ISIS has saved the American Empire

After the disastrous and inhuman invasion of Iraq and Libya and the murder
of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, the Americans have no further reason
to stay on in the two countries. A big thank you to the Hillary Clinton and
Obama, better known as the mother and father of ISIS, the Americans now
have a good reason to remain in these countries and in several other
countries like Afganistan, Pakistan and also the Philippines, claiming to
be fighting the ISIS.

If there is no ISIS, what other reasons would the Americans cooked to keep
their soldiers and military weapons in these countries? ISIS is giving the
Americans a reason to put troops everywhere, and for the countries to buy
more American weapons to fight them.

With ISIS, the Americans can continue to conduct wars in the name of
fighting ISIS. And with ISIS, with wars, the killings of civilians become
part and parcel of the American wargame. Jim Mattis was proudly quoted in
the media that “civilian casualties ‘a fact of life’” And there are calling
more of their allies to commit more troops to occupying these countries,
telling the govts of these countries that they have to be there to fight
ISIS. Did the govts of these countries ask the American soldiers to fight
ISIS in their homeland? Did these govts consent to the Americans sending
troops into their soil?

No, the Americans just told them they are there to fight ISIS whether they
like it or not. And the American war industries are laughing all the way
to the bank, selling more weapons to fight ISIS.

Of course if there is no ISIS the Americans would create other threats like
Iran and North Korea. The North Koreans testing their missiles becomes a
threat to the Americans and even to the Japanese and is good reason to talk
about war and more wars. The belligerent and warlike Japanese, never learnt
from their bitter defeat in WW2, are itching to want to go to war with the
North Koreans, thinking they could occupy and colonise the Koreans one more
time. They forgot that the major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka etc are
within range of North Korean missiles and a hit would be disastrous. But
the mad Japanese are still aggressively trying to provoke a war with the
North Koreans, threatening to respond to the North Korean missile tests and
thinking their big cities would be safe.

The American Empire is still flying its flags everywhere. And now there is
more reason for the American Special Forces to remain in the Philippines,
to fight ISIS. Soon there will be American forces in Indonesia and
Malaysia, to fight ISIS. Has the recent rise is ISIS militarism in the Philippines got to do with the USA trying to topple the Duterte regime?

Thanks again to Hillary Clinton and Obama, for the birth of ISIS.


virgo49 said...

The Resorts World in Manila so called robbery by a Caucasian may be planted by the Americans in the name of ISIS to create problems for Duarte and Najib.

The CIA and what Special Forces are formed to create these mayhems.

What's the use of robbing these casino chips??

Their chips are hologram individually and are only of value specifically to different casinos on their own indentifying devices.

So you think able to exchange for cash or played at their casino?? They will simply null the chips. Robbed cash different story.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo, they can sell the chips as a discount. It can be used for money laundering so very valuable than cash.

Anonymous said...

CIA may have a totally different agenda than the US Government. Its main objective has evolved from one of providing information and intelligence to that of controlling foreign national leaders and expertise.

Its agents and operatives are everywhere in every country in the world - as far-reaching as in the Artic Circle and Antartica. They may be controlled by the US Government, the. World Shadow. Government and the Vatican of the Roman Catholic Church.

virgo49 said...

Anon 9.16

Aiyo, every round in just one game of Roulette or other gaming bets, the Groupers just simply swiped the whole table betting of chips into their pockets.

Paying just two or three winners. They can afford simply change the whole lot of chips.

Millions per day earnings. What's a few hundred thousand on replacing the stolen chips??

Just simply nullified them.


agongkia said...

Think positive.
Isis indirectly oso help our local uncles to have jobs.
Else you will find more uncles lakopi or loitering aimlessly daily at void decks.

Virgp49 said...

AGongKia, very correct. You the very smart. Also, most served NS. Especially the blue chiak liao bees.

Can be Security Officers. Wah the name Security Officers sounds pompous and grand. Hide behind shopping malls pillars and wayang wayang on duties.

MRT uncles, even molest cases also ran and hide pretend not to know. One push and most dropped to ground. You think the ISIS scared of them??? What a joke!! Anyway create jobs.

Now they got what Security Diplomas and later Degrees. With compliments from the ISIS.

