London - White man drove car into Muslims after prayer

For several years, the Islamic extremists aka terrorists, have found a formula to hit back at the Americans and Europeans for attacking and invading their countries, destroying their economies, homes and lives. Of course the Americans and Europeans would deny such terrorist acts against the Islamic world. Where got, the Americans and European soldiers and bombers in the air were there for regime change, to rid them of their dictators, to save them from the horrors of their dictators. The Americans and Europeans were the angels of God to save the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East states. The Americans and Europeans may still think it is their right, white men’s burden, to civilize the uncivilized hordes of Asia and Africa, particularly the Middle East. They took all the problems in the Middle East as white men’s problems and blasting them to the Stone Age is ok, killing and destroying their countries are ok, to help and civilize these people.

But these people are not going to accept this fate anymore. They are hitting back and found the best way is to drive cars into crowds in western cities, creating fear and destruction along the way to make these cities and countries inhospitable, just like the American and European terrorists did to their countries and people. No?

For every few men that rammed their cars into the civilians, the whole police force, including the military, would be jolted into action and the city locked down. But nothing really much could be done as the damage had been done and the terrorists were prepared to die for their acts. The western govts were hapless and did not know how to end this rage of aimless destruction of lives and properties.

Now one white man came out with the answer, tackle violence with violence of the same kind, applying the same formula. The white man just drove his car into a muslim crowd after midnight prayer in a London mosque and delivered the same destruction and hurt to the innocent crowd of Muslims. And he got the gumption to shout, ‘I want to kill all Muslims’.

This act alone has changed the picture of the war against Islamic terrorism and the Islamic terror war against the Americans and Europeans. The Islamic terrorists would not believe that white men could use the same method of terror to get even, to get at them, at their Muslim community, the innocent ones. The cries of hate, fear and anger were just as loud as the cries when the Islamic terrorists hit the innocent crowd of non Muslims.

What could happen is that there are just as many extremists in the white community as they are in the Muslim community that would think this is the way to deal with the problem. The Islamic terrorists think they could get away with their acts of terror but no more. The more they attacked the innocent whites, the likelihood of copycat attacks by some white extremists on the innocent Muslim community would be greater. It could and would become a game of tit for tat. You hit us we hit you where it hurts you badly. Both are acts of terror that should not be allowed to go berserk, uncontrolled and beyond control. Would sanity rule the day and bring an end to such terrorist acts from both sides? Or would the Islamic terrorists continue to do what they think is best and provoke more white extremists to return the favour, an eye for an eye? Would there be more white men driving their cars into Muslim crowds? When would this end? How would this end? Let’s pray for peace on earth. Let’s pray to God and Allah to do something right for the sake of human beans.

Shit, why have I this feeling that both are sleeping or on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Amos is a child prodigy, a genius?

He can see what many cannot?

He has hit the nail on its soft spot?

Virgo49 said...

When the Muslims drove the Cars into the Whites, the Whites shouted "Terrorists"

Now the White Banged into the Muslims and they still called it a Terrorist Act.

Now who is the Terrorist???

The Muslims of The Whites???

Heads also they wins, Tails also they wins.

The Whites are all ANGELS, the Rest Devils???

Saw the Video of the White Policeman pumping seven to eight bullets into the Black in the Car?? The other White Policeman at the other side Ran and later come back.

This shows the Whites are worse YELLOW than the Yellows.

Anonymous said...

About a week ago, old man's grandson posted in his FB:

"Though to be fair, you could equally believe reporters without borders."

About 2 years ago, one 16 yo boy said in a youtube video:

"During his rule, he controlled the entire media ..."

Are they saying and referring to the "same thing"?

The younger guy was hounded, imprisoned and chained to his bed in a mental nuthouse meant for insane people?

Talking about "democrazy and justice"?

Do such things exist (in a totalitarian state)?

Yew must be mad (& nuts to imagine its existence in a police state with the media ranked at the bottom globally)?

Anonymous said...

Hey, uncle RB..this would not happen in the dafts Sinkies in Sinkieland. No matter how hard the MIW mis-treat or mis -led the dafts Sinkies, there will be 70% or more dafts Sinkies who would die die vote in the MIW for next GE or even 4ever ( provided the old fart home is still intact)..even with FamiLee disputes there r still 70% dafts Sinkies still supports the Leegime even though the Leeder integrity is in question...as wat Redbean said Stupidity has no cure here in Sinkieland..

Anonymous said...

