Powerlifting world record by Matthew Yap

Matthew Yap sets world record but had no money to come home. After setting a world record at the World Classic Powerlifting Championship
in Belarus for lifting 208kg in the men’s Under 66kg sub junior division,
Matthew and his brother, acting as his coach, were caught in a
misunderstanding by the Belarus immigration. The immigration officer
demanded US$600 for not having the requisite visa. As a result of the ruse they missed
their flight and had to purchase new tickets at $1,470 each. They only had
$72 left.

MFA came in to assist to negotiate for the fare to be lowered to around
$1,000 each. The young men did not want to burden their father as he has
his own financial matters to take care of. Powerlifting Singapore too were
unable to help as it is not a National Sports Association and did not
receive any public funding. Friends of the polytechnic student then resort
to crowd funding to raise $2,685 to pay for their return.

Now who said Singapore is rich and everywhere is flowing with money when a
mere $2000 plus sum would have to go to crowd funding to rescue the two
young men? Pathetic, despite their effort in lifting the name of Singapore
in this sports, and with a world record to boot they were left in the
lurch. Where were the millionaires and multimillionaires to offer a helping hand?


Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, the whites party only recognized the athletes trained under their systems, other than tat they don't care u win Olympics Gold or set any World record..or when u win Gold in Olympics only the A Long party will take pictures with u ( remember ur prize money r taxed)..

agongkia said...

Tips:If your given name is Yap Ah Kow
never be shameful about your given name and write your name with pride in immigration form, instead of Matthew or Michael Yap, to reduce misunderstanding or getting poorer.Foreign immigration will find chinese with angmo name suspicious.
And cannot blame anyone .
He was not send there by MFA or represent Singapore so its oredi kind that MFA helps to negotiate for lower fare.I hope he dun represent Singapore too unless his given name is Matthew else everyone may think Sinkie are born with angmo name.
At least dun represent me for I am Goh Ah Gong.

Enjoy your sport locally .Spent your time wisely working hard or longer hour to help our economy
instead of wasting time travelling oversea on those oo ay bo ay.

Anonymous said...

Shame on everyone who is in the sports authorities in Singapore !

Heaven Has No Eyes Nor Heart said...

Lee Hsien Loong just recently made $36 million from Lee Hsien Yang by selling his father's house at 38 Oxley Road. And he said will donate half to charity. Why can't he donate $2000 to thse two young up-and-coming Singapore Dafties?

Virgo49 said...

The Rich and the Elites are shinning examples of how Sinkies behaved. Where in Sinkieland you have heard of the Rich and Influential donated to Charities? ?

They only know of how to devise ways to con the non rich to donate for all their causes. The poor school children under the sweltering Sun for the sake of what ECA marks had to sell donation flags in public. Any of the Ministers and MPs children does the same? ?

The General Public being more generous been shown video clips of our fellow human beans in all forms of incapabilities to tug our heartstrings to make a donation.

Even in what the President Charity, where ever the President donate a single cent?? At least OCT sang for some donations.They are there just to warm the seats and show their farking faces with the Minister of What Community Development.

If they made a donation then they want their names to be put in plaques or Statutes.

Those Ministers and MPs with their trillion dollars, heard they made a donation?

Sinkie land rich are just too greedy. They want more and more.

Anonymous said...

Where were the millionaires and multimillionaires to offer a helping hand?

Aiyo, even millionaires and multimillionaires also must know whether it is worth to spend a mere $2000 plus sum mah. To them every cent counts.

That's why this mindset made them millionaires and multimillionaires.

And they just don't stop there. And they will think how to make even more money. That's how some can become billionaires lah.

So money no enough and daft Sinkies, do you have this mindset? If not, you will condemned to be forever poor under PAP rule.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie land rich are just too greedy. They want more and more.
10:25 am

Like what anon 10:35 am said, that's how they can become rich and also get richer mah.

So do you want to be rich? Then anon 10:35 am already gave you the tip, and for free.

agongkia said...

Please lah lao chek Virgo
I am a poor and near pokkai but help oso must see the reason.
If give help too easily it only encourage those with entitlement mentality to travel oversea for those oo ay bo ay.
Help one case 2k.Everyone think hosay liao.Mingster will help.
Then become 100 cases a month. . 200k.
2.4 million a year.
Minster salary 1 year salary 2.3 million oso not enough.Eat grass ah?
Those who want go oversea on personal capacity or show off body figure etc have to take their own risk.
If like that sinkies go oversea hug others wife kena caught n no money pay compensation you expect mingster help oso ah?
I dun see their action benefit us in any way.Those who make baby must carry their own baby.

