How much more must daft Sinkies suffered from the Pinkerton Disease?

The recent write down of $208 million by Singpost for a failed acquisition of an American online shop, TradeGlobal, is a sad reflection of how silly Sinkies are in front of Pinkerton. To the daft Sinkies, every Pinkerton is like a white god, to be prostrated and let the bugger screw them all over and to feel very grateful. In the case of this Wolfgang guy who was a consultant, but as usual so impressive to the daft Sinkies, that they offered him the CEO job and the story ended with this TradeGlobal fracas. You can’t blame this Pinkerton as the daft are so willing to pray to the white god. To the daft he must be very good.

The same pathetic story has been repeated over and over again all over this little former colony of Britain. Look at the pathetic state of the stock market and you would be wondering why no one could see anything wrong with it. During the financial crisis, the Pinkertons marched in offering to sell their lemon bank shares at a good price to the impressionable Sinkies. And within a month or so, not sure how much due diligence was done, tens of billions were handed to the Pinkertons only to find out overnight that the lemon banks were rotting inside that the Pinkertons did not fully disclosed. They were so gullible, almost defenceless when a Pinkerton is staring down at them. They were almost begging for the pleasure to be screwed.

How many more Pinkertons are there in Singapore lording over the impressionable and never grow up daft Sinkies and getting paid by the millions of good Singapore dollars when the money could be better off given to another equally daft Sinkie? At least you would not feel cheated. But the daft Sinkies are so happy to have the services of these white gods in pink and are not complaining. And many failed Pinkertons are still lording over the daft Sinkies and highly regarded here and refused to go home, probably ended with more prized jobs.

My advice to the Pinkertons around the world, please come to Singapore. They are begging for your return to screw their arses and would even feel very grateful for it. They would never complain for the losses or big failures and failed recommendations. They would ask for more. Look at the universities and ask how many Pinkertons are there sitting on top of daft Sinkies and being paid as the new colonial masters ruling over their willing subjects! In another decade or so there would not be any Sinkie academics left in the academia.

How long more, how many more of such failures and stupidity would the daft Sinkies wisen up to their folly to treat the Pinkertons as what they are really worth and not gods? When would the daft Sinkies believe in themselves? Looking for titans? No need to look further, just bring in more Pinkertons or more third world talents with dubious degrees and backgrounds would do the job.

How could you find titans in a nation of daft?


Anonymous said...

"How much more must daft Sinkies suffered from the Pinkerton Disease?"


U know where our elite scholar ministers, top civil servants, generals turn GLC CEOs graduate from?

Pinkerton Universities, tio bo?

And Pinkerton universities are rated the top in the world in the QS rankings.

So why are u surprised when these elites also suffered from the Pinkerton Disease?"

Pinkerton come as package, u know. And cannot separate the bad from the good in a package, u know. Just like cannot separate guni(milk) from kopi guni, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

And cannot separate the bad from the good in a package, u know.
8:52 am


Just like kiasu, kiasi, khongcum Sinkies, their "not ready to be govt" Sinkie opposition and the Sinkie PAP, who being a bit smarter, can who rule them long long.

They come as a Sinkie package. Cannot separate one.

patriot said...

Good Morning Chin Leng and All;

must say without apology to Chin Leng.
l simplycannot agree with Chin Leng's Remark that if money goes to Sinkies the Way monies were giveth to the Pinkertons, then it is acceptable or tolerable, if l may paraphrase it.

The Damn Trouble with Dumb and Damned Sinkies is that






jjgg said...

RB still don't get it .. would we be any better if we employed one of our finest in their position.. we currently have the most expensive road under water in the whole universe..our sovereign funds regularly report geenormous writedowns/offs.. if we don't spend multiple billions in our tourist attractions (white elephants) it ain't worth the effort..all these are projects are helmed by Singaporeans.. these could have also been written off if it was run commercially...singaporeans have proven themselves to be as inept as the foreigners they employ.. U know why all these government scholars are chosen to helm all the state owned enterprises? It's not because they are good it's because if these scholar jokers are not promoted then it becomes the failure of a system which the great man put in place.. we can't have that...can we

Heaven Has No Eyes Nor Heart said...