"Tits for Tats" or "An Eye for An Eye", and in the end every woman has no tits and every man has no balls, and everyone has no eyes.

Jokes aside, the strategy of Tit for Tat went back to the early days of the concept of Creation.

God created Adam and Eve. He also purposely created a Tree of Knowledge and a wicked cunning Serpent. He told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden.

Instigated and lured by the Serpent, Eve ate the a small piece of one fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and enticed Adam to eat also.

God was very furious. He cursed and punished Eve and Adam and condemned all their future descendents until today.

That was the idea of "Tit for Tit" started by God Himself upon His own Creation and All Human Beans.

So how can human beans forget about using the strategy or tactic of "Tits for Tats"? You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Actually the whites men gobblemen in Sinkieland can just create or repeat some smoke on the FamiLee disputes prior to next GE by saying without the OLD MAN there is no Sinkieland & without the old fart estate is without Sinkieland, and there will be bout 70% or more dafts Sinkies will be scared to death & die die vote in the men in whites, that's Botak Darman came to speak in support of his Boss in the public to gain confidence in his Boss & ultimately he be rewarded handsomely...

patriot said...

Hyenas work in packs.
Birds of the same feathers
flock together.


Anonymous said...

We are so lucky in Singapore.
We don't have any man in white langgar in parlaiment.

Anonymous said...

"Hyenas work in packs.
Birds of the same feathers
flock together."

Blood-suckers such as Vampires and Dracula's Followers and Converts also work in packs and flock together. These undeads are even more deadly and they can never die, unless you can get close enough to drive a huge silver nail or sword into their hearts and hold it in place until they dissolve into dust or exposed to bright direct sunlight, similar to the present Blood-suckers in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Now every vehicle is a weapon. You can langgar me I also can langgar you type of situation lor😰😰😰😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

'Now every vehicle is a weapon' unquote. That was more or less expected, but was surprisingly really late in coming, until now.

The problem is when whites wants to hit back at muslims using identical tactics, this makes the whole situation more complex and deadly for the whites. Since white lives are presumed to be more valueable than muslims, and some muslims are ready to die for a cause while the whites are not, this may not be a feasible idea to hit back in like fashion.

As it is, there are more ways for terrorist to strike besides planting bombs and driving vehicles into crowds. It is just a matter of leaving the issue to the imagination. And I believe the terrorist are also able to think out of the box, so we like to put it.

b said...

He learnt it from political islam. UN should ban political islam. Otherwise there will be many copycats.

b said...

Actually it is not about white or yellow or brown or black or whatever color is bad. Good or bad exists in every race, culture, country. The real bad ones are the elites who always used people as tools to achieve wealth and to expand their empires. They are the first to conceive the idea of using muslims against the soviets and turn the world into one big mess so they can loot wealth and freedom from the people. Know thy enemy.

patriot said...

Dare l say that Commenter b is in contradiction with himself.
Did he not advocate that the World embraces Christianity, which Islam more or less shares the Same Source or Origin?


b said...

Same source but can also be different. Same parents can also produce different kids. Btw, I am always in contradiction with myself. Dont suka suka believe hor. Must self decide for yourself.

Anonymous said...

"The best way to keep one's word is not to give it.
The people to fear are not those who disagree with you, but those who disagree with you and are too cowardly to let you know.
Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide."

Napoleon Bonaparte

"Today we are going to learn a lot about the country of my birth. We are going to learn whether (as I hope) the ruling party is still full of men and women of quality and strong character, or whether it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

Dr Li Sheng Wu, PhD Economics (Standford), Harvard Junior Research Fellow

Anonymous said...

Oops .... typo

Should be


Anonymous said...

"The surest way to remain poor is to be an honest man." Napoleon Bonaparte

"We are going to learn whether (as I hope) the ruling party is still full of men and women of quality and strong character, or whether it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" Dr Li Sheng Wu, PhD Economics (Stanford), Harvard Junior Research Fellow

Anonymous said...

" Special ministerial committees ensure national interests prevail." Botak

"The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty but to have a slave of his own." Richard Francis Burton

Anonymous said...

"Check and balance a seductive lie" Wooden Block

"We are concerned that the system has few checks and balances to prevent the abuse of government.” Li Wei Ling, Li Hsien Yang

Anonymous said...

"I paid my rent in advance for 99 years, and all my surviving family members got was an eviction notice at the end of 99 years".
- future homeless Singaporean



agongkia said...