Anonymous said...

Then anon 10:35 am already gave you the tip, and for free.
10:41 am


And that's how I become a millionaire at age 50 even though I am just an ordinary Sinkie earning only a salary, did not strike lottery, did not inherit wealth and also did not do business or even do property and stock speculation.

But now having a million or two, even in cash, is also no big deal lah, given the high cost of living in Sinkieland. Just enough for some comfortable decent living. And I guess, just like me, 70% may have already achieved it. I think RB is one too and richer, since he is much older than me.

Anonymous said...

agongkia you always hug Mei Mei including other people wives. Got ever caught and pay compensation or not?

Anonymous said...

agongkia you always hug Mei Mei including other people wives. Got ever caught and pay compensation or not?
10:55 am

I think agongkia is smarter than the Sinkie who got caught lah.

That's why agongkia, although a near pokkai, still can hug Mei Mei including other people wives and not getting caught. Or even make baby but no need to carry baby. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

That's why agongkia, although a near pokkai, still can hug Mei Mei including other people wives and not getting caught.
11:05 am

And PAP screwed Sinkies hard hard but still can get 70% votes! Smart also, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

In NS, u can do anything but just don't get caught.

When driving, u can do anything but just don't get caught or get into accident.

When in power, can do anything but just don't get exposed or kena play out, especially from the inside.

Anonymous said...

You owe the world a living because you have $2 more than your neighbor? The answer is up to you. This post seems a absolute yes.

These young men went on own venture. They did not represent Singapore. Please do not brand them conveniently. The rest of the facts are clear: please take your responsibility. Young men. You acted, you own the consequences. Dont not bring the public into their poor planning scene.

Young acted like big towkay but went there and had no spare to come back. Old hacks also acted like big towkay: put in money and claim long term investment. Lost US$3 billions for just one sale of the 50% lot size. Yesterday saw TV: ah neh went to Tengjin. There were no chinese ministers accompanied the 2 ministers on TV screen. That Tengjin was acted by laugo. It cost S$46 billions, according to original report from Le Monde.

You know what? The windows of the completed blocks are shut. According to reports: the town center where the site was called Caofeidian had only 270,000 residents living there in 2012.

You can imagine the priorities: no hospital, few sup mar, schools and university? Do not hope. That is Singaporean's wise investment.

The young howlian, but has no cash. The old howlian, probably never get back $46 billions for the entire live time of singaporeans. Wake up lah, Singaporeans. How lian worth nothing, cash is the real thing to keep. That s why do not blame millionaires for not donating. These are wise men and women.

Anonymous said...


In Vietnam ft can beaten up if u mess with the local. In sinkie land the local get beaten up by ft. Alamak

Anonymous said...

We are bitterly disappointed and strongly condemn the apathy of the Singapore sports authorities over the recent predicament of the world-beating did-Singapore-proud true-blue Singaporean Yap brothers.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.46

Sinkies only know how to check and bully own Sinkies. So much for 50 years of National Service.

Pui pui, salute own selves. It began with LKY of so called having Sinkies to tekan Sinkies.

They started with asking the ushers to check on cinema goers if they smoke in cinemas. Asking them to stop the smokers instead of ENV. officers.

Last Friday, my son on the way to the Airport for overseas trip on the MRT. Whats app me that he was checked by an old auntie. Me wondering, Checkin baggage in Airline got security checks by old aunty meh??

Now back asked him now new regulations checked in baggage like Taiwan must standy by for security checks??

He said NO, checked by old auntie at the MRT Station!!! What? checked by old aunty at MRT Station. I thought at Airport Security Check in.

See, old aunties only dared checked local Sinkies with baggage. Sinkies, you can smell miles away and where got Sinkies young men especially Chinese who had served National Service wants to be Suicide Bombers???

These farking no brains idiots won't dare to check the black Ants who carried elephant sizes baggages with their Cows into the MRT Stations. Also, those bushy bushy look alike Suicide Bombers.

Only, those innocent looking Sinkies and small children. Waste of time.

Like Phua Chu Kang with Big Mole said, Use Your Brains Lah!!!

Anonymous said...