Test their awareness, leave an unattended bag and poured some white baking powder and ALL HELL broke loose. The SCDF Major got no time to take some more underwear garments photos.
Scared even of own shadows. Woodlands, Tuas, Airports, even small little kids with parents also stripped to their underwear. Never use their brains to sieve these undesirables??
Get those unemployed Mamas from JB to check on Singaporeans. Big Boss Security kia kee liang??

Airports what nonsense Security Tax ten times more than Airfares. Just put two or three dummies with grey berets and looked stern on cameras. Cheap NS wages. Real happenings, don't know whether where they hide???

You see Matland Security Guards- aiyo like Reserve Units troops or Commandos. See also ISIS members low sai and faster run run.

What a Joke sinkieland security officers. Many only left half a screw to coffins.


Anonymous said...

Has the recent rise is ISIS militarism in the Philippines got to do with the USA trying to topple the Duterte regime?

Possible. But Duterte being smart like the PAP knows lah. So smart Duterte, just like the smart PAP, will know what to do, and so will not be toppled lah.

Just as the smart PAP will not be toppled in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The lesson to learn from all this so called ISIS, evil American Empire and what not is to be smart.

Be smart like smart Sinkies who will make lots of money and have good life regardless of ISIS, PAP or what not.

Be smart like the PAP who will remain in power regardless of PAP NS policy for Sinkies and jobs for foreigners, or what not policy that screw Sinkies hard hard.

Be smart like Kim Jong Un who will remain in power, test ICBMs to threaten but not be attacked by the evil American Empire.

Be smart like Assad who still remain in power despite being attacked by ISIS and the evil American Empire.

Be smart like Xi Jinping who will become world number one with One belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.

Anonymous said...

So is the Sinkie opposition not smart, that's why every time lose one?

Are the 30% not smart, that's why every time vote the losers?

Are poor and jobless Sinkies not smart, that's why they are poor, jobless and suffer from no money or money no enough in super high cost of living Singapore?

Virgo49 said...

It's not that the Opposition is not SMART. OR the 30%.who voted the losers not SMART. Some opposition candidates are better in calibre than the PAPies parrots.

It's the Dafts 70percent Sinkies who are digging their graves slowly for themselves and their next generation that is NOT SMART.

They preferred to be slaves or or leashed dogs forever.
Too afraid to find a salvation to themselves and their next generation.

Durrte had in one conversation with Putin saying I would like to have a soft loan in fighting the ISIS with your help. Buying weapons from Russia and now rejecting second hand jinks from the Americans.

Our duds still die die wants to collaborate with the Whites knowing that they are the Shit stirrers to the World problems.

Still distrusted the PRC.

Anonymous said...

Can only pray isis don strike

During mrt "sickner" testing

Anonymous said...

Can only pray isis don strike

During mrt "sickner" testing
12:27 pm

Smart isis don strike daft and cheap Sinkies who took mrt lah. Because even strike big big also got no value mah.

Smart isis only strike ang mo in ang mo countries lah. Because strike got big big value, u know.

That's why smart Sinkies also don strike PAP during elections. Strike but sure lose, so strike for what, tio bo? Wait kena strike back by PAP lagi jialat, u know.

Anonymous said...

Smart isis don strike daft and cheap Sinkies who took mrt lah.
12:42 pm

Tiok. Because Sinkies who took mrt and kena squeezed like sardines are most likely not the elite ones like the PAP ministers or tycoons, tio bo?

So even if kill them in large numbers, also not much value to their isis cause lah. Some more these Sinkies maybe also don even know who or what is isis, let alone against isis.

Or maybe isis neber even heard of Sinkies, let alone attack Sinkies. Hahahaha

patriot said...

Dear Elder Virgo49;

Me am getting more
enlightened each day
by Your Comments.


Keep it up Sir.


Anonymous said...

Sinkies? Who?

Sinkieland? Where? Is it part of China? Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Recovering debts owed to Singapore casinos by mainland Chinese almost irrecoverable

If you like casino gambling;
Do you think it may be advantageous to become a PRC citizen?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland? Where? Is it part of China?
1:00 pm

Let me relate a true story based on my experience.

