Lee Kuan Yew’s will – When white can be black

The will of Lee Kuan Yew is now the hot topic of dispute between his two children and his party, the PAP, and between the eldest son and his younger children. What is so puzzling and disputable about the will of this top legal trained politician? Here is the part that is in contention.

‘I further declare that it is my wish and the wish of my late Wife, KWA GEOK CHOO, that our house at 38 Oxley Road, Singapore 238629 (“the House”) be demolished immediately after my death, or if my daughter Wei Ling, would prefer to continue living in the original house, immediately after she moves out of the House. I would ask each of my children to ensure our wishes with respect to the demolition of the House be carried out.’

To me or any layperson, the will is so simple and clear. But we are just laypersons and cannot see anything wrong with the will. Only the legally trained experts, called lawyers or legal counsels, could tell you it is not so simple, and the whole will can be torn apart for so many grey or contentious areas. To these legal experts, the simple will is full of holes.

The Singapore public and the whole world have been given a lesson in how the legal experts and politicians are able to cast doubts and spin stories on a simple will by one the greatest lawyers Singapore has produced, and an eminent politician known not for shoddy and wishy washy unclear stuff. This was a man that was precise to a comma or a full stop in their proper place. In this case the legal experts and politicians are having a field day displaying their prowess, applying all their strategies, tricks and tools of the trade to prove that this will is not what it was or meant to be.

The first thing is to cast doubts on the authenticity of the will. If this does not work, cast doubts on the people that were involved in writing the will. If this does not work, question the intent of the beneficiaries, or the intent of the drafters of the will, or even the intent of the owner of the will.

Some have called these types of questions or doubt casting as clever, professionally expected, and legal ways to win a case or an argument. Some have called these brutal, devious, cunning, sly and whatever negative expressions you can find in the dictionary.
The will of Lee Kuan Yew to those that want to question his will is not only suspect for many reasons. In their attempt to cast doubt, the man himself has been dragged out into the open as an old fool, careless, unthinking and with a ‘tiada apa’ attitude when he signed the will. He did not known nor understood what he was signing, or he was conned, deceived or wrongly advised or tricked into signing a will against his wish or intent. He needed legal assistance and advice! And he did not know about it even after he is dead and buried. And now his will is becoming a joke, and he is also becoming a joke. Where is the respect for this man?

Is this how Singaporeans want to remember this man they cried for during his funeral and lined the streets under pouring rain to send him off in his last journey? While the politicians and lawyers are attacking his will directly or indirectly, while targeting his children, it is sad that this man, once revered by many and with many that pledged loyalty to him and even publicly expressed respect to him like a father or a demi god, becomes the victim of the dispute.

Lee Kuan Yew, his name and reputation are now dragged through the mud for all to see. Lee Kuan Yew and his Singapore have become an international joke by the people trying to prove their cleverness on his will.

Is this the kind of ending Singaporeans want for their renowned founding father? Before more damage is done to this man, let’s have some discretion and stop doing more harm to Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore by showing a little respect to the man for what he was. I am starting to feel sorry for this man for the way people turned against him, betrayed him, shown disrespect to him. Did he deserve this treatment?

I rest my case. Please do not throw this man into the toilet bowl in whatever you are doing. If the govt chooses to gazette his house into a national monument, just do it and spare the disgraceful gripes. Why is Lee Kuan Yew’s will an issue when the govt has all the power to gazette it?


Anonymous said...

I am amazed by your legal knowledge. Law society should engage you as their adviser. Well done RB and well said. The statements to me is as clear as water but here again I am not a trained lawyer. My views do not count.

Anonymous said...

The old man will is legally binding & Ah Long knew he can't challenge it, that's why he brought in the gov machinery & organs to override the Will saying whatever reasons the old man will wasn't in a state of 'sound' mind...even Long minionsters came in to orchestra the Will authenticity & validity, his wife even 'loan' the items for exhibition purposes ( a thief is a thief for taking things without permission). Ah Yang abandoned Sinkieland & went to HK probably wanna stage a curb to this saga, a sad FamiLee disputes turned into a national or even international ones..

Anonymous said...

Why keep hammering at the will and not a word on the allegations about abuse of power?

patriot said...

Can it be said that the Wily Old Man did kind of expected his house at Number 38 Oxley Rise to cause some problems, including controversies.

