Mattis showing contempt to Asia.

In his opening address at the Shangri La Dialogue, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis showed contempt and disrespect to the Asian leaders by lying that North Korea is a 'clear and present' danger to Asia. How could this man think that the Asians are fools and could not see the total irrelevance in his haste and gaffe to lead the Asian leaders by the nose to toe the American line? What threat do the North Koreans present to the rest of Asia, a hermit poor nation with barely 26m million people? Does Mattis think that the Asian leaders are so silly to believe in his lie?

The only threat the North Koreans present is to be able to launch a nuclear strike against the Americans should the Americans attack their country. And the Americans hate that. Once the North Koreans have enough nuclear warheads to strike the American homeland, the Americans would not be able to threaten the North Koreans anymore and would be unable to do a Saddam Hussein on them.

No Asian countries in their right mind would think of attacking the North Koreans. They have no reasons to do so and neither have the North Koreans any reason to want to attack another Asian country. I stand corrected here when Little USAs are concerned. They will treat the North Koreans as enemies when their American masters said so. Those that participated in the invasion of Iraq and the murder of Saddam Hussein have not shown any remorse or regret for killing the innocent Iraqis and turning that country into hell because of an American lie.

Oops, Japan is an exception. It invaded and colonised the Koreans and the Japanese are harbouring the same dream of ruling the Koreans once again. And should North Korea ever be a threat to any Asian country, it must be Japan, the country that colonised them and rule them like slaves.

The Americans as usual are using the Shangri La Dialogue to peddle their war agenda and picking on China on North Korea and the building of defensive structures in Chinese islands in the South China Sea issues. War, inciting war and provoking war are always on the Americans' top agenda. In 2015 alone, the Americans conducted 175 military exercises and war games, 15 more than in 2014. The numbers for 2016 are likely to be more.

While China is all about trade, economic progress and infrastructure developments, the Americans are all about military agreements, defence treaties, war games, selling of arms and threatening wars and engaging in wars. Countries that seek economic growth and trade are all marching to Beijing while countries that are aligned to the Americans are all preparing for war and wasting their limited financial resources in buying American weapons of war. The stark contrast in the motive and agenda of China and the USA does not need much effort to tell.

The Americans have been so used to set the agenda for the world, especially to the daft Asian countries and putting them on the defensive. The problems of North Korea and the South China Sea are hyped by the Americans as the Asian problems. It is about time China and the rest of the world, including Europe, set the agenda and demand the Americans to abide by international rules and laws. Europe has broken ranks with the Americans and have pledged to work with China instead in world matters.

To start with, the Americans are again behaving like a rogue nation, refusing to abide by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change to protect the world. It took hundreds of countries and several decades to hammer out an agreement to keep the temperature of the world safe but the Americans are walking away from the agreement in violation of the interests of the nations of the world. The Americans are saying that the rest of the world should abide by whatever rules and laws, but not the Americans. While the rest of the world are trying to reduce carbon emission and the temperature of earth, the Americans are saying that they can do as they like, continue to burn fossil fuel like they have been doing for several centuries at a rate no other country could compete. The Americans are the worst guzzlers of fossil fuels for several centuries, consuming more of the world's limited resources more than any other nations. Now they are going to do it alone, as they always do, and telling the world to be responsible and do the necessary to keep the world safe but not the Americans.

China, Europe and the rest of the world under the UN must start to get together to pressurise this rogue nation to follow the rules of law, of international norms and must not be allowed to get away scot free. There are other pressing issues that the rest of the world and China must pressurise the Americans like denuclearisation and nuclear disarmament, not just in Korea but the whole world. How can the Americans think they could amass the biggest and most lethal nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction while harping on what the North Koreans are doing that is a small fraction of what the Americans possessed? China and the rest of the world must also pressurise the Americans on limiting the sales of weapons all over the world that eventually ended up in the hands of ISIS and other terrorist groups. The Americans have been proclaiming that they are fighting ISIS but covertly have been training, feeding and arming ISIS and many terrorist groups around the world. What a neat formula, fighting and breeding terrorism at the same time and benefiting from it by selling arms and claiming to be the policeman of the world.

