Experiencing the evil of Japanese and Western Imperialism at an early age

I was born in Amoy, Hokkien province, China, on 5th August, 1938. According to my parents it so happened that after I was born the Japanese were bombing Amoy. So even before I was ten days old they had to take me to Singapore for safety. My father was a Singapore businessman whose business took him to travel to China, Philippines, Malaya and Indonesia quite often. That was the reason how I was born in Amoy. It would appear Japanese imperialists would not give my family peace . The Japanese invaded Singapore in 1942. My family had to flee to Muar, Johore. Even in Muar we could not run away from Japanese imperialists. My father was arrested and eventually tortured in prison.

During a prison inspection tour by a Taiwanese Japanese officer something strange happened. It seemed the Taiwanese inspector recognised my father as one of his uncles while he was living in Amoy as a young boy. Being a senior Japanese officer he was able to decide on my father's fate. My father was freed. Posters and written instructions were pasted in the front door of our house to warn Japanese soldiers not to trouble our family again.

After the Japanese surrender in late 1945, my parents moved the family back to Singapore. in January, 1946. My brothers and I went to study in a mission school, St. Andrew's Junior School. In the second year of my study in St. Andrew's Junior School, I was to experience imperialism of a different kind, Western imperialism of imperial Britain. During one recess time while my friends and I were playing marbles, an English boy from another class would always disrupt our games by taking our marbles. This resulted in a fight or scuffle. Two monitors caught me and the English boy fighting. We were brought to see the principal who happened to be a lady from England. She spoke kindly and lovingly to the English boy and even hug the boy in her bosom. Then turning to me she gave me a dirty stern look and said some unholy things and warned me not to involve in a fight again. Then picking up one of three canes hanging on the door she asked me to stretch out my hands and gave each hand a cut with her cane.

At a tender young age I already suffered pain and discrimination from Japanese and British imperialism. It was to register in my mind forever. Now I hate the Japanese and the British like venom.

As I grow up I read a lot of books and discover and realize the tremendous evil of Western and Japanese imperialism and colonialism. I also discovered how from 1830s to the 1940s the Chinese in China and other parts of the world were always despised, disrespected, trampled and bullied by Westerners, the Europeans the Caucasian stock. It was a hundred years of shame and humiliation. China was cut and carved out to to be shared and divided  among the invaders. Chinese in US and Australia were always beaten and genocided

I realised very early that Chinese everywhere were trampled and illtreated with great disrespect and lost of dignity because our ancestral country was poor and weak. At a young age in school I was always praying and hoping that one day China must become strong economically and militarily to regain her pride and dignity and take her rightful place in the world where for millenium years before the 1830s she was highly respected as a great nation and a glorious civilization.

I am glad that after the Second World War in 1945, Chairman Mao Tsetung and Premier Zhou En Lai and other of their contemporary leaders were able to establish and build up a strong and mighty China where nobody would dare to trifle with. Fortunately subsequent second, third and fourth generation leaders are able to reinforce the economic and military strength of the country year by year. Today Chinese everywhere from China to any part of the world can walk with pride and dignity and look with disdain any European or American who still dares to harbour any false notion of their past superiority. Any country who dares to meddle and trifle with China now must be insane for they will surely create and meet their own destruction.

I am glad to share my moments of pride and dignity for the last many years when I was in many countries in Europe, Canada, USA and South Africa.  When I go shopping  or dining in hotels or restaurents I was always addressed with respect as "Sir" by whitemen or women. They always think I am from China, though I am a Singaporean which they hardly know. This shows the importance of having a rich and powerful ancestral country as a momentous moral and dignified back up. Therefore every overseas Chinese no matter what must be happy and proud of a rich and powerful China which can be the unseen hand of extending intangible moral and commanding respectful support.

Those Chinese who still look down upon China and have no pride to being a Chinese they should look themselves in the mirror and see for themselves how stupid they can be. Many of these queer characters are not proud of their Chinese names  and even discard their surnames which is the essence of the Chinese roots and culture,

Tuesday, 27th June, 2017


Anonymous said...

Sinkies Chinese will always like see China Chinese no up..one such Chinese r the whites men /women, who even go to the extent of shouting to the China Chinese to follow a certain law as if China r lawless, even worse is not honoring his father's will & gather all his cronies to repeat that by not demolishing his father old estate is the right thing to do, is such a Chinese to be respected or honour ?...

agongkia said...

So pitiful to see Taiwanese ended up helping the Japanese in those days.
Your papa so lucky .Did he become a translator for the Japanese in the end?

I am proud of you ,for you dun call yourself Michael Yeo or whatever Yeo.
Sinkies still gonggong pray to angmo like their godfather.
I oso proud of my name.
Goh Ah Gong®

Virgo49 said...

Round the world, many Chinese are still chow kows and traitors to their own kind. Chow Kows actually too mild.to describe them.

For Kows or Dogs are more loyal and faithful than these Boh Lean.Chors skunks.

They collaborated and worked in league with others races to tekan their own.

You find them.in work places and everywhere.

Like Matilah said, these useless skunks tasted the Western cultures and thinks it rocks.

So prefer to adopt their decadence ways of lives.

See even the young Hong Kongies after twenty years since their colonial Masters left still yearns for them.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese under clownish Abe and its warmongering military still think of attacking China one of these days. Ofcourse they are cowards and will not dare to take on China alone this time because they know China will make mince meat of them and obliterate Japan from the world map. So they are colluding and banking on barbaric shameless American help to test if China is not strong enough to withstand their combind aggression. Since the end of the Second World War America has been in complicity with Japan in aggressive posturing against China and the Chinese people. It is the duty of all Chinese people whether in China or in other parts of the world to preserve the dignity and selfrespect of China and the Chinese people by strongly resisting Japanese and American aggression.

Down with Japanese and American Imperialism

Guanyu said...

I am very proud of you. I share the same feelings as you do. Many Singaporeans think too highly of themselves just because they think they could speak English which is in fact broken and Singlish.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog Guanyu.

Virgo49 said...

Guanyu, siak, siak, Siak! !!

With Guang Tao!

Now Modi in. USA, the Indian troops.crossed the Sikkim, Tibetan Border.

Wah, USA real Shits stirred

Hook Ah!!

b said...

Everyone bullied each other in this world. That is why people formed gangs, communities and groups to protect themselves. Chinese also bullied chinese and europeans also bullied europeans and blacks also bullied blacks etc. Thus, we must promote people to love and respect one another. Not this or that race/color/religion is bad. Because there are good and bad guys in each race/color/religion.

b said...

People are actually quite helpless. They are easily manipulated by their elites to do things that harm others. The enemy of the people are the elites.