About 15 years back, I, a Chinese Singaporean, was in the United States for the first time on company business.

I felt a bit sick and the hotel arranged an ambulance to fetch me to hospital. I was alert and could still walk so I sat in front beside the ambulance driver, an American ang mo. We started a conversation.

Ang mo: So where were u from?

Me: Singapore.

Ang mo: Oh! Where is it? Is it part of China?

Anonymous said...

Political Joke:

Ang moh reporter: So did you vote PAP in the last elections?
Me: No, I voted Opposition.

Ang moh reporter: Oh! What is that? Is it a part of PAP?

Anonymous said...



Mediacorp has reacted to reports carried yesterday on the shambles that was the contract negotiation between them and the 70 year old actress, Jin Yinji.

Mediacorp issued a statement saying that they are gravely concerned about the reports of how they conducted the contract negotiations, and they are investigating.

Are we reaching new heights of ridiculousness here in PAPaya land?

Mediacorp has surprised itself.
Ownself investigating ownself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to PAPies & Americans, my investment in war stocks have gone up a few hundred %%%%% in last few years. While losers can only KPKB and collect cardboard for exercise, I everyday drink pinna colada at 5-star hotels & collect 5-digit dividends every month.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.10

Good one. The Presiding Judges in the what International Court of Arbitration or Justice in the Hague are just as blurred like the Sotongs as the American Ambulance Driver. Won't be surprised.

Ang Mohs won't give a shits about the Geography and History of the Asian Countries. They thought we are still uncivilized natives still roaming in the wilderness.

But, our education we study lots of them and that's why we knew so many of what European Blocs and Blocks or Block Heads. Char Tows!!

That's why you see why in the Pedra Blanca claims, they gave us the Lighthouse. South Rock also to us. But the North Rock to the Malaysians.

They even thought that Singapore is situated somewhere South of China nearby Hong Kong. They anyhow Hantam and to justify their brilliant minds and to play safe to please both parties gave this Ridiculous Verdict.

Hopefully, Malaysia next counterclaim, the next Presiding Judges got study some Geography and knows where is Singapore and where is Malaysia.


patriot said...

Going by the Latest Revelation by the Home Affairs Ministry that SGX Centre and a Port are targets for terrorist attacks and the Earlier Planned Missile on Marina Bay Sands, the Terrorists seem not to be targetting the man in the street of Sin.
In a sense ISIS is quite specific about their targets.

The Most Unfortunate Sinkies are however not free from being exploited and manipulated by their VERY OWN INDIGENOUS
ARE FAR WORSE THAN THE Old British Colonial Master.

Pitiful Sinkies went out of the Frying Pan and fall into the Fire. Some are swimming happily in the Boiling Pot.



Anonymous said...

Virgo geography #1 in pisai & madLEEsheer .......

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.10pm
//Ang mo: So where were u from?
Me: Singapore.
Ang mo: Oh! Where is it? Is it part of China?//

Aiyo ...... whether ang mo Right or Wrong is subjective lah ..... by 20XX, who can say for sure cannot be or will not be?

Anonymous said...

But what is the benefit for ISIS to attack Singapore?

Me: Singapore just got attacked by ISIS.
Ang mo: Oh! Where is it? Is it part of China?

Virgo49 said...

Frankly, the verdict by these clowns in favour of Singapore having Pedra Branca and the South Rocks is due to the facts that we put up a convincing thesis that.we are the managing lessee in favour of Malalysia been the rightful owners.

We, liken the Squatters squatting on.the land of the landowner for years and the owner simply takes no interests on it ruled to be in favour to us.

They awarded the North Rock to Malalysia based on.geographically locations and the Law of what Sea of how many nautical miles that makes the country the legal owners.

So in the coming reclaim or retrial, Malalysia should now pressed on the facts that Pulau Batu rightfully belongs to them due to geographical locations.

If they were to award the North Rock due.to this precedent, then the whole of Batu Puteh should belongs to Malaysia.

Maybe due to my posting here, Najib and the.Sultan of Johore so happy to take my point to their lawyers may.offered.me.Malalysia citizenship.