(First Class Honours
aka Summa Cum Laude)

This award certifies the following named person

Wooden Block

Is a hypocrite of the highest order for saying one think but doing another.

Awarded this day 26th of Jun 2017

Awarded by University of Agriculture & Peanuts

Disclaimer: The above is a fictitious script/ scenario that does not represent and intended to represent any real life situation. If there is any similarity, it is purely coincidental.

Anonymous said...

Oops .... typo ....

Should be

*Disclaimer: The above is a fictitious script/ scenario that does not represent and not intended to represent any real life situation. If there is any similarity, it is purely coincidental.

agongkia said...

To those anon who are interested.
Have some principles .
Never hug a married women.
Never hug those who are below 19.
And avoid paying to ride kuda unless you are really unattractive and need pay to enjoy a ride.,like those Kurap club self imagine members .
You are safe.

Anonymous said...

Never hug a married women.
Never hug those who are below 19.
agongkia 12:27 pm

But if they bluff, then how?

Married but said not married, below 19 said above 19. Even got document can also bluff, u know.

That's why maybe even the cinema Shaw's grandson kena jailed because he kena "bluff" by the girl that he ride kuda?

Oh, by the way, he should not pay to ride kuda. That's wrong already, as advised by agongkia. No wonder kena jailed. Rich but daft Sinkie lah, really.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.12
Security check is based on observation and also random sampling. Its good to check than to stand watch if she is security person on duty.

On mrt when someone carry heavy backpack sitting next, better take chance to walk away to next carriage. Up to u to act. Can be minced meat over a big bang. Painful to die.

Big truck or van driven by bangla are scary lah. One go can knock out and break the back bone. Singapore has many foreign talents in charge of banks, government organizations, to powering the steering of vehicles. Thanks to Pap and the ah long. When it happens, Singapore will be famous world wide again beside the familee will.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has many foreign talents....to powering the steering of vehicles.
1:23 pm

I agree, because I observed it myself many times on the roads. My subcontractor lorry is driven by a foreign talent, his crane on lorry is also operated by foreign talent and even his safety officer is also a foreign talent.

Seriously, looks like no Sinkies available to do such jobs anymore, even for a few K salary pm for a qualified safety officer.

But I think Ah Long not interested in all this lah, as long as PAP can win elections, and he and his ministers can continue to collect million dollar salaries.

Anonymous said...


Your wonderful, honourable and compassionate article has been turned into a talk-cock session by a few disrespectful, egoistically selfish cock-talkers.

It's typical of the selfish, ksks ,kpkb, disgusting, obnoxious, ugly, colourless and spineless Singaporeans.

virgo49 said...

Anon 1.23

Security personnel must be trained to look out for REAL suspicious people.

Not just random checks for the cameras to show superiors that you are doing your jobs.

Most od the time, these so called ill trained so called Security idiots picked on those that are really harmless ones.

Like Old folk, children and own Singaporeans who are ex NSmen who are in fact so called trained to defend them.

They see those rough and scruffy foreigners that are most likely to be the dangerous ones and they turn a blind eye to check on them.

agongkia said...

Uncle Virgo.
Give a chance to those elderly who are out to earn a living.Many elderly need a job so security is one that is suitable to keep them employed.
Sinkies like to look down on them ,complain till it result in younger foreigners here to snatch their lunches.
Not everyone are born with security mind and even with training,it doesn't guarantee one is good at detection.
You are lucky that you are rich enough but have some consideration for our elderly who need a job for 3 meals.
The auntie that your son met may be a Malaysian but they are here to work legally.
Yes .I may agree that many post are unnecessary but since they are created,let them earn a honest living,competent or not,effective or not.

Anonymous said...

Not just random checks for the cameras to show superiors that you are doing your jobs.
virgo49 2:35 pm

Aiyo virgo49, u stupid or what?

Check those rough and scruffy foreigners, wait kena whack then how? Worth it or not, u say lah?

Maybe virgo49 should do such jobs and show by example lah. And then tell us in RB blog.

Anonymous said...

To become millionaires or billionaires, you must have Billionaire Mindset.

Helping unknown low-value Sinkies with no political clout or power is definitely NOT a Billionaire Mindset action.

Now you know why rich people don't bother with such things. Waste of time to even read or think about it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you want to pity these old folks trying to earn a living. Sometimes you feel like slapping them for their stupidity.