The Late Monster was a seer in many ways and his ability to foresee events ahead was uncanny. He was, in my opinion, an expert at character reading and manipulation. However, it seems that no matter how clever one is or was, no one is able to have all things done accorrding to ones' whim fancy and wish.
Must say this makes Karma(retribution) very real though mysterious.

To cut it short; No 38 Oxley Rise should be demolished as quickly as possible. The House is now a SYMBOL OF FEUD OF SIN BECAUSE IT BELONGS TO THE FIRST FAMILY OF SIN.
It is now an image of negativity for the Family and Singapore. THIS REASON ITSELF JUSTIFIES THE DEMOLITION OF NUMBER 38 OXLEY RISE.

It is an unfortunate event in the History Of Sin. Highly lamentable.


Anonymous said...

Very respectfully and truthfully written. I fully understand and agreed with you.
May we not meet any foolish and evil people.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong should know very well that in Singapore his word is ultimately binding. If he says price of water goes up 15%, it shall be so. If he says CPF cannot return citizens money till 75 years old it shall be so. His grip on subordinates, and all media and govt machinery, is complete and total, and Singaporeans are obedient, uninterested, kiasu community. NO demonstrations no media debate, only some temporary noises in silly websites..we are used to it, for better or worse.
So it is obvious that after lky died in 2014 LHL could very very easily demolish the house, just by writing a long essay, act emotional a bit, and ALL the yes man and woman in Parliament will gasp and say, what a great idea our boss have! yes yes demoLish it... Because boss think such.
Dictators dictate, others do. Which MP would challenge leehsienloong and say, dude, cannot demolish because if heritage value. Who dares and desires to go against him? Keechiu? Hahaha.
So it is very very very very simple, back in 2014, had he been sincere in being a filial son, today the house would be gone, and i think a public space, banned from housing developers use, would be a simple reminder to his daddy. All this talk about "govt of the dayto decide", "ministerial committee" are rubbish, or FACADE as his dear sister correctly said yesterday. He just wants a monument for political purpose as his brother said. DISHONORABLE SON.

Anonymous said...

Cynical Investor wrote a piece 'PM did the honourable thing by not challenging will'.

So, are those people challenging the will dishonourable?

Anonymous said...

The words are: "property x to be demolished. each child to ensure demolition."

Those do not have self confidence upon reading the meaning can ask the staff hired by a govt agency to read it and tell them the meaning. This girl had a master from south pacific island university and one minister proudly declared she graduated from a reputable mumbai university. There are many foreign talent like her working in govt agencies and private legal firms.

May be after they read the sentences, the story becomes not to demolish the property. The govt officials decisions are based on committees recommendations. Foreign talents might recommend that the will says the dead man had wishes not to demolish the property.

There lies the problem of sinkies self confidence. Reading simple sentences need to mention degrees from UK. That is no longer reputable comparing to mumbai.

Sinkieland politicians are lacking self confidence similar to readers of the will. Just last June, the son told china to obey philippines judgment on South China sea islands. The China Li had to go personally to Mongolia to attend Asean meeting telling Abe and the son to behave. The son openly told Abe he hoped Japan hi speed rail will win the tender. Now the son twisted back U turn, "call" for Li to visit Sinkieland. That was a matter of 12 months, 360 degree U turn.

The will should see the son U turn. Reason: most young voters read english, only plain english on handsets, and with self confidence, far deeper than the old hanks pioneers or aged generations. These old hacks need mumbai graduates to help them read the dead man s simpliest sentence will, and with legal assistants as witnesses on the will. Still politicians can twist like issues on South China sea asking China to obey laws and give up the islands ownership. Then, they U turn.
Their words are like korea soup story. Hey did you watch "make a wish"? The main characters are similar to the familee story.
Who will get dementia? U guess. Lau kok kok still want to hold on to power to twist and turn. For how long? Lets make a wish.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, they don't callas themselves liars for Nothing.

Even when a person is condemned to the gallows,they at a last Resort will plead insanity.

You did not mentioned the rejoinder of a clause stating that in the event the House could not be demolished due to the changes in what Singapore laws then leave it only for my children and descendants.

Now they are capitalizing on this arguing that LKY does not want it to be demolished. LKY does not know how long he be living so the rules and laws might change in accordance with the times.

But he does not realised that his son might use this to to his advantage.

Just too bad

Anonymous said...