Daft Sinkies not only suffered from the Pinkerton Disease. They are suffering from many diseases.

The 1st and foremost disease DAFT Sinkies are suffering is the Harryton Disease. Like the those victims of Count Dracula, once they got their blood sucked, they are converted and transformed to be extreme loyalists and, some of them Also become Mini-Blood-Sucking Dracula's. Never can be cured.

2. They are suffering from Brain-Dead. No explanation needed. No cure.

3. They are suffering from NO-Ballness, or kiasu and Kiasi, In plain language - COWARDICE! Too deep into their Pysche. So, very difficult to cure.

4. They are suffering from Euphoria thinking that they are asset-rich because they "owned" a leasehold long-term rented HDB Flat - a disease created and relentlessly maintained by false news and fake information from the main media, which are all mouth-pieces and propaganda machines of Count and Countess Dracula. No cure.

5. They are suffering Scavengers' Greed - given a few small goodies to eat, they forget everything, even forget that their assholes got screwed again and again. Some of them even love it so much that they are promoting Gay Culture to the extreme. No cure.

6. That are suffering from the disease called "Suffeting-in-Silence. No cure.

So, You think Yew can change them to vote for a new government to rule them? No way. No cure.

Virgo49 said...

Will there be a "HANG" Parliament in Singapore next election? ?

Anon 9.30 had said it all.

Any hope? ?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say I can't disagree with the comments here. I was just saying that of the two, paying millions to daft sinkies and to Pinkerton, paying to daft sinkies is the lesser of the two evils.

You are all right to say that we should not be paying millions to monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Rb, it's not only the Pinkerton lar. We also pay million to the black ants.

Anonymous said...


Singapore is very very rich lah!

What we have is money!

Write-offs and losses of millions or billions 'sub-sub-shuey'!

No problem lah!

Come come come!.

Anonymous said...

@ June 09, 2017 9:35 am

I agree with redbean.
If I have to lose money, I'd rather lose money with a Singaporean CEO than with an Alien CEO running SingTel.

Mistakes are part & parcel of learning.
Mistakes have been made at SingTel.
With a Singaporean CEO, at least the lessons learnt stay within Singapore (with the Singaporean CEO and his Singaporean team being the receptacle of the lessons learnt).

With an Alien CEO and his Alien management team,
The lessons learnt is lost forever when they all go back to their foreign country.
We lose money.
And we learn nothing from the very expensive lesson.

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ June 09, 2017 9:35 am

As for paying millions to monkeys.

I really have no jealousy issues about paying millions ... for RESULTS (the output that is delivered).
And if the desired RESULTS is not achieved, then the million dollar salaried recipient should be removed promptly.

Singaporean citizens should manage our politicians based upon RESULTS delivered.
We should not Mental Masturbate over the academic qualifications of our politicians.

Has PAP delivered over the last 10 years?
If yes, please continue voting PAP based upon RESULTS achieved.

If not, then please vote Opposition.
It may be time to give other Singaporeans a chance.
And stop worrying about the academic qualifications of the Opposition.
Measure them based upon RESULTS.
Give them a chance to succeed or fail.

Otherwise, we will never develop, broaden and strengthen our Singaporean political talent pool.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.30am //So, You think Yew can change them to vote for a new government to rule them? No way. No cure. //

To borrow from a TeoChew (Ah Hia) IDIOM:

"Si Liao Ngm Chai Kam"

"Dead Already NoBoLEE to Bury Them"

Still "Ngm Chai Si"

Daft are like that lah

But to court the daft to get their support (votes) could be the worst daftest thing to do .....?

Silly pple ...... lol

When cannot win, still go along with the (make belief democratic) wayang wayang, make a fool of themselves getting 20+% votes (below even core oppo support base of 30%) .....?

The previous strategy of conceding SELECTIVE walkover seems better than this stupid "flies kamakaze plunge to the candle fire" of contest all seats even when there is no chance and then doing half hearted to 0.1 hearted fight to sabo the image further .......