I was at an exhibition with my camera bag and was asked to put the bag through the screening contraption. Fair enough. But the stupid idiot asked me to put my baseball cap through as well. I took it off to show him there was literally nothing in it and nothing could be hidden in it, But he insisted. I complied short of giving him a tight slap for his stupidity.

Well, no point wasting time with old dogs that have problems learning and with no common sense.

Anonymous said...

Helping unknown low-value Sinkies with no political clout or power is definitely NOT a Billionaire Mindset action.
3:01 pm

Tiok lah. I think u have put it so clearly that even a daft Sinkie like me can now understand it so much better now.

And if I can understand, I am sure RB and smarter Sinkies can understand also lah.

So RB, has your question "Where were the millionaires and multimillionaires to offer a helping hand?" being answered, and well answered?

agongkia said...

Anon 3.29
Why do you need to put in baseball cap when you go through screening.There are cctv around and your face need to be recorded just in case your baggage has explosive or dangerous weapon .
Make investigation easier .This is common sense.If it's me on duty as a screwty guard I will oso request you to take it out even without the need of SOP.And who say baseball cap cannot hide drug or offensive weapon?
I am born with security intelligence though not highly educated.
Who more stupid.

Anonymous said...

Helping unknown low-value Sinkies with no political clout or power is definitely NOT a Billionaire Mindset action.
3:01 pm

And suing own brother and sister who can fight back siong siong (fierce) is definitely NOT a smart PAP politician Mindset action. Sue Chee Soon Juan? Sure, and by all means.

And only stupid Sinkies become politicians to fight PAP for real. Just look at Chee Soon Juan and the late JBJ and u will know what I mean.

b said...

Elites in this world are all the same. They just want to scr-w the people so they can loot their wealth and health. Sky high housing, sky high cars, sky high daily expenses. Elites only know how to loot. Loyalty is for the dogs that why God created them for us to understand.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, you boasted so much on hugging Mei Mei. Those Mei Mei are old hacks right as you yourself old fark already. What are the youngest Mei Mei you ever hugged for free? What did the young Mei Mei see in an old Uncle like you?

agongkia said...

Anon 4.39
Are you Matthew Yap or Robert koh?
Stick to the subject lah.
I am more concern about youngster today not earning enough and yet want to go oversea just to satisfy their interest n hobby even when their parent are not earning enough.
Nothing against those phuakaykia or those from wealthy rich familee or Ah Long father who make easy money.
Talk to you about meimei at another appropriate time as I dun want others to think that I am here to kachiao Mr RB respectable blog.
He is kind enough to allow some humour but dun take his kindness for granted.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, ok only him our only lar so all the boast just bullshit😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

Humour only...oops

Virgo49 said...

Anon 2.53

Typical Kia see SINKIE thinking. Might as well put the Cardboards of Swat SOC fully armed men to frighten the terrorists.

If our so called Security personnel just for the sake of earning a living to be in this line and kept checking the innocent by passers instead of looking out for potential terrorists, then be prepared to collect dead bodies.

Me, no need to check any innocent fellow Sinkies.

Just one look and can identify terrorists, Drug smugglers and all unsavoury characters.

Been In the Provost and Customs for long enough to smell one miles away.

Virgo49 said...

Agongkia, you must be one of those PAP Grassrots members who undergone their lectures that you speak and think alike like them.

In one conversation with a PAP Grassrots member in my estate saying the old folks need help with the costs of living.

He also like a parrot told me the same old farking excuse and reasons

Help One must help All. How to help.??

Nobody is asking you to donate all your wealth and became like the destitutes. Just a few per cent of your millions.

This will also give you good Karmas in blessings to you and your families.

The monies you sting might caused you to pay more for you and your families medical expense.

Those scrooges have to bear expenses for their terminal sickness. God is very fair. They know how to give their fair sharea of miseries to you.

Or alternatively, many are conned of their scrooge wealth by conmen who are sent by the Almighty to karma you.

So, be generous a bit lah, you are earning millions. Spare some for your less fortunate citizens.

Some more, you are supposed to be leaders of the country and lead by examples. This will buy you lots of goodwill.

You cannot bring to your graves and urns lah.Too small.

How much can a man eat, wear and shit every day? ?

Do some good deeds and be blessed.

You are just passing thru. The Hades MPs waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Where is our humourous
matilda singapura ?
We miss much wisdim and fun without him around.

agongkia said...

