become Defence Minister?

Anyway, anyone who can become Minister is definitely smart.

But a smart person not necessary will become Minister.

And a smart person, not being a Minister or expert, will also not want to make judgement on something which is not his job, or an expert in it.

Anonymous said...

Talk no more!

It is NOW, the best time for Dr Ng Eng Hen to go back
to his medical profession as a Breast Surgeon.

What a waste!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33am, Singapore tua kee is it? Everything also want to get involved. People's civil war also your business. No wonder kena fucked by China and now lan lan.

You want to mind Korean business ya? Go lah, go and tell how tua kee you are. George Yeo say, know your place and better keep your CB mouth shut, don't anyhow open unless you want something to shaft into it.

Anonymous said...

Talk no more!

It is NOW, the best time for Dr Ng Eng Hen to go back
to his medical profession as a Chicken Breast Surgeon.

What a waste!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, Singapore must speak up on grounds of principles just like Singapore spoke up on the SCS issue. Singapore got principle and can punch above its weight. NK you are enemy to Singapore.

Anon 9:33am, you happy now? You can now report to your American master that you have convinced daft Singaporeans to your point of view. Come to think of it, you may be invited to the White House for dinner and the president would pat you on the back and said, good boy, I am proud of you.

Anonymous said...

It is NOW, the best time for Dr Ng Eng Hen to go back
to his medical profession as a Breast Surgeon.
10:11 am

Breast surgeon income not fixed one, u know. Depends very much on how many women got breast cancer in a year and also go to consult him. Eng Hen not the only breast surgeon.

Whereas minister income is millions, every year, and fixed one. Only the bonuses is not fixed depending on GDP growth, and also whether can still be MP.

So if you were Eng Hen, which you prefer to be, minister or breast surgeon?

Anonymous said...

The Shangri La Dialogue - We talk, you listen
The Shangri La Dialogue - Talk cock, sing song
The Shangri La Dialogue - Mental masturbation

While they talk, our elderly citizens are collecting card board boxes for exercise.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

No wonder rb said stupidty has no cure, there are people here believing that anybody who hate American imperialism must naturally support north korea, and vindicate the "peace loving" kim regime. At best it is a question mark. Nobody really understand mr kim. Let me make it clear, the American issue on SCS is COMPLETELY WRONG, LHL IS FACTUALLY WRONG TO SUPPORT OF AMERICAN STAND ON CHINA RIGHTS OF SOVEREIGNTY LAND IN SCS. DO not think even one bit i support America agressive military deployment in scs.
However do understand I BEG YOU, use the little brain of yours to research the korean war, as well as try to read the north korean view of south korea, evaluate will they attack like in 1950s invasion, never forget the north Korea war and so many koreans died.

Anonymous said...

However do understand I BEG YOU, use the little brain of yours to research the korean war, as well as try to read the north korean view of south korea, evaluate will they attack like in 1950s invasion, never forget the north Korea war and so many koreans died.
June 06, 2017 11:05 am

Please lah.
You are talking about Singaporeans tio bo?
The same Singaporeans who think Lee Kuan Yew founded Singapore in 1965 tio bo?
The same Singaporeans who think Singapore was only a fishing village in 1965 tio bo?

If the above is the case.
You are asking too much of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The makan they served there must be very very good.

Question is who pays for everythings from air tickets, hotels, foods, etc etc etc..,., ,.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you become a success in Singapore without official permission.


If you want to be world class like Joseph Schooling;
Leave Singapore like Joseph Schooling.
If you want to be a PAPaya slave;
Continue to stay in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

@ June 06, 2017 11:36 am

Mr Tan's Herb Garden

It grew in popularity, though, and Tan wrote that the RC became concerned that there were legal implications to giving out unlicensed herbs for usage — because what if, for instance, someone complained about side effects from them? — and they did not want to be liable for these issues.

These concerns were based on “imaginary and unfounded” fears, wrote Tan, but nonetheless gave rise to conditions including:

– People who are not living in the Nanyang area were not allowed to volunteer with Tan’s garden; and
– Parts of the herb garden — the precise space of which were to be determined by the RC — were to be converted for other uses.


Anonymous said...

Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo is sticking to S’pore, regardless


"My third passion is Singapore.
In fact, for Creative Technology, the best place to grow is in the US.
We can move the entire company to the US, because Creative Technology is a tech firm.
Don’t stay in Singapore, just move everything to the US and look for talent there.
There’s so much talent there, especially in Silicon Valley.

But we decided to stay in Singapore and invested in Singapore.
All the marketing, technologies and methods are here in Singapore, we want to nurture locals."
Sim Wong Hoo

Dear Mr Sim
Please move Creative Technology to USA.
Please bring as many Singaporeans with you as possible.

Don't be daft like Mr Tan and his herb garden in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Let us FORGET about this beast called USA for a moment, and ask ourselves, if NK attack Seoul, what should we fellow asians do?
June 06, 2017 8:50 am

I know! I know!
Singaporeans will say it's the rule of law.