China and the rest of the world must also pressurise the rogue nation on free trade and not protectionism. China and the rest of the world must set the agenda for this irresponsible rogue nation to abide by instead of the rogue nation setting the agenda for the rest of the world in the interests of the evil Empire. The Americans should respect the rest of the world and not hold the world in disgust and in contempt. The real threat to the world, to world peace, the clear and present danger, is the USA.


Virgo49 said...

Karma, oh karma.

Now London Bridge and what Borough Markets under so called Terror attacks.

Last time, so yaya smiled on TVs and proudly declared we join the Americans in bombing Iraq and other ME nations.

Now, just one van knocked down some passengers and some stabbings in markets, scurried like rats and full Metropolitan Police Force on the ground.

USA also taking precautions. Now frightened like rats.

Aiya, these incidents happened in the sixties, we take them as gang clashes.

We continued playing our marbles near the grass patches and only one or two amm pais stuttered around smoking their cigarettes.

What's cowards these Whites??

Dared to bully Asians??

Tired North Korea??

Ah bey si ka


Anonymous said...

Dragonland now may need to rethink and plan ahead and strategise and work out sthg about their upcoming vast sums of investments in pinoyland from "going up in smoke" over the next few to 15 years if developments in the southern region perniciously and insidously deteriorate, devolve and slide into similar state of affairs encountered in Libya & Egypt (eventually).....? "Throwing $$$" around alone may not necessarily secure the outcome DragonMaster hopes for ....... Much (more) sophisticated plannings may be needed to secure his objectives when his "adversaries" tag team is as formidable as Goliath, Atom Man, the Venomous Snake etc combined .......? Dun pray pray ......? NoboXi fart ard with Atom Man without "suffering a broken arm & leg, and at the very least a broken nose, a blardied mouth and a blue-black eye ......"?

Virgo49 said...

Why the Sinkies government wants to be a running dog for the Americans to have a platforms to gather all the Asian Leaders and let them lectured their nonsense?

Oh! Forget they are only good to be chow kows.

Farking bananas

Anonymous said...

The Americans are modern day head hunters. They have the heads of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Now they going for the head of Kim Jong Un. The destruction of North Korea and the killing of North Korean people are just war collaterals.

Vote for peace and economic progress. Do not vote for wars and more wars.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, me think it should be the other way round -- China showing contempt to US. With the Silk Route or OBOR project, China can simply ignore US even US gonna trade protectionism, China gonna have other Asians with EU as its trade partners. US bo bian but to only sell arms to warring nations with ISIS creating havoc , & its economy back to the coal state of jobs protectionism.

Anonymous said...

I forgot, the next head to roll will be Duterte and the Ppines would be thrown into a state of perpetual warfare and the Americans would invite themselves in as the peace keeper, to fight the terrorists or insurgents. And the Ppines would once again become another American protectorate.

American soldiers would return to their former military bases to be the guardians of the Pinoys.

Anonymous said...

There are many stupid Asian leaders around. All the Americans need to do is to tell them who are their enemies and they will believe the Americans totally, without thinking.

I heard some silly bugger is running to Washington for special briefing after being banished from Beijing.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 03, 2017 10:00 pm
The situation in S Pinoyland may move in the direction as in Libya and Iraq in terms of ending of leadership and social and economic disintegration .......? The (only) difference probably is Ah Xi is in the equation which was non-existence in the Middle-East and North Africa situations? If destabilisation (in S pinoyland) accentuates (and spreads), what would happen to Ah Xi's plan? And also the (tons of) $$$ he has "poured" into pinoyland (so far) and also future sums? What occurred in Libya and Iraq may be getting closer (to home)? If it is like that it may be even worse than 911? If 911 delivered 75% in 2001, a snap poll if taken in next 12 months might delivered 85% (given the additional circumstances such as recent public squabbles with Dragonland)? Like that if based on (lao ah) virgo analogy, the future & hope of many sinkies may left 1/4 screw liao ......?

Anonymous said...

China is very very unhappy!

This Shangri-la conference is opening up another reason for China to get more angry.

If I am not wrong, China is represented only by a ke-lay-fei 2star general.

This is China's view of the importance of the conference.


Anonymous said...

The Shangri-La Dialogue seems to have been the place where the US can demonstrate the strength of its alliance system and where some members can express their arrogance in civilized tones. Senior officials sent by the US, Australia and Japan talked about rules as defined by their own interests.