The problem with those ministerial committees, heritage boards, presidential advisory board etc is that they comprise of nothing but yes-men and 'kaki nan'. Those are nothing more than 'rubber stamping' set-ups to justify what the PAP wants to do. In a sense they are set-ups to fool the dafts, that the PAP knows always gives them their votes.

What kind of decision can we expect? Nothing more and nothing less than a 'yes minister' kind of answer as always. What to do? Nothing, absolutely nothing, since 70% wants it that way.

Anonymous said...

The PAP orchestra will be in harmony in Parliament for sure. They will sing to the same tune, same tempo and you can bet produce the same result as expected.

No need to say what it is going to be!

Anonymous said...

Do readers find keep the committee secret from the parties of executors of the will, being the son and daughter, a secretive move? What was the motive?

Is there reasons for concern for the 2 executors appointed by the will?

The whole story is beyond the words demolish, demolition. A planned moved for some purposes against demolition, ie against the wishes of the dead man. Make it simple. Whatever speeches are just scheming to defy the final wishes of the dead man and the dead woman.

There is no laws of will when the plot succeeds in stopping the execution of a plain english stated will.

These are open facts on biztimes and independents sg.

"Lee Kuan Yew’s younger son, Lee Hsien Yang, hit back almost immediately after DPM Teo’s statement was released. Mr Lee said that his sister and he had asked repeatedly for information – from the outset for almost a year – about who comprised of this Committee, but that this information was denied to them until now."

Anonymous said...

Poor thing. Can he rest in peace?

Anonymous said...

How can!


Feel sorry for him!

Heaven Has No Eyes Nor Heart said...

The Late Honourable Mr Lee Kuan Yew, because of his desire to demolish his house as a promise to his Dear Wife ( the Late Honourable and Always Amicable Lady Kwa Geok Choo) could not have expected that his LAST WISH would arouse the WRATH of a combined pack of foxes, jackals, snakes, wolves and vampires led by his own son

The very son, whom he had carefully, diligently and painstakingly groomed and nurtured by him to take over the helm of ensuring Singapore and Singaporeans continue to progress and prosper to enjoy a better life, has now turned against him as a no,nonsense man, as a loving father, as an astute top lawyer, as the founder of present Singapore, as a capable and visionary leader of PAP and Singapore, as a fine respectable world-renowned statesman and ALL that he had represented.

All that he was and all that he had represented are now being torn asunder through insinuations, misrepresentations, twisted interpretations and outright fabricated lies and deceipts.

He is even belittled, disrespected, insulted, trivialized, challenged and trampled upon all over his now dead body (burnt to ashes by his son).

Who are these animals, reptiles and vampired being led by his eldest son?

They are those who have now shown their true colors. They are the ones trying to devour his younger children. They are those the 69.6% of you Sinaporeans who voted to put them into the Parliament, not to look after you or represent you but to lord over you and screw your backside hard and painful.

Are you now happy, 69.8% Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Shiok lah!!! Time for me to open up another Dom Perignon to enjoy the show!!!

Anonymous said...

Many have bank loans to be paid every month do you think they go against the ex boss or the present boss.?????

Anonymous said...

1.16 will have good news. The dispute has a core agenda revealed by an article by malay journalists on Scmp on 28th June. Ms Ibrahim put this:

"In last week’s statement, his siblings didn’t leave readers guessing. They said Lee Hsien Loong and his wife “harbour political ambitions for their son, Li Hongyi”. They want to “milk Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy for their own political purposes”, they added. Lee Hsien Loong characterised the claim of dynastic ambitions as “absurd”. Li Hongyi is the older of Lee Hsien Loong’s "

Its about a dynasty in concept. Good news for hard core Pap 70% or 61% now. A new familee will take over when the 2nd oldlee has dementia or cancer or on wheel chair or decided to retire at good health.

Ms Ibrahim thought its not so much a plain focus on property to go or not in article. Sounded logical. Property goes, no symbol to gain votes. Its oldlee s wishes. 2nd gen oldlee lacks the strength without the symbol to put in next needlee? Can learn from matland on such thing. However, the other familee members are against the idea. Will the yes men cabinet all not wanting to be pm? Even WP LTK feared to answer when he was questioned.

No one wants to be pm, so someone put his son to do it. When is gonna be the end of it? The siblings are doing the right thing if this is the plain reason.

Virgo49 said...

Bro 1.28

Think they the majority has no more what loans, millions of dollars per year. Only the daft suffocating Sinkies with water ebbing in their noses and mouths still got plenty of loans to settle.