North Korea's law says it's okay to invade another country because Mr Kim say so.
North Korea's law says it's okay to send you to jail without trial because Mr Kim say so.
Therefore it's okay for North Korea to invade South Korea.

Anonymous said...

@ June 06, 2017 11:35 am

This is a smart Sinkie.
If only all Singaporeans are like him.
Always asking "who is paying the bill"
- then there is hope for Singaporeans

There are 2 sides to a coin:
Who is paying the bill?
Who is benefiting from all the public expenditure?
If you are not benefiting, maybe you should ask "Why not?"
If I don't benefit, why do I keep voting for the party that is spending all this money?

Anonymous said...

The makan they served there must be very very good.
Question is who pays for everythings from air tickets, hotels, foods, etc etc etc..,., ,.

Please lah, they spent billions on defence, what is makan, air tickets, hotels, foods, etc etc etc???

Only one exception. Cannot spend too much to pay NS Sinkies hor. Because 70% will still vote for PAP, even when NS Sinkies are paid less than maids. So why pay more, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.47am

Please dun ask the Creative Boss to get out of Sinkieland. If he does, many Sinkies or Local bosses will lose hope in Sinkieland & even migrate to overseas ( already there r many Sinkies living, study & working in foreign land). The Creative Boss is a good guy, very patriotic & in the mid 2000s even invited elderlies to his company to watch the National Day Parade in a big screen outside his company, now no more doing that, perhaps rent to tenants due to cost pressures. Despite the elevating costs, this creative boss still fights on coming out with new products ( a bigger version of sound systems cater to the audiophile niche market)..his fighting spirits r something that all can learn from him..

Anonymous said...

If I don't benefit, why do I keep voting for the party that is spending all this money?
12:18 pm

Stupid lor, what else?

And like RB said, stupidity has no cure. khongcum bo yok kiu.

Anonymous said...

"You are asking too much of Singaporeans" you said.
Indeed so. Singaporeans who are so inward looking, forever going round in circle critising Pap and Usa (which deserve to be criticised by the way) who have zero knowledge of world history, should not at all comment in the issue of North Korea's regime. It is really stupid to believe everything chinleng implied as to the goodness and peaceloving nature of mr kim.
The issue of mr kim is totally different frim south china sea fracas. Mr kim is unoredictable and has lost even his staunch allies china and Russia to a large extent. Do not opely put yourself on side of someone whom you have little knowledge of. If you hv nothing to say, keep your silence, you are smarter that way.

Anonymous said...

You stupid nut case, still don't give up and coming up with more of your nonsense, and putting words into Uncle's mouth. When did Uncle said Kim is goodness and peace loving? You taking drugs?

You know Kim?

Anonymous said...

No wonder Uncle does not want to waste time replying to you.

Anonymous said...


Understand ?

ln every other nation, there is always domestic issue and problem. Those that can provide humanitarian helps, but all means. But, their political affairs are strictly for themselves. No one has the Right to
meddle with the internal affair of another sovereign nation.

Anonymous said...

Why not, Singapore tua kee everything that affects our interests we must speak loud loud, shout loud loud, or else people would not see us up. It is a matter of principle man. Nevermind if other country said Singapore little country don't anyhow khong cum.

b said...

The americans like asians bashing. They do that once every few years to demostrate their superiority. Just let them continue to feel superior because pride always ends up in destruction.

b said...

Anyway, Trump jobs is to sell more weapons so he has to stir some shit e.g. NK. No need to treat him seriously. He is only a salesman.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 1.19. People vomit blood replying to your numbskull.

Must be the same who accused Kim of cutting what his uncle's head and what his evils well documented. Who's the dumbskull or dumbskulls who Makan.too free documented Kim's atrocities? ?

And you anither numbskull who believed what's everything they feed you.

Think you smug and smug just to goggle goggle and swallowed every Shits that they feed you

Wah piang, so easy to trick.Might as well put sack on you and break both your limbs and arms and station you at BKK market to beg.

These propaganda can be spread by the Whites and you believe them.??

Now I documented that the London Bridge massacre is perpetuated by the British Govt? you believe or not. To create fears so that they can win the elections.

And the Sept 11 Twin Tower crash is plotted by the Americans themselves, you believe or not? ?

DONT be so naive. Just because they said Kim is a threat, He must be a threat.

Why the Americans no threat?? You think they willing to die for you Asians arses??

China as fellow Asians may come to your Aid if one bro said Sinkieland threatneed by a Big Neighbouring Country.

Still have the siege mentality as perpetuated by LKY. Indonesia is not going to attack you.

The PAPies created this bogeyman to put fears into you.

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!? You all voted for it what!!!! Come on, angkat bola the americans more more!!! We need more missiles and jet fighters, nuclear missiles also can. S'pore can be the 1st confirmed & approved nuclear armed power in SEA.

Anonymous said...