Lao chek
Walao.Think so highly of me despite the fact I told you I am poor and can be pokkai anytime.
Dun spoil your kid lah.
Kena check by screwty auntie oso got to complain to you.Sure he went NS?
Tell him that its the auntie's duty
and thats what you had done on soldier or sus at kdb in those days.
Want find fault oso dun find fault with elderly.
Mai khee hong.I buy you Liang Tay ine day:-)

Virgo49 said...

No,he did not complain to me.

If he can travel alone, he is mature enough. -It's just he is amused that he had to open his luggage to show the aunty at MRT station instead of usual airport check in.counter.

Just imagine some jokers once.opened their Travel luggage unable to pack back easily.

They can miss their flights. The Aunty maybe looking for a potential son-in-law or grand son in law. She complimented him for packing such a neat luggage.

Told him some girls packing so sloppy that she don't dare even search. This Aunty must have been checking many many luggages in Outram MRT.

Many Singaporeans been hassled unnecessarily daily by these unthinking idiots.

Purely innocent law abiding citizens are checked unnecessarily by.them.

These included the grey berets who abused and showed off unnecessarily.

My gym friend had been hassled by them in MRT entrances and exits by these nincoompoos same day taking the trains.

He is 100 percent not banana. Chinese man, chinese man no suicide bomber man.Get that into the idiots heads.Just because he sports Tatoos on both arms and shoulders does not make him a Terrorists.

The grey berets saw plenty of office girls, wah piang time to show their powers.

How can they compared to us Red Top MPs in our hey days with Brownie revolvers.

And we behaved professionally no abuse of powers.

Olden days aunties, uncles and even youngsters saw us in awe.

Mata Peng, they exclaimed.

agongkia said...

Clap clap.MataPeng.
Finally you are proud of your NS in Safpu uniform.Glad to hear that.
Indeed, compare with present days where you can see riders standing on one foot sloppily in public, provost was the most impressive with outstanding uniform , turnout n bearing in those days.
Soldiers at bus stop will siamjio when spotted by them.
But important is to gain n earn respect than to be frighten of.
Now repeat after me..."We always honour our Nation.."

Anonymous said...

I am prepared to comply with whatever elderly 'Security Officers' who are responsible enough to want to do their duties, even if they pretend and just go through the motion.
We see many screeners at the ports in their late fifties and older. lt is beyond doubt that few can even run fast enough to go after suspect or even to escape from danger. Can they handle anyone ? Not to mention terrorist.
Many themselves know themselves to be no better than scarcecrows,
however, no matter how grudgingly and dislike they have about their jobs or long hours of standing on their feet and the peanut pays they are given, they cannot help it but bear with everything. Let us be sympathetic to them, let him make their meagre incomes to SURVIVE and feed their families.
For heroes, there are other ways to howlian, do bear in mind though that there are always others more professional and successful around. Brag all You want, but do remind yourself that, like all others, You too will wither and fade.
Enjoy your luck while you have it, luck does not stay with anyone all the time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry typo mistake.
let them to amend let him.

Virgo49 said...

It's not that we looked down on them.

Its because their stupid superiors want them just for the sake of checking per quota per day that they randomly checked the really innocent ones.

They are not trained to spot Real Suspicious Terrorists which are Real and can caused real harm to the General Public.

It's be too late to regret and rally just to collect dead bodies and lay flowers.

All these stupid wayang that we are not afraid and what's nots.

And the top people said we can do better next time.

Security is serious business not child play in just random Suka.Suka choice of checking innocent passed bys which they knew are not real terrorists and doing thru the motions.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Security is a big joke in Singapore. Apart from the advanced age of the security personnels, regular travellers would have noticed the characters of the individual enforcement officers and the standard procedures and ways they go about doing their works. Experienced travellers and tech savvy can even detect if the electronics being used are serviceable.
Quite common to see detectors either malfunction or have not enough power but officers using them as though they are working.

lf terrorists study the check-points for a while, it is not difficult for them to exploit loopholes.

Terrorist attacks ib Singapore is a matter of time.
Vehicles are used by Isis as well as their hater. lt is one weapon that will be copied.

lnexplicably many fires had broken out in buildings and worksites lately. lt is quite strange and arson by terrorist or unhappy people should not ve ruled out.

There are much to worry about Singapore and there is mounting concerns that more challenges are coming our way as the Leaders are only concern with staying in power and put the safety and welbeing of the People as secondary issues.