Fight for the sake of fighting?

Does it make sense?

What did RB said?

Stupidity got no cure?

It is smart of uncle nvr to participate directly in a losing proposition?

Just join in the "Lao Jiak" (election fervour) and "fun" at the silly "day dreamers" expense?

No nid to foot any cost or familEE members like relatives, children get thrown all kinds of abuse, sneered at in sch, all kinds of ridicule?

Is it smart to sacrifice needlessly when there is absolutely no chance (to win)?

Time to rekindle "Temporary Tahan" strategy of "BEE"?


Yew have better idea?

Heard before the TeiChew (Ah Hia) Idiom?

"Si Liao Ngm Chai Kam"

Anonymous said...

Give them a chance to succeed or fail.
12:39 pm

But WP Teochew Ah Hia said cannot work with other opposition parties to form govt leh.

Maybe WP only interested to form coalition govt with PAP?

So like that how can the opposition succeed?

Like that how to give opposition chance?

Might as well vote for PAP for being the lesser of the 2 evils, tio bo?

Lesser of the 2 evils, the phrase I borrow from RB 9:35am one hor.

Anonymous said...

Typo .....

Should be

*What did Rb say?

Anonymous said...

But WP Teochew Ah Hia said cannot work with other opposition parties to form govt leh.
12:51 pm

That's why from this I think WP is keh keh (bluff bluff) opposition lah.

In fact PAP even called WP wayang party, u dunno meh?

Anonymous said...

Yew are an AH?

Not even lesser of 2 evils lor?

Those cannot win just let the "mknsters" walkover lah?

Concentrate firepower at potential wards than create a no contest fight and become practice sandbag to let the papigs punch until silly and unrecognisable?

Such (daft) strategy very clever?

What has it achieved?

Anonymous said...

Mb it is the opposite?

Otherwise why exert so much to go after Teichew?

Bluff hu?

Anonymous said...

Otherwise why exert so much to go after Teichew?
Bluff hu?
1:05 pm

Aiyo, even bluff also must bluff smart and convincing mah.

Please lah, this type of thing also need to teach meh? Like that I give up lah.

Anonymous said...

Wah Wah Wah!

Anonymous 12.51pm, if the masses will to do what you said, it will be PAP 79.9 and the OPPs 20.1 at the next GE.

In that case, H and A may returned to PAP.

Oppositions in sg really have no chance?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Why they never go after those that got 0.8% vote in a 3-corner fight?

Or those with 21 or 22%?

Ha ha ha

Tiok lah

Want Hsian Tao oso must convince the lao jiao oldies mah?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 09, 2017 1:11 pm
//Please lah, this type of thing also need to teach meh? Like that I give up lah.//

Papigs philosophy is:

"Yew die yewr own biz"?

So hu cares yew give up or otherwise?


AnyboLEE cares?

Kee chiu!


NoboLEE Kee Chiu .......

If Yew are a daft kongcum who like to be slighted as noboLEE cares lah, then continue to tell pple what Yew do this or that ...... lol

In the end, as practised by someboLEE in reality, "Yew die yewr own biz" ...... ha ha ha

Karma lah

Anonymous said...

1.37pm "In that case, H and A may returned to PAP."


2015 prolly due to "domestic "911 effect"" (aka "funeral election") lah?

How easy or often to have "external or internal "911 effect"" (without paying a heavy price)?

The marginal seats of Bullock, Heng Son, LaoGoa Parade, Madperson, etc are quite vulnerable lah (without any funeral or 911 effect)?

So suka suka like "kindergarten kids any how draw" (boundterLEE) liao lah ( next time)?

Those guarding these borderline sits are quite "weak, old, retiring or JLB" lah ......?

EveLEEboLEE can see lah?

Which kiasi will kee chiu volunteer go "defend" these marginal sits and risk their millionaire status and pay chk?