Close-in reconnaissance does not belong to the scope of freedom of navigation, and rules are not defined by a single country. It is clear that the US has formed a strategic alliance against China by enlisting Australia, along with its Asian ally, Japan. The US also has military cooperative forces in the region that are aimed at China (eg pee-sai Singapore).

Australia and Japan once enjoyed having prime status in the Asia Pacific region, a level directly under the US. They now feel their current status dwarfed since China's rise, and find it hard to cope with this restructuring of power. Thus they like to refer to their past privileges as "rules" and gripe about China's new far-reaching influence.

China does have a bottom line and will not sit back in the face of potential security threats. For example, China will definitely react against any provocative activities, such as close-up reconnaissance efforts that threaten the country’s security. The US and its allies (eg little red dot Singapore) better anticipate such reactions in order to avoid any kind of direct confrontation.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with @1013 that there are many stupid asian leaders around who cannot see through the american evil imperialistic motives and continue to worship them.
In today's context there is only one such. He lives in Singapore,is very tall, and his father was a smart politician.

Anonymous said...

The real threat to the world, to world peace, the clear and present danger, is the USA.

But then why PAP Hsien Loong allow Changi Naval Base to be host to the American Pacific Naval Fleet, and according to RB, become a real threat to the world, to world peace?

And why majority Sinkies still voted PAP and Hsien Loong to allow him to do that?


Anonymous said...

The Americans are trying to start a war in the SCS so that these silly Asian countries would go and kill each other and forget about their economic growth and spend more monies buying American weapons instead of food on the table.

Once the region is destabilise, the Americans would come marching in to take control of these silly countries that have no clue about building their economies and making their people rich and prosperous. All these farkers know is to buy weapons and go to war.

You can hear their simple minds at work when they open their mouths at the Shangri la Dialogue. They are all very gungho for war.

Anonymous said...

And why majority Sinkies still voted PAP and Hsien Loong to allow him to do that?
10:28 am

Because majority Sinkies trust Hsien Loong more than RB mah. Or rather, they heard more about Hsien Loong than about RB mah. To them, maybe RB is someone like "RB? Who?" Also can't blame them lah, because RB, now in his 60s and at one time even a PAP supporter, had never ever even contest a single election in his whole life.

Anonymous said...

And why majority Sinkies still voted PAP and Hsien Loong to allow him to do that?
10:28 am

Because the inherent nature of the typical Sinkie is very selfish plus a not-in-my-backyard attitude, yearning for more opposition as long as the opposition is not in his constituency, else his property price will drop, diminishing his wealth or whatever his meagre assets he already has!

Anonymous said...

Waste time! No point!

Talk and talk! This what the USA can do! NATO!

Look at NK! They are still one piece! One solid piece!

What can USA do to NK? No one dare to start! No one!

Will USA's "stir-n-stir" strategy succeed in this part of the world?

Frankly........it is NOW or NEVER! But.......slim chance!

Anonymous said...

Because majority Sinkies trust Hsien Loong more than RB mah.
10:36 am

Not really lah. Majority Sinkies are bochup type (apathetic) about regional or even world affairs lah.

For the smart Sinkies, they only concentrate on making more money in order to have a good life in high cost Sinkieland.

For the daft and poor Sinkies, they are struggling to make money just to have a life in high cost Sinkieland.

So where got time for world affairs or what not affairs? Maybe only affairs of the shiok shiok type. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

And why majority Sinkies still voted PAP and Hsien Loong to allow him to do that?
10:28 am

Because of FEAR !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.39am........BINGO! BINGO! BINGO!

You are 1oo% correct!

Therefore the results of the next GE will be very very interesting to watch.

The final results will be very very surprising to many many many............!

Virgo49 said...

This Looney Guy better DONT push his luck too far.

What's happened in Paris, London Bridge and Borough Market can also happen to Sinkieland.

Wants sinkies to be collateral to his madness.

Yayapapaya, White House dinnera new what's Shangrilla Dialogue year in and year out.

Give you Gila then you know.

Anonymous said...

And why majority Sinkies still voted PAP and Hsien Loong to allow him to do that?
@ 10:28 am

Because of FEAR !
@ June 04, 2017 10:48 am

Both of you are right.