Erm...I am more disturbed by the news about food vendors not being allowed to display Chinese wording at their stall at Engteeyew.Did I hear wrongly?
Luckily heard they now allow.
Isn't it's founder was once a Chinese ?
Or are we now too pro angmo that our four major languages "cannot see sunlight"?
Or the leader at NTU is now another angmo?
Why smart uncles here never mention about such unusual happening in our own land but instead focusing on happening in angmo land or those petty family disputes?
Imho,and maybe to many of you ,my gong gong thinking,any attempt to destroy or killing our own dialect or local major languages can be seen as an act of terrorism.

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, 70% have given their approval of allowing the left hand to check and balance the right hand. That is all there is to it.

Obviously LWL and LHY belongs to the minority 30%. So how to prevent abuse of power when you have a government chosen by the 70% majority of people who obviously have itchy backsides and who condone abuse.

Anonymous said...

For the world...a new normal! Just the beginning!

For Sg, also the new normal! 70% to 80% votes to PAP in future GEs will be very common!

Anyway, just be happy and worry less!

Anonymous said...

@ June 23, 2017 7:29 pm

"Is it left hand to check & balance the right hand"
"Is it one hand washes the other hand" ?


Anonymous said...

'For Sg. also the new norma! 70% to 80% votes to PAP in future GEs will be very common!'

Actually, by then, might as well adopt the North Korean model and no need to vote. A waste of people's time and public money. But the PAP will still want to stage wayangs to show we are a leemocratic country to fool the blind, dumb and daft. Voting is compulsory takes on a new satiric meaning.

Kaypoh Investigator said...

Below is a copy of what SIDame wrote at TREMERITUS.COM in reply to another subordinate of PM Lee Hsien Loong, DPM Tharman's hairy-fairy, neither-here-nor-there, feel-good, self-masturbation, balls-carrying statements to HELP his Boss explain away several very serious, severe and grave charges brought about by his own siblings Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang, who felt threatened, being followed and monitored by Organs of State, and felt the need to go into exile:

Tharman: There is “no mystery why a Ministerial committee was set up to look into the options for 38 Oxley Road”.

Of course to the Cabinet there is no mystery, but to the 2 younger Lee siblings, the mystery was why the committee members’ identity could not be revealed to them despite their request for a whole year? This is in particular that they were executors of LKY’s Will, and that LHY is the owner of the house after he purchased it full market price plus 50% from his brother, LHL.

For the common folks, there is mystery because why did we know nothing about such a committee despite its repeated rhetoric that this is in public interest? The committee’s existence was only made known to us through the younger Lee siblings. Without their revelation, Singaporeans would never know the Cabinet could interfere with a person’s Will. Also of mystery is why Cabinet would investigate the validity of the Will based on LHL’s suspicion. Isn’t that a civil matter to be dealt with in a civil court, and raised by the person concerned before probate of the Will?

Tharman also said setting up special committees has been practised for many years, and it has evolved. The mystery for Singaporeans is how has it evolved? Has it evolved to become more or less transparent? Has it evolved to wield more or less power? How does it guard against conflicts of interest? These are still mystery to us.

Would having issues “weighed up by Ministers closer to the issue” bring more or less conflict of interest? What if when those issues impact their personal matters like their investments, the company boards they sit on, the contents of a Will etc?

“But we have a system of preserving the rule of law … the core of how Singapore succeeded. Starting with the foundation that Lee Kuan Yew and his team built”.

How is this panning out in the current saga involving LHL, his siblings and LKY’s Will? There are accusations, and evidence provided, to show the Prime Minister has abused his official position to disadvantage his siblings in the execution of their father’s Will. Has rule of law prevailed here? Have the early foundations stood up against any abuse of authority?

Past examples of Ministerial committees, as provided by you, are just distraction, and have no bearing on how this particular Ministerial committee behaves. In fact, there appears two people with conflicts of interest sitting in this committee. One is the Chairman himself. His boss, the PM, had discussed his concerns around the preparation of the Will (point 23 of LHL’s statutory declaration to this committee). The Chairman is bringing the knowledge of these “grave concerns” to the committee.

Kaypoh Investigator said...

Below is the continuation of the above:

The other is Shanmugam. As revealed by emails released by the younger Lee siblings, Shanmugam had been advising LKY on his wish to demolish 38 Oxley Road, and what his options are. With this inside knowledge, what input is he giving to the committee? Would these counter LKY’s options as presented by Shanmugam? Brushing off suggestions of conflicts of interest by exclaiming “Ridiculous … I have 22 years experience…”, but not explaining why the suggestion is so, does not make perceptions of that conflict invalid.