So what would yew think would be the likely outcome in the marginal sits when the remaining semi-retired exit and noboLEE kee chiu to be the feather weight?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, even bluff also must bluff smart and convincing mah.
1:11 pm


Maybe that's how Pinkerton can even bluff our elite million dollar Sinkie leaders to make them lose big big money?

If even LKY could kena "bluff" on UBS etc, what more the current Sinkie leaders?

b said...

Aiyo. Foreign angmo/ahneh must be employed if any gov wants to transfer monies from public coffers to their cronies overseas. Get a sinkie, he will stay around and have a big mouth.

Anonymous said...

If even LKY could kena "bluff" on UBS etc, what more the current Sinkie leaders?
June 09, 2017 2:41 pm

Maybe LKY was never as good as he thought he was ???

patriot said...

b got it perfectly



Anonymous said...

Bottom line:

If you want to reduce the number of foreign talent in Singapore,
if you want to increase your own employment opportunities,
then you have to vote Opposition.

There is no alternative.

patriot said...

You probably got the
Bulls' Eyes.

But, he got many Sinkie idolaters.


Anonymous said...

When people are paid in the millions, you would expect them to be very good in what they are doing, be experts, not to be trained on the job.
In this place they want to be paid in the millions but got no farking idea what is going on or what is their job. When got problems, they go hire a foreign expert to solve it. That is their secondary job. Their first and primary job is to collect the millions and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Those buggers must be damn happy finding an angmoh to be CEO at Singpost so they don't have to work or do anything and collect their millions.

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!? 70% sinkies are very happy with things here. They are earning big bucks, driving big cars and having investment condos to rent out. If you are not this 70% you can only blame your father mother for fucking & giving birth to you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 333pm is correct to say that there is no alternative!

But are there too many opposition parties in such a tiny city state?

Are the oppositions united?

Who leads?

People do not want..... From frying pan into the fire!


Anonymous said...

@ June 09, 2017 4:24 pm

Just vote Opposition lah.
Too many Oppo parties ... so what?

Not ready to be government?
- who not ready?
- how you know the Oppo is not ready to be government?

- due to all the documented and confirmed cock-ups
- don't you think only the PAPaya Party is not ready to be government?

Anonymous said...

@ June 09, 2017 4:24 pm

"Are the oppositions united?"
- as voters, this is not our concern
- is the PAPaya united? why not you ask this question?

Who leads?
- as voters, this is not our concern
- same with PAPaya
- it's only after the elections, then the PAPaya decides who will be Prime Minister

Anonymous said...

@ June 09, 2017 4:24 pm

The Prime Minister of Singapore is chosen from among the successful candidates of the WINNING party AFTER the General Elections.
The Prime Minister is never chosen BEFORE the General Elections.

Because nobody knows which candidate and which party will win before the elections.

So when Singaporeans vote in the General Elections, they are not voting or choosing for a Prime Minister.
This is different from our Presidential elections.

The winning political party chooses the Prime Minister.
So ask yourself this question.

Who is not ready for a non-Chinese Prime Minister of Singapore?
Singaporeans or the PAPaya party?

Anonymous said...

Our opposition wp always diam diam macham ruling party coalition partner so there is really no opposition in sg. Once wp open her mouth, pap brought in the big hammer, and wp knows better diam diam if not Kena whack until no tomorrow.😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.36pm

Here in Sinkieland is different, before the election the PeeAyam already ruled..it will never be a non-Lee-der or non-Leeder-related or non-Leegime-angkat Lah..it be a a kind of a Dynastic rule - like the China Dynasty handed from generations, until a Sinkieland's Saviour appear ( likely to be of foreigners accent) to topple the Leegime Dynasty, to wait for this day is as if tan Ku Ku , tan Bo bock, tan kah Si Lah..

Anonymous said...

This assumption that Singapore is very rich and, therefore the Silver-spooner and Golden-plater, Self-Proclaimed Natural Aristocratic Self-serving, Self-enriching, Self-praising, Self-promoting and Self-power-protecting psuedo-Scholar psuedo-Politicians could, can and will be spending public monies anyhow and anyway they wanted, is Ah Q's thinking and argument.