By now most of them had mountains and luggage of gold and dollars.

You want more? ? Beware they collapse and buried you alive.

Anonymous said...

Why is Lee Kuan Yew’s will an issue when the govt has all the power to gazette it?

Why? Precisely because of Lee Kuan Yew's will, Lee Hsien Yang attacked his famous brother publicly mah. And this attack is very poisonous to the integrity of PM Lee Hsien Loong and his govt, especially when PM Lee did not want to sue his brother.

So need to fight poison with poison lah, and so make Lee Kuan Yew’s will an issue lor, and have ministerial committee to do it some more. If not, how to win, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

What LHY said about all the organs of state to be used against him, already tells us he is going to loose the fight. He should know. If he gets sued, can he win in court? Which side will all the organs of state favour? Tell me lah!

patriot said...

Am l wrong to say that it was reported that Dr Lee Weiling, the Only Daughter of Late Lee Kuanyew is currently staying at Number 38 Oxley Rise?

If Weiling stays at the House but, she and her Brother Hsienyang want it demolished as per the Will and Wish of their Father, then it is incumbent upon Weiling to vacate the House as fast as she can to fulfill the Wishes of their Parents.

Weiling can afford to stay at anywhere else, she had bought apartment from Developer Ng Teng Fong, reported in the Media regarding discounts they got the Purchases, which was controversy by itself.


Weiling CANNOT be wanting to stay at Number 38 Oxley Rise and wanting or even demanding it to be demolished. That shall make no sense.


Anonymous said...

Weiling cannot vacate the house. If she does so her brother the dishonorable son will swiftly ask his committee to declare it a monument by law. Her strategy is to occupy the place, wait till brother change mind or dies. Thebof Singapore except the dishonorable son, are most probably generous enough to respect an old man's death last wish. A public garden is a good comprise, it was suggested by yang but rejecte by teocheehean, still he ckaim credit for the proposal, 不要脸

Anonymous said...

Please be advised that while many are fighting over the demolition of 38 Oxley Road, the REAL DEMOLITION going on now is the demolition of Sinkies' jobs employment by CECA India nationals !

Anonymous said...


Weiling CANNOT be wanting to stay at Number 38 Oxley Rise and wanting or even demanding it to be demolished. That shall make no sense. //

Those statements of yours clearly show that you are a superficial on-the-surface thinker.

Please try to think deeper, broader and higher - in three dimensional perspective.


1. LHL wants LWL to vacate the premises. That's why LWL and LHY and even their friends have been pressured, threatened and closely monitored. Why form a secret minions committee now? The moment LWL moves out of 38 Oxley Road, the Secret Minions Committee will decide to declare it as a National Heritage. Didn't you heard what Big Nose slimy TCH said publicly?

2. LWL and LHY are trying to get their eldest brother LHL to make a definite commitment to demolish the house. Once this commitment is made, then they wiil apply to the URA and other relevant authorities for the Demolition of the house. Once the permit for demolishment is granted, then LWL will vacate. And the process of demolishing the house can began.

As LHL has been flip-flopping on this issue by double-talkinv, they can no more trust him at all.

That's why they have to go public in order to fight the Monstrous Double-Crossing Evil Minds of a whole massive group of sycophantic whose salary depends upon not understanding the crux of the very simple and straight issue.

Even you have been confused by their wiles. Hahahahaha.....

Anonymous said...

Would the poor thing be goreng by the millionaires, his beneficiaries, in parliament on 3 Jul and made to look like a senile and foolish old hag?

Anonymous said...


b said...

maybe this is to cover up the losses in reserves....

patriot said...

Thank You very much Anon 8:43 for Your Perspective.

Me got to admit that l think straight and talk straight forward.
I also got to stick to my view that Lee Weiling got to clear herself from Number 38 Oxley Rise in order to facilitate the Demolition of the House.
She has no alternative not to vacate and want it to be demolished. lt does not make sense nor it is logical.

lf conditions are met, she and Hsienyang can then demand for the House to be demolished and proceed further with their brother and the Authority that the Latter has put in to deal with them(LWL/LHY).

Sinkies are actively and passionately observing the Family Saga. They certainly wish that the Winner(s) of the Dispute is the Litigant(s)
is the Most Reasonable and Deserving One(s).
This is a fair expectation of the People.

l rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Some Taiwanese media said problem with the ChaBor lah ...