“We have a system of governance … and it isn’t going away”, “You can count on PM … and us”, “You can count on the fourth generation leaders” are all motherhood statements that have no meaning. Online dictionaries define Motherhood statements as “A vague, “feel good” platitude, especially one made by a politician”. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and at the moment, the pudding isn’t tasting good at all, is it?

RB, Sorry for the digressio

Anonymous said...

@ June 23, 2017 8:27 pm

Don't forget the future loss of your HDB flats when the 99 year lease runs out.

Kaypoh Investigator said...

Here are some of the comments on DPM Thatman's no-confidence call to ask the public to have confidence on his Team of Incompetent, Shameless Self-Praising Self-Enriching Elites:

Pioneering Energy:

DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam,

The more you mention you guys are building upon what Mr Lee Kuan Yew built, the more we get angry because you guys under the leadership of Lee Hsien Loong (your Team of Incompetents and Resting-upon-Past-Glory not achieved by you) are now destroying what the Old Guards led by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, with the assistance of the Pioneer Generation, built. One by one, steadily, you guys have destroyed – starting with the Political Goodwill between Government-and-People.

At this juncture, you guys are now destroying the good name and reputation of Singapore and creating a severe loss of confidence on the Singapore Government, the clean, efficient, competent and no-hanky-panky Government, built by the Old Guards led by Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Do you know this?

And did the late Honourable Mrs Lee Kuan Yew went around interfering and influencing Government Ministries, Statutory Boards, State Organs and Agencies?

Please, don’t try to help Lee Hsien Loong “explain” away his personal problem with his family, and don’t try to cast a slur upon the character of his brother and sister.

Wake up DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam!

Kaypoh Investigator said...

Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:


“But we have a system of preserving the rule of law, ..” Really? But US judge did not think so. He found it biased so he gave Amos asylum.

“Some Ministerial committees may sit for just a few months, because the problems can be sorted out quickly….” What a joke!

Why rush in deciding on the final disposition of LKY’s house when LYL is still staying there. LHL himself said earlier nothing needs to be done now.

” We have a system of governance that Lee Kuan Yew …”, “with the foundation that Lee Kuan Yew and his team built.” A good example of what LHL way saying. Incompetent LHL Cabinet using LKY’s name because they have no credibility. They want to do the same thing with his house. That is why they do not want it demolished.


Peeple Abuse Power Partee:

OMG! Don’t tell me, one by one his yes-men have been given order to defend him. What a useless coward leeder who can’t solve any problem by himself or fight any ‘battle’ alone.

When he was on overseas vacation, none of our ministars, NO ONE dared utter a word. After he cut short his trip, his yes-men start to speak. One by one they tried to prove his siblings’ allegations are baseless.
Latest, even Harrytage Board also boldly and amusingly gave a different date from HY’s on the receipt of the items on loan from the PMO and conveniently say there’s a “clerical error”.

Now we know why someone’s wife Heng heng got appointed as its new CEO just last month.

Take away all his yes-men, he’d just be like a ‘bo-gay’ ( toothless ) tiger or a dragon without fire.

Confidence, my foot!

How to have confidence in such a G any more? WL and HY are so right. They’ve no confidence in brother who abuses power, so do we.


patriot said...

Now that the Sin First Family Feud is made known World-wide, whether or not Number 38 Oxley Rise is presevered is no more important as the Mother Of All Family Feud is now infinitely archive in the Internet.


It is indeed unfortunate for the History Of Sin to have to include a private and domestic affair that go beyond the Confine of the First Family.


Dragon Fly said...

The Pathetic and Tragic Story of the Little Red Dot Indeed!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have written quite a few articles, some are time sensitive, some are not.
I would post the one on NTU, former Nantah, violating the Constitution by not allowing Chinese signages to be used in its premises tomorrow morning.

All the early pioneers that contributed money to build Nantah, Tan Lark Sye donated that piece of land to preserve Chinese culture and education, would be turning in their graves. I have never felt so violated in my country.

Anonymous said...

They should be prosecuted for not allowing Chinese signages ! Are there foreign talents involved in that decision taken?

Anonymous said...

Tharman, please don't touch anything. They are very sticky, more sticky that tar. Too late leow, you touched. See all the sticky stuff on your fingers?

agongkia said...

Thank you Mr.Chua
I am just curious on what's the view of the Nantahan.
Looking forward to seek some valuable and wise opinion.