No need go thru the hassles of Six hours checkpoints jams by our efficient ICA.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Virgo49 353pm, on top of citizenship, l don't think there is any problem to offer you extras as they are mega rich!.


agongkia said...

Others ownself praise ownself.You ah Lao despise our ah Lao.Now you want to please our neighbour just for citizenship,your 2 years NS wasted.Where's your loyalty.
Jia Lao Huan Siong?

Anonymous said...

@ gong gong @ June 03, 2017 4:58 pm

2 years NS where got wasted?
Virgo's future generations no need to do NS anymore.

Loyalty is a 2 way street.
If you want Virgo's loyalty to PAP government;
Then what is PAP government's loyalty to Virgo?

No free lunch right?
PAP government does not owe Virgo a living ... Virgo also does not owe PAP government a living ... tio bo?

Ownself look after ownself.

agongkia said...

When every trainee pledge to show loyalty in Saf,Virgo must have went toilet or keng.
Regardless of whoever Garmen,country interest comes first .

Virgo49 said...

Tks all bros who supported me. Agongkia, Agongkia, remember what TJS said.

Blind loyalty must not lead ones to be subservient blindly and forever.

National Slavery done grandma time ago. GKS gave us Jobs and HDB flats priority after NS.

Now what the PAP give to our present generation of NSMen??

No jobs and no flats. That's why now they knew murmurs of discontents that they kiasoo straight away served notice even on New born babies boys.

Aiyo, spoil the moods of the new proud parents. We want to enlist your son for National Slavery eighteen years from now.

Only those Kong Cums who are thoroughly brainwashed like Zombies world be so proud to have their sons send for National Slavery.

Please remember our Dominique who died serving the Nation.

agongkia said...

Should not mention Dominique.You forgotten how your then ssgt seet who duck SUS into the pond ?
You enjoyed priority for hdb and have you jobs.So now is the time to contribute back .
Must know the difference between your Garmen n your country lah.
Teochew ah Hia oso never say a word about NS .
Serving NS is a privilege.
Only Sinkies should be given priority.

Virgo49 said...

Teochew Ah Hia cannot mentioned on NS because as a Parliamentarian, if he were to criticize NS, they would slammed him of disloyalites and what's not.

But do all the Ministers and MPs's sons really served NS like what their fellowmen sons served.??

The detainee who was dunked to Death by the Provost Sgt at that time was a Regular Soldier.
At our time, conditions were different from today's. Our Times regular soldiers comprises of hard-core ex-criminals out of work and need protections from been harassed by the laws to be in green uniforms.

This is just an isolated case of abuse by an over ambitious soldier in maintaining discipline that gone wrong. He was discharged with disgrace.

This is what the PAP always said, its an isolated incidence and we can do better.

Dominique's case is due to gross negligence and with malice in harming the solider.

As Commissioned officers and not only one but two, they should know better the STM of the training of their men under them.

Instead they played prank and caused a death of an unnecessarily life.

Add insults to injury, they were both promoted later. Isn't it an abuse of unfairness? ?

Anonymous said...

/// Must know the difference between your Garmen n your country lah. ///
gong gong @ June 03, 2017 6:17 pm

Our country = Singaporeans
How are we going to serve our country when we are busy serving the PAP government in National Service for peanuts salary?

Anonymous said...

" Serving NS is a privilege.
Only Sinkies should be given priority."
@ gong gong @ June 03, 2017 6:17 pm

Only gong gong here is calling it a privilege.
Serving Singaporeans in public office is a privilege.
Don't you think all Ministers should show gratitude by returning 80% of their salary back to Singapore's national reserve.
This will help reduce the loss in the UBS share investments.

agongkia said...

@anon 7.28
//Our country=Singaporean//
Since country equal Singaporean then the more we should contribute to protect it.,and the best way is by doing NS.Many are hoping to serve but not given a chance .
What NS men got are an allowance and not a salary and our NS allowances are more than many in other countries.Where got peanut.
So we must be grateful to Mindef.
And uncle Virgo
White horses oso serve NS.Probably more stressful and Siong than ordinary soldier cos they got to show good example.Maybe they dun even disclose themselves in order not to be given special treatment.
But whatever ,xiong or not not important.Every NS men is important,so long as we serve.
Say Yes to NS.