You are totally hopelessly indoctrinated perhaps by chinleng that America is evil hence Mr kim is good. You deny fact and obviously dont read from multiple news sources. The execution of mr kim's uncle in 2014 was reported ny North Korea national news, it is NOT usa cnn fake news.
It seems you swallow everything your "uncle" redbean writes concerning NK. I wrote somewhere that kim sent the missile tests to japan waters. Nobody comment on this, someone said it was fake news. I dont think so. To test long range missile you must Set target test at long range. DUH.
Chin leng is just analyst with good brains, but not 100% of his writings are truth.
Regarding the massacre in london you allege is done by britain agents, the circumstantial evidence does not support your claim, based on similar accidents consistent with ISIS Claims and their modus operandi.
Sep11 attack in USA, indeed circumstantial evidence abound that the CIA conducted the horror, maybe its true. Not impossible USA did it.
MH370 disappearance, no doubt it is CIA of usa that is involved.
The murder of jong nam... it is ALSO possible that the Americans did it CIA again.
The list goes on and on, gadafi, sadam hussein, assad, made to look evil by USA.

However with Kim the story is different. Kim is a threat only to south korea, because they are still at war. Kim is no threat to SEAsia of course. Kim is unpredictable, he killed his uncle, and executed a few other old guards. Why do you insist to say that he would never attack seoul across the DMZ? Because your idol chinleng implicated so, because USA IS BAD,?? In truth, there is no correlation. Use your brain and desist from personal attack and please read some world history and politics before you do anything elsr.

Anonymous said...

What is so great about North Korea?

North Korea has Generals inserted everywhere in their economy.
Do you think Singapore also has Generals inserted everywhere in our economy?

North Korea has a Founding Father.
Do you think Singapore also has a Founding Father?

North Korea can imprison their citizens without trial.
Do you think Singapore can also imprison Singaporeans without trial?

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
Anything Kim can do, Lee can do even better.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.50

If North Korea attacks South Korea, wha does the SEA Nations or for that matter, the rest of Asia do? ?

That's between the two of them. If they have their war to settle whether the whole of Korea is under Kim or under Moon.

Vietnam War in 65 and they are so near to us. What's Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malalysia and Singapore do??

When the war ended and the meddling Americans ran.with their tails behind them, does the whole of SEA is over run by the North Vietnamese? ?

That's clearly answered your question.

Just be neutral and if Sinkieland leaders were not to Kay Kiang and keep their CB mouths shut then you also dont have to worry so much of attended bags in MRT and baking powder on the floors.

Also no six hours unnecessarily jams at checkpoints and what's nonsense stupid out of date rules of even fearing mineral water and shampoo and small little foldable scissors and syringe needles.

Now one wolf just cried wolf of what's laptops bombs and everybody start banning laptops.

This guy may be mentally unstable and in frustration just simply cried laptop also bombs after waking up wrong side of the bed.

Anonymous said...

@ June 06, 2017 9:47 am

NK President Kim did not chop off the head of his uncle. Don't spread FAKE NEWS.

If you eant to rebutt someone, please check and verify your "facts", otherwise you are making a fool of yourself. And nobody will ever believe what you say in the future.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Typo error: First sentence should read as "If you want to rebutt someone ,,,,"


Anonymous said...

To virgo. Bravo. You said "remain neutral ". Tell that to chinleng your "uncle". He thinks mr kim is a nice guy making weapons for defence, never to attack Seoul across the Dmz
To the anon who does not even know kim executed his uncle, and aunt. Go search youtube and listen to the north korea news agency straight from horse mouth. Of course execute is, figuratively beheading, but in nkorea mr kim use artillery fire to shoot the condemn man even.
Do not blindly defend something you do not know. Quiet people are more dangerous than talkative ones. Still water runs deep.

patriot said...

How the Koreans become united is for the Koreans to settle.
Whatever means used is beside the Point.
lf Koreas becomes One United Country liked Germany and Vietnam, it deserves congratulations.
Sinkies should rejoy for them too.

For Sinkies; it is time to worry about yourself.
The Divide between the 30 against the 70 can get ugly as more are driven towards the Cliff.
物极必反 Extremity begets extreme response. Every action is follow by reaction(s). There is consequence to every deed.

No matter what, Sin can and will be engineered for the Elites which comprise about 30% of the Population.
Expect 5 to 15 % of these elites to join the 30 % in the Next 10 years whilst the 30 % mentioned earlier falls deeper into the Cracks and are desperate in 10 years time. There shall be trouble. And when there is trouble, situation shall get bad and things will turn ugly for most.

No one wants trouble, but when push turns to shove, then anything goes.

The Situation as it is, is far from good for Sin. lt shall surprise no one if others isolate or leave this tiny barren rock to its' own fate.
As the Region develops and forges ahead, Sin is becoming less significant in tge Region and is most likely to be eclipsed by the Neighbouring Countries, if not totally becoming redundant.

Pray that no man-make or natural disaster hits us, though l suspect the Hot Weather may not be favourable for the Tiny Dot.


Anonymous said...

Kim is a good guy.
He is not responsible for the frequent MRT breakdowns.
Kim is not purposely refusing to give me back all my CPF money at 55 years old per original promise.
I have no quarrel with Kim.
Only got quarrel with pro Alien traitors.

Anonymous said...

Not heathly at all.

Fighting when every 1 got

Only 1 life! Think their playing viedo games