A Chinese saying:

"ChaBors are 'trouble water'" lah?

If yew know what that means ...?

But daft are daft ....?

Can't expect much ...?

The only thing they ks is their loans here loans there ...?

Silly daft ...


Bo yok kiu ...?

Anonymous said...

The no. 3 also a "late bloomer" ...?

Now then know cannot trust ...?

Mee 12-yo already knew some MFs cannot be trusted liao ...

Lmao ...

A gazillion face palm of an unfolding sarka ...?

Kak kak kak ...

Siow ting tong comedy coming soon ...

Anonymous said...

In the end, when the tide recedes, every sinkie can see who were naked all these while ...

Ha ha ha

Divine is getting some JLB bitches, leeches and parasites fixed ...?

Lmao ...

Anonymous said...

NTU economic migrant angmo apologised for signages fisco ...

This garment small thing also screwed up ...

Gone case le ...

How to manage international relation (well) with China etc?

Better go eat shit when small thing also cannot managed properLEE ...

Better resign before cause more trouble to sin city ... and make situation no hope while there is still some tiny hope left ...!!!

Anonymous said...

Sinkie has a pussy cat pussy cat

Sinkie has a pussy cat


Anonymous said...

Before today there was a chnace to repent ...

After today the xhange is taken away ...

Based on geomancy, face the music bah within the next 12 months

The divine has been angered

The wrath will be made known ...

Anonymous said...

The Dishonourable and Unfilial Son will br struck in the head - as the Merlion was struck by lightning on the head.

His cancer 100% come back again within 3 years. This will be his 3rd and last.

This time round, the cancerous cells will move from the prostate to the head, affecting his brain and will be fatal. No asshole surgeons can helo even if he offer them the DPM post.

When retribution strikes, it will be swift and final, all in double quick time in a continuous series of blows with no respite.

In Chinese saying, an unfilial son will be striked by lightning!

Virgo49 said...

Western medicine no hope, He will requests the China Sin Seh to help.

But this time, the Chinese Sin Seh will tell him. Since you trust the West and carried their balls so.much, go and seek their Kymo. My bear's gall bladder not fir you this time.

Saved you last time, you turned and bite us.


Anonymous said...

Unfilial, Dishonourable, Hen-peck, Ruthless, Vicious, Cunning, Deceptive, Greedy, Selfish, Calvulative, Revengeful, Double-Crossing, Treacherous and Down-right Despicable - these are the main characteristics of Pinky Small-hearted puny dragon in our midst who has caused use immense undue undeserved sufferings in the last 13 years!

Hope and pray very very hard, diligently, fervently, constantly and consistently for Divine Intervention to liberate all of us - the old, the aged, the suffering, the sick and the poor - from the vicious cycle of hardship caused by the deliberate policies and schemes of the ruthless, vicious, callous, self-serving, self-enriching, self-glorifying, Self-Proclaimed Natural Aristocratic, Elite-Uncaring, Despicable Inhuman Bean.

May Divine Power display Mercy and Compassion upon us!

Anonymous said...

For the debate on 3 July 2017 in Parliament, MPs (especially Worker's Party MPs) must:

IMAGINE that the 3 July sitting is happening in a court room, not a law-making chamber, and they are there as lawyers and representatives of the people, not lawmakers or party affiliates.

TELL yourself that you are responsible only to Singaporeans and by extension to Singapore.

DON’T make speeches, there is very little time for that. Instead, ask questions. Make the questions snappy and pointed.

REMEMBER to ask follow-up questions after the PM and his ministers have replied. The best responses come when you follow up with a question if you feel the PM or the ministers have not responded adequately or have given only half-answers. Spend some time watching how BBC and CNN journalists perform when they interview newsmakers.

Here is a sampling of the questions that can be asked:

Did you abuse your power? He is likely to say No. Jump in by asking pointedly: Is it true that you wanted the house preserved against Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s wishes for your own political gain? I know you have denied this accusation, but can you be more specific?

Why did your wife take items from the home without seeking the executors’ permission and why did she send them to the National Heritage Board under the name of Prime Minister’s Office? Isn’t this something she should not have done?

Can you tell us the circumstances under which Lucien Wong, who acted for you in the property dispute, was made the AG? Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

You said the accusations from your siblings are “mostly inaccurate”, which means some are accurate. What are these?

-- P N Balji

Anonymous said...

Seems like all administrators so
FREE.doing d unnecessaries.

Anonymous said...

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