Because Singaporeans from birth already live in the k-s-k-s environment!

What to do? From young already ksks. When grown up also ksks too!

The society is ksks! Life here is ksks.

They love to have ksks masses.


Anonymous said...

Pray that such terror attacks will not happen here.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are too "deeply poisoned in the mind" ......."the toxity in the education, slavery & daily brain corruption like dog trainers conditioning their charges" ...... have led to "zombified half robots half human beans" programmed to be "purely economic slaves and unable to have own or independent thinking"?

Anonymous said...

.............Pray that the whole world be peaceful.

patriot said...

lf other nations want to ally with USA, it is their rights.

There is no need for China, Russia or for the Matter, to police the American or anybody else. lt will be a vicious cycle, if anybody plays policeman over other sovereign.
As it is, there are lnternational Bodies such as United Nations,
IMF and Many Other Useless and Impotent International Organizations supposedly to organize the World into a fair and peaceful
these Organizations themselves are far from well organized. ln fact, they added more nonsense to the Humad World.

We know the Human World is a messy lot by nature.
The Chinese take it as Ying and Yang meaning Dark/Ugly and Bright/Glowing and beautiful.
Ideally, the Latter is desirable, but because it is not possible, the Chinese seeks Balance. The World at Large does the Same, that is no one is able to create an all benevolent World.
Of course atheists like me do not think there are the imagined beings call creator or god.

The Messes in the World can only end when there is no more beings around.

If Earth is 80% or more destroyed by mankind, a largely better World maybe reborn.
Such a day shall come in the Not Very Distant Future.


Anonymous said...

The US and its allies (eg little red dot Singapore) better anticipate such reactions in order to avoid any kind of direct confrontation.
10:22 am

No worry lah, the US and its allies (eg little red dot Singapore) being very smart, will avoid any kind of direct confrontation which they know they cannot win lah.

Just like smart Sinkies avoid contesting against PAP during election because they know they cannot win.

And without smart Sinkies to join them, the Sinkie opposition will not be ready to be govt lor.

And if the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, majority Sinkies will not vote for opposition lor.

So really LPPL for the Sinkie opposition. Very sad, because nobody else to help the daft, jobless, money no enough Sinkies who will continue to suffer under PAP rule.

Anonymous said...

Singapore army general: If Steve Job is a combat fit Singaporean, he should be a rifleman in the foxhole



“We raised the question – if (an NSF) is the next Steve Jobs, should he spend his two years of conscript life as a rifleman or should we better employ him in cyber?
The answer said: If he is combat fit he should be a rifleman in the foxhole, and that’s the way it should be.”

Do you think this is why ... as long as the PAP is government ... Singapore will never be able to produce a Steve Jobs?

Anonymous said...

What will happen if Russia and China were to conduct military exercise outside the 12 nautical miles off the coast of US? Will US just keep calm and quiet like what China is doing or will they react?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have been trained by the Master-Running-Dog of the West as dogs. Even his son now leading Sinkieland also behaves so clearly without an iota of doubt like a running-dog of USA and Imperialist Japan.

There are also a few running-dogs always present shitting in this blog, spreading stinking smell from their masters' farts and shits.

Anonymous said...

Will China protect Singapore, if Singapore is attacked, say by a big neighbouring country?

Or will Singapore Changi Naval base being host to US aircraft carrier serve as a deterrent against attacks on Singapore by neighbouring countries?

That's why I think there are good reasons why Singapore want to be a strong US ally, and maybe also if need be, do the bidding of the US to be so.

And this being the case, how to expect PAP to explain it like this to Sinkies? For PAP, this type of thing better not said than said, tio bo?

Only commentators and a nobody like me can say it so freely like this, and it is up to people whether it make sense or not.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.58

If Steve Jobs were to be a Naturalized Singaporean, he won't have to serve National Service.

The PAP knew who to classify who in the White Horses categories. And many many in fact are Black Donkeys to be given White Horses status.

Fyi, if you were a High Flyer after NS with exceedingly high remuneration, you won't be recalled for reserved service.

The reason being they do not want to reimburse the high make up pay.

Once, I worked with a Towkay son as a team in an oilfield supply business and as an paid employee for the father before he took over, he has never done any reserves duty.

I was surprised and asked how come ah??

He said don't know leh? They never called him after active service.