Anonymous said...

The situation in S Pinoyland may move in the direction as in Libya and Iraq in terms of ending of leadership and social and economic disintegration .......? The (only) difference probably is Ah Xi is in the equation which was non-existence in the Middle-East and North Africa situations? If destabilisation (in S pinoyland) accentuates (and spreads), what would happen to Ah Xi's plan? And also the (tons of) $$$ he has "poured" into pinoyland (so far) and also future sums? What occurred in Libya and Iraq may be getting closer (to home)? If it is like that it may be even worse than 911? If 911 delivered 75% in 2001, a snap poll if taken in next 12 months might delivered 85% (given the additional circumstances such as recent public squabbles with Dragonland)? Like that if based on (matland regular traveller) virgo analogy, the future & hope of many sinkies may left 1/4 screw liao ......?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies so stupid - they spent $billion buy submarines and other naval military wares, now Indonesia invite Sinkies to join Sulu Sea patrols; Indonesia no need spent, make use of Sinkies' navy ships!

Indonesian Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said Saturday Indonesia has explored some "potential involvement of Singapore to join this effort (of Sulu Sea patrols)", and that there is a "high possibility" of Singapore doing so.

Anonymous said...

2.30 becomes 000 ......?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 03, 2017 2:47 am
Virgo 1.59pm //Our apartment inside. You want, I can rent part time for your Secret Renzendous. Become Turtle rental house. Just outside the Toll to KL and JB is the upcoming Melaka Gateways. Najib is going to rejuvenate these parcels between Malacca and Negri from sleepy towns to bustling metropolis.//

Some people ever said that the highest level of rendezvous is the meeting of "Economics, Politicians & Language" ......? In peesai, when Botak spins economics & language in his hands, under Botak-nomics, even "GST helps the poor" according to Botak-nomics lingua which makes even non papigs become botak after gazillion times of head scratching to understand the cheemalogy of botak-nomics that "gst helps the poor" ......?

Mind fren, mind dear fren uncle Virgo, rendezvous is highly "dangerous" if this meeting involves "Economics, Politicians and Language", as some had put it that way, dun pray pray ...... Najibnomics had evolved (since 2009) and now may be XiJibnomics in fusion in One Mind One Soul One BoLEE aka One Belt One Road One One Destiny (OBOROD) ...... Mind fren Virgo, such rendezvous needs permanence and not part time rental ....... Btw, if Melaka Gateway is located as u said "Just outside the Toll to KL and JB is the upcoming Melaka Gateways", the project could be a potential "DOA" ....... after the past few days, if anyboLEE needs someboLEE to confuse everyboLEE "in the battlefields (geographically)", yew should be among the top contenders ....... With Yew. For Yew. For EveryboLEE.

Lastly, regarding "turtle rental house" as yew mentioned, yew are unlikely to make profit$$$ out of it bcos one peesai island has long ago become one giant turtle in such trade and yew are unlikely to out compete them ...... in fact, there may be intention to add one more iconic monument in peesai ...... to "keep the (lonely & forlorn) mermaid" accompany (ever since a 3-star general lost her companion icon in his experimental war games using real $$$$$) ....... This poential "icon" could be situated at the mount of another iconic river in peesai ...... possibly the Gaellang River ....... Now what "icon" would be most "iconic" to reflect the "new status" ...... well ..... the answer could be in what u mentioned "Become Turtle rental house." .......? Possibly a "Giant Cast Iron Black Turtle" icon monument in the mount of Gaellang River ......? Btw, uncle virgo, do yew think they should also erect an icon in the next "boom town"?

denk said...

Washington's vassal Ph under Duterte pivots towards Russia/China,

Karma is a bitch.

CIA's ISIS [tm] descended on Midanao , joining force with CIA's Abu Sayyaf.

bloodbath in Manila's casino, 34 killed.

Richard Javad Heydarian, [A known Washington mouthpiece]
helpfully suggests,
' Mr. Duterte was under mounting pressure to address the crisis in his home island, Mindanao, and that he may need further assistance from Washington.'

Now uncle sham's deputy in Asia, Oz says its 'ready to help' .

Come back to mama now silly boy, Im the only one who can save your sorry ass.