Do you know who was Ah Q?

Check it up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous 8.25pm is correct to say that WP is rather diam diam.

Don't play play! They may be diam diam......

But, come next GE, they may shocked everyone!

Hockien people say.....没声狗咬死人!

Come next GE, they may contest ALL seats, presenting as a viable alternative to PAP!

Will they? Will it be the case of 没声狗咬死人?

Or just another disappointment?

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

How much time in Due Diligence is needed before you buy a bank like Banco Popular or UBS?

Spanish bank, Banco Santander buys troubled Spanish bank (Banco Popular) for ONE Euro.

/// The insanity here is that Santander had almost no time to conduct its due diligence, i.e. research the business to understand what they were buying.

Banco Popular had a balance sheet worth over $150 billion with hundreds of thousands of different loans.
It would take months to even begin scratching the surface of such a massive balance sheet.

Santander bought a $150 billion business and spent less than 24 hours trying to understand what they were buying.

.... It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that this problem wasn’t really solved. It was just transferred from one bank to another. The assets are still toxic. They just happen to be owned by Santander now. ///


Anonymous said...

Not yao si ren lah .....?

Is yao si some " how lian zhu aka papigs aka yapapaya pigs lah"?

The more the merrier?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 09, 2017 3:30 pm
//Maybe LKY was never as good as he thought he was ???//

He was lah albeit in a small pond (aka 0.000 718 miĺlion sq km peesai)?

Once in the sea, especially big ocean, even the tiniest fish there is much bigger and can easily end up as its lunch?


Anonymous said...

Lousy, then just say lousy lah.
Mental masturbate so much for what?
Small pond, sea or big ocean.
Mental masturbate so much for what?

Anonymous said...

Rb //How much more must daft Sinkies suffered from the Pinkerton Disease?//

As lo(oooooo)ng as there are Pink Panthers around ......?

Anonymous said...

Rb //How much more must daft Sinkies suffered from the Pinkerton Disease?//

As lo(ooooooo)ng as some kongcum sinkies brought up slxts, bxtxhes, whxxes whose CXs are VerLEE LEEtchy and need to be fartked like baseball bats such as tua kee pinkerton till the matress soaking wet like the sponge used by dishwashers in a filthy food ct to clear the garbage ......?

Btw, this madteelah peesai called another bxtxh a piece of garbage a few days ago in another post ......?

Anonymous said...

@ Shockingly Appalling 9.01am
//But, come next GE, they may shocked everyone!//

NoboLEE knows whether everyboLEE will be shocked come next GE.

But ....... but ........

EveryboLEE is now "SHOCKED" by your "appalling" grammar.

Anonymous said...

9.01am //But, come next GE, they may shocked everyone!//

Shock who? NoboLEE will be shocked lah if they gain another 13 seats as it is written all over the walls .......?

Anonymous said...

//But, come next GE, they may shocked everyone!//

If they gain more than 20 seats, everyLEE will not be shocked but shell-shocked lor ......

If it is more than that, everyboLEE will not be shocked but shocked till they fall off the chair at the drop of a hat ......?

Anonymous said...

May b loses r jus an excuse to cover the gains???
World full of intelligent peple.

Anonymous said...

This is how sick Singapore has become. Read this post in TRE.

The irony of the Singapore workforce! We have spent so much time complaining that a lot of jobs are now going to foreign talents, while the locals cannot find jobs and are marginalised in our own countries.

Guess what? The Workforce Singapore (WSG) have appointed Maximus Asia, a subsidiary of American company Maximus, to provide free help to local PMETs who are looking for a job. Yes, a foreign expert have been enlisted by the authorities to help locals find jobs in Singapore.

The foreign company started operations on Monday, 12 June. In fact, it is the second foreign job placement agency appointed by the government to help locals find jobs. the first company, Ingeus, started operations in April. It was not disclosed how much the two foreign companies are paid by the government to help Singaporeans find jobs.

No Singaporean company can find jobs for Singaporeans in Singapore?