Later, I reckoned must be the make up pay as he declared himself as self employed with over twenty over K per month salary.

So, bros if you want.to be exempted,then quickie quickie buy Malalysia SportsToto with with Jackpots now at RM63 millions.

Sinkie still got at least 20 millions.

Just pay some Income Tax from the interests and.be exempted from Reserve Service. The Papies want to pay themselves more than reimburse you the make up pay.


Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo @ 4:51 pm
The point I'm making about my post @ 2.58pm is this:

As long as Singapore is governed and managed like a military camp by former Generals, Admirals and Police Commissioners and Air Force Chiefs.
- Singapore will never produce a home grown young Singaporean who can go on to become the next Steve Jobs
- The iPod, iPad and iPhone are not invented in military camps.

Generals do not know what to do with creative young people.
- they only know how to command and control

If you have ambitions and talent to be the next Steve Jobs (sort of like Joseph Schooling but in sports)
- to achieve world class standard
- you have to get out of Singapore

Just ask Ang Peng Siong
- ask him how National Service helped his swimming talent

Anonymous said...

Sinkinland is so boring ....... Matland is so shiok ...... The food in Penang is wonderful ....... The durian even better ..... better than MaoShanWang ...... Penang durian got 5 flavours ...... so nice ......

For dinner, so wonderful to sample the fantastic food in Kimberley Lane after sunset ...... The duck porridge is amazing ....... Beef noodle soup the best ..... And the liang cha and longan drinks ...... wow! Simply the best!

Nothing near (in peesai) for that kind quality & value for $$$!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing near (in peesai) for that kind quality & value for $$$!!!
June 04, 2017 6:05 pm

In Malaysia, Singaporeans get served.
In Singapore, Singaporeans serve the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 04, 2017 6:18 pm
//In Malaysia, Singaporeans get served.
In Singapore, Singaporeans serve the PAP government.//

What? Hsian ..... :((((((((( many sinkies hope & future left 1/5 screw liao ......?

agongkia said...

Anon 6.05
New lane and McAlister roadside stall not bad too.
Come Pulau this durian season.
Welcome to Penang.

Anonymous said...

agongkiaJune 04, 2017 9:49 pm
//Anon 6.05
New lane and McAlister roadside stall not bad too.
Come Pulau this durian season.
Welcome to Penang.//

New Lane aka "Lorong Baru" lah ...... that side almost everything also have. But to mee, the better food over there are the "Chee Cheong Fun" & 1 or 2 more only. The "Cha Kway Kak" quite lousy. Chowrasta market off Lebuh Penang "Cha Kway Kak" much better ......

Anonymous said...

Also for "everything under one roof" setting, one of the best places in Georgetown arguably is the "Red Market" ...... the ladies usually like the Penang Laksa there ...... Also the roast duck, quite cheap, whole duck like Sin lollars $10+. Sit there whole night go with a dozen Ashahi beer and enjoy the music not bad ...... Roast duck not enough have many other finger food ..... the cup roast peanuts (Sin $0.80) near the toilet there goes well with the beer too. Beer ladies service much better than in Sin. Also much more friendly and prettier than in Sin. Give them RM5 (Sin $1.60) they so happy said will save for her daughter's education. She divulged she single mother lah ..... husband "ran away" (forsaken them) ...... otherwise atmostphere was quite good ..... the life bands from Tigerland and local artistes not too bad ...... overall at least 4 stars out of 5 ......

New Lane or Lorong Baru .... to mee rating 1 out of 5 stars .....

Anonymous said...

Oh agk, forgot to add "Red Market" no mei mei for u to hug ..... want to hug need bring your own mei mei ..... Matland is a good country and doesn't make a living through sleazy biz such as "black turtle trade" ...... so no mei mei type of biz .... at least not in the open ..... unlike some desperate peesai (ran out of ideas) every and any vice on earth also goes ..... gambling, prostitution ...... YEW name it ...... they are all in the (morally) Sick City ......

Anonymous said...

//Karma, oh karma.//

Yew know things are not right when retailers employees are swatting flies during peak weekend hours. Per capita consumer spendings in the past few years are plunging like falling off from a cliff? Even the brightest spot in this sick city is also out of its glow? What is bright in darkness? In increasing gloom? Hardly much to cheer nowadays? The NS line is hardly working when YEW need it most? Every journey nowadays is fraught with uncertainty (for those staying in the North)? Public education is failing and need parental expensive intervention through the private tuition industry and even that is no guarantee, unless students can afford individualised tuition? What is going right in this sick city? Anything? Shame on those who have the gall and shamelessness to draw million$$$ remunerations despite their failings? Younger generation lives and future wasted? Resources vastly misallocated and inefficiently utilised? So many aspects in sick city ate going down the drain? Game over soon?

agongkia said...

How come you know my hobby?
That's history as I prefer to hug my penang You Know Who than to pay.
Mai khong cum.
Black turtle trade is beneficial to growth ,create jobs and imho it's a pity to chase away those meimei in geylang.
Penang is not only about cheap food or durian.Come,oops,no,Go for something more worthy.
Plenty of lobang.
Come ayer itam morning market kopitiam,nearest to longkow,that gongkia surrounded by Lau yees talking loudly in penang hokkien is me.
Recommend you some Lau yee.

Red garden singer always same face singing so so . Copra singers there more chio n appreciative .

Anonymous said...

Khongkumkia @ 1.07am //Black turtle trade is beneficial to growth ,create jobs and imho it's a pity to chase away those meimei in geylang.//

Given the incompetence, sloppiness & laziness of the JLBs, many prostitutes have gone "incognito" and into the heartlands ....... unless kongcums eyes paste stamps, cannot see eveLEEwhere prostitutes and "brothels" disguised as spas and massage parlours already so ubiquitous in housing estates.

Only permissive, shady & "soft rice eaters" characters feel proud surviving on earnings of "black turtle trade" ......

it is so shameful being fella countryman of some JLBs and scumbags who resorted to vices such as Prostitutes And Prostitution to prop up their decadent living ......

Anonymous said...

Nao gong LJ BAEY gongkia @ 1.07am //Come ayer itam morning market kopitiam,nearest to longkow,that gongkia surrounded by Lau yees talking loudly in penang hokkien is me.//

Lau yees? U damn chek Ark! The two 80+ tigerland sisters selling curry noodles at Ayer Itam morning mkt oso u dun let them off?

Anonymous said...

Khongkumkia, u aye kow already? Swallowed too much spexm and shit in yewr mount?

Anonymous said...

4.32pm //That's why I think there are good reasons why Singapore want to be a strong US ally, and maybe also if need be, do the bidding of the US to be so. //

Look at Europe between the 1910s to the 1950s. For almost half a century, the Europeans killed each other savagely, raped and mutilated each other wives, daugthers, sisters, aunties, even mothers & grandmothers in 2 world wars, bombed their own cities and industrial factories to stone age ...... this is likely Karma for the atrocities, killings, plunder etc they committed in Asia and other parts of the world in the 19th century and before. Now one Atom Man is allied with the 20th and 21st century devil Goliath ....... Sooner or later this evil Goliath is gg to meet the fate of Europe between 1910s to 1950s? Atom Man fate is sealed with such alliance? Sigh :((((((

Anonymous said...

Pappies "bo jit aye ho lang". Even a bortachay (agk) also equally chek ark.

Anonymous said...

Za wa heng ti siew ker ......

Anonymous said...

Agk 1.07am //Come ayer itam morning market kopitiam,nearest to longkow,that gongkia surrounded by Lau yees talking loudly in penang hokkien is me.//

Ha ha ha ..... Karma Karma ...... someboLEE said willingly to work can find job in sinkinland ...... now selling backside in Penang Ayer Itam market ......

agongkia said...

Anon 2.018
See how shallow minded and dirty minded can one be.
Plenty of money in every corner of Singapore if you are not lazy or choosy.
Can't tell you my reason here but I still hold on to the pink ic.Your pink ic "Ho Liao".
Lets not side track n
stick to the subject lah.

agongkia said...

Anon 1.21
You cannot say like that.
Heartland spas actually help to reduce family disputes or divorce cases.Local uncles no need travel far to hailumto or batang to hug meimeis.Save time n money and productivity losses.
Without allowing some of these spas to cater for our uncles or foreign talent or FWs,our Sinkie female etc will oso be at higher risk .You have a good leader who can think ahead.
You must say Heng ah.

Anonymous said...

agongkiaJune 05, 2017 1:07 am
>>>Come ayer itam morning market kopitiam,nearest to longkow,that gongkia surrounded by Lau yees talking loudly in penang hokkien is me.
Recommend you some Lau yee.<<<

agongkiaJune 05, 2017 5:18 am
Anon 2.018
>>>See how shallow minded and dirty minded can one be.<<<

Agk, with Pappies like u & the JLBs around, sinkinland is surely doomed ......?

Even in the same post, same day u r immediately CONTRADICTING yewrself! Shame on YEW! Ownself contradict ownself! Ownself scold ownself! Uncle Rb said "Stupidity got no cure!" He is quite right as far as YEW & Pappies are concerned.

>>>Plenty of money in every corner of Singapore if you are not lazy or choosy.<<<

Again YEW are contradicting YEWRSELF & talk big as typical Pappies as always. Cannot do but can only TALK & PREACH. Shame on YEW. Now, YEW r the first wave of sinkies gg to neighbouring cuntries to sell backside. With the real economy doing so badly, the ultimate fate that many sinkies becoming maids in neighbouring cuntries is gettting nearer & nearer le?

Anonymous said...

agongkiaJune 05, 2017 5:18 am
>>>Can't tell you my reason here but I still hold on to the pink ic.<<<

NoboLEE is interested! The philosophy of old fart & JLBs is "YEW die YEWR own biz." According to NTD revelation, old fart philosophy is "What's wrong collecting more $$$?" The Taiwanese are spot on in their assessment. They cant believe that after sinkies are being punished and penalised by the JLBs, those stupid dafts still said "it is good for them & the JLBs did it for the good of the daft!!!?" Rb already said, "stupidity bo yok kiu"! Now, "Yew die Yewr own biz". No need to tell msn readers how tough making $$$ in Ayer Itam selling backside is. Soon the germs will overpower yewr backside and YEW will just be another sad story in the faceless data of suffering and misery caused by the JLBs. The hardtruth is even some pappies staying in condos are "rotting & decaying". A few hundred lollars oso have problem to pay up. Sinkinland is too expensive for YEW to raise a family here. Many PMETs long ago had lost their dignity in sinkinland to support their famiLEEs. After selling yewr backside, at least yew can still buy a bowl of curry noodles in Ayer Itam from the two old sisters selling their famous food on the floor. Mee otw up there but the two sisters close shop by noon. Can YEW help dabao 5 pkts? Will pay yew extra tip for yew to save for yewr child's education down the road.

Virgo49 said...

Bro, you scold Agongkia like GPMG until chai Tao liao. cannot enjoy what Penang laksa and char Kwan Tebow liao.No tastes in mouth.

Luckily never come Melaka and kow suay the Nonyas. He.must be a Penangnite who came here to sponge on the Sinkies. Actually Penangties are very friendly ones, how come Agongkia like that?

Maybe he gong gong. Wah next week lucky in Melaka and not in Penang or else see Agongkia in Yum Char, tables and chairs start flying.

You see those jokers in Sinkieland 28 $ for aftermidnight porridge also throw tables and chairs. How unaffordable or are they too gian Png??

These eateries operated after midnight sure charge you these type of rates as like taxis, midnight surcharge. They knew most bar or clubs goers after more more with drinks and can tip.the ladies of the night's hundreds of dollars won't mind to pay them $28.00 for $5.00 worth of meals. Also manyalso cannot differentiate the colour and value of their notes.One hundred looks like ten dollars.

This Agongkia how lian, maybe kena billed ten dollars also throw tables. Melaka.Raya after midnight eateris of Melakan Porridge charges 128 for table of Six..Three tang chaik plus three hai gongs.

They knew these hai gongs will pay without a flutter of their eyes as they don't want to lose face in front of the girls..Also tipsy, tipsy don't know what's the colour of their monies.

Only when they woke up next morning,.then they start vomitting out the porridge. This is the rule of Teochew porridge stalls. The girls would also be giggling with their commissions.

So, cannot afford or don't be hai gongs tell the girls not hungry and go to condos,.apartment or hotel straightaway.

agongkia said...

I born in Singapore ,served NS.
Penang ,Kaohsiung my second home.
Hope that